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Mitsubishi Endeavor Prices Paid



  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    The post you were replying to was over a year old.
  • hellcat51hellcat51 Posts: 30
    Hello all. I'm not sure where I should have posted this so I put it here. Apologies if this is the wrong spot. Happened to watch "The Unit" last night at 9PM on television and lo and behold the good guys drove up in an Endeavor! First time I have ever seen one on a television show. Seems they always use a Grand Cherokee. My 2004 XLS is still the best vehicle I've ever owned - no regrets. Enjoy the day.

  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    Steve, Hello. Do you have a copy of Daimler Chrysler Won't bail out Mitsubishi? It is no longer available at that link, not with a search. Thanks for any help. :)
  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    Sorry bout that... i didn't realize the date till after i posted. I think it was more like 2 years old.. again, sorry. :blush:
  • Would really like to know your rating 1 to 10 (best) on price I paid for 2006 Endeavor LS. MSRP incl. freight $27224. Sales Tax 6.25%. Dealer kept $3000 Rebate. Paid total drive-out price of $24158. At time I thought good price, now feel paid about $500 too much. What do you think?
  • got a quote from harbourpointeautogroup mitsubishi:
    "i have this as a break down for you on a base 2WD 2007 Endeavor: M.S.R.P.=$27,624
    Invoice =$26,072.45 our price to you is $26,876 - $4,000 in rebates= $22,876 t T.&L....
    How does that sound?"
    so 22,876 plus ttl, is this a good deal? i'm expecting to get below invoice price on these slow selling endeavors? any thoughts?
  • First always get Final Drive Out Price (includes tax, lic, title, fees) this leaves no room for last minute "paperwork games". $22876 plus TTL etc. is somewhat high; probably would be $500-$800 less this Summer on your 2007; BUT will there be any color selection? Some people don't care about me it is very important (especially when paying New Vehicle prices). Also to consider, should you look at Endeavors that have been, demos, etc...these prices for "nearly new" will be MUCH lower now through the summer.
  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    My attempt to buy a Endeavor and trade in my old one was hampered by a local dealer who didn't stock any ES models and had only 2 LS models in stock.(both hidden in the far back of the lot)This experience didn't get any better when I discovered I knew more about the vehicle than the sales staff, and their interest in me seemed half hearted at best. I think this may be too common at some of todays mega dealers who sell multible lines under one dealership. I know Mitsubishi isn't putting up any good sales volume numbers , so in such a dealership, Mitsubishi is all but ignored. It's a shame and it makes Mitsubishi's attempt at a comeback all the harder. The story ends with me traveling 90 miles to a dealership that was only Mitsubishi and they had the vehicle in stock and the sales staff knew the difference between a Outlander and an Endeavor. We drove home in a new 07 SE after the trade,rebate and loyalty bonus(the mega dealer had no knowledge of a loyalty bonus)As for price paid I was in line with all the figures I got using the Edmunds site for a TMV price and my trade value. Kodename
  • My experience with the Endeavors - the dealers really want to move these off their lot. I negotiated my 2007 back in April for $27000. $4000 manuf rebate + $500 student discount and my price was $22500 + ttl. From what I hear - all SUV dealers are offering great deals for 2007's now.
  • Hi All,

    We're interested in a buying an Endeavor or Outlander but we're noticing some weird things with the pricing. In Canada, the list price for a new 2007 base Endeavour (taken from Mitsubishi Canada's website) starts at $35,998. New 2007 Outlander starts at $25,498.

    But when we look at for all used 2007 Endeavors and Outlanders in BC the prices look odd. Used 2007 Endeavors with about 20,000 km are priced in the $25k - $28k range. Yet so are the used 2007 Outlanders. Any idea why the used Endeavors are so cheap? Is there some problem with them?

    I heard a rumour that there are a bunch of used Toyota Highlanders floating around the used market and the reason they're cheap is because they've been used in the Alberta tar sands and have been driven VERY hard.

    Any insight would be appreciated.
  • Was at my MA dealer getting minor service, salesman quoted me $22,500 on eiher of two new 2007 Endeavors in stock, probably base models with few options. After haggling, maybe $20K or $21K? Seem like a great bargain.

    BTW, my loaded 2004 4WD top of the line Endeavorl has been a great vehicle. Now with 52K miles, only significant problem has been a whistling driveshaft repaired under warranty. This time in the exhaust heat shield was rattling, only the second problem, and fixed for $45. Recently, one set of brakes, one set of new Bridgestones, new floor mats. So amazing reliability. Our 2004 Toyota Sienna, comparably equipped top-of-line, has been in the shop repeatedly. Recently has broken seat heater element ($900 to fix!), broken rear window shade ($400 to fix!), howling run-flat tires ($1100 to replace for 15K life expectancy before they become too noisy to tolerate!), dislodged electric mirror control (the only cheap repair). A typical year's worth of bugaboos, but is now ex-warranty. Reminds me a bit of my old Mercedes S-class -- $2000 every six months to keep running.

    Versus the 4WD Sienna, Endeavor rides better, handles much better, has more punch, is more reliable, has a better transmission (Sienna gets confused downshifting sometimes and lurches hard), better cruise control, better stereo, and is considerably more roomy in both seat rows (and is much roomier and more comfortable than all other SUVs except maybe big Fords which it matches). Only places it loses vs. Sienna are harder interior plastics and less refied V6. With the Sienna as second car, we have never needed the third row seat.

    So Endeavor has been a geat value!
  • Can you give more detail on the whistling driveshaft issue? Did it affect the shifting at all?
  • deon27deon27 Posts: 3
    Hello to All,
    I test drove a used 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor yesterday and I loved it, however after reading everyone's comments I'm thinking this is not the best choice. I have read about gas mileage, the best tires, various problems, and the article that says Mitsubishi will go under. Nevertheless, I'm still interested. What should I do?
  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    I don't think you should be afraid. The Hondas and Toyotas have their problems too. Here'a a link that might calm you...

    or just click here

    good luck and let us know what you decide to do
  • I have a quote from a MA dealer of $20,000 for a 2007 Endeavor with AWD, they are desperate to get these off the lot and are not even ordering any 09's until the gas prices drop.

    I am considering a better offer of $15,000 (with my 04 Endeavor trade in) for an 08 Endeavor AWD SE with all the options.

    If you look hard and find a desperate dealer you can practically steal these cars!
  • How much are they giving you for the 04 or what is the bottom line on just the cost of the 08? I am shopping for an AWD 08 either a LS or SE which ever has the deepest discount. Which incentive did you take the 4000 or the 0% for 72 mos?
  • pj74pj74 Posts: 1
    Stay away from these guys and avoid their unethical practices.
    The sales reps are nice, but the finance manager and President will try to sneak things in on your loan and do whatever they can to cheat you out of a dollar. I caught them in the act, and simply walked away from the deal. DISGUSTING EXPERIENCE
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