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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid



  • bicalinobicalino Posts: 13

    hi all ! just placed an order for 14 tudra dbl cab limited 4x4
    these are the numbers I used
    invoice 37249
    FE federal emission 0
    lx lmtd premium pkg 530
    of trd off rd pkg 40
    tm pwr htd tow mirror 36
    hr trd sway bar 225
    wl alloy whl locks 51
    wi spare tire lock 45
    37 trd dual exhaust 855
    trd perf air filter 59
    cf carpet flr mats & sill
    protector 120
    gn exrerior cargo net 34
    ss floor board 440
    options total 2435

           total                                       39684 
           destination charge                     995
            included fees                            712
            customer cash incentive          (500)
            dealer holdback                       (805)
            total                                       40086             dealer price    41000
            nys iinspection                            10                                          10
            doc fee                                         75                                          75
            waste tire management fee          12.50                                     12.50 
            total                                         40183.50                                41097.50  
            local tax                                                                                     (500)  on delivery 
                                                                                his price               40097.50
                                                                                      local tax   
  • Looking to buy 2014 Tundra Limited. Options include: Moonroof, tinted windows, sprayed-in bedliner...

    Quoted $39,998 by Star Toyota in League City, TX.

    Any advice on price point is appreciated.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I don't know trucks very well - I looked up a Limited CrewMax Cab for a Houston zip and came up with an invoice of $38,432.

    True Market Value is a hundred bucks less than invoice, but there's current a $1,000 incentive out there. So your target number would be $37,392.

    Since I probably got the style wrong, you should build your own and dial the number in better. And then remember that TMV is what the average person is paying. You should try to beat that number, and the last week of the year is usually the time to get a great deal. Try getting several quotes - hopefully you'll find a dealer who hasn't met their annual quota number for 2014 and is hungry to deal.
  • Thank you for the advice stever. I will look at building my own model.
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