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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid



  • deez3352deez3352 Posts: 2
    $30880 is a great price! My dealer in the North dallas area is quoting me an initial price of $33200 (MSRP $35481) for the 5.7L RWD Texas Edition. Did you get an extra $2k rebate off the sticker? I'm going for the 0% interest financing..... How do you like your 2010 Tundra? Does it drive comfortably with the 20" rims?
  • robbtrobbt Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    I have been reviewing this forum and a couple others in trying to find where I might be able to purchase a 2010 Crewmaw with a 4.6L V8 in the Northeast. So far I have had no luck. I have seen a few available in the southwest but not where I reside. Dealers seem not to want to even want to talk to me about a 4.6 just the 5.7. Can anyone explain why the 4.6 is a hard vehicle to locate? Especially in the Northeast. And if you know of a dealer that has one, where/what are the dealer names?


  • akfrostakfrost Posts: 1
    Same problem here in AK locating a 4.6 V8. 44 5.7L's on the lot and only 3 4.6L's. Not much to choose from.
  • I'm of no help here, but just curious why you guys want the 4.6?

    I understand not needing the 5.7, but you only save about 1k and 1 mpg. You get a lot more horses and pulling power out of the 5.7. If it were me, i'd get the 5.7 and not think twice. You'd really notice it when you're trying to pass someone and step on the gas. Awesome!
  • deez3352deez3352 Posts: 2
    Since my last post I've found a 5.7L, I do like the power and speed of the bigger engine. I've found a deal at a DFW dealer that's offering 33,200 for a Texas Edition, 4x2. It's got 20" chrome rims, side steps, spray-in liner. With the 0% interest on the 60 month loan, it seems like a great deal. Does it sounds like a deal to yall?
  • mamulanmamulan Posts: 5
    edited April 2010
    If anyone has purchased one in the Northwest, please post what type, how much you paid and where. I'm in the market for a doublecab 5.7L 4x4. I live in Seattle but willing to drive a distance for a good deal. Edmunds estimate i get is $27k without options after the $2500 rebate. I'm wondering if anyone has been able to pay this price with some options.
  • budgoobudgoo Posts: 7
    Purchased a new 2010 Tundra SR5 (8241) 2WD . Base price ($27,240) Extras included 18" Alloy Wheels ($1,020), Cold Weather Pkg ($160), Deck rail system ($135), AM/FM/CD/MP3 (($510), Fog lamps ($110), Power heated mirrors ($30), Cloth bucket seats ($605), Daytime running lamps ($40), SR5 Pkg ($915), Power sliding rear windoe ($425), Delivery, processing, handling fee ($795) TOTAL MSRP= $31,985. SELLING PRICE= $26,508 @ 3.79%. My wife and I had excellent credit scores to get the rebate and what I thought to be an excellent rate. Best I could have done locally was 6.1%. Barkley posts their no-haggle price online.

    We got there on a Sat morning and closed the deal without a hitch. There were no surprises. The tank was full, and we were on our merry way. They are located in Asheville, NC. It was worth the 500+ mile drive from the Memphis area, IMO. :) :D :P
  • robbtrobbt Posts: 3
    Well it's actually a 2 part answer. If I get a Tundra I will be getting a vehicle that has less miles per gallon then what I get today, whether 4.6 or 5.7. Even though the 4.6 vs the 5.7 is only 2 miles per gallon more, since I drive it daily (approx 50 miles) it will indeed have a long term dollar impact. Also the 4.6 is approx $1500 less than the 5.7, yet another cost factor. I know it seems minor but I don't need the extra power and over long term will save a few dollars. I don't even really need to buy a truck, it's just one of those like to have, especially the crew cab for kids and dog.
  • well in that case save a little more $ and mpg and get the 4.0L V6.

    lol, jk. i take your point for sure man. have fun with those new tundras guys! sounds like your all getting very good deals!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    If you bought a new Toyota since Feb or are thinking about it, a reporter wants to hear from you. Email by Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

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  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    edited April 2010
    Only problem is the V6 gets worse gas mileage than the 4.6. On the double cab, the V6 would save a wopping 145 bucks bought new. If a person does drive 50 miles a day as he described, then in a little over a year with gas at $2.75 a gallon, the 4.6 will start saving money over the V6. The V6 makes no sense at all, but the 4.6 sure does.
  • if you would have read my post, you'd realize your post was completely unnecessary.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    edited April 2010
    I did read it ,but the post seemed totally unnessary except the claim about the V6 so I felt the need to comment. Any reason Toyota still puts the V6 in any of the Tundras? Until they find a way to get better fuel economy with one than the 4.6, they should just drop it. The issue was almost as bad with the 5.7 getting as good or better mpg than the 4.6 a couple of years ago. At least in that case, the initial savings was much more than 145 bucks.
  • my post seemed unnecessary? i was responding to someone who had responded to me. my post, however didn't require a response, which you provided, making your post unnecessary, not mine.

    But that aside, i thought the 5.7L was a new engine. was it available on 1st gen tundras? also, i thought the 4.6 was new as well. i know someone with a 1st gen, and he's got a 4.7L engine in his.
    my initial point was that there really wasn't much difference between the 5.7 and 4.6 in terms of gas mileage and is worth the extra 1k+ for the extra power, payload, and towing capacity.
  • I think to each his own preferences. But when I asked my salesman at Midwest Superstore he gave me some pretty good information. If you don't really need the extra horsepower you can save yourself a ton of money off of the price of a new truck. Most people buy a truck and never really use it for what it was made for. Which is true. Most ruck companies already know what most consumers want and exploit that information to inflate truck prices. But if you are willing to bend just a little and take a little smaller engine and maybe a double cab instead of a crew cab, you can save huge on the price of a new truck. Several thousands of dollars. After Doug explained it to me and I was willing to admit it to myself that I didn't need the extras I bought the perfect truck and am enjoying it everyday. How many salesman would talk you out of a bigger more expensive truck. Thats taking care of your customers and thats why i will buy from them again. Thank you Doug and Midwest.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    edited April 2010
    I have been looking at a new Tundra. Wow! What a big disconnect in the shopping experience. I "built" my own Tundra on their web site and walked into a dealer to order it. Nothing too unique but I didn't want to pay anything extra for anyone's erotic dream. Just a basic cab, 4x4, 4.6, Tundra grade with the 8 foot bed and the tow package in Silver or Grey.

    Turns out that you can't really "order" a Tundra. Rather the regional Toyota distributor orders them and your dealer tries to find one that is a close fit. Sorry guys. I'd like to order what I want, not what something thinks I want.

    The resulting experience left me with a couple of questions:

    Why do they even have a web site configurator if you can't order your own spec?

    Why are there some options in the catalog like the payload package that are not on the "build your own configurator"?

    Why can't you get the added payload package with the tow package? Wouldn't that be a natural? What is the payload package? It wasn't described.

    Why do you have to buy a package with bigger wheels etc.if all you want are bucket seats?

    I wonder what the extra layer of distribution, i.e, the 'regional distributor", adds to the price? Maybe 6%?

    This is nuts. By adding the extra overhead inherent in a "regional distributor" set up and not letting the customer oder his own options Toyota is hurting themselves.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Lets call a truce. The point I made is that the 4.6 gets over 10 percent better highway mileage and over 5 percent better city mileage. If you aren't towing heavy then it is an excellent choice especially for a lighter 2wd truck. The 6 cylinder should be discontinued unless they make it considerably cheaper on the double cab or replace it with a 6 that gets better gas mileage.

    I meant that the 5.7 was the only choice before the 4.7 (forgot about the displacement change with the new engine) was replaced with the new 4.6. When the 5.7 got better mileage, the additional power was a pleasant bonus whether you really needed it or not.

    It seems like it is hard to find a 4.6 Double Cab on the Toyota lots.
  • lol, according to toyotas website the difference is 1 to 2 mpg differnce. thats it.

    the difference in price on the RC is about 1200 bucks though, between the 4L and 4.6L with the mpg being about the same.

    i have seen a fair amount of 4.6 L DC & CM but def not as many as the 5.7 L
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    edited April 2010
    10 percent better mpg on the highway is nothing to sneeze at if you put more than 15k miles a year on your truck. That is like 3-5 mpg difference on an econobox. Most people don't need 381 horsepower to take a few people down to Lowes to grab a few bags of mulch. The bigger engine is still very efficient for its output, but for the average big truck buyer, 310 horsepower will do just fine. Toyota needs to just drop the 6 on the Double Cab as it would even help the marketing. More base horsepower and better fuel economy to crow about.

    Of course then you have "thrifty" Tacoma buyers with Double Cab V6s getting 17/21 or 16/20. That is even less of a percentage savings difference vs.a Tundra 4.6 than the savings of the 4.6 versus the 5.7 on the Tundra.

    I don't even want to talk about Frontier buyers with their V6 getting exactly the same mpg as a Tundra with the 4.6.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    edited April 2010
    Can someone tell me what one gets in the Extra Payload Package referenced in the catalog but not the Tundra website? Simply an extra leaf in the rear springs?

    I wonder why you can't combine the Payload Package with the Tow Package?

    I know we've agreed to a truce between the 4.6/4.7 people and those who opt for the 5.7 but lets consider one more thing. If you choose the 5.7 with the Tow Package you get bumped into a lower rear end ratio, ie., 4.30. That ratio is something you would see on a drag strip. I'll bet that the gas savings between a 4.6 w/o the Tow Package and a 5.7 with the Tow Package and the mandatory 4.30 rear end would be significant.
  • jaxsteve1jaxsteve1 Posts: 5
    edited April 2010
    Boy, I'm confused.....need help.

    The dealer gave me a printout with all the equipment, options, etc.:

    Total MSRP excluding taxes, title fees............$37,243.
    Includes Base MSRP of $27,240.
    Options totaling $8609
    Manuf. Delv., Proc., &Hndling $795
    Dealer Fees $599.

    I live in Florida, so I'm subject to Southeast Toyota rules.

    The options are as follows:
    X-SP Tundra Package 4x2 (Reg. Bucket Seats) $4,870
    SR5 Package $915
    Cold Weather Package $160
    Cloth Bucket Seats with Power $605
    Daytime Running Lights $40
    Deck Rail System w/4 Adjustable Tie-downs $135
    Fog Lamps $110
    Power heated outside Mirrors $30
    Power Horizontal Sliding Rear Window $425
    Toyoguard Plus Protection Plan $699
    AM/FM/MP3 CD $510
    18" Styled Steel Wheels $110

    According to Edmunds, the Base MSRP is $28,230 without options, and the Base Invoice is $25,829 without options, so that's a 9.3% markup. My problem is that Edmunds doesn't list all of these options (like the biggest one, the X-SP Tundra Package $ 4870). As close as I can determine, the markup on the options they do list is 25%. So, if I was to try and determine the dealer's total invoice, it would be $25829 plus $ 6887 for the options ($8609 divided by 1.25), plus Manuf. Del, Proc & Handling $ 795 plus Dealer Fees $ 599. The total would be $34,110.

    I know there's some negotiating room on those last two fees ( $795 plus $ 599), so what's a good price for this truck? Also, I notice there's a $3,000 Manufacturer-to-dealer rebate for "Marketing Support". Can I use this in the negotiations?
  • skipnsbskipnsb Posts: 12
    I wonder if the dealer is subject to SE Toyota price rules, or is each dealer completely free to negotiate "at will". I can imagine a situation where the prices are kept high, then are offset by high trade in allowances, in order to keep the market perception high. It seems the best reports here are on the out of state dealer.

    Florida Toyotas, and other cars/trucks, seem to be priced a few thousand higher than some other areas. Or maybe I just look like a sucker.

    I would be interested in Toyota and Chevrolet dealers in the Central Florida/Jax/Melbourne area who are willing to negotiate hard.

  • again? lol, guys these numbers are secret. go look up the mpgs on these trucks. there's not much difference between the 2 engines.

    can't help you with the payload package though. maybe if you sacrifice another mile per gallon you can get that with a 6.2

  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    edited April 2010

    Why don't you forget about how the distributor who inserts himself between your dealer and the factory configured what is still now "his" truck and start with a clean piece of paper? Advise you dealer that you don't want and are simply not going to pay for a truck in Jax FL that has

    1) a cold weather package LOL
    2) heated mirrors
    3) A Toyo Protection Package
    4) Dealer fees

    And if you were me and I lived in Jax , I would also delete the

    4) fog lamps
    5) power sliding rear window (why do you want to suck leaves out of the bed and into the cab?)
    6) etc.

    Then I would ask the dealer to order me one with my options and give me an Out The Door Price. He'll protest because he knows that only smart buyers who comparison shop--like fleets--insist on a build to spec, out the door price. But why should you pay for what some clerk at a distributorship thinks YOU want in your new truck??

    Frankly, although I like the Tundra as a product, GM is much easier to get along with. You can order anything you want and not be forced into options you don't want. For example, I ordered my 2008 Silverado LT Extended Cab 4x4 to have leather seats ($800) but no center console, standard size wheels and tires (I'm 5'10" and 65: why do I want 18" or 19" wheels?), the 5.3 engine ($700) because the Tow package at that time came with it and I wanted the extra coolers and the locking rear end, extra air bags but no sliding rear window, etc. etc. all for a net-net price (dealer invoice) of 31K.

    Lets all remember who works for whom.
  • eaglejoeeaglejoe Posts: 3
    edited April 2010
    can someone give me the money factor and residual value on a crewmax 4wd platinum tundra? 36 mo 36k miles.
  • Hi,
    I'm trading my 2005 4.7L V8 4Runner 77000 miles for a 4X4-5.7L tundra(SR5)Payoff for 4runner is $15,200... after much searching the best deal I got from a dealer is $36,000 0% for 60 months(downpayment of $3000) and a monthly payment of $600.This includes my trade-in.
    I live in NY long Island.
    Please kindly advice if this is worth.
  • xxaznvtguyxxxxaznvtguyxx Posts: 4
    edited May 2010
    @ scraw33

    Can you tell me where you bought it at? What's the saleman name? That's a great price
  • I'm curious what the best deals are recently for a crewmax with the 5.7 V8; 2010?

    Has anyone made a purchse in June? The end of the month is coming up and I'm considering the lease offer they have on the double cab. However would prefer to purchase a CrewMax.

    I live in the midwest.
  • I was all set to go get a Tundra this week then learned that the incentive expired in New England. Looks like I will be passing on this one now. :(
  • mhn1mhn1 Posts: 1

    BOUGHT FOR 28,900 + TAX TITLE.



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