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Honda Civic Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • brianobriano Posts: 1
    I guess I should have read this forumn before purchasing. Our 2007 civic hybrid had a base of $21,200 and then taxes, doc,etc we wrote a check for $23, 3-years of free oil changes! This was in the Phoenix Az area. Anyways, we did not purchase the extended warranty, looks like we could get it online cheaper then at the dealer....anyone have experience on doing the extended warranty on-line? is it worth it?
    P.S. with only 114 miles on the car I have gotten 51MPG during my drive to work today using side streets.And got 47MPG in our rush hour freeway traffic....very happy so far
  • email me: myrddin157 [at] hotmail
  • qincaliqincali Posts: 3
    I was able to get the hybrid with Nav for $22690... $24955 OTD

    This was my first new car purchase, and I'm looking forward to seeing my gas mileage improve (My other vehicle is a '95 Blazer--18 MPG on it's best day)!
  • schnelschnel Posts: 3
    I just placed an order for my first Honda Civic, a new 2007 Civic Hybrid with Navigation System, from Brewster Honda in Brewster, NY. I also think I got a really great price for it. I'm paying $23,016, inclusive of everything (destination, title, registration, conveyance, the works!). Also, because I live in CT, no sales tax thanks to the CT tax-exempt law for qualified hybrids. I'm taking delivery on it on Tuesday. Will probably buy the 7-year/80,000 mile Honda Care warranty through another dealer because Brewster was marking up the warranty by over a thousand dollars (maybe to recover some lost profit on the car?). Hopefully, I'll be a happy Honda customer come next week. :)
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    What was the actual price of the vehicle, including the obligatory destination charge... without title, registration, conveyance, the works? That would be a much more useful figure here, since all dealers and localities have unique addons.
  • schnelschnel Posts: 3
    Good point. The actual cost was $22,789 and the title and registration fees came to $227 for a total of $23,106 OTD for the car.
  • hantranhantran Posts: 1
    $21,600 out the door at Danbury (CT) Honda. No navigation. Price was all inclusive, there is no sales tax on this car in Connecticut. Had a choice of two colors, grey and silver and took the silver so there is still a grey one on the lot.

    Paid cash and they allowed a portion on credit card.
    Cash Price 21,213
    conveyance 299
    Ct Lemmon Law 3
    Registration to transfer plates 85 (I suspect that is high but I gave them my price and let them work backwards to get to it however they wanted to.)

    Salesman was Steve Vikaros. I highly recommend him. Took a ride with no pressure. Called back the next day and after two phone calls the price was settled. Took about 2 hours to do all the paperwork. No pressure from the "business manager" to buy the extended warranty or any thing else. This was a very good buying experience!
  • HCH + Nav+ appearance package (opal blue color) for $21990 (destination fee included)+ 5% MD Tax + $100 dealer fee + $195 registartion fee. Total $23385 - $5000 down = $18335 finance and APR 5.9%/60 months. :)
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Pray tell, what is your dealer's "appearance package", what does it contain, and how much did they add to your bill for it?
  • App.pack: splash guards, wheel locks, exterior color body line, door edge guards.... and also destination fee included in $21990 :)
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    Hello dungeonlaa,
    Could you share with us the name of the dealer in Chicago? What is the best price we can hope to get on a non-navi version of HCH?
  • This dealer in Silver Spring (MD) :confuse:
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    Hello all,
    I am reading in many articles that millions of people will come under the purview of AMT for the 2007 tax year and that essentially most people will NOT be able to claim a hybrid vehicle tax rebate because of that. I was almost about to buy a 2007 HCH but this news has made me have second thoughts. :cry: Is this true? Also, is this the right forum to discuss this?
  • dcv_2002dcv_2002 Posts: 14
    If I bought a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid now would I be able to claim the tax deduction on my 2007 taxes? (Does the 2100 credit still apply). I did not pay AMT on my 2006 taxes.

    Looking to maybe trade in a 2006 Civic LX for the Hybrid since you can travel in HOV lanes on Long Island.
  • I love Honda's. Own three of them 2002,2004 and 2006. I love the good service too. Took the 06 Civic EX 1.8 in for an oil change and they flagged it for a steering fluid leak and did the work in a couple of hours free of charge of course.

    Things that concerned me is, I see others posting this as a common problem with the 06 Civic and yet nothing was mailed out asking us to come get it checked. What if we had changed our own oil or gone to jiffy lube?

    The other thing that raised my eyebrows is when I was greeted by the service department employee I incorrectly said I think it might be a recall issue and he looked overcome with guilt and said "Oh is this a Hybrid" which sometimes a picture or a look on a knowledgeable techs face is worth more than a thousand words... I'll steer clear (pun intended) of the hybrid myself until I know it's solid.
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    I also some postings regarding the AMT and the hybrid tax rebates in the following thread:
  • dcv_2002dcv_2002 Posts: 14
    SO does this basically mean that the tax credit is good until Q2-2007 (i.e. June 30th, 2007). So if they meet there quota as of March 31, 2007. This states that you can get full credit up to the end of the first calendar quarter after the quarter the quota is met. Is this right?
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    Hi dcv_2002,
    For people filing jointly the AMT exemption is being reduced from $62,550 to $45,000 for the 2007 tax year. A lot more people will have to pay AMT in 2007. It is not a rich man's tax anymore. Just look at the following links:,,id=109876,00.html#amt_2007,,id=109876,00.html#amt_2006

    In order to claim the full hybrid rebate your tax calculated using the conventional method minus your tax calculated using AMT should exceed $2100. Most people will get no rebate or if they do get the rebate, it will be a very small portion of the $2100.

    So keep these things in mind before purchasing the hybrid.
    The following link talks about the situation of people who bought hybrid cars in 2006: C7N75RT1.DTL

    For 2007 the situation will be worse since the AMT exemption is being reduced ( unless the congress intervenes ).
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    Reading the page, they also eliminated the electric vehicle credit, which I suppose is different from the hybrid tax credit.
  • kshondakshonda Posts: 3
    Here's my story of buying an 07 HCH. First, I loved the car for the few days we owned it. We bought a car on a Friday from a dealership in the Kansas City area. I won't state the name of the dealership as in the end they did us fair. I had briefly checked out the HCH before going to the dealership. I saw they were starting out around $22,600 or so MSRP, so when we negotiated a deal of $22,500 (not including 230 doc fee) I thought we were getting a pretty good deal, the salesman sure made me feel that way. He went on and on about how they can't come down much at all on these cars and blah blah blah. Sticker was 23,195. So that night that we bought it I was checking on this website and regretting that I didn't check around more, as I felt we could have gotten a better deal.

    So when we looked at the car we were told by the salesman that the car had XM radio, however this was the no navi car, but we didn't know any different and was like oh great, XM. Then I called the dealership that Monday and asked why we couldn't get XM to work. He did some research and called us back and said that we don't have it, and he did admit that he was wrong and thought we did. But he "generously" offered to pay half of the $700 that it costs to put one in. After going back and forth, the best we got from them was to install it for free. My husband didn't like the idea of them pulling off the dashboard of our brand new car to install something we were told it had to begin with. He feared rattling or possible electonic problems down the road. They consistenly declined all of our offers for a HCH with navi (so we could have XM without ripping off dashboard) or a discount off of the car we have now. They declined all the offers and would only install the XM radio free of charge, that's it.

    So in the last phone call (Tuesday after buying car on Friday) I asked if we could just return the car and he laughed and said no. Then I gave him three options...23,200 for car with navi, or refund of $700 making the price of the car 22,030 (including everything but sales tax...21,800+230). I mentioned those were his options and if he didn't take one we would keep the car the way it was and report them to BBB and wherever else we could. He paused and requested that we return the car with no cost to us, and stated we were trying to "screw" him and the whole thing was just not going well, so this was the best option. Our point was we wanted what we thought we were getting, a car with XM radio that hadn't had the dashboard ripped off to have it installed, and we were not going to pay the additional $1100 they offered us (and that's down from $1800 they previously offered) to have that feature. It's unfortunate they don't make a HCH with XM only and no navigation, or it all would have been simple.

    Anyway, on the way to the dealership to return the car, I called around and got a bottom dollar of 21,600 including everything but sales tax. I had also gotten figures of 21,750 and 21,900...ALL better than the offer the other dude refused!! We are going tomorrow to look and likely buy one for 21,600. He promised out the door price of 21,600 as we don't pay sales tax at that dealership. So that's almost $400 less than what I offered the first dealership for the car we bought after all the stuff went on with the XM and misrepresention, and he would rather I return this car that we drove all weekend and put 300-400 miles on, then to take less for the car. And he definately would have still made $ on the car. All due to stubborness if you ask me, and I know we are stubborn too. I am glad he gave me that option of returning that car, even if we had to jump through all kinds of hoops to get there. But the whole experience was really an eye opener to me. Some dealers will gladly take what another wouldn't even think of in the same city!! Do your homework, fight for what you think is fair. And remember, HCH w.o navi do not have XM radio!!

    I would love to hear other's buying experiences, well the ones that don't go so smoothly!
  • watercop1watercop1 Posts: 18
    Too many salsemen are not educated about their product and feel the cars "sale themselves". This attitude is more prominent with Honda/Toyota dealerships. As a customer you should also be capable of reading the sticker or viewing Honda's website which clearly states XM is optional add-on except for nav units. Sounds like they gave you a fair price and tried to work with you. Shame on the salesman but shame on yourself for not researching a major purchase. Looking foward to trading my EX for a Hybrid.
  • kshondakshonda Posts: 3
    That is true that we should have known what we were buying. I can specifically remember me asking what the little antenna on top of the car was for and he replied that it was for the XM radio these cars come with and we would get it 3 months free and all that. I had no reason to doubt that, but hind sight is 20/20 and he is just a salesman. They did try to work with us and I respect them for that, it was a fair enough deal, but the whole experience just has us floored because we ended up buying the same car with pen stripes and splash guards for a total of 21,500, so that was $530 less than our bottom offer at the first dealership and they opted to have us return the car then to take less. And you have to consider too that they were going to pay to have the XM installed so after you take that into consideration, they were probably only losing around $300 from what we paid for it in the beginning. That is their right though and they must feel confidant they can make more $ off of it selling it to someone else, and they probably will, just not by someone who has shopped around. I just encourage others to research and as you said "educate themselves" no matter how convincing the saleman may sound.
  • sunspa14sunspa14 Posts: 2
    Honda of Corona had in stock just what I wanted. White hybrid with Navi. $23,012 and $895 for the 80k warranty plus all the obligatory taxes and licenses. That includes destination. Carmen was the saleswoman - fairly new but very sweet and she got me the deal I asked for. Love the XM radio on the navigation screen - well worth the extra money for me (and I'm a cheapskate!) California buyers - no more carpool stickers available for this car. :cry:
  • piyerpiyer Posts: 1

    Can you tell me what dealership? I am in the MD/VA area as well, and I got $22k OTD but without the Auto Day/Night mirror installed. I have not purchased yet and if I could get the price you are saying, that would be great.


  • dungeonlaadungeonlaa Posts: 23
    Jim Coleman Honda (Van Rose), MD 21029 :)
  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    Here in Texas, we have to pay 6% sales tax, even on hybrids. But I managed to get an 07 HCH II with window tint and "protection package" for $22,912 OTD.

    That's $21,400 sales price, $600 destination fee, $700 sales tax (reduced by tax credit for trade-in), and $200 for T.T.L.

    Also, I highly recommend the dealership -- Huggins Honda, north of Ft. Worth. They're one of the few DFW Honda dealers that DON'T add a "market adjustment" to the hybrid sticker price.

    The salesman didn't play games and didn't pressure me. The finance guy was cool. The whole buying experience was very pleasant.
  • mooseyfatemooseyfate Posts: 3
    2007 Honda Civic Hybrid w/o Navi
    Location: SF Bay Area, CA
    Color: Magnetic Pearl
    Added Accessories: Splash Guards, Wheel Locks
    Cash Price of Vehicle: $20,680 (including destination charges etc...)
    OTD: $22,680.39 (8.25% Tax, Tags and Title... and a lame $55 charge for "Documentation Preparation Fee")

    hope this is of help to someone.... thanks everyone else for posting their deals its a great buying tool and helped me haggle with confidence and call it a day when i got a price that seemed reasonable..... thanks!

    Side Bar - On the way to the dealer where I bought my car I had another dealer on the phone offering $20500, $20400, $20300.... but his extremely pushy demeanor was throwing up red flags everywhere. I started screening his calls and he eventually ran my cell battery dead with his consecutive repeated calls. Though I might have gotten it cheaper, I'm happy with the decision I made as it was fairly painless and the only thing they "stuck me for" was the lame $55 doc prep free. I'd say it took about an 1-1.5 hours total, with about 15mins haggling and the rest spent signing crap or just sitting around waiting. So far this is the best car buying experience I've had (but i'll keep my fingers crossed for good measure).
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    For everyone who is worrying about reliability of the 2007 Civic, go to, click on Car Reviews, then Consumer Ratings, enter the car name and read the reviews from people who really own this car. On about page 12 there's actually someone who's had one for a year and loves it. Yes, there are problems being talked about but also raves. It's been a big help to me and helped me decide to go ahead and take the plunge.
  • Moosey - can you e-mail me the info on your dealership in the Bay Area? I am going to buy this week or next and you struck a great deal! Thanks!
  • kbradford3kbradford3 Posts: 2
    I'm looking to purchase a HCH in the Kansas City area and would love to hear what dealership you ended up getting your deal from. I'm also curious about how there was no sales tax at that dealership. Is it a matter of them being in MO and you in KS? I'm on the KS side, so would love to hear about that.

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