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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cpegues3cpegues3 Posts: 1
    Has anyone been able to still get the $500 cash card 30 days AFTER they submitted the request? Meaning - I signed up for the offer 1/27 and we weren't able to get a deal done. Well the 30 days have past and I still have the email with the offer but worry I'll get denied as the initial 30 day window has past. We want to go purchase the car tonight and would really like to know if we can put an extra $500 down and have that card as well.
  • drdrakeramoredrdrakeramore Posts: 49
    edited March 2013
    No secrets, I don't think - just a lot of email. We sent a lot of communications and did a lot of negotiating. We paid a couple thousand under what TrueCar is predicting for our area, so I tend not to trust it, but I'm sure it varies wildly.

    SL Premium 4WD w/ carpeted mats, splash guard plus cross bars, all weather mats, aftermarket WeatherTech cargo liner (behind 2nd row) and 6 oil changes thrown in for
    • MSRP: 39,895
    • Sales Price: 35,029
    • Lease Cash: 650
    • Net Cap: 34,379
    Plus the $500 edmunds card.

    We paid acq fee up front so as not to pay finance cost and tax on that, but that's it - no downpayment. Same dealer gave me a quote on a Platinum (base) for ~$37K on a $42K MSRP.
  • I'd probably try to resubmit for the gift card before I went to purchase. Use your wife's email this time, for instance...

    I wouldn't put any money down regardless, tho. Most folks do not recommend tying up any of your capital in a car that you don't you have to pay sales tax on any downpayment (at least, in a lot of states you do) = double whammy.
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24

    I bought the same Pathfinder SL FWD Premium Pkg but RED color. I got illuminated kicks, floor mats, splash guards, nitrogen in tires, bumper protector, cross bars, cargo pkg OTD 36600 (including Silver Maintenance pkg 1 and 2) from Nalley Nissan...

    I'm waiting for $500 edmunds gift card...

    congrats on your Pathfinder... We are lovin' it esp the Sounds system.. I'm pounding my Pathfinder whenever I get a chance.
  • Just heard on the news yesterday of a factory recall for 2013 Nissans which include the 2013 pathfinder. Anyone experiencing these issues with the weight sensor for the passenger airbags?

    Just bought our white platinum 4x4 the day before too! 43650 out the door with roof rails and mats. 9% tax! oh well
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    I knew it! One I test drove had the airbag issue going on! Luckily I have not experienced the problem with the one I ended up purchasing though.
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    Does anyone know - is that light supposed to be lit when there is no one in the seat???
  • daveddddaveddd Posts: 1
    Pittsburgh PA, Dealing with 1 Dealer (through work)

    SL Premium 4x4
    Arctic Blue Metallic

    "Roof Rail Crossbars $300
    Splash Guards (4-piece set) $150
    Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protector $200
    Dual Head Restraint DVD Monitors $1,850
    Carpeted Floor Mats (4-piece set) $200
    Cargo Package $200
    Illuminated Kick Plates $275
    All-season Floor Mats (4-piece set) $135"

    MSRP- $43,255
    Offer price $38,532 (Plus Taxes (7%)and Tags) $41,447
    $4,723 off I though was great until I started reading some of the deal on this forum?

  • I wanted to buy a 4WD SL with no additional accessories, what do you all think I should be paying out the door? Do you all know if dealerships cover the shipping costs to ship to new Orleans?
  • that sounds like a good deal, what dealership did you buy it from? And who was your salesman if you do not mind?
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    Middletown Nissan in CT. Salesman was Justin.
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    Based on the owner manual, When you start the Pathfinder the light will lit for certain seconds/minutes (don't remember by heart)... But it'd turn off after that time...

    All I know 2013 Nissan Pathfinder has some Transmission recall esp before Dec build pathfinder..
  • After reading this forum I am asking myself if I am making a bad deal. Here is what I am dealing on:
    2013 Sl premium, splash guards, mats, cross bars, bumper protector, kick plates
    Sales price $36,620
    Doc,Ttl $740
    OTD $37,360

    Let me know what you think, thanks
  • That is kinda high. I purchased the Platinum with Premium, kick plates, mud guards, floor Matt's. MSRP $44920. Sale price $39950. 2.9% 60months
    Shop around, I purchased mine in Chicago
  • I did more talking to the dealer, and he came off $500.
    Now the sale price is $36,120

    That helps a little.
  • 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum (3.5L V6 CTV Automatic)


    Platinum Premium Package
    Cross Bars
    Cargo Package
    4-Piece Carpeted Floor Mats
    Illuminated Kick Plates

    Negotiated sales price: $39,787.00 OTD (Montana title and registration = no sales tax). About to purchase.

    .9 % APR for 60 months.

    Quick clarification needed. Being told that the S and SV are the only models that qualify for $500 Customer Bonus Cash. Is this correct? Edmunds makes it appear as if Customer Bonus Cash applies to all models, while TrueCar states that Customer Bonus Cash is only available for S and SV models.

    Lastly, has anyone received the $1000 Pathfinder Conquest Direct Mail? Here are the details:

    A select group of targeted consumers will be given $1,000 in Customer Bonus Cash towards the purchase or lease of an eligible vehicle. Eligible Customers will receive a unique authorization code. Note: authorization codes may only be transferred among family members living at the same address. Customer must present this authorization code at the dealership to validate offer or authorization code can be located on the Nissan Incentive Award site by searching for Customer Name. No dealer manifest will be provided. Limit one offer per individual. Limit one offer per vehicle.

    Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated and encouraged.
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    No Taxes in your city?
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    Have not heard of the $1,000 customer bonus cash. How did you hear about that - through Nissan website?

    The Edmunds $500 cash back is good for all models. If TrueCar is telling you something different they may be referring to a completely different cash back offer. As far as I know the Edmunds offer is good for Edmunds only and has nothing to do with TrueCar.

    Hope this helps! Good luck - you'll love your PF!!
  • The $1K Pathfinder Conquest Direct Mail program rebate is mentioned on NADA's web site. Also, if you type in "Pathfinder Conquest Direct Mail" program on Google, you will see many different dealerships pop up.

    I have the Visa gift card offer from Edmunds (just need to take delivery of vehicle) ready to send off.

    To clarify, Edmunds is stating that Nissan is offering $500 Cash Back and 0 % APR up to 36 months / 0 % APR from 48 to 60 months and appears valid for all 2013 Pathfinder models.

    TrueCar is only showing 0 % APR up to 36 months / 0 % APR from 48 to 60 months and NO cash back offer.

    Just wanting to know what others are experiencing from their dealership.
  • willcoverwillcover Posts: 6
    edited March 2013
    Saw it mentioned (or so I believe) a web site that sells OEM accessories for 2013 Nissan Pathfinder on here, but now I can't locate it.

    Any recommendations on where I should look online assuming it is less expensive that buying from Nissan directly?
  • I have just purchased 2013 pathfinder SL 4x4 with the following specs:

    2013 SL 4x4 (mocha stone exterior and charcoal interior)
    - tow package
    - cross bars
    - illuminated kick plates
    - mud guards
    - floor mats

    MSRP $38220

    After some negotiations I was able to get the car for:
    Price of the car and destination fees: $33200
    documents fee: $75
    registration $225
    nys tire fee: $15

    I also got free one year oil changes (maybe it is free 2 year of oil changes don't remember the details now)
    I got 0.9% financing for 60 months. I am now waiting for my $500 edmunds card.

    I saw someone mentioned that they got a similar vehicle for $32,433 + $498 (Dealer Conveyance fee) but when I called that dealer they said that person participated in nissan vpp program, and that he can sell similar car for $1100 more.

    I got the deal at the end of the month and dealer asked me not to share the details... :-)

    One thing that I wanted to advice people is to watch for dealer tricks. The dealer I was dealing with tried to get me into high 3.99% financing, then tried to include different warranties. I walked out 3 times and was stopped 3 times.

    When I got home I noticed that the price submitted to the bank was $33850 - $500 rebate. That would mean that the price is higher than $33200 I negotiated by $150. I suspect that the $150 are finance charges (but maybe this was the dealers way to get more money without me noticing). I was told by the finance lady I got a great deal, but I am sure they tell it to all their customers.

    In the end it was a little stressful but was worth it.
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    That was me - and yes, I used the Nissan VPP Program for my purchase. I didn't realize the VPP program really gave you that much of a discount!! Glad I was able to use it!

    Purchased the car on March 2, 2013 - and just yesterday received my $500 Visa gift card in the mail.

    One month later and I still love the car. Good luck with yours!
  • Ah, so the dealer was not lying... :-).

    The deal I got was about $270 more but again, I did not get vpp special pricing. Considering that I think the deal I got was pretty good.

    I am happy that you were able to get it for such a low price. It helped me in my negotiations. Once I secured my deal, I contacted middletown nissan and found out that your deal was special due to vpp.

    I like the vehicle, especially the comfortable ride.

    Good luck with your pathfinder.
  • sstarrx3sstarrx3 Posts: 4
    2013 SL 4x4 (Cayenne Red with Almond Interior)

    -Carpet Floor Mats
    -Cargo Package
    -Illuminated Kick Plates
    -Dual DVD Entertainment System

    MSRP $39,900

    No Negotiation
    Paid $34,267 plus TTL out the door.

    Flew from Charlotte to BWI and CARMAX dealer picked me up at the airport and drove me to White Marsh Maryland CARMAX to sign the papers and I drove the car back home. A $140 plane ticket to pay $2000 less on a car was well worth it. Highly recommend CARMAX new car dealerships. My salesman told me they have had folks from NY and as far away as Texas fly up to buy cars from them and drive them home. It was a nice 7 hour drive home and I got the car broke in all at once.
  • sstarrx3sstarrx3 Posts: 4
    You may have a hard time finding that exactly. They will most likely have at least floor mats. I honestly think you should fly from NO to BWI and go to CARMAX. You will get over $5000 off MSRP and its no haggle. What you see is what you get. Their DOC fee is only $99, not hundreds like many dealers.
  • Nice Find starrx3. I checked carmax and vehicle that I got costs on carmax around $100 more. Then there is additional cost for the plane ticket price, gas and also time lost to drive the vehicle back.

    However for someone that does not want the hassle of negotiating it seems to be a very good option.

    Did you finananced? If yes what rate did you get?
  • sstarrx3sstarrx3 Posts: 4
    Yes I financed. I got 0.9% for 60 months. The car dealers down here are not as nice. I actually had one tell me that I was going to have to go to Baltimore to buy the car. I offered him the same price I paid at Carmax and their car didn't have the dual DVD system on it. They wanted over $1000 more. If it had had the dual DVD they would have wanted over $2000 more.
  • Yah, I know what you mean. I am glad it worked out for you.
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    I received my Edmunds $500 (took exactly 4-5 weeks to get it)
  • kosta1kosta1 Posts: 11
    You guys helped me a lot so here is my experience. I got the Platinum 4X4 with the platinum plus package (sunroof and dvd) mats and roof racks. I live in Southern California. It was hard to locate the dark slate color in the platinum here. Finally, I located one with Surf City Nissan. After agreeing on a price of 43,500 otd, I drove for 3 hours in California traffic and once I arrived they try to jerk me for few hundred dollars. I am a man of principles and left. Drove to Palm Springs Nissan few days later after agreeing on 42,950 OTD, I had absolutely no problem, came signed the papers and left. Drove 1000 miles round trip to Mammoth a day later with my family and the car was great. Just applied for the $500 cash rebate from edmunds that would bring it down to 42,500 OTD. Let me guys know what you think or any questions, I will monitor the board for few weeks. Forgot to mention,I'm coming off from an Infinity QX 56, the car had 70,000 miles on it and never had a problem with it. Nissan is a little smaller, but the power and handling is great.
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