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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    after you start your pathfinder with a remote starter then go out to the warmed up car I noticed that the dash lights are all off when its runing ,well being that the key isnt in the ignition turned on is everthing still chargeing and working properly as if you had the key inserted and turned the on position? :confuse:
  • scrapscrap Posts: 8
    For December 2009, has anyone heard if Nissan is including an additonal rebate of $1000 to the $2500 they are already offering?
  • epecepec Posts: 16
    Dealer price :

    Invoice-500-3500 rebate=25000

    S, 4WD, DVD

  • epecepec Posts: 16
    yes, my dealer told me between 12/18 and 01/14
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    My momma told me you better shop around [song] ,
    from my own experience, I purchased a brand new 2001 Sonata fully loaded package deal , about a month later at a gas station a guy next to my car was the identical and same year car even the same color so I asked him what he paid and it was a difference of $6,000 dollars in his favor, so I looked at what he had and the only difference was his had hub caps over my mag alloyed rims ,and wasnt a moon roof, every option was there in his car, power windows and door locks P/S Auto tranny ABS brakes . that's it , so I got screwed by my dealer 2 miles from my house,where he bought his 50 miles west of me,true story.I called his dealership. so it cost me $6,000 for alloy wheels and a moon roof. :(
  • We have a Pathfinder LE with 21,000 miles on it and it is in excellent condition. We bought the vehicle in So. TX when we lived there and relocated to PA in 2008. We took it to a local Nissan dealer here and they didn't even want to deal with us because it wasn't a 4WD. They were very insulting to us and we would never go back there again. My question is- we are thinking of getting rid of it to get a 4WD of some kind and I have checked KBB and Edmund's for trade-in value. It sits in the garage for 4 months and is never driven in the snow and ice because my husband does not want any salt damage on it so I was reading about CPO vehicles. How do you get a vehicle certified and would ours qualify? Is that a better leverage tool for trading?

    Thank you.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,831
    Certified used cars come from dealers with extended warranties attached.. You could probably buy an extended warranty for your vehicle, but I doubt it would raise the value of the vehicle enough to pay for the warranty.

    I'm sorry the dealer was rude.. but, they do have one point.. There isn't much of a market for non-4WD SUVs in the snow belt. Have you tried to sell the vehicle privately? I think that would be your best chance to realize the most money. You might find a buyer that can appreciate a one-owner, garaged, well-maintained vehicle. Dealers only want what sells to the average used-car buyer.. That won't matter to you.. You just need one buyer..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thanks for the reply, kyfdx. We realize we are in the snow belt here but that is NO reason for a dealer to be insulting and rude. Ironically, in last weeks Sunday paper that same dealership advertised a 2006 Pathfinder LE w/55,000 miles on it and NOT a 4WD for $21,000. Interesting.
  • lmbeanlmbean Posts: 5
    Has anyone out there looked at the 2010 4Runner yet purchased a 2010 Pathfinder. We are going between both. Pathfinder has alot more to offer yet is the 4Runner a better quality SUV. Will be driving alot in Colorado.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    They are comparable in all features ,why don't you just test drive both and decide which one fits you.
  • mrbuck09mrbuck09 Posts: 3
    I found a used 2004 LE PLATINUM edition with 58k for $15k. Is this a good price and a safe reliable vehichle for a woman with four kids on a budget. I know its an older model, but newer doesn't always mean better, right? Oh yeah, the vehicle has everything except navi. Any help please.
  • ocanycocanyc Posts: 3
    for a 2010 Nissan LE with navigation financed at 2.9% interest for 72months $575/month. Not 100% sure what the OTD price was but can someone please explain if this is a good deal and what the OTD price actually is? First time buyer, not 100% sure how this works. I know the dealer from 2 previous lease deals.

    I'm bringing back a 2007 Nissan LE fully loaded 15,000 miles/yr lease with 4 payments left at $475/month and 10,000 over mileage.
  • cilacila Posts: 1
    Mrsp $28,865 options -$30160. (running boards, window tint, nitrogen pkg, wheel locks, pin stripes aka ... dealer padding)

    Paid $22939 had financing ready so I did not feel like a beggar. I feel as if I left money on the table but I think it was less than 1k.

    Any feedback?
  • looking at a 11 pathfinder probably "s "or "sv trim right now rebates are 3k on 11 models some local dealers have much better selection then others what are some of the deals others are getting
  • sgovsgov Posts: 4
    I am interested in the newly designed 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum AWD with
    Platinum Premium Package
    Cross Bars
    Rear Bumper Protector
    Dual DVD Entertainment System
    4-Piece Floor Mats
    Cargo Package
    Illuminated Kick Plates
    4-Piece Splash Guards
    I am requesting quotes at this point. I am comparing the offer to a Toyota Highlander Ltd with entune, Navi to make a decision b/w the 2.
  • Hi,

    Has anyone purchased a 2013 pathfinder in Texas?
    What trim level and how much did it cost?

  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 354
    Test drove 2013 pathfinder this past weekend. I highly recommend it as it handled great and there was plenty of room in the second row. The gray, blue and mocha exteriors give a rich look to this SUV. It appears if one wants navigation, platinum model must be purchased as it is not an option on other models. Doubt there is going to be great deals as it is just hitting the showrooms and is a new design. I would recommend the pathfinder over the highlander, but I suspect the better deals will probably be on the highlander.
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    I have received several prices on different Trims. Which are very close to Invoice Pricing of the Trim levels plus additional 500-600 dollars worth of accessories free.

    Received SL 4x4 with Premium package (incl Floor Matts, Cross Bar, Illmuminated Sill Plates, Dest and Handling) offer of $35900 plus tags and taxes. Which i consider a good offer.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 354
    Sounds like a great deal. My preference would be either the SL or the platinum. Comparing the similar vehicles in this category, the pathfinder is the way to go. There is $500 cash incentive on this vehicle, and the $500 Visa card noted on this site. Good luck, and update the forum with your progress.
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    I am seeing prices quotes are coming down a lot. I will still be waiting till dealers have enough stock that they are desperate to sell. Since it is a new model dealers are thinking people will pay whatever they ask for. Not to mention the redesign is really good.
  • First request (in TX) for a quote for 2013 Pathfinder SV was 35K out of the door.
    Around 31-32K + tt&L.

    I think it needs to be invoice + ttl, considering the $500 discount.
    So I'm looking for around 31-32K OTD. Hopefully they can throw in leather seats as well.

    Any thoughts?
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    SV does not have option of leather seats. You need to move to SL for Leather seats. 31-32K OTD should be possible. I have received quotes of $37000 OTD on SL with Premium package.
  • Is that quote for 4X2 or 4X4? I'm in CA and just got a quote for an SL 4X4 with cargo package and floor mats only for 37 OTD.

    Please let me know if I should look to do better!
  • where you get this quote at? that is a really good price, that is almost 7k off sticker
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    Northern Virginia.
  • Test drove the 2013 on Friday night and loved it. I'm in Chicago, and the dealer quoted me $35,200 + ttl for the SL 4x4, with cross bars and the cargo package. From what I'm reading here that seems like an okay deal (not the best, far from the worst). I've asked for an updated quote including the Premium package -- my wife and I LOVED the panoramic rear moonroof. Haven't heard back yet but am hoping they'll get hungry for my business and price aggressively. suggests this configuration is worth $37k but I'm hoping they'll be inside of that number. Am I being realistic?
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    Let us know what dealer is quoting for SL with premium package. The price that dealer quoted you for the Base SL should be the price i have got from couple of dealers for 4x4 SL with premium package.

    Check this car out. It is not 4x4 but to compensate for 4x4 it has Rear Seat navigation. MSRP is $40470. This is jus a internet price. You can still haggle more on this price. Hope this helps. 12489969
  • Thanks ucd. This is very helpful.

    The link you sent looks to be a similar configuration. This SL has the headrest DVDs installed but does not have navigation, which is only available in the Platinum model. The DVD is an ~$1,800 (MSRP) add-on so it seems your dealer is basically throwing that in for "free" on top of the $35,200 I was quoted. Though I hadn't haggled on my offer yet, either.

    I'm being told here in Chicago that new stock is hard to come by and that customers are putting deposits down well before cars are delivered -- especially for the SL with Premium package. Probably just salesmanship but we'll see. I'm still hopeful I can get what I want for under $37k.
  • ucd,

    I received my first quote last night for a 4WD SL with Premium package, $36,700 + ttl. This is $1,500 over the base SL (no Premium), which seems to be about a $1,000 discount on the Premium package itself. That said, the dealer does not have any SL-Premiums in stock and isn't sure when he'll be getting any. So I'm not sure if this is just a pricing gimmick to get me into the dealership.

    I will clearly try and haggle downward, but $36,700 seems like a nice starting point given MSRP of $40k+ for this configuration.
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