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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited May 2015 in Toyota
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  • 04_dc_red04_dc_red Posts: 1
    I don't know if this is a good deal or not but... I just purchased a 2004 Toyota Double Cab 4x4 SR5 with the following features: Moonroof, running boards, 3:1 JBL stereo, Privacy Glass, Keyless Entry, 17" Alloy rims, Floor mats, maybe a couple other small items and paid $200 under invoice. I live in Southern NH and picked the vehicle up in Northern NH at Berlin City Dealerships. Total before trade in was $30,300. It took 5 weeks to get the vehile but it was exactly what I wanted. They adjusted a vehicle they were allocated before it went into production. The dealer was awesome. I had bought my 2 previous Toyotas at Toyota of Nashua and they lost a customer by refusing to reply in a timely manner for my request for information (it has been 6 weeks now) Berlin City has been great, low pressure and very cost competitive.
  • I recently received my Double Cab Tundra, Phantom Gray, Oak Interior, Limited Model, 4X4, leather, heated seats, carpeted floor mats, moonroof, overhead console, rear-seat audio system, color keyed running boards, Limited slip diff. Loaded with everything except rear DVD player (have one in dash) and I paid $34,500 with no trade, sticker was $38 grand and some change, I ordered it in January and received it in March, with every option I ordered. I purchased from Superior Toyota in Parkersburg, WV
  • jismasterjismaster Posts: 3
    I'm 30-60 days away from buying a loaded Tundra. What is the cash price? Any feedback on negotiation strategies will be greatly appreciated. Any problems or thoughts on the 2004 models? Thanks.
  • bluemaxbluemax Posts: 2
    We purchased our DC 4x4 SR5 just about a month ago. We don't even have 500 miles on the truck yet.

    We looked for more than 3 months before finding a dealer who DIDN'T think the new DC was made out of pure gold! A total of 5 dealerships! WHAT A FIRGGIN' HEADACHE! Truth is... these five dealers gave us such little hope in the fact that we could get what we wanted that by the time we did find our eventual "selling" dealer we had (let's just say) a less than positive attitude! We actually had given up by this point.

    After narrowing the 5 down to one, this dealer wouldn't come off the sicker any more than $1,000! And that... even after going on-line to build a DC with less options than on the one he had on the lot! We carried paperwork with us from a competing manufacturer whose crew-cab's sticker price was $3,000 more than the DC he had on the lot. He wouldn't even match the competitor's price! All he did was write on the "pre-deal" paperwork "but it's a Toyota!" Needless to say... we eventually walked out and just simply stopped looking.

    Then by shear chance we were at our niece's graduation in early May and I stopped by a Toyota dealer there. Within a few days, my wife was on line at this dealership and found that they had a DC on the lot that she thought I would be interested in.

    I called this dealer a told him of the "dead horse" we seemed to be beating and told him that I would much rather he be honest with me and just say no if he couldn't satisfy us. Especially, with consideration to gas prices and the distance to his dealership. He was so confident that he could get us the price and payment we wanted, he offered to pay for our gas to the dealership if he couldn't work everything out!! We bought our DC at less than what the last dealer wanted even after his measly $1,000 off offer! This dealer was SO accommodating that we ending up purchasing my wife a new Camry XLE as well! That right, TWO NEW VEHICLES! We drove home that evening with not one... but TWO new vehicles! The salesman asked me if was I satisfied with the truck and I said pretty much except for a few things. I wanted the 5 spoke Brawn Enkei wheels, which were not available with the TRD package. I also wanted carpet floor mats and keyless entry for my wife whenever she would drive the truck.

    We got the wheels... for FREE; the floor mats... for FREE; the keyless entry... at DEALER COST; a spare keyfob... for FREE, and the dealer installed EVERYTHING... for FREE!

    I guess the best advice I can offer for those still looking is... Keep looking until you find a dealer who'll work with you! It can and may very well take some time, but BELIEVE ME... IT'LL BE WELL WORTH IT!
  • uwahuskyuwahusky Posts: 17
    That's a great story! You left out one thing though, what's the dealer's name and where is it located?
  • uwahuskyuwahusky Posts: 17
    Just as a FYI: I stopped off at one of my local Toyota dealers today. They had two Tundra DC Ltds on the lotand a whole lot more SR5 DCs. I asked the salesman how much they were coming off the LTD models and right off the bat he offered up "a couple thousand". Based on what I'm hearing on these boards, that's pretty good.

    Although I think the closer and closer we get to fall and the arrival of the 2005 models, I think their willingness to deal on 2004 models will go up.

    This salesman wouldn't comment on the 2005 models and a bigger engine available on them. I took that to mean the rumors are true. I told him I'd be waiting for the 2005 model to buy.
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    Bought new DC LTD every option 3 weeks ago except for DVD and Nav. Got a great deal. $4 over invoice. $1000 cash back from Toyota and 3.9% financing from a bank the Toyota Dealer found. They threw in front skid shield and chrome exhust pipe. Gave us a very good trade-in price on our GMC truck too. Another Dealer who sells GMC, and Toyota in the area wanted to give us $2000 less for our trade. This is in Mid West region. Love the truck. I tell my wife I have now have the "Lexus" of trucks. She drives a 2004 Lexus RX330. I had been a GM truck guy since 1996. No more!!!
  • morgan4morgan4 Posts: 5
    I bought a SR5 doublecab 4x4 today for $27550.00....I feel like I got a heck of a deal....considering he knocked a thousand more off than most of the other dealers in my area....I had to shop long and hard for this price and was turned down numerous times......about two months worth of haggling....I live in st.Louis region. I even paid the $99.00 doc. fee since I felt like I did so well.......they even gave me $23,000 for my chevy Silverado....heck you can buy a new Silverado for about what they gave me in trade...... I ended up not getting the color of my choice (green) but the deal was so good I figured WTH.....I will sleep well tonite knowing I got the chevy out of the garage. This is my third tundra....
  • What has anybody been paying in the Kansas City area for an Access Cab SR5 4x4 V8? My best price quote has been $25,800 with a MSPR of $30,785.
  • I haven't had much luck in getting a deal on an Access Cab. I was thinking that perhaps if I wait till the Labor Day weekend, or when the new models come out a good buy on an 04 may be possible. When do the 05 Tundra's come out? What do you think the prospects are of getting a better deal around Labor Day?

    All thoughts welcome and thanks in advance.
  • I have also been in the market for an Access cab Tundra and the pickings seem to be very slim. I am looking for a V6 auto SR5 and have only been able to find 4 between Norfolk and DC. I may just wait for the 05's to come out and have some selection on colors.
  • chaw63chaw63 Posts: 3
    morgan4 I live a couple of hours from St Louis. Where did you get your Tundra and also the salesperson if you don't mind.

  • morgan4morgan4 Posts: 5
    Feld Toyota in St.Louis area. I think the guy who sold it to me was Mike collins....
  • avalon02whavalon02wh Posts: 785
    Anyone know why the Toyota web site is showing a mpg of 16/22 for a Double Cab SR5 V8 4x4 when the sticker on an actual truck is showing 15/18? The mileage estimates for the V6 SR5 and auto is 18/25 on the web site. Excellent numbers for a truck. Has anyone seen actual sticker numbers?
    It is probably too good to be true. The web site was showing a 29% increase in hp AND a 25% increase in the highway mileage estimate for the 4.0L V6 over the 3.4L.
    It looks like My Buying Experience will crash and burn before we even get out of the hanger.
  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27
    I was shopping for a Tacoma TRD offroad and learnt that o4' Tundras have a 0% APR on it. I'm chaning my plan to get a Tundra(TRD+SR5 access cab 2 wd) in a day or two. i think the interest i would pay on the tacoma can be diverted to tundra 0% APR

    Am i making the right choice?. Also the dealer quoted(Nashville, TN) 25300 before taxes.

    Any help at the earliest is much appreciated
  • I just picked up an Access Cab, SR5, TRD, security system, V8 in Seattle for invoice + $800. Came to $27300 after 2k rebate. Sales experience was good - much better than the slimy Toyota dealers I remember from 5-10 years ago. Got in and out in about 2 hrs. Was looking at the Titans, but went with Tundra due to quality, resale, and questionable quality on the 1st year Titans. I'm normally a Nissan guy - have a 92 Pathfinder that's never been in the shop - rock solid reliability.
  • okay, i picked my Tundra yesterday
    SR5premium+TRD+Towpackage+skid plate etc, etc. All for Inv+200$.Total of 26200 after $1k rebate. Dealership and Salesman was excellent. Traded my Sentra to Tundra. Sentra was the worst car i ever owned

    I'm also a Nissan fan, had 01 pathfinder,traded for 04 pathfinder LE. Pathy is a rock-solid vehicle no complaints
  • don't know where you are seeing that mpg, I checked and saw the 15/18 on the web site
  • Hi-What dealership?

    I'm looking for a Double Cab Tundra SR 5 4WD. Thanks for the help!
  • Yes, they changed the numbers before September 1.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    I moved your MPG post to our newly reactivated Toyota Tundra discussion, since this topic is just for purchasing experiences. You can click on my link to check for any responses.

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  • wlaswlas Posts: 3
    I offer a car buying service and I have recently ordered an 05 Tundra Limited 4X4 (MSRP- $36843). I was able to negotiate the dealer down to $31,900 on an ordered unit!
  • Was that for a Double Cab, Access Cab or what?
  • wlaswlas Posts: 3
    Double Cab, Leather Pkg w/Wood
  • Just turned down an offer of $21,675 for a 2005 Tundra SR5 6M V6 Access Cab (final cost of $20,675 after $1000 rebate). It had the Styled Steel Wheels (ST) and Chrome Wheel Arch Molding(JU) options. The offer is basically the invoice price after you take into account the extra ~$600 of region distributor charges (I'm in Louisiana) added to the invoice. I would have taken it, but they only offered $3000 on my trade (I wanted $5500 for the trade).
    BTW, this is in New Orleans if anyone is interested.
  • One other point, for the Tundra 6M SR5 access cab, I called Geico for a quote on a 7yr/100,000 mile warranty. Their quote was $44 per 6 months. I called them before going to the dealership -- I figured the Geico quote would be less than whatever the dealership would offer me.

    The way Geico works an extended warranty is that it is included in your insurance payment (i.e. the $44 per 6 months). The problem I see with a Geico warranty is that you have to keep Geico insurance or else you lose your warranty (and Geico's not hesitant to drop you if you have too many claims). The nice thing is that you're not paying for a warranty you don't use, should you sell the car say 5 years from now.
  • Interested in knowing what prices are being paid for 2005 Tundra 4x4 Double Cab Limiteds with leather, etc.
  • I am going to purchase a new vehicle,I am torn between the new F-150 supercab and the Toyota Tundra access cab 4x4.. any suggestions?? Pro's or

    Con's. Thank you
  • I have had a 150, but I recently got the toyota you mentioned. The toyota feels tighter more solid and I love the the ride not sloppy and not vibrating your teeth. Dont be afraid of the big t 4X4 I love mine.
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