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Mazda3 Canada



  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Mine does also, no micron air filter. So if your car is parked all day in a dusty area and you turn the air on you will get a lot of dust,dirt coming into the car. Add a micron filter
  • The micron filter is now included if you get the air conditioning option in 2006 Canadian 3's.

  • tr20tr20 Posts: 76
    does anyone find the headrest uncomforable?
  • tr20tr20 Posts: 76
    the tires are rated at 280. i would like to know how long they last?
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    ... That would be twice as long as a tire by the same manufacturer rated at 140, and half as long as a tire by the same manufacturer rated at 560. There's a good primer on tire ratings at

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    does anyone find the headrest uncomforable?

    Er, nope, not in 10,000 miles so far. Tell me, do you own a Mazda3? I keep reading these kind of "Does anyone ..." posts from you, but I never hear why you're asking these questions. Are your headrests uncomfortable?

  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    I have a 2005 that has the squeaky brakes. I found a TSB on the internet for a fix for the 2004 and 2005 dated June17/2005. But I was told that the TSB is for the cars sold in the U.S.
    If the cars sold here in Canada have the same problem I don't know why Mazda does not extend the TSB into Canada. I just don't get it???? Anybody here have the problem with their brakes? If so did Mazda fix them?
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I have 15,800 miles on the stock 205 50 17 Goodyear tires - I just rotated them for the 3rd time - the front have 5/32 tread left - rears have 3/32. At 2/32 tires should be replaced.

    In the last 5K miles (before I rotated) the tires on the front went from 7/32 down to 3/32 - rear went from a hair over 6/32 down to 5/32.

    I am guessing I will get close to 20K before they need to be replaced - but at this point if I get a flat or have any problem - I would just get 4 new tires.

    I have no complaints with the dry performance of these tires - although they are a little loud on some roads - but wet traction is a joke - I have never driven with them in the snow - if I lived some place that had snow - and wanted to keep living - I would dump these tires.

    If Goodyear called me and told me that I had won 4 new tires I would put them in my trunk and try and get Discount tire to take them as a trade for better tires.
  • tr20tr20 Posts: 76
    take it easy, dude, the reasons why i am asking these questions is cuz i want to know, i don't own a mazda 3 but i am in the market for a compact sedan, and sometimes i get to ride in my friend's mazda 3. thanks.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277
    Autonomous, yes, it is very very common. Checkout local Canadian forums. A/C issue is NOT corrected. Dealers may go on and say there is no problem or it's normal, just like they said the same thing about the jerking auto tranny in 1st to 2nd when cold. They finally admitted this was a problem and have a brand new just released PCM update but nothing for the A/C.

    Anyhow, this problem with the A/C and how it is not being addressed is not surprising. I printed out a Bulletin that talked about diffuser plates and showed it to my dealer because the dealer and mechanic had no idea what a diffuser plate was. I didnt get a call-back.

    The service manager at another dealer admitted that it is normal for the 04/05 A/C to be on the "warm" side. I didnt ask about the 06's. He suggested using the 2 or above setting. There is no fix right now, as he knows it from Mazda Canada. The compressor recycles every 10-12 seconds...the same as the 04's. Problem fixed? Hardly!

    I still want someone to checkout my car to see if I have diffuser plate installed. I know many other people who have Mazda3's (04/05's) and yes, they do have Mazda clubs and meets; all agree, the A/C sucks. I would say that they would be an accurate representation compared to what may or may not be posted here.
  • hey guys,
    looking at an 06 sport GT model with the luxury package, moon roof etc, fully loaded. i have been quoted $27K not including GST. What price is everyone paying? Anybody know what invoice is? I can only find US sites for invoice and such. ON the US forum they are saying they are getting invoice quotes from dealers online, does anybody know of any canadian sites where I can compare prices and get quotes that are closer to invoice? All the dealers here in Edmonton are just quoting MSRP and i'm only getting about $1000 off of that.
    thanks all
  • tr20tr20 Posts: 76
    i would to know what size do u use for winter tires? do u go down an inch? which tires do u recommend? how much do pay for a set of 4 with rims? thanks
  • Went to the dealer and picked up my 2005 Mazda3 Sport GT on the weekend. I was going to go for the 2006 as the only 2005 I could find in B.C. with the options I wanted was not in my preferred colour. I thought that if I went to a 2006 it would be easier to find what I wanted. Turns out that I would have to wait until January to get a 2006. It seems that the Sport GT with a 5-speed and no moonroof or luxury package isn't a popular model for the dealers to order.

    Anyway I'm quite happy with the 2005 and the colour is starting to look better (Silver). I think I got a pretty good deal as the bottom line with all taxes, levies, PDI etc. came to $25,499 and this included the VIP package of free oil changes for life and a set of anti-theft wheel lugs

    Great fun to drive but my wife and I are having to fight for the right to drive it to work.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769

    The deal (bottom line with all taxes, levies, PDI etc. came to $25,499 and this included the VIP package of free oil changes for life and a set of anti-theft wheel lugs) was good!
  • Anybody used this service? What are your thoughts, experiences? Did you save alot of money using it? Are their other invoice pricing companies that are good? I'm finding that our fellow Americans are using these types of services alot more than us Canadians. Maybe they just have more companies offering this than we do? Thanks.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    I checked with Mazda Canada a week and half ago about an update PCM for the auto tranny. Their reply, NO UPDATE. So should I call them again and ask, I know the dealer will be no help. Also, I have the brake squeak in the morning while backing and in forward. Again asked Mazda Canada about a TSB for a fix. Their answer, the TSB only applies to U.S. models. Car built in Japan and sold in North America, go figure. Also the A/C sucks in my car but Mazda says it is normal, within specs. In other words the specs are set to match the system. Tbeir fix..tint windows, use a front windshield thing, set fan speed at 2, roll windows down a few inches, set at recirc, drive 10 minutes roll windows up, etc etc. Another excuse is the black dash, get a dash cover, but my fix..make an kick butt system since they know the car is made with a black dash..duh. Feel sorry for those with a black car and leather.....ouch
    05 GT GFX Auto ....
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    05 GT, GFX, AUTO, SEDAN. no leather. $23500 JUST add taxes only, nothing else. What is the luxury package?
  • speed7speed7 Posts: 11
    Anyone have any idea when the 2006 mazda GS will be ready here in canada.
    I was told over a month ago they would arrive by October???
    I hope I dont have to wait till christmas to purchase it.
    Just wondering what anyone else has heard anything from their local dealership?
  • 5zooms5zooms Posts: 2
    Mazda 3 2006 GS is here in full strength in time for late fall sales. What package you looking for.... which province u from
  • 5zooms5zooms Posts: 2
    Save your money

    Car Cost indeed costs. There are other sources of info to get cost pricing on cars without paying for it.......

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