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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid



  • rlaryrlary Posts: 18
    I have been driving toyota trucks for 15 years. My 08 tundra is not my favorite
    (tundra grade 5.7 short bed) but in the long haul, it is far better than ford or chevy.
    At 60k those ford and chevys start to turn into junk. That tundra will hold up.
    Yes, their is bed bounce, more than the others i'm told. Seems to be issues with tail gates, some 5.7's sound like diesel's (mine does, hate that) but all in all I would be hard pressed to lay down 25-30k on a ford, chevy or dodge. I have also read that a new, better set of tires greatly improves the bed bounce issues. Since toyota factory tires typically suck, their may be some truth to it. The deals on gas guzzling trucks are going to get better before they get worse. Shop around, drive the others, you'll see the difference.
  • aalsherriaalsherri Posts: 68
    I bought before 5 years a used 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan for $2000, Blue book price was $5000. I got a deal because it had a high mileage (157,000). After 5 years the mileage is over 200000. I had no problems with the engine or the transmission. All of you know that the quality of the F-150 is much better than the Dodge Grand Caravan. Most owners of the new F150 (2005 and after) had very few problems with them. The frame and the suspension system of the late models is much better than the new Tundra. The new 2009 style of the F-150 is more civilized and modern than the Tundra. I am not talking now about Chevy trucks or other Ford cars. I am talking about the F-150! I am convinced after reading a large number of articles, that the F-150 is the best refined truck available. With proper care, I expect F-150 trucks to serve over 200,000 miles with very few problems.
    I didn't give up the Tundra yet. I will wait for the Tundra 2009 model or 2010 to see whether Toyota address the problems with bouncing and frame weaknesses or not. However, I think the 2009 F-150 will beat the 2009 Tundra unless Toyota make a dramatic face lift.
    I am not really concerned about too much power as long as I have over 320 horses under the hood. I am concerned about longevity, performance, features, durability, style, etc.
  • rlaryrlary Posts: 18
    I agree with you completly. I will be looking very close at the new f150 and unless toyota steps up to the plate, I may make a change.
  • edub2edub2 Posts: 2
    Two quotes today:
    08 Tundra, SR5, TRD, double cab - $25624 with $5500 in rebates
    08 Tundra, SR5, TRD, crew max - $27600 with $5500 in rebates

    Good deals?
  • rlaryrlary Posts: 18
    depends what msrp is..... Need more info.....
    If the difference between msrp and the price you got is only 5500.00 I would say not such a great deal....
  • edub2edub2 Posts: 2
    Dbl cap MSRP - $34,100 - offer is $25,600
    Crew max MSRP - $36,650 - offer is $27,600

    Does it look good?
  • I am looking at a 2007 5.7 tundra SR-5, crewmax long bed 4x2, 24k miles, Can buy this truck for 15k. Is this a good deal?
  • nyaudinyaudi Posts: 25
    $31,800 MSRP for 4x4 dual cab 5.7 V8, tow pkg, sliding rear window, couple accessories

    $28,800 after dealer discount

    $3000 toyota rebate
    $1500 bonus cash
    $1500 business registration discount
    $2000 loyalty incentive as former Tacoma owner with frame rust trade-in

    Net - $20,800 plus taxes/license
  • Model 8339 (4.7 L, DBL Cab, 4x4)
    Tow package
    Chrome bumbers
    Carpets, etc

    MSRP 31k

    Dealer offered: 19,260 + Admin Fees ($300)
    Includes: Commercial cash, rebates in lieu of 0.0 financing
  • Crew Max 5.7 TRD Package. Sticker was 37,890. Got it for 26500 with Rebates and dealer wanting to move them. Its a great truck. :shades:
  • Where did you get this deal?
  • Great deal, could you post the details? Did u get the 5k rebate plus other rebates? Was this an 08? Any options? My dad is looking at buying one here in Texas.

  • Here are the details on mine

    This was in Maine. Brand new 2008 4.7 L Double Cab 4x4 with
    Cold Weather package
    Towing Package
    Heated outside mirrors
    Back sliding window

    MSRP: $30, 470

    2000 Custom standard Rebate

    3000 Rebate in lieu of 0% financing (I got 4.45% though for 60 Months from Toyota Credit)

    2000 Commerical Cash Rebate (Need to own a Business - self proprietor is fine!)

    Dealer offered less than invoice price (They gave me their holdback of 700+)

    Total price: $19,260 + tax, title, and admin fee (Admin fee = $295)

    Note that I did check several dealers (Not all would entertain a quote below 20K) and negotiated the deal on the last day of the month of july
  • Great Details on a great deal.

    What my father will be aiming for is 8k off. If he had his own business he would be able to go for 10k off MSRP.

    Down here in TX they have 5k Toyota rebate so he should be able to get them to kick in another 2k to 3k off.

    He is looking for a 5.7 SR5 Double Cab 4x4 standard bed.

  • nyaudinyaudi Posts: 25
    Don't leave the business deal on the table... cost me $25 to file a DBA form at my county clerk; give yourself a tax ID number for free at, and have your insurance card say "your name d.b.a. your business." That's all you need. And if you never do business, you never do anything else. No change in insurance rating, etc.

    I'm officially a "farmer."
  • kevmelkevmel Posts: 4
    Thanks! I've always wanted to own my own business. I know you're a farmer, but I thought you might know if this poses any complications regarding insurance coverage or financing?

    Thanks again & happy farming!
  • nyaudinyaudi Posts: 25
    Financing could be an issue - I was paying cash so didn't have to worry about that. But if you call yourself a sole proprietor, which I recommend, then I'm not sure it would be any problem - you're going to personally sign to guarantee the loan anyway.

    For insurance, I just had my personal policy updated to say "My Name d.b.a. My Farm Name." They said that as long as my business use was < 20%, then no impact to rate, but you should definitely check on that with your agency.

    The funny thing is that since getting my Tundra, we have purchased some chickens - so does that now make us real farmers? :-)
  • kevmelkevmel Posts: 4
    :) Thanks! I've obtained my EIN from the IRS and registered as a sole proprietor, so I should be okay with that as far as financing and insurance go. I will be applying for my DBA cert this week; I understand the building inspector needs to approve my application (shouldn't be a problem). After that, it's off to the races! Now all I need to decide is whether to do a deal with the current incentive program or wait to see what happens after they expire. I'm trying to not be too greedy, but every bit helps in this economy. - I appreciate your help on this!!!
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    I am rushing to put together a deal before the Sept 2 incentives run out.
    I am looking for a SR5 Double Cab 4x4 Regular Bed. Not much added but I want
    tow mirrors and tow package (part of SR5 package?). There is $4,000 cash plus
    the business rebate which I don't see listed on the Toyota site. Is it $1500 or $2000 on top of the other rebates?
    Should this truck cost $24K or can I get it for less, in reality.
    (I bought a 2000 Tundra in 1999 and I paid invoice, no incentives and that was
    $29K plus a little, so I can't resist getting a much better truck for a bunch less than
    9 years ago). I found I need more towing than the older model.

    Thanks for pricing help.
  • My Dad is buying right now as we speak a used certified 2007 Tundra TRD 4x4 5.7 double cab 38 miles. The Toyota Dealer in Arlington TX said they purchased a lot of over stock from California. I looked at CARFAX and that seems to be the case.

    He looked at a 08 truck with the same options and the sticker was 36k minus the 5k rebate and minus an extra 3k off his price would have been 28k.

    He feels good that with the 7 yr 100k warranty that this certified truck was a better value at 24,500. plus TT&L.

    Thought I would share. Thanks for the great info!

  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    Double Cab SR5, 4x4, 5.7Litre, regular bed.
    Plus tow mirrors, alarm, bed tie downs and backseat storage box?

    The Edmunds TMV less current rebates is 24,500.
  • I live in Calif. and have been going on line for months looking for just the right 2007.
    I found it at Vandergriff Toyota in Arlington, Texas. The 2007 DBL cab, 4x2, 5.7eng.
    Limited with Nav, camera and all the goodies was $26K out to door (except Truck has 65 miles and I got the 7yr/100K warrenty included. Looking at the prices listed all over the country, just let me say don't hesitate to negotiate!
    Before being shipped, I had them install the wood dash kit and they gave a very fair price below msrp. Shop around, throw out your best price and let the dealer earn your business.
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    Basically, I don't deal with a final number. The last four cars I bought, I just
    offered so much over or under invoice, depending on how hot the car was at the time.
    I bought two VW just by calling around and asking for invoice. It keeps things simple.
    Then once you get that settled, you can pick and choose from Trucks available.
    So far on my Tundra, I have gotten starting offer of Invoice plus $275 from my
    usual dealer. That was via an email.
    So using invoice as a point. What are people getting now. I will be using
    the full $5500 in rebates available after that is settled.
    I was hoping for $500 under invoice. I would accept that deal.
    (I will be getting a SR5 4x4 Dbl Cab regular bed).
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Why not deal with the final number since we all pay an OTD price? Never make the offer... just compare apples to apples and go with the best OTD price... plain and simple.
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    The reason I use Invoice minus(or plus) is that each car is equipped a little different
    and I just agree to pay a price relative to invoice, then I can pick and choose
    from what is available. You pay dealer invoice for the car and all options plus or minus your premium or discount. Otherwise you have to pick one particular car.
    For example I called a few dealers, told them I would buy a Tundra for Invoice -$500 and wait for them to decide if they want to sell for that. Then I see if they have what I want in stock or available.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Well I understand what you are saying however you are not comparing apples to apples.
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    I figure it is the only way to compare apples to apples as each car might be a little
    different in extra equipment. The apple is the discount given that each will vary. I want a truck as close to what I want at fixed discount.
    If one has a better stereo than I want, at least I am only paying invoice for it.
    The more numbers the dealer gets to play with, the more confusing it is for the buyer.
    I am totally happy negotiating a fixed price relative to invoice.
  • bravelybravely Posts: 8
    Hi nyaudi--
    We are looking at the same truck, orange county, ny. Can you lmk the dealer you went with? You got a great deal IMO. Just starting my research, late in the game, it seems, for August. Are all these rebates still applicable? Thanks!!
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    I picked up a new truck last night for $500 (before $5500 in rebates) under invoice. There are plenty of trucks out there still and you can probably do better still as every dealer I called said no problem to that discount, however they claim Toyota is trying to dry up the supply so they don't have to have such high rebates and can bring out their 2009. I had to get some things I did not want as their were none with the bare minimum of items I wanted. I used for my guide on invoice price.
    However, you cannot find the car you build online. I had to take a few more options
    like the Back Up Camera, which I am totally glad I got.
    I ended up spending about $2,000 more than I went in to spend, but still
    about $4,000 less than my 2000 Tundra was when I bought it in 1999.
    To get the $1500 Business Owner rebate, you must register in business name and get business financing from Toyota, which is 1% higher. However, I usually pay my cars off in 3 months or so, once I sell my older car and move some money around to cover.
  • nyaudi,

    I just bought a Tundra last night with the business rebate. I have a d.b.a as well. So does your actual vehicle title say the d.b.a name with your name as the co-owner? I just want to get clear on what exactly the insurance card has to say..... Thanks for your help!
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