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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yellowjaxyellowjax Posts: 3
    Now that the 14's are starting to roll in, you can work a pretty good deal on a '13.

    What I got:

    2013 Pathfinder Platinum
    Mocha Stone
    Almond Interior
    w/ Premium Pkg, Floor Mats, Cargo Pkg, and Splash Guards
    $43,245 MSRP

    Price Paid: $35,324.50 + $387 doc fee + TTT = $36,049 out the door.

    That includes the $1000 cash back and $500 NMAC cash rebates.
  • Are they any changes to the '14 from '13? I'm not seeing anything different.
    We were hoping to see Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane change, collision avoidance...nada
  • kosta1kosta1 Posts: 11
    There is absolutely no way you got that car for $35,320. That would mean that you got that car for $3,300 bellow invoice after the rebates. That is impossible. And $700 otd on top of it. Where do you live-Montana. Which states pay 1.5% tax on new vehicles, I really would like to know. Thanks.
  • yellowjaxyellowjax Posts: 3
    edited July 2013
    It's the truth! I spent about a week emailing dealerships throughout the Southeast. Once I got the lowest price i felt that I could get ($35,950, i.e. an extra $500 off this one), I asked my local dealership if they could save me the trip and beat that price. A day later they came back with $35,320. I got the cargo pkg and splash guards thrown in because they just happened to be what was on the closest matching vehicle on the lot. I was shocked and swooped it up. It probably helps that I have previously bought from this dealership, serviced my last vehicle with them, and it's getting close to the end of the month.

    Talking with the manager, he said he's got new 2014's coming in every week and really needs to make room on the lot for them. He also said that the SL's sell much better than the Platinum's, so he was willing to give a much better deal on the Platinum to get it gone.

    Also, sales tax on vehicles in South Carolina is capped at $300, so that plus a $387 doc fee, $25 tag transfer, and $12.50 for title totals only $724.50.
  • rhaindarhainda Posts: 6
    Which dealership was this? I live in NC but driving to SC would be worthwhile to get a similar deal.
  • This was Dick Smith Nissan in Columbia. I talked to Pete Wilbanks, Internet Sales Manager (

    Not sure how much of my deal was because I was local (i.e. will service my vehicle there) and had a previous relationship with them, but you can certainly contact them and see what they can do.

    Also check out the Pathfinder Platinum from Lee Nissan in Wilson NC. Link: Lee Nissan. I didn't really negotiate with them that much, so you could probably get them down even lower and it might be closer to you.

    There's another good deal located in Greenville, SC at Crown Nissan. Link: Crown Nissan. They wouldn't budge on price with me though.

    Keep in mind that you'll still have to pay North Carolina sales tax if you are registering it there.

    Happy Hunting!
  • rhaindarhainda Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info.
  • rt1471rt1471 Posts: 3
    Did a truecar estimate online and got a call right back from the dealer, with an email with specific pricing. Looking to see if this would be a good deal!

    2014 Nissan Pathfinder SV
    Floor mats
    splash guards

    The price the dealer gave me was $28159 (MSRP 33,305) which included $1000 Nissan Customer Cash +$1000 NMAC Finance Cash, for the NMAC Finance Cash I would have to finance a regular rates through NMAC.

    I also inquired about an SL with an MSRP of $36345 and they offered that to me for $30,961. Not sure what other options that one.

    So far it looks like both deals are pretty good right out of the gates but I wanted to get another opinion. thanks!
  • rt1471rt1471 Posts: 3
    Alrighty, picked up my 2013 Pathfinder SL tonite. It's a dealer demo, 7000 miles. White with a charcoal interior. The original sticker was $36,545.

    -Splash Guards
    -Roof rail cross bars
    -Rear bumper protector
    -Carpeted Floor Mats

    They dealer was really great the whole time. Salesman let us take this car out for a few hours on Saturday then we took an SV out on Monday. While my wife really didn't *want* the leather, she hated the fog light inserts on the SV plus she wanted the remote start. Figure that would have been another $700-800 or so on the $28053 price we got on the SV. So I offered the dealer $28500 for the SL. They came back with $29000.

    I figured that's $7545 off of MSRP for one with 7k miles on it but since it's just a demo, it still gets titled as a new car.

    Any thoughts on if this was a decent deal?
  • You tell us. Has the transmission or tork converter failed? How many times has your PF been back to the dealer for repairs? If your answer is NONE to the aforementioned, then you got a FABULOUS deal.
  • Nope, so far it's been great. The only thing I have to follow up on is it seems the antenna is missing from the roof. No problems with the transmission. I've only put about 800 miles on it so far (in addition to the 7k already on it).

    My wife had a Rogue before this and I have an Altima (plus one before that) so we're both pretty used to the CVT and how it's supposed to work so pretty sure we'd notice quickly if there was a problem. I'll keep my fingers crossed though!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited January 2014

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