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Cadillac Escalade Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • njcaguynjcaguy Posts: 12
    I often why dealers still try to pull fast ones on people? Don't they realize the importance of having a long term customer and trying to steal a couple of hundred dollars from a buyer with gimmicks just puts a bad taste in our mouth. One bad experience ruins it all. You just can't bear to give any more business to that dealership that is trying to pull a fast one on you. Whatever happenned to the customer comes first and honesty is the best policy?
  • achadha1achadha1 Posts: 64
    Has anyone got good deals on Smart Buy? This is similar to a lease but you have a choice of giving the car back for 250 bucks or making a ballon payment at end of a 4 year or 5 year term.
  • iceman2iceman2 Posts: 23
    I'm about to purchase a 2007 Escalade, 2WD, sunroof, 20" wheels, entertainment, nav. I can use a GM supplier discount but not sure what kind of price it REALLY entitles me to. Am I better off straight-out negotiating with the dealer for my best deal, or will the GM supp. be the best possible deal?

    Has anyone gotten pricing below invoice on these SUV's? How hot are they right now?

    Your advice is appreciated!
  • plrowenyplroweny Posts: 4
    Can anyone tell me if a 2007 Escalade, fully loaded with 17,000 miles priced @ $57,995 is a good deal? It's curently being leased and the leasee needs to sell for personal reasons.
  • A Southern California dealer quoted me the following, good or bad? Need to know ASAP. Thanks in advance.

    Blk/blk ESV
    Information Package
    Climate Package
    Rear Entertainment Package
    2nd Row Seats Power Assist
    18" Wheels
    MSRP 67,005
    $3,000 Rebate

    Offer: $58,253 AFTER rebate (not including tax)
  • moigymoigy Posts: 3
    I think that the price is good. I paid about $5000 more. Remember, however, that we are in August and the car is out of production. The 2008's are currently being built. That means that it is essentially a "leftover".
    If your plan is to hold onto the car for a long while, then the deal is sweet. If you change vehicles every few years, then it is not such a great bargain, in my opinion.

    Good Luck whatever your decision.
  • Hi Dallas Dealer,
    I was interested if you could give me some pointers on how to track down overstock deals of this nature. The dealers in my area act like they don't really need to mark anything down. I would love to hear 60k car marked down to 45 or something similar. Thanks for the tips.
  • We have our eyes on a fully loaded (Nav, DVD Players, 20" wheels, etc) that is being offered to us at $51,500 OTD, including a 5 year/75K mile Major Guard warranty. The vehicle has 6500 miles and was a lease return. Two questions: 1) Does this sound like a good deal?
    2) We plan on keeping this for about 3-4 years. Since it's the last year of the older body style, do you think we'd be better off paying about $6K more and getting an 07 with similar miles?

    Thanks for any help on this.
  • We are thinking about buying FULLY loaded (22" Chrome) 2008 ESV for $63K with an MSRP at $71,000 in Houston area. Is that a better price? Would greatly appreciate if anyone can share their experience of ESV for 2007 and/or 2008 model(s).
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter seeks to talk with consumers who just purchased a new large SUV. Please send the make and model of your vehicle along with your daytime contact information to no later than Thursday, November 8, 2007.

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  • Yesterday, I purchased a black on black fully loaded 2007 2WD Escalade. It was the manager's demo and has 7k miles. However, it is still considered a brand new car since it has never been titled. I am receiving the full warranty. Here are the options the vehicle has:

    Information Package (Navigation)
    Rear Entertainment Package (DVD)
    22" Chrome Wheels
    Power Release 2nd Row Seats
    Rearview Camera System

    The MSRP was $64,720 and I purchased it for $56,100 plus tax, tag, title, and dealer fee ($600). I also got 0% interest for 5 years and free maintenance for 3 years. How did I do?
  • Bought mine in July:

    Information Package (Navigation)
    Rear Entertainment Package (DVD)
    18" Chrome Wheels
    Power Release 2nd Row Seats

    did the whole deal via email from a dealer in CT. It was a used 07 (Caddy Exec Vehicle) with 9k miles. In-service date was Feb07

    Paid $52k
  • nsiminsimi Posts: 1
    Im going to be buying a cadillac in the next week. i got a really good deal on an escalade and i want to know how reliable they are. First of all im 19, money isnt thin, but i dont want to spend an unreasonable amount on maintenance and all. I can get a 2000 Escalade with 60k miles for $13k with a 1 year warranty. Is it worth it and when will it start giving me problems if any?

  • moigymoigy Posts: 3
    Why are you considering a Cadillac at age 19? It's not the money issue that concerns me, but the lack of driving experience. I would suggest putting on a couple of hundred thousand miles on a mich cheaper & smaller automobile. New drivers make mistakes. It takes a while to have gone through lots of complex situations before you should tackle a large automobile.

    I have owned over 57 cars in my life, so far, and feel that I probably have gone though just about every potential crrisis situation. Trust me - it's worth the wait, You will appreciate the Cadillac more later on.
  • I had a 1970 Escalade, ran like a dream but of course you don't get high mileage. Low in fact. The only problem I had was a pinhole leak in the a/c pipe going to the rear of the car. If kept running out of freon. Finally, I had the hole plugged and it worked great after that. I had a Cadillac Deville before that and it had 177,000 on it when I sold it and it ran like a dream too. Guess I've been lucky.

    It was not my first vehicle either, it was about my fifth and after drivng a Caddy you're spoiled. I replaced it with a 2007 fully loaded Escalade with 22" wheels and all the bell and whistles. I found it on a Ford dealer lot, someone had just traded it it (due to a divorce, I spoke personnaly to the guy and got the whole story). It had 6,000 miles on it and I paid 53K. New it would have been well over $75K with all the exras. My cousin sells them, and I didn't buy it from him. He quoted me $56 for one without any extras.

    Hope this helps. Have fun and drive safe. By the way, it's had to see backing up if you don't have the back up camera so pay atttention to that, Pat :D
  • What state are you in, here in Atlanta Cadillac has it's own seperate dealership. Pontiac, GMC, and Buick are all sold on the same lots though.
  • any help on negotiating my deal? try to do it at end of April? start at Invoice only? try to end up at 2% over that? I want the white diamond ultra luxury w/22"'s and sunroof escalade. With gas at 3.59 gallon, what kind of neg. will I have? I will pay cash and have a 2002 trade-in. I went to Car-Max and they only offered $10,500 for it! Boo!
  • tcotta411tcotta411 Posts: 2
    Ok. I think I will have everyone in this forum beat on this one. Last month (May, 2008), I purchased a brand new 2007 Cadillac Escalade with 80 miles from Reynold's Cadillac in Orange, VA. The car has absolutely every available option including:

    Information Package (Navigation)
    Rear Entertainment Package (DVD)
    22" Chrome Wheels
    Power Release 2nd Row Seats
    Rearview Camera System
    Retractable Running Boards
    Premium Paint *White Diamond*

    I paid $52,296 and this included tax, tags, and Gap Insurance.
  • kgabekgabe Posts: 25
    Anyone have access to the Smart auction? If so what are low mileaged 08' Escalades going for? I'm looking at a $66K sticker 08' with 3800 miles. Asking $46K. I would sure like to know what the GMAC Smart auction is asking for a similar vehicle.
  • I was thinking about buying a 2000 cadillac escalade 4x4 as my first vehicle.
    what are a few things i should look out for?
    it's going for 7000
    it has
    * AMFM Radio
    * CD Player
    * Power Windows
    * Power Locks
    * Power Mirrors
    * Power Seats
    * Leather
    * Roof Rack
    * Cruise Control
    * Tinted Windows
    * Running Boards
    * Dual Airbags
    * Alloy Wheels
    * Keyless Entry
    * 4X4
    * Fog Lights

    * Interval Wipers
    * Rear Defroster
    * Center Console
    and 119k miles.
  • that would be about 39 at auction recently
  • broham1broham1 Posts: 8
    Wondering if you ever pulled the trigger on that Escalade, if so can you tell us what you paid?
  • broham1broham1 Posts: 8
    Clubman - how bout a 2008 ESV with 29000 miles?
  • texamau1texamau1 Posts: 42
    Hi Clubmanager,
    how much would a 08 esv with 'platinum' have ~20K mi go for @ the auction?
  • sjangsjang Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    Hey guys, I need help ASAP.
    I have a question about 2010 Escalade base that was a rental car in Hawaii, but it is now in Texas. it was auctioned in Missouri before it got to Texas Dealership.
    6.2L V8, AWD, automatic, 5k miles, Black and it's priced at 52000. Carfax is clear but as you know rental car companies usually self claim it so it wouldn't be on carfax for any accidents. It still has factory warranty.
    What do you guys think about buying a used rental Escalade with a low miles? Is this a good deal? you think there is any room to negotiate even more?
    Thank you in advance.
  • escalade24escalade24 Posts: 27

    Including rebates, what would be a good price on a new 2010 with an msrp of around 72,000...the dealer will only go down to 59k but I think that I should be getting more of a discount.

    Also, what type of discount is everyone getting on a 2011 these days. The best I have seen is 12k anyone get any better?
  • Hi, I have a 2008 Escalade. Looking to buy a 2011. Talked to the Dealership today and went over the incentives. Will be paying cash. Bought the 2008 from a different Dealership. This Dealership I'm working with on the 2011 said I should be on some sort of "electronic manifest" that GM dealers get with previous buyers names on it and there is a $3000 or $3500 rebate for previous buyers. My name is suspiciously NOT on the list. They don't know why. Strangely, they don't know how to get me on the list, nor do they know who to contact. They told me to Google it. They said I should be able to find a phone number to call and ask why my name is not on the list. I guess me driving up in the 2008 wasn't proof enough that I bought one. :-) Anyway, do any of you out there know anything about this? My Google search netted me a phone number that has been busy for 2 hours and a web address for that is defunct. Thanks in advance for any info you can give me. Traci
  • I found this escalade on ebay motors. It's a 2008 for $43K from the original owner in New Jersey with 36K miles, clean title, no accidents with the platinum options. I'm thinking about buying it but is this too good to be true?

    Here is the link if you want to check it out and let me know if it's worth it.
  • Sounds like a great deal to me! I checked out the auction and don't see any hidden costs. The seller has 100% feedback. The vehicle report is flawless. My only issue is why he didn't show more pics... If the car isn't too far distance-wise, go check it out in person. Go for it! And keep us updated.
  • timj757timj757 Virginia BeachPosts: 13
    I thought about getting an Ebay car too, how did it work out?
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