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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We like this vehicle - can anyone comment on price paid?

    Thank you
  • bluechunks, I would think you could get your Platinum w/ Premium at or around invoice.

    I just received another competing quote on an SL w/ Premium package plus cross bars, splash guards, floor mat set and illuminated kick plates: $36,000 + ttl. This is $4,000+ off MSRP and $1,200 below invoice, and requires that I finance through Nissan USA. I'm sure they'll make up a little bit by charging a higher loan rate than market (their first quote is 2.99%) but I still feel this is a great starting point. I'm told that if I finance elsewhere the purchase price will increase $500 -- so it's an interest rate tradeoff.
  • Thanks!

    This is helpful & gives us something to go on should we decide on the Pathfinder. We saw the $500 discount for financing with NMCA too.

  • Has anyone compared the Nissan 2013 Pathfinder Platinum vs. the Infiniti JX35? Just comparing on paper, the Nissan looks to be about $7,000 less costly for the same features. I can't physically compare since local dealers still don't have a Platinum in stock.
    Would like very much to hear from anyone who has driven both and their opinion.

  • After lots of research and initially thinking JX, I bought:

    2013 Pathfinder Platinum
    Black on black
    Premium Package
    Floor Mats

    Price Paid: $39,600.

    This included application of my $500 NMAC cash for Nissan finance.

    The car is so luxurious I could not justify 10K more for a JX. I can use regular fuel, 1MPG better (I think), and more headroom in 3rd row. Only thing I miss/want is HID lights.

    Negotiated 7 Year 120K Nissan Preferred Gold warranty with no deductible for $2300.

    Good luck everybody!
  • Nice! Thanks - very helpful. I wasn't up to considering warranty yet.

    What's the usual cost for the extended warranty?
  • It looks to me like you got a great deal and price. How did you do it and where is the dealer (state and name please.)

    I checked Edmunds and it looks like you got a car for less than invoice ($40,593) wth an MSRP at $44,495. Your cost of $39,600 is a little less than 1000 UNDER invoice.

    Well done!!!

    I'll try for a similar deal when the local dealers start getting some Platinum models in. I want just the plain Platinum without any other add ons.
  • Bought the car in Stockton, CA. Simply said I couldn't pay over 40k, they said ok. My friend Harris taught me this trick and it worked!
  • Is this an OTD price or do we need to add TTL to the $39,600?
    I'm seeing a $36.5-37K OTD for SL+Premium.
  • This was selling price with destination minus 500 NMAC. Tax and license were extra.
  • I totally agree on the Infiniti JX upcharge not being worth it. And I love Inifiniti! A fully loaded Pathfinder is the same exact vehicle for $8-$10k less.

    After weeks of negotiating online with 3-4 Nissan dealers in my area (Chicago), I finally closed on a purchase.

    2013 Pathfinder SL
    Premium package
    Splash guards
    Cross bars
    Illuminated kick plates
    Floor mats

    MSRP $40,470 and I paid $36,200. This includes $500 captive cash for financing through Nissan.
  • Has anyone gotten any good deals on a new 2012 Pathfinder? My local dealer still has 5 Silver editions and 1 LE. I'm wondering what kind of price I can negotiate now at the end of the year.
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    Was 36200 otd price.
  • No my purchase was $36,200 + TTL. OTD price was a hair over $39k.

    Comparing OTD pricing is difficult since sales tax rates vary from state to state and even city to city. I bought in Chicago, which has both a City and Cook County supplemental tax -- total sales tax is around 10%. Ouch! But I realize this is just part of where I live. Would my car have been "cheaper" in New Hampshire? Sure, but I have chosen not to live in New Hampshire.

    Title and doc fees also vary state to state, though this is a much smaller portion of the purchase -- a couple hundred bucks max.

    Good luck!
  • Nice deal norcal. I too was looking at the JX having owned an EX35, but when we saw how much similar the Pathfinder's interior was to the JX, we started to rethink our decision.

    I find it hard to find many Platinum Premiums with the color combo we want. Not too many have MSRPs over $40K.

    So what exactly is the "all I can afford strategy"? Do tell.
  • Funny you mention colors being hard to find - the one we like the best (mocha stone) seems to have gone missing entirely... hmmm.....

    FWIW we also looked at Toyota Highlanders - for some reason, the non-premium hybrid model isn't available.. only premium, which at first glance puts it at around $46,000.

    Oddly, I'm also finding that for some reason, the listed prices on the various dealers' websites show HIGHER msrps than the Nissan site itself.... yikes.
  • "Oddly, I'm also finding that for some reason, the listed prices on the various dealers' websites show HIGHER msrps than the Nissan site itself.... yikes."

    LOL... I was quoted on November 24 for a Platinum Premium at $48,480! That's about $5K over MSRP. I didn't even respond.
  • Me - "All I can afford is up to 40K. It's my wife, you know how it is."

    Dealer - "OK, how about 39.6K?"

    Me - "OK."
  • gotexansgotexans Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    Bought the 2013 Pathfinder 2 weeks ago in Houston Tx. Probably not the best deal you can get but here's what we got. We ended up paying $1000 over invoice.

    Invoice Base: $31,424
    Trailer Tow: $347
    Floor mats: $152
    Destination Fee: $825
    Dealer Fees/Profit: $1000

    Total: $33748

    Driveout was roughly $36,000

    We financed with Nissan at 2.54% but they said the negotiated price included the $500 rebate. Invoice price on edmunds has fluctuated so I quoted the price that was listed at the time. The car they sold me had the crossbars on the roof rack already so didn't have to pay extra for it.

    Don't forget to look for the $500 edmunds rebate if it's still available on this website that pops up as an ad.

    Good luck!
  • dinomandinoman Posts: 56
    Bought a 2013 pathfinder SL at continental Nissan of countryside Illinois.
    We dealt directly with the new car sales manager.
    MSRP 38200
    Price 34160
    Doc fee 160

    Not the best deal, but they gave me more for my trade than any other dealer.
    The sales manager was easy to deal with, but the finance manager tried every trick in the book to rip me off.
    They had a 599 accessory charge that I made them take off.
    They tried charging a high interest rate but I did not allow it.
    It eventually worked out in my favor.
  • On Christmas Eve, I bought a white 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum 4x4 with Premium package in Baltimore, MD;

    -500 nmac at 2.89% rate
    $39450 + taxes, tags, title and $200 dealer fee

    Also included roof crossrails which msrp is $300
    illuminated door kick-plates $275
    mud flaps/protectors which are $150

    and I made them throw in the all-weather rubber mats ($180), & full tank of gas ($60)

    FWIW, I didn't buy it here but Carmax of white marsh, MD (which is a Nissan dealership) has the same exact model without the dealer added options I mentioned above for a no haggle price of $39,998. You should use that as your starting point for negotiations at a traditional dealership.
  • wesbcwesbc Posts: 9
    edited January 2013
    Just picked up our 2013 Moonlight White Platinum! Had to travel 2hrs away to PA to get it as our local dealer in NJ was unable to locate the vehicle for us and let me hanging for over a week before telling me so which almost made me miss out on my Hurricane Sandy VPP offers.

    MSRP 42,720 which includes splash guards, roof rail cross bars, carpeted floor mats and cargo package, and illuminated kick plates.
    Price was $36499 which includes the $500 NMAC rebate.
    OTD was 41,617 which includes 1,977+tax for extended warranties.

    I believe I did pretty good. Just bought all weather mat from ebay for $111.50 shipped!
  • wesbcwesbc Posts: 9
    O, and don't forget the $500 edmunds rebate for the pathfinder!
  • Was this FWD or 4x4? Premium package?
  • birds0fprey02,

    That is about $1100 below dealer invoice by my calculations. Was that a VPP price? What dealer did you go to?

    Carmax has one identically equipped for $40,518 today.

    Thanks for the info. Go Ravens!
  • wesbcwesbc Posts: 9
    edited January 2013
    This was for a Platinum 4x4. No Premium package, just the standard addons I listed above. I have a car that was totaled during hurricane sandy so I qualify for the sandy vpp. I was able to get a local dealer to knock off another $1000 below the vpp offer but they weren't able to locate the color we wanted. I found a dealer in PA that have the vehicle we wanted and they almost matched the offer, just $500 shy, but their doc fees was less so end up to be about same OTD.

    If you were asking about the $500 edmunds rebates, it's for all 2013 pathfinder. If you search for pathfinder and look around in edmunds, you should see one of the ads mentioning $500 rebate. This is a separate offer outside from the dealers but you must sign up before your purchase. Just submitted my vin from our purchase. My brother got something similar for the maxima earlier last year.
  • Is the edmunds rebate still out there? I've looked and don't see it. Closing on a MY13 PF tomorrow. Would be great if I can still get.
  • sticker $35314, paid $31,000 even, less $500 for financing through NMAC, so $30,500. I also applied for the $500 Visa gift card through Edmunds, hopefully I'll receive that too-$5314 off sticker, $2229 UNDER invoice...took them a few days to find blue, but well worht it for the $$ I saved. Could hardly believe it when they came in at that price, I used truecardotcom and they basically matche dthe lowest price and some. I always believed the end of the year was a great time to buy a car, but this was by far my best deal ever. Still have my 2002 with 193k and hope to keep it for at least one more year.
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