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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid



  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    The title will have the business name and your name. Just let your insurer know so that you are not in violation of exclusions on your policy.
  • harleysharleys Posts: 10
    My insurer, (allstate) has told me that I may have to have a business policy for the vehicle if it is in my business name (I am a sole proprietor with no employees) and that that policy can cost at least THREE times what a regular policy costs, which would be a major cost beyond the rebate.
  • To answer a few questions - no idea what Sep rebates are - but I'd expect with oil falling and supply dwindling as the factories have been closed, these rebates will start to fade. The one thing working in your favor is a 2008 is really a used car at this point by model year terms, so that should help. Our dealer was in Kingston. Not sure I can post name, but you can figure it out.

    As for the business discount, yes, it will show your DBA on the title, registration and the insurance card must match your DBA name precisely. But for a sole proprietorship, there is no extra paperwork or hassle. If you do this, you want to tell your insurance this is something like a 10% part time business. Our insurer had no issues with this - they said 20% was their limit. (I told them exactly what I was doing in terms of scoring an extra discount - they enjoyed the story...) And call it something that has you driving only around your own house - like a farm. I'm not surprised Allstate would try to make some more money off it - they are overpriced to start with IMHO :-)

    Finally, check Mass. prices. Had we gone there, we may have saved another $1K based on what I saw online, but not sure they will sell to NY resident and provide the Mass. rebates. Good luck and let us know how you make out!
  • I am considering purchasing a new Tundra. I want a crew max 4x4, w/TRD package, tow mirrors, bed tie down package, and daytime running lights. I also want to keep the 0%. What is a good price for this truck? Whis is invoice on this model?
  • I am curious as to why there is not a lot of activity on this board? Seems like there is a lot of on some of the other boards I am watching.

    Anyway, I am looking to buy a Tundra this week. 4X4 TRD Double Cab. It also has Running lights, brushed steel stepboard, remote start, alloy wheel locks and all weather mats. I don't want the 0% financing and I know that after the Labor Day holiday they took away $1K of the $5K rebate. The dealer told me he would sell at $500 over invoice plus the $4K rebate. I am not sure if that is a good deal. I don't feel I can claim the business rebate and quite frankly don't want the hassle (yes I know it is $1,500K but I just got audited by the IRS this year and am squeamish).

    Curious as to what you all are seeing. Thanks!
  • I got the rebate, but I do have a state business license (easy to get) which is required even if you have just hobby income. The IRS does not have any idea that you to a rebate on a truck. The dealer just needs your state biz license number.
    ALSO... do not pay more than Invoice minus $500. I had more than
    one dealer taking that offer by phone so I am sure it could have gone lower, but
    I was reaching the labor day deadline.
    Ask your insurer about the business registration. You will be registering car in
    business name. If you use your own name, no big deal. I have Allstate and they just
    wanted to make sure I was not going to be having employees drive, which I don't.
    We are a one person farm business.
  • Hi! I'm new to this forum and in the market to buy tundra. The best price I can find so far is......

    "You are looking at a black Crewcab 4x4 Limited with navigation with a MSRP of over $47,000 for $38,485 plus taxes, tags and $100 processing fee. If you qualify you can get another $1500 off of the $38. Give me a call to discuss this truck."

    What u guy think?? Oh, I'm in northern Va. Thanks....
  • It is only good if you are paying under Invoice by at least $500 not counting any
    rebates. Figure in your rebates after you agree to a price relative to invoice.
    That way, if the truck you find from them or through a locate has different
    equipment, you price is still set. You don't get a bait and switch etc.
    I have bought 4 Toyota's this way, on the phone and it is the easiest way.
    There are some that got better deals than me, but I got my for invoice minus $500
    and then received 5500.00 in rebates (1,000 in rebate ended Sept 2).
    It sounds like your price quote is around invoice, but use the Edmonds pricing.
  • Bought 5.7L Grade 4x2 Cremax with the following add-ons. Tow package,Steel wheels,Fog lights,Day light,Tow mirrors,Preferred package. MSRP 30,800 go it for 24,750 Out the door. Took advantage of the rebate(4,500 in CA).

    Tried 4 other dealership in the bay area but non would touch this deal.
    What do you guys think?
  • At the advice of this forum, purchased MY Tundra last night, 9/23, from Ron Carter Toyota in Alvin, Tx (suburb of Houston) for nearly 13,000 below MSRP. Had em backed against the ropes with 11000 below Sticker but while waiting in their customer lounge with free internet, I peeped into this forum and found out about the additional rebate of 2K for flashing my DBA. While in with the "Business Manager", I hit em with the knockout blow by mentioning the Business Solutions Rebate. I then had to redo the credit ap showing my business as the buyer and myself as the guarantor (co-borrower) and BAM / VOILLA, another 2grand was taken off!!!! MSRP for my truck was $38,976 and I drove out paying 26,000+TTL

  • Toyota continues to amaze me. Unlike every other manufacturer, they insert a "distributor" between the dealer and the factory. This adds cost and hassle to the transaction. All the local dealer can sell is what the "distributor" orders from Toyota. In the Northeast the distributor pushes 4X4 trucks.

    Case in point: I'd like to buy 5 two wheel drive standard cab Tundras with the 5.7 engine and 8' box for my company. No can do. The distributor for New England doesn't order them like this, preferring to push 4X4.. Sorry guys. I'd like my spec, not yours. I figure that a Tundra if specced like that would have all the capability and durability of a 3/4 ton pickup (the payload is over 2000 pounds). As a fleet buyer we don't want 4X4. This is nuts.
  • In july 2008

    Purchased 08 Tundra SR5 MSRP was $31,602. Riverside, CA Toyota took $11,000 off of the MSRP and gave me 4.55% financing for 60 months. There were a few dealers in S. CA that were advertising this $11,000 reduction. Riverside was not one of them, but they did match the price. Quality Toyota 10 miles down the road in Corona laughed at me a stated " Its all a game. They won't sell it for that price". Obviously, they were wrong.
  • 5.7? Crew Cab or Double cab? Any other options like TRD or 4x4?

  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    I've heard the same story... "They won't do that"...I had the internet guys from a Dealer in Bakersfield, Ca called me dishonest.... Then I emailed them the quote from the other dealer - Sierra in Lancaster, Ca. All of the sudden a different sales guy from the Bakersfield dealer started email me....

    Right now I'm finding $500 below invoice plus the rebate on anything at any of the dealerships. I've got one at 1,000 below invoice - Las Vegas. I'll see if the local guys will match it. Vegas's region has less rebate so the net is about the same either way right now. But if I can work another 500 out of them before I buy, I will! :)

    At this point I'm tempted to just sit out and wait until the incentives go up. ;) ( I get a good deal on a rental.... :shades: )

    As I remember November was about peak last year...should be this year. Sales down and the '09's out.
  • Looking for a 4x4, double cab, 4.7, other options flexible - any suggestions or experiences with James Toyota? Should I look for $500 under invoice plus cash back?
  • I purchased from James a few months back. A very good transaction; great price, service, and best of all no games. I solicited prices from many of the 50+ dealers in the within 75 miles and James was best. You can see my earlier posts about the price I paid. Good luck!
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    In California that would be an EASY deal to make...

    You might get 1000 off invoice and the rebate. I'd tell'm you'll buy right now for 1000 under and the cash back. If they say "no", leave your phone number and tell'm you're going to another dealer...and another... and see who wants to sell a truck.

    I bet you don't make it off the lot. :)
  • It was an SR5 Double Cab with the 5.7 and tow package. No 4X4 or TRD package
  • U got one Hell of a deal.

    Thanks for the info
  • or should I try harder?

    2008 DCAB SR5 5.7
    Retail Dealer Total
    Vehicle Base Model..........................$ 31160.00 $ 27264.00 $ 31160.00
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 1583.00 $ 1274.00 $ 1538.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 685.00 $ 685.00
    TDA .........................................: $ 570.00
    Gasoline ....................................: $ 10.00
    Dealer Holdback .............................: $ 623.00
    Whsl. Financial Reserve .....................: $ 311.00
    --------- ---------
    Total .......................................: $ 30693.00 $ 33428.00

    Phoenix, AZ
    Initial negotiations ended up with $1000 below invoice, and a $2000 incentive == 27693 + fees + taxes + title == 30902.30

    The "buy it today" negotiations ended up better, but I am a little confused (go figure) -- it is either $1500 under invoice, or $1500 less than the $27693. I didn't get the "but it today" agreement on paper, but recall the monthly payment quote for the 0% deal under $500/month, which leads me to me to conclude that it I was offered $2500 under invoice, in addition the to the $2k incentive (no negotiations on the holdback and reserve).

    I've only contacted one dealer so far (which is conveniently a mile away from home).


  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    The only way to know is to shop it... Pretty easy to do these days with every dealer having an "internet" sales department.

    I'd send out some email asking for a quote and when they reply tell'm about your deal and ask if they can beat it for the sale... When I was shopping the "first round" of prices wasn't real good but the second round went from 500 under to 1500 under pretty quick. That was about it here in California... 1500 under invoice plus the rebate on just about any Crew Max I looked at SR5 and Limited. :shades:
  • I am hoping someone out there can give some advice. We picked up our brand new Tundra SR5 this weekend only to climb up on the bed on Sunday and discover the roof full of chips and dents (like something that would happen in a hail storm). We are returning the vehicle today to the dealership and I want to be prepared. Has anyone ever had this experience? What are my rights? Is there a 72 hour return policy/law in New Jersey? I appreciate any comments.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    "What are my rights?"

    None pertaiing to this.

    "Is there a 72 hour return policy/law in New Jersey?"

    Yes however it does not pertain to automobiles (new or used).

    The car is yours however they may fix it.
  • bdo027bdo027 Posts: 1
    Does anyone here have an experience dealing with Longo Toyota in LA? I'm looking to get a Crewmax 4x4 Limited. I have seen a lot of people posting prices on the SR5's and 4x2 models but was curious how much people are getting the Limited 4x4's for?

  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    Longo has lots of stock but they are not really good on price.... UNLESS you have a quote from somewhere else for them to beat.

    Use Edmunds to get email quotes! ;)

    I was looking for a CrewMax 4x4 as well. You CAN GET $1500 under invoice. So book it out on Take that "invoice" amount and deduct $1500...You should be able to get that price AND...yes AND the 4K rebate they have right now in SoCal on Limiteds. Valley Hi Toyota in Victorville was VERY agressive on pricing, check their online inventory and if they have what you want...I bet you could make that deal with a couple of emails.

    If you don't find what you want in SoCal, the SF Bay area dealers are FAT in trucks right now and they will pick you up at the airport! Rebate is only 3K right now up there. Putnam Toyota up there was $1500 behind invoice PLUS the 3K rebate.

    They are dying to make a deal right now, don't let any of them tell you any different. Find the truck you like and use the internet department. You'll make that deal easy. ;)

    Good hunting. :)
  • Anybody got good deals in or around Houston, Texas?

    I was looking for 2WD Double Cab SR5 and the MSRP was 31,231. They offered me 24,554 which is 6,677 off MSRP (After the $4,000 cashback for SR5 in Texas)
    Is this a good deal or do I need to try to take few hundred more off?

  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    You might have some room left there! ;)

    You need to book it out on edmunds....what's invoice? "Good deals" are 1,000 to 1500 below invoice PLUS the rebate. When you book it out hit the link for "free quotes" and let the dealers email you the best price! IMHO - you never get the best deal standing in the show room. ;) If you are NOT THERE they have to compete on price to get you to come in! :shades:

    Toyota doesn't have 4K on SR5 and 6K on Limited's in Texas because a a "shortage"! LOL!!! :D

    Good hunting! :)
  • All those options that are already added on makes it hard to calculate the invoice prices. There are options that edmunds doesn't list.

    There is 4000 rebate on SR5 and 5000 on Limited in Texas...
  • I'm thinking about buying a new Tundra in NJ - Kitkat, could you please let me know which dealer sold you that damaged tundra so that I don't deal with them? That's flat out unethical - if they knew that the car was damaged, they should have either fixed it or given you a discount and made it fully clear.
    I wouldn't want to deal with them

  • Looking for a dealer near Philadelphia offering the 0% financing... any help.

    Also, I have 8 months left on my Mazda CX-9 lease. Does anyone know if the dealer will take over the lease or is this too much time... should i just wait until next summer to buy/lease the Tundra????

    thanks in advance...
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