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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid



  • shannondanshannondan Posts: 5
    I decided to spring for a warranty because Consumer Reports predicted reliability for the 4X4 Tundra is not good. I know you're usually OK with not getting a warranty but I have a feeling a $0 deductible transferable warranty is one of the things (like nav) that will make this truck stand out when I sell it or trade it in five years from now.
  • mrvmanmrvman Posts: 5
    This is the deal I have in Arizona on a Tundra "Limited", DBL cab, 4X4, std bed, 5.7L. We wanted white, as we live in Arizona, and also nav, none to be had so we had to order. I tried most dealers in the state and e-mailed and called trying to get below invoice, but could not make it happen. Even tried the end of the month, dealers would call back later after saying no and would say no a month later, when they folowed up.
    Base; $33,923
    NV (nav); $1,368
    OF (off rd TRD) $32
    P7 (XM redio) $359
    Dest $685
    PDA $845
    Gas $10
    HLBK $775
    WHSL FIN RES $785 (Is this for real?)
    So above is the invoice on an "08" on a special "build" as toyota calls it, the dealers I have dealt with will only go $200 over the above. Most dealers do not want to order/build, one even told me to buy a domestic truck if want special options and colors, white is special with navigation? That Whole sale finacial reserve bothers me, I have never seen that before, is that for real? I do not have the truck yet. Part of the deal is no dealer add ons, no nothing, this is it. Of course on top of this are the insentives. Once again, most dealers told me with insentives it was a below invoice deal. I know for a fact that the Tundra is not selling well and dealers want to get rid of what they have in inventory, so if a person can find what they want in inventory they might get a better deal. I might get the warranty with the truck also, what is invoice on the Toyota warranty?
  • djay4djay4 Posts: 1

    I love this truck. I was getting cold feet because I was doing all the dealing over the phone for a solid week but I drove it again today before I signed the purchase agreement and this is the truck to end all trucks. Far more luxurious and powerful than my 1997 F-150 Lariat 4X4 with the 5.4 V8, the last truck I owned (and loved). When you sit in the Tundra you really feel like a king of the road, especially if you're a tech dork that likes the bluetooth nav system.

    I wasn't able to determine what invoice was on the warranty but I read of someone getting the Tundra 7/75/0 warranty for $790 elsewhere in this lengthy thread. That'd be a good number to aim for, if improbable.

    I decided not to go with the warranty when I closed today because when I insured the truck with Geico this morning they told me I get free 7-year mechanical breakdown insurance (a warranty you can take anywhere) with my normal insurance. I asked the Geico representative what the difference was between their (free) warranty and the one I was going to buy from Toyota and they said that I can take my truck anywhere, including the Toyota dealership, for repairs on any component not including normal wear and tear or abuse. Sounds like the toyota warranty to me.

    I don't know how good this warranty is but I decided not to include the Toyota one in the financing until I knew more. I bought the truck anyway at $34480 + tags & taxes (approx 36,800 out-the-door price) and it drives like A DREAM! As soon as you get your truck someplace appropriate, turn off the vehicle stability control and floor it. Holy moly.

    Don't let them out-negotiate you. With gas prices the way they are you can steal one of these beauties if you out-wait them. There were 48-hour stretches during the last 7 days when none of the five dealers and I were calling each other. Inevitibly, my phone would ring and one of the internet managers would announce a breakthrough with the General Manager and they've managed to come up a thousand on my trade-in, or come down on the Tundra. I let the deal hang for a full day (Monday) over the last $400 bucks, which they said was impossible. I said fine, I was probably nuts to buy a V8 in this market anyway but I couldn't help myself. A day later they caved, threw in rubber floor mats and I gave them my credit card # over the phone to put the truck on hold. Like yours, it's the only one of it's kind in a 5-dealer radius, exact color match and everything.

    Also, I did make it a point to visit two of the closest dealers and spend an hour there, and then excuse myself before we could sit down at their desk. I hoped this would make them think I was a more serious buyer. When it came down to people doing numbers over the phone, only the two dealers I visited took the time, the other three bailed as the numbers got more and more favorable to me.

    Good Luck,
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    TDA looks slightly high, but again, it varies by region.

    Holdback is correct at $775 (2% of base MSRP)

    WFR is not correct - should be $387 (1% of base MSRP)

    $200 over is a very aggressive price on a special order, given you can find a "reliable" dealer to actually "preference" or submit a "build request." It's not clear, did you get a dealer to put in a build request for you, and if so, did it get approved?

    I do understand why a dealer wouldn't want to place a factory order right now, especially on a Tundra. Most dealers can't move their current stock, so ordering a vehicle takes a future vehicle out of (his) allocation. It's much more beneficial to "special order" when a vehicle has a higher demand. If your deal falls through (which they do all the time), the dealer is stuck with one more Tundy that he can't sell, instead of that 4-cyl Tacoma he could've had. Make sense?

    Remember: There's gonna' be a trade-off on a special order, you will pay slightly more, but the flip side is you'll get exactly what you want. You have to decide what's more important? You're certainly not being gouged at $200 over if they come through with this deal, and there should be no shame on your side for accepting that deal.
  • mrvmanmrvman Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply, I did find a dealer to order a Tundra with all options posted, for $200 over. I had problems with the build/order with towing mirrors. The dealer I am using kept submiting the order with TM towing mirrors and it kept being returned (this is the reason I am using this dealer as he would work with me on options), this went on for a couple of weeks. I called Toyota and was told, towing mirrors are not available on a Limited in the Denver region, Arizona, and if I want them, buy the truck in California. The dealer has tried, so I will buy the mirrors from parts when I get the truck. I do not have the truck yet, it was built Tuesday (27 May) out of San Antonio. I am told the truck should get here in the middle of next month. What is the going price on the Toyota platinum warranty?
    Thanks for the time.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Don't have an exact dollar amount on that warranty, but expect a 50% or more mark-up from retail.
  • jonmarc34jonmarc34 Posts: 1
    What will the rebates do after the current incentives expire on 2 Jun 08. I am planning to buy in the next week. Currently 3000 rebate, future?
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Won't know until the ending date of the current incentives. It's kept a "tight-lipped" secret until the new numbers come out - for obvious reasosns. They certainly won't go down. SoCal has a $4000 rebate currently, which is one of the higher one's I've seen across the country.
  • Be cautious about thinking going from standard mirrors to the wider, towing, mirrors is easy. I ran into an 07 Tundra owner who could not find a truck with the wider mirrors so he presumed he could do it as a dealer installed item. he could, but it was a LOT more expensive then he expected. The wiring harness is NOT there for has to be run, etc. Was a complete PITA he said. Do some research on
  • jmtricejmtrice Posts: 1
    Sorry to jump in on your conversation, but I am looking at buying a crewmax Tundra LTD, and I used all the websites to figure out the Invoice, but now I am seeing this WFS (wholesale Financial reserve?) and TDA (Toyota Dealer Advertising???). Are these negotiable usually? Also, are you finding people that will negotiable the holdback? We have 0% for 60 plus 1000 cash back, but I want a good deal on the dealer side pricing also.

  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Commented on the break-down of fees numerous times and just too tired right now to type a full response. Go back and read my post (#522). This should hopefully give you the answers you're looking for.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a national newspaper is looking to speak to consumers who just purchased a new Toyota Tundra within the past six months and whether it had anything to do with gas prices. If you’re interested in speaking to the reporter, please contact Chintan Talati at with your daytime contact information no later than June 23, 2008.

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  • jimw1968jimw1968 Posts: 1
    I heard a rumor that there is another $5000 incentive in the gulf states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi on the tundra in addition to the 4k already offered. Can anyone confirm this?

  • doknydokny Posts: 1
    i would be very interested to know if this additional incentive is true. i am in louisiana and i've been on the fence on whether to get a tundra or a honda ridgeline. this would definitely make the decision a lot easier.

    i was on the lot of a dealer today who had a big sign that said $6,000 off of MSRP on all tundras.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Check out the discussion on the Chevy silverado prices paid where this is discussed. 10K off is what one is looking for on these vehicles (foreign or domestic) more or less. (for a 33k+ truck) Your clue is the big sign for 6000 off msrp. Advertised prices are usually nothing to write home about.

    Good luck

    would be very interested to know if this additional incentive is true. i am in louisiana and i've been on the fence on whether to get a tundra or a honda ridgeline. this would definitely make the decision a lot easier.

    i was on the lot of a dealer today who had a big sign that said $6,000 off of MSRP on all tundras.
  • Hi my deal constist of 2008 crewmax 4x4 sr5 for $28,900, msrp is 35,053 I feel like the market should allow more off the dealers prices. I was thinking of going with the 0% becuase they allow for an extra $1000 to be used towards downpayment. My doc fees are $293 and I haven't been hit with any other yet. Looking for other buyers input on thier experiences with Boch Toyota of norwood ma. Thanks
  • kevmelkevmel Posts: 4
    It looks like Toyota just sweetened their incentives to 0% APR, plus $2,000 cash back, plus $2,000 cash back for "qualified business owners". During the month of June I was able to get a local dealer price to $200 below "cost"; roughly $28,300 for a 5.7L V8, Double Cab w/ a number of options added in; MSRP was about $37,000. - My question now is how strictly dealers hold to limiting the additional cash back to "qualified business owners" and how they define that term. - As far as Boch Toyota goes, a buddie of mine bought his 2005 Tundra from them and he said they were very good to deal with. I don't have any personal experience with them.
  • Hello, thanks for the input. I ended up with Woburn Toyota, Crew max 5.7, sr5, for 28,000 with $411 in Admin, added stainless side steps (600) back up camera ( 640) Rhino guard (600) and weather floor mats (120). The one add on I purchased was the 7/75000 warranty, I usually repair my own vehicles but with the newer ecu and software I didn't want to regret a minor cost down the road. I also used the 0% finance for 5 years with the $1000 extra consider down payment assistance. I traveled to six area dealers to see if they wanted to beat the deal, no takers on the 30th. I dealt with Joe Witt, and found him to be very good, knowledge on the truck and he gave me parts at cost to them. Thanks for your input good luck
  • tdbrphtdbrph Posts: 32
    2 or 4WD ? Did the 28k include the add ons?

    Sounds like a nice Rig......

  • Hi, No the adds on's were on top of the 28,000, and the vehicle is a 4wd. I started by traveling to dealers and see what they would accept for a price without options, so I could compare their prices accurately. Boch was the first to offer the 28,000, and the only other dealer to match it was Woburn. They also allowed the highest trade value $2100 for a 95 dodge ram. Thanks again.
  • I was at a dealer yesterday in Maine. They are offering $8500 off list. Is this enough? What are your experiences. I want to buy, but not overpay.

    08 Toyota Tundra DBL CAB 4X4 SR5 5.7L
    List $34,547.00
    Step Tubes - Double Cab $566.50
    Bedliner $499.00
    Chrome Exhaust Tip $99
    Rebates $8500
    Sales Price $27,290.50
    Tags $24
    Admin Fee $299.00

    Have any of you gotten lower numbers and how much? I want the best deal possible.

    Money is tight and I don't have any to waste.
  • kevmelkevmel Posts: 4
    Your deal seems to be in the same ballpark as the quote I got a couple of weeks ago. I was interested in a couple of other options and can't reconcile the differences right not, though. Does your deal include 0% financing and/or the business owner's discount?

    I'm in the same situation regarding my "free cash" position and I don't want to overpay for a vehicle in these economically uncertain times.

  • I wasn't shopping that model but your prices seem reasonable, better than down here. My only other advice is to check with dealers by stopping in and going through the sit down (sales manager preferably), and go through the numbers. Bring either a lap top or calculator to double check their numbers. If you go in the a. m. I found it was easier to find a manager and lay out the deal I needed him to beat. In a short time (30 minutes) you will know if they are worth your time or not. I picked a monthly payment using the edmunds calculator to know what I should expect to have for a payment with the discount and sales tax included, money down. That way when they are running all those numbers trying to confuse you my final question is what is the monthly payment? Knowing if they weren't hiding fees or overcharging me the payment should be X. Afterward I included my options trying to settle on cost to dealer. You could do the same thing by internet but the price might increase or the truck won't be their when you go in. Through my reading it seemed the dealer is more anxious to lower his price at the end of the month to meet quotas. Hope this helps
  • It was to be a cash deal and yes it included the business owners discount.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Get 10-20 email bids last week of the month. July and August should be a shooting gallery for these vehicles. The market for trucks is slower than mud. If you look up a used 07 version of the new 08 you are looking at via with avg miles you will probably find it has a trade in value of about 14000 or more off msrp for about a 33k truck. You may actually find it hard to trade it in for $16000 off msrp for another vehicle with the gas situation the way it is. As one could see 10000 off msrp isn't exactly giving the truck away for a new one.

    Also do the same with competing Chevy and Ford models. The used truck market for 05s-07s could be astonishing if tried. With all the trade-ins repos and trucks coming off lease one may be surprised at how low below kbb *trade-in* value (not dealer retail) a good lo-mi 07 with remaining warranty could be had.

    Good luck

    It was to be a cash deal and yes it included the business owners discount.
  • aalsherriaalsherri Posts: 68
    This will be my first truck I ever purchased. I hope you will help me choose the best deal with the best options.

    I got a quote for a Tundra Base 5.7L V8 Double Cap Long Bed for $27,142 out of the door including 0% (approved) for 60 months or 24,142 out of the door cash price.
    The price before tax and fees is: $25,328 with 0.0 % finance or $22,328 cash price before taxes and fees.
    The truck has only 46 miles on it. I drove it and it seems to be fine.
    Added options: Tow mirrors, upgrade styled steel wheels, heavy duty battery, starter, etc.
    Bed liner, carpets.
    I decided to go for the long bed because it fits the large Yamaha Grizzly (82") . Regular bed is only 78". Long bed is 90".
  • rlaryrlary Posts: 18
    I'm note sure if your looking at a good deal. SUV's and big trucks are sitting on lots all over the country and are going cheap. They are loaded with incentives. Just last week, local paper, Tundra grade 4.7 was 10k off (6k rebate,4k dealer discount.)
    Thats a 30k truck for 20k. Today, I think you can do better.
    Also, 3k rebate or 0% financing? If your watching payment, shop interest rates. Banks also getting competative. Get a good low rate AND take the 3k rebate.
    (I think the rebates are better than that, check it out) Good luck.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    What's the total MSRP on the truck?

    Check out and plug in your zip. This will tell you the incentives in your region. Currently, in socal, if you opt for the 0%, there is also an additional $1000 bonus cash. If you bypass the financing, there is a $5500 rebate. You get either or, but not both.

    Get me the number on your truck and I'll tell you what I think.
  • aalsherriaalsherri Posts: 68
    Thank you for the information. The dealer offered $4000 rebate or $1000 with 0% finance. The sticker price is $28,658 wants $25,328 with 0% finance. He showed me his invoice price and he claimed he wants to sell it without making any profit. May be he gets incentives directly from Toyota.
    I have a problem with the Tundra. I made some research and found out that bed bouncing is a big problem with the new Tundra. You can watch few films from several Tundra owners documenting bed bouncing. This is the main reason why I am not going to buy a Tundra at this time. I may get the right price but the bouncing problem is a serious issue when driving on concrete pavements.

    I am actually considering 2009 FORD F-150. It may be available by the end of this year.

    What do you think?
  • aalsherriaalsherri Posts: 68
    Thank you for the information.

    The MSRP is $28,658 It has very few dealer installed options which is good. I feel the car has all the important options installed. Long bed, strong engine, tow mirrors, bedliner, etc.
    They may sell it for 20K.
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