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Honda Civic Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Nobody is trading in their hybrids.

    We just had a customer who was moving out of the country sell us his Insight.

    We couldn't hardly give them away when we were selling them new but this one sold the next day after, literally dozens of calls from people all over the US.

    It's nuts and I'm not enjoying this.
  • unlstormunlstorm Posts: 1
    Just closed the deal tonight on our 2008 Magnetic Pearl Honda Civic Hybrid. Purchased at Randy Kuehl Honda for $22,400. Secured the deal way back in early May. At closing today they said I am extremely lucky to have gotten such a good deal. Salesman stated they are only doing MSRP or higher now as demand has skyrocketed in the past month. I'm sure glad I secured the deal when I did. Had to wait a month and a half for the car but finally got it straight in from Japan with only 4 miles. I think I paid a bit much for the extended warranty but it is cancellable up to 60 days so I will likely cancel this one and go for the deal. I can't wait to see how this car performs in the long run. Good luck to the rest of you hunting for a good deal!
  • alartialarti Posts: 8
    Well, I do have a little story about Hybrid trade-ins.

    As a complete coincidence I ran into a guy that had the EXACT 2008 HCH I wanted. He was going to sell it to get a car with a little more oomph. I, obviously, offered to buy it from him. After a couple of weeks we spoke and he told me that Carmax was offering him $24,500, that is more than retail for a brand new one!!!
    At that point I would just go to a dealer and put a deposit and comfortably wait for one at full retail. My reason to buy a HCH or Prius is more green than gas savings, in reality I could NEVER justify the expense from an economy point of view, even with gas at $5.
  • This past weekend on Jun 28, we took a gamble and went to Honda City in Levittown, NY. They happened to have one HCH w/Nav that came on on Friday. They said the customer refused to take delivery because he didn't like the color. I figure, that as long as the car gets over 40MPG, the color is GREEN! They were anxious to get the car off their lot by June 30, so I got it for $24,500, and drive home on Mon. June 30. I got the 2.9% Honda financing for 60 months, and still qualify for the $1050 federal tax credit. I politely declined the extended warranty, and they didn't push hard to take it.

    I own a trouble free 2004 HCH and have had several Hondas over the years. The new 2008 HCH drives exactly the way a Honda CIvic should ride - it handles and rides like a perfect car! It is great fun to drive.

    Also, the dealer was actually pleasant to deal with.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Where did you ever find a GREEN one?

    Honda doesn't make green Hybrids.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    You missed the reference...

    Try reading it again.. ;)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Gotcha...wasn't paying attention.
  • nimbusnimbus Posts: 19
    Hi Everyone.
    My original post was a couple of years ago. (look at post #3).
    We still have the Hybrid and are the absolute envy of our friends.
    Especially the ones with NO kids/business or any real reason to have a huge $85+ per fill up monster car/SUV - except they want one (and G-d Bless them its a free country).

    Back then I got a lot of comments online and in person over wasting money on a hybrid. Nothing ugly or mean. Just sage advice like a follow-up post:

    "Congrats on your new ride. Fically, I don't think it is wise to trade in only to save on gas. Whatever you lose on trade and paying premium for the hybrid will most likely not be recovered from gas savings, unless you keep the car for 10 years, and gas prices go up to $3-4/gallon.
    The main reason to buy a hybrid is to save the environment. I wonder what effect "day after tomorrow" had on SUV and Hybrid sales? "

    Look. I personally think Global Warming..excuse me Climate Change is a scam (mind you I want clean water and think companies will pollute if we let them get away with it - I am a merciless enviro). And I am not here to flame or be flamed about it. Go with G-d however you feel - again, its a free country.
    But I could see back then that the affects of the movement were very real. As a matter of fact I DO drive my cars for at least 10 years and the person that posted this was - intentionally or otherwise - prophetic. $3 a gallon? That's a dream in this county now. People would flock to your filling station if you had it so cheap. I don't see that changing in the forseeable future regardless of what we do (and yeah I say drill and explore nuclear, solar, hydrogen, coal, wind, water etc etc. just do it without killing the planet).
    Just came from my local dealership where they are practically giving away gas-guzzlers. New 08' $34,0000 SUVs for $24,000-26,000. Big old Lincoln trade-ins are selling for a song. Meanwhile the local Honda place is sold out of all hybrid civics - including all the ones it had in transit. It is now selling civic hybrids that have not even been built yet. And have you seen the finance deals the big three are throwing out there trying to move huge chunks of Detroit steel. I almost feel sorry for them.
    For the people that can afford to drive 12-18 mpg gas-hogs, more power to you. The gas you buy belongs to you in a free-market economy. But for me and mine, getting from point A to point B only has so much value. Our funny little Civic Hybrid does that. And I admit, it's been interesting watching our friends who thought I was crazy for "Wasting money on a Hybrid" begin asking us all sorts of questions about it - some in preparation of buying one....or at least trying to buy one.

    :) Fellow hybrid owners take heart. Without really trying, we've become the cool trendsetters of the day. ; )
  • cbr1000rrcbr1000rr Posts: 12
    Well said Nimbus. I purchased a 07 HCH in June 2007 and at the time I remember a co-worker stating that I wouldn't recover the extra expense of a hybrid. Boy have things changed in such a short time.
  • nimbusnimbus Posts: 19
    We are loving our Hybrid. Kinda got a kick driving it into "enemy territory" this past weekend. I apologize as this may seem off-topic but it's not. It really makes the point of why I buy the cars I do - including Hondas.

    Went to a Cadillac/Hummer dealership and was not surprised at the HUGE inventory sitting there. My wife calls Hummers "Ugly on Wheels". There were millions of dollars worth of them lined up as far as the eye could see. The only other customer appeared to be a young man of about 20 buying a HUGE $70K Hummer. I assume daddy has some bucks or he plays for a local sports team and is beyond the reach of our current economic issues.

    We even surprised ourselves by finding a deeply discounted used lux. car (2 years and 19K miles = $30K depr.) that we liked and negotiated for it. They jumped all over us to buy buy buy. We said we'd sleep on it, but would be back in the morning to discuss the final arrangements - we sleep on every big buy. We asked them to hold it till then and they sent us an email saying they would hold the car for us. Next morning I could NOT reach the salesman so I start to drive it anyway - checkbook in hand. Halfway to the dealership he finally returned my call to tell me he just sold the car. I was speechless. He even argued that I did not put a deposit down to hold it. I asked him if he had asked for one (he mumbled "no") and told him if I could write a check for the full amount, a refundable deposit would have not made me blink. For the next 5 minutes I listened to him make promise after promise to find me another car just like the one he'd just sold out from under me.

    I didn't say it to him, but all I could think of was that my wife and I had partially decided to treat ourselves to a new lux car - something we never had - to help out a failing american giant - GM. We have friends that work for them. For our largess we we rewarded with shoddy tactics. By contrast our local Honda place actually told us to take our current CRV home with us overnight - admittedly I'd done business with them before - and think on it - holding nothing more than copies of our driver's licenses.

    For the record, attempts to contact the sales management staff to complain have been ignored. All I can say is GM is on their own. Meanwhile our Prius and HCH friends are happy campers. :P
  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    Sounds like a sales scam to me.

    Think about it -- that luxury car sat in the dealership for days or weeks. Then, you and the wife show up out of the blue, express an interest in it ..... and suddenly, it sells? I don't think so.

    It reminds me of the 'first-time home-buyer' shows on cable TV. The buyers look around at houses, all of which have been on the depressed real estate market for weeks or months. Curiously, whichever house the buyers want suddenly receives ANOTHER offer.

    That offer didn't come the day before. It didn't come last week. It showed up the very day this couple made theirs. What a coincidence!

    Inevitably, the buyers "adjust" their offer to full asking price ..... and just in time, their offer is accepted.

    Whew! Weren't they lucky?

    In the case of this luxury car, I suspect that the dealership just wanted to punish you for NOT buying it on impulse. Salesmen use whatever tricks they can to create a false sense of urgency. And even if they lose a sale over it, they know that every other salesman is doing the same thing, and eventually you'll buy a car from one of them.
  • nimbusnimbus Posts: 19
    You know...I am SO stupid. I never even thought of that. That ties together the facts very neatly. The business of Real Estate and Car Sales has such shoddy reputations - I hate to see the people in them confirming our worst suspicions, but that makes a lot of sense. And its certainly more than I got from the Sales Staff. Thanks. (I giving the general manager a few weeks to respond to my letter before mentioning their name over on the Cadillac board.) :)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Oh, don't be so sure that was a scam.

    I can't tell you how often I have had a customer look at a car we have had in inventory for three months. They leave to "sleep on it" only to have it sold out from under them an hour after they leave.

    This is why we won't "hold" cars except under rare circumstances. A car is either sold or it isn't.

    You mention Real Estate. When my wife was an agent in California, I can't begin to tell you how often a house would sit on the market for months only to get multiple offers the same day! Ask any R.E. agent and they will agree with me.

    Sounds like a sloppy store to me!
  • nimbusnimbus Posts: 19
    Just got an long letter with an apology from the sales manager. He explained the business practices politely and admitted his sales staff had fallen down on the job by not explaining things to me when I went in. They were never allowed to hold a car...ever. Moreover, he admitted my story agreed with the one told him by the salesman. They are currently trying to find a similar car for me. I am willing to believe him, but naturally I am looking elsewhere too. My wife is making a good case for a Honda Pilot with leather and Nav. We've never gone wrong with our Hondas.
  • nimbusnimbus Posts: 19
    isellhondas - believe me I understand about looky-Lous' who never buy. Our realtor is a friend of ours and has similar horror stories to your wife. I'm just one of those people who only shop when I'm buying - whether its a house, a car or a pair of sweat socks.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Well, I was going toa sk you why you would consider a car that will depreciate like a rock compared to a Honda?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    That wasn't meant to ba a horror story. Just the reality of the crazy market sometimes,

    This even happened to us when we lived in CA. Our house sat on the market for two months without an offer and we got two good offers the same day.

    I can't tell you how often I have had people look at a great used car. They like the car, they like the price and they like me. Still, they have to go think about it or go look at others. I'll hear " This is the first car we've looked at" or " We never buy anything without sleeping on it"

    Trouble is, two other people who looked at it the day before decide it's the car for them and it get's sold.

    I'm like you. when I decide to make a purchase, I do it quickly.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    All of this reminds me of an old saying:

    The car you looked at today and want to think about until tomorrow, may be the same car someone looked at yesterday and is buying today.

    I really dont know why a car can sit on the lot for 60+ days with very few looks, then in the span of two days there will be ten people wanting to buy it.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Happens all of the time.

    Just yesterday, I had a lady call me on a very nice 1999 CRV we had taken in as a trade in. This one was especially nice and with 80,000 miles it was priced to sell.

    I tried to stress the fact it wouldn't last long and she said she would try to make it in that day.

    So, her and her husband just decided to show up today instead of yesterday but, alas, it sold last night.

    I could tell her husband was ticked at her for not insisting they come yesterday.
  • nimbusnimbus Posts: 19
    (Insert sound of maniacal laughter here) Why buy a car that depreciates like a rock?!?!? Because when someone else is willing to pay $30,000+ in depreciation for the honor of sitting in my car for the first 19K miles and 2 years...the car becomes a bit of a bargain. I'd certainly never buy a new one.
    We love both our Hondas. They have been reliable tanks, but one of them (like me) is getting a older. This buy was meant to be a real slice of chocolate cake-like treat. Much as we like the Accord, it does not have the size and luxury combo of an STS or Jaguar.
    For day to day our hybrid is our anchor for the forseeable future.

    BTW. isellhondas. How are the 08' Pilots selling? We might just change our mind as they can be a pretty tricked cost-effective buy right now. :)
  • cakes4cakes4 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I'm shopping for a Civic Hybrid in Southern California, but all the dealers I've contacted want a $2500-$3000 markup (above sticker) for the car. Does anyone know of a dealer who isn't asking for a markup?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Probably not.

    Demand far exceeds supply on these. I would be surprised if you can even find very many of them.
  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    Wait a few months. Oil prices already have begun their predictable decline leading up to the November elections. By Christmas, you'll be able to buy one for invoice.
  • nimbusnimbus Posts: 19
    "Wait a few months. Oil prices already have begun their predictable decline leading up to the November elections. By Christmas, you'll be able to buy one for invoice."

    Good point and could happen. Particularly if we increase the supply of oil. But a friend that trades commodaties tells me there is just no oil to be found on the market. The third world is thirsty and supply is not remotely keeping up with supply so he tells me to count on ups and downs, but always a steady trend upwards for the forseeable future.

    Not sure how that translates to the mental outlook for car buyers. Right now there's panic to buy according to mpg. If that pressure decreases, then the market shifts to favor buyers like us. Yay!
  • There must have been a significant shift in market interest in the last few months, with gas prices currently at $2.71 U.S. average, as of the writing of this post, and the overall consumer economy in the slumps. I found six dealerships in Wisconsin and Illinois that have 8 or more Hybrids sticking around in their lots.

    The dealer invoice, according to, for an '09 Civic Hybrid non-leather non-NAVI is $21,675.

    Zimbrick Honda (Madison, WI) has literally 424 cars in their inventory as of writing (majority of them Accords and Civics) just sitting there. Without ANY negotiation power whatsoever I was able to ask for $23,500 OTD (tax is 5.5%) for a 09 Hybrid non-leather non-NAVI. After literally 20 minutes on the phone, I found another dealership in Rock County, WI who was able to go as low as $22,000 OTD without hesitation on magnetic pearl. That's about $800 below invoice at the moment.

    Not sure if other parts of the country are experiencing the same thing, but there is literally no fight with dealerships in the Midwest. Dealers are telling me on the phone that Civic Hybrids are tougher to sell right now as market sentiment is swaying back to larger vehicles with gas prices where they are. In any case, $22,000 OTD sounds pretty darn good to me for a '09 Hybrid Magnetic Pearl with 10 miles on it (right off their truck). I'm going to spend this weekend milking a few more dollars out if dealers aren't putting up a fight right now.
  • So, are you saying that you got a price as low as $22,000 including taxes, etc?
  • FYI - getting quotes of $1,500 to $2,000 off of MSRP in the Washington DC metro area from Virginia and Maryland dealers!
  • That's correct, although I should preface that there was a bit of some bait&switch involved with this $22,000 OTD (including taxes, title) price - the vehicle ended up being a demo vehicle with 424 miles on it (and apparently a ding on it that was later fixed through paintwork). So I took it with a grain of salt and walked away from that potential mess.

    I was able to consistently get $23,300 OTD (w/ 5.5% sales tax included) at most dealerships for a brand new '09 Civic Hybrid non-leather, non-NAVI. After four days of phone calls, e-mails and visits, I was convinced this was the bottom price point I was going to negotiate for this current month anyway.

    I ended up signing for a brand new '08 Civic Hybrid Silver with NAVI for $23,281 OTD (incld. 5.5% sales tax and title) - that was at David Hobbs Honda in Glendale, WI.
  • I was wondering if anyone has added an automatic remote starter in there Hybrid? If not how have you Northerners handled the freezing cold and ice on windshields etc for the winter. I purchased a 2005 Honda Civic this past May 31 and I'm dreading the winter months without an automatic starter. The new Hybrids you can get heated seats and I wonder if anyone has those and if they help. I kind of think they probably don't help too much because the heated seats wouldn't help through winter coats and wouldn't help the windows. Is it true that you can't have automatic starters on hybrid cars? Is it just Honda?

  • I bought a Hybrid with navi, magnetic pearl, 2009 in upstate NY for $24,200. Edmunds invoice is 23,509 - that does not include the $670 destination fee.

    $45 - doc fee (I think that's pretty standard in NY or at least upstate NY)
    $110 - dmv fees ( a little higher than normal due to me being a newly registered NY car owner)
    $22.50 - some fees about tires and stuff that is again some NY thing
    Plus 8.75% state tax

    So OTD was 26,450 or so

    I put $2000 down
    I financed for 3 yrs 1.9%

    I got multiple quotes by looking at places up to 3hrs away from me and I could have saved $200-300 by going to Ohio but it was more convenient for me to buy local. If I wanted the one without navi or leather, there were plenty around, on the dealers lots so you might be able to get a better deal on those. The navi one was slightly more difficult to find but I got mine in one day, the one with navi and leather, I found one 1-2 hrs away from me, but I passed it up although they ended up going to 25,600.

    In Ohio, they offered 23,700 on the one with navi but they have a $250 doc fee.

    I think I got a pretty good deal but not many posts here to compare it to!
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