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Honda Civic Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The $24,680 price included the $670 dest. charge so I thought it was pretty good deal overall. I got the price over the internet from Valley Honda in Aurora, IL. A pleasant sales experience from start to finish.
  • duyduy Posts: 1
    I got mine in Plano, TX at Honda of McKinney for 24,326 (destination charge, tint windows, nitrogen, paint sealant, fabric sealant, mud guards, trunk tray, wheel locks included). It's with nav but no leather. OTD price was 26100. I'm happy with the price but not too hot about the mileage I'm getting - which is about 35 combined - even with conservative driving. I'm hoping this is due to cold weather (~30F of late). I want this thing to in in the 40's at least.
  • Any recent (Jan-Feb 09) sales prices on 09 Civics, preferably non-leather, non-NAV, to report?

    Anyone know whether HCH's are piling up on dealer-lots and at ports, as I've read is the case for Priuses?

    Have been looking mostly at Priuses, but dealers are keeping prices high here in NW, hoping against hope market will rebound. So I'm considering returning to the Honda-fold for a Civic Hybrid.

    Got to believe that $2 gas, the soon-coming new Insight and updated Prius mean good prices can be had on the HCH.
  • yankee28yankee28 Posts: 3
    We had narrowed our search to the Toyota Prius or the Civic Hybrid and drove both back to back. I was surprised how much quieter the Civic was compared with the Prius as I had read in several threads about the road noise in a Civic. We liked the hatchback and seat folddown capability of the Prius, but the ride, interior and looks of the Civic won out.
    We signed a deal with the local dealer for an 09 HCH without navi or leather and an MSRP of $24,450, for $20,645. I did some internet shopping and found several dealers willing to quote pricing, took the best of them and the local dealer matched it. We also took advantage of the 3.9% financing. The dealer tried to sell us on the extended warranty, offering 6yr, 100,000 mi coverage for $990, telling us if we don't buy it at point of sale the price would go up to $1,300, but we held off on that. After looking on the internet this morning I found a dealer willing to sell 6yr, 100,000 coverage for less than $800 as long as you buy it within the first 6,000 miles.
  • Just bought this weekend in SoCal – Polished Metal w/beige leather. $22,700 + tax. Great color, amazing ride, 50 MPG so far... why didn't I think of this car sooner???
  • Hi I recieved this quote through internet this past weekend for 2009 HCH (no nav & no leather). Just wondering if this is good price or could they go any lower than $22,300? (One said "losing money on the selling price" so they will try to justify $22,200 by asking whether I will be using their service dept).
  • Is it really a amazing(quiet) smooth ride and 50 mpg!!!
  • iceteruiceteru Posts: 8
    Hi Steve, can you please tell me where did you buy your civic hybrid for $22,300? Did you have the lowest interest rate? or what was your interest rate?. I'll appreciate your help. I am looking forward to buy this car over the weekend. Thanks
  • Hi, my name is John and not Steve.

    I've not purchased it yet. Its in the Sacramento area - Concord Honda, Auburn Honda, Roseville Autowest and Carmichael Honda. They told me 2.9 for 3 years OR 3.9 for 5 years. I am going to put down $12,000 and carry the loan for rest. Also, I have a trade-in. I've listed the dealer in the order who is most aggressive to least. I've used the internet to get the quote first. I was able to knock off additional $50 so far.

    Good luck. Let me know if you can get it any lower. I might just wait until the end of the month to drive it down little bit more. What do you think? I heard Honda is coming out with Insight this weekend (I think someone told me we can actually see one in the model room). Finally, I know Toyota Prius 2010 is coming out next month and there's still ton of 2009 Prius' out there. It will be interesting how dealer's will handle this.

    But life's fair - I remember dealer's all quoted MSRP+$2,000 (last summer) for Honda HCH & Toyota Prius. What goes around comes around.
  • Richard, not sure if your question was for me. I purchased from Honda Santa Ana, halfway between LA and San Diego in OC. It was a simple and stress-free... actually pleasant... experience. Not allowed to say the salesman's name here, but it rhymes with Melvin. I always contact internet departments at dealerships for great deals.
  • They're almost giving away Hybrids in the DC area. I'm closing on a deal next week for one with Leather, no Nav system on a lease. $21,300 selling price and only a $299.97 monthly payment for 36 months, 12K/yr, INCLUDING all taxes, fees, acquisition, etc and ZERO down--just first payment to drive it off. Because of the low selling price, high residual, and high MSRP, the lease cost of this car per month is $20-$30 less than the same conventional Coupe or Sedan. So far three dealers have offered to match, too. This is just too good to pass up.

    Going with a lease instead of the buy to keep cash-flow (out) low and to be positioned to take advantage of better technology in 2012. If nothing changes, then I'll probably buy it in 2012. If gas goes to $4 or $5 per gallon, then the resale will probably be much more than the residual. :blush:
  • chintan32chintan32 Posts: 113
    A reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a larger vehicle but had considered a smaller vehicle when gas prices were high. Or if you're holding off on buying a small car because of the downturn in the economy. Please send your daytime phone number to by Thursday, March 19, 2009.
    Corporate Communications
  • Edmunds reports that dealers have $2000 in "marketing support". How can a buyer use this in negotiations? Does it affect the current terms of the lease? I question this because I have negative equity, and if a dealer could pay this off using the $2000, I would be in a better position to consider the special lease offer.
  • pvhpvh Posts: 5
    Just signed a deal tonight for a 2009 Civic hybrid with leather and price of $20,900. Bought a 7yr/ 80,000 mile zero deductible warranty $980. Then a 30,000 mile/every 5000 service warranty for $761. (and I can legally return those warranties for a few weeks if I decide that is not what I really want.)
    I talked to a number of dealers over the last two weeks and each time I asked for a lesser price they met it. I think it pays to physically go into the dealerships meeting a salesperson and telling him or her, as I did, that we are going to be ready to buy a specific car in two weeks. I let them know that I would call them at that time or that they could call me and that I would be dealing with several dealerships looking for this price. I had paid for the consumer report listing of all the bottom-line prices after the dealership incentives. If I had settled on that high would've paid a minimum of 22,700.

    It pays to be cordial straightforward and talkative with these hard-working salespeople. They've got a hard job to do and they work multiple hours every day way beyond an eight hour day. Be human, humane and never be rude but look out for your best interests and practice the 180° turn if you don't get what you need. Prices will continue to go down so there's no need to buy a car today if you don't get the right price. You are in the drivers seat or soon will be. :)
  • Hi pvh,

    Thank you for posting the SF Bay Area price. Can you give me the "out the door" price and the break down of the each costs. What color did you get?

    Sales Price: $??
    Doc fee: $??
    Sales tax: $??
    DMV e-filing: $??
    License fee: $??
    Registration/Transfer fee: $??
    California Tire fee: $??

    Thank you!
  • pvhpvh Posts: 5
    Hi there,
    I. could have gotten any color that they had and they had a huge selection. Pardon me for not listing the name of the dealership because I'm sure they don't want to be promoted for selling a car at a this specific price. By the response I was getting it all dealerships I don't think my experience with this dealership was unique-- any of them would have... maybe lower even by the time you do this.
    I'm not sure what matters to have the specific dollar amounts for the inevitable fees that arise. I'll list them below but at best by just keeping them out of your mind will help you negotiate on a specific price. Keep your experience as simple as possible focus on the specific deal at hand. (but don't start the process unless you are sure you want to pay these fees and your new insurance)
    Sales Price: $20900
    Doc fee: $55
    Sales tax: $1833
    DMV e-filing: $--
    License fee: $136
    Registration/Transfer fee: $67
    California Tire fee: $9
  • Thanks. You did great! Did you do any financing or trade-in too?

    I've heard that dealers get "kick-backs" for doing Honda financing (not too sure about the amount) & they don't give Edmunds or KBB price for "trade-ins".

    Thanks again for sharing. Excellent price.
  • pvhpvh Posts: 5
    I stated clearly from the beginning that I wanted no financing. Afterwards I did accept the 3.9% financing once the deal was made and I was signing papers. Initially though it was negotiatied without.
  • I'm in Tarrytown, NY. Dealer told us that the lease is not down to $185 + taxes, = $200 a month or total of $8,000+ over 36 months. Residual is c. $15,000 so a grand total of $23,555 delivered. But he wouldn't run a credit check before we signed the lease (room for extra on the credit deal) and so we didn't sign and will cross check again tomorrow. Any comments appreciated.
  • r20926r20926 Posts: 8
    2009 Civic Hybrid Featured Special Lease - $259.00 per month for 36 months

    259.00 per month for 36 months. $259.00 total due at signing

    Includes no down payment with no security deposit. Excludes taxes, titles and fees. For well-qualified buyers.

    Is this a good deal. New to the leasing game, I do have a 800+ credit rating so I should qualify for the AHFC Super Preferred credit tier.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • timaztimaz Posts: 7
    I paid $19,899 + doc fee, tax and registration today for a base civic hybrid. I got a good quote ($20,148) from an internet sales manager from Bell Honda whom I felt comfortable dealing with than I emailed nearly every other Honda dealer in the state to see if anyone had a better price. Two had slightly better out the door prices, so I negotiated with the dealer I felt comfortable with to match the lower base price + about $200 total for dealer add ons (tint, door handle guards, door edge guards, some other junk) (the other dealers would have charged for for add-ons). In the end, I left with an out the door price including tax, doc fees, registration, everything for $22,365, most of the extra being tax because Arizona's sales taxes are very high.
  • I'm in Massachusetts, and negotiated the following lease on an 09 Hybrid WITH Navigation, and with 15,000 miles per year for 36 months:

    $110 down, $285 per month (including sales tax). Should I do this, or continue searching?
  • r20926r20926 Posts: 8
    After some heavy negotiations between dealerships via email, my best offer right now is $227.89 a month, 36 months, 12,000 miles on a 2009 Civic Hybrid, no leather/no navi.

    First payment, DMV, taxes upfront. Still waiting for reply on the bank fee, but I believe it is built into the monthly payment. Almost ready to pull the trigger. What does everyone think?

  • Just picked up my magnetic pearl Hybrid Civic with Leather and No-Navi. $0 down. Total payments are $288 per month (including tax, tags, acq fees, everything) for 36 months, 12K miles. Money Factor is .00175. Brown's Honda of Arlington VA was VERY smooth and easy with which to deal. I compared them to all of the DC area dealers and they offered the best deal -- AND the least haggling. They presented the best price up front via internet contact. Highly recommended.
  • dwynarddwynard Posts: 1
    On Friday 3/27/09 I purchased a civic hybrid (no nav. no leather options) at Honda of Lisle (suburb of Chicago)

    Price was $19,050 (that included destination charge and dealer incentive rebate that was $2,000)
    doc fee 150.00
    ert fee 25.00
    Sales Tax $1503
    State License and title was $143

    I contacted many dealers via the internet for price quotes before going in.

    $19,050 (not including tax and licenses fees) I thought was a great price. Good buying experience, friendly dealership. The sales rep said they needed to make their quota and the $2000 dealer incentive that was available till end of month made the difference in them being price competitive.

    Magrath Honda in Elgin IL quoted me 19,200 (includes dest. fee)
    Vally Honda of Aurora IL quoted me 19, 060 (incl dest. fee)
  • r20926r20926 Posts: 8
    I just leased a Civic Hybrid no leather/no navi, magnetic pearl.

    227.52@ month, 36months, 12,000 miles. 1st month down, tax, dmv fees. I did it all via email. They need to get rid of these vehicles, good deals are out there.
  • r20926r20926 Posts: 8
    You got a great price on that vehicle, good job! These hybrids prices are dropping like rocks.
  • wvufan95wvufan95 Posts: 2
    Offered and they accepted:
    09 Civic Hybrid, no Leather & Nav
    $259 for 36 months, 6% tax included.
    No money out of pocket at signing or turn-in.
    Going to pick up Friday.

    r20296: Depending on how much you paid upfront, I think you did a little better than me. Wish I would had found this site earlier before making my offer. :(
  • r20926r20926 Posts: 8
    I paid taxes, DMV, first month up front. My cap cost was $20,782. They had a $2500 dollar incentive from Honda to sell hybrids. Was able to get the vehicle for way under dealer invoice.

    I did everything through the internet and email. Had about five different dealers pitted against each other for my business.

    I think i could have done better, saw a post where someone was able to get a hybrid for 19,000 and change.
  • wvufan95wvufan95 Posts: 2
    I usually make four or five dealers fight for my business and get a really good deal. Didn't feel like going through the hassle this lease. Looks like it's costing me 15 or 20 bucks a month.
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