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2007 SVT Cobra



  • chuckdocchuckdoc Posts: 3
    yup... My thoughts exactly. Although your search has been much more exhaustive than mine, I can understand. All we've seen so far are a nice looking concept and a few clandestine shots of test mules here and there. I saw a pic of one online that was yellow with silver stripes ( a godawful vinyl stripe job) and it had so many features changed from the concept - it made me want to actually see the 'finished' car instead of just dropping a deposit sight-unseen. That last pic I saw didn't even have Shelby's name anywhere on it!! I don't know if it was based on an earlier design than what we saw with the concept, or closer to what will come out, but the hood, front fascia, rear-end, and badging was ALL pretty different from the details we see on the concept. Pay a huge deposit now or full price without even seeing it?? No thanks. I just may have to wait a bit longer, I don't care too much about being the 'first on the block', but I am interested in this car, and its the first mustang in a while that has garnered this much excitement.

  • I want to start by saying that I mean no offense to anyone by this post, but here goes... The SVT dealer is not being a jerk, he is being a good and sensible business man. Come on now, if you were selling your car, would you turn away a guy with cash in his hand (and willing to pay what you are asking!) because some other guy told you to call him? Of course, no one in their right mind would do this. It is quite likely that many dealers will sell their allocation of these cars in advance, and money talks. Remember the old saying, "Hotcakes are selling like Mustangs", and look at the '05 Mustang GT. Most people, as you have indicated you have, place themselves on numerous "call lists" and dealers know this.

    Additionally, how can anyone (dealers or otherwise) possibly say that there are no waiting lists? Waiting lists are not established on a national level. Waiting lists happen every single time a (hot-hot) new model comes out, and money down is the only way you get on it. I work at a motorcycle dealership, and we take waiting lists on a regular basis. To say that there are no lists is ludicrous. We currently have a list on the '06 Raptor 700, for example. Not placing a down payment tells the dealer that you are reserving the right to not buy the car, while at the same time someone else is offering him money right now, sight unseen. I promise I mean no offense here, but that's a pretty simple business equation.
  • boognish1boognish1 Posts: 1
    I've loved the GT500 since I was a kid. I definately want to buy this car next year. I've heard it won't be available in the UK, so looks like I going have to go to the US to buy one. Does anyone know if I would have to pay an additional tax to do this? Also is it really neccesary to get myself on a waiting list, will this be a limited production car?
  • 2fastdre2fastdre Posts: 59
    I am very sorry to say that my camera was not ready and I did not take any pictures. :(

    Jul 18th: I was towing my boat on I-70 going west out of Grand Junction, Colorado. I was going 65, since I prefer not to gain too much speed with my boat in tow. All of a sudden I see a blue Mustang with 2 racing stripes up the middle coming up very fast from behind. Then I noticed that the grill looks kinda different, and by the time it passed me I noticed the GT500 concept rims. I then realized why the grill was different from a regular Mustang GT. Before I had time to think the exact same car (but this one in Yellow instead of Blue) all passed me. This time I also noticed the modified GT500 mufflers and tail pipes sticking out behind. I also noticed the Michigan Manufacturer plates. Both cars were dusty, so it was hard to tell the color of the racing stripes. They looked silver to me. Within about 20 seconds - both cars turned into 2 dots far away ahead. I would judge their speed between 85-90 mph.

    I am guessing that they were on the way to Ford's Arizona test track. I know that almost all manufacturers test their vehicles for High altitude in Colorado and then test for Very hot temperaturers in Arizona.

    It was a cool experience.

  • I'm also interested in this car, and wouldn't mind being on a list for it(if the deposit was refundable) but if the dealers gouge the consumer for crazy numbers over MSRP (38,900) and these things actually go for twice that 60k, then it will change how I look at this car drastically. I love the car, or at least what I've seen or heard about it. But at 50-60k (or higher) that would place it in the same market as other cars I love. A used Dodge Viper SRT/10 2003 to present, or you can go for the Gen II Viper (used) between 35 - 45k. These are all significant cars, 450-500 hp, and at least around where I live, the Dodge Viper would attract a significant amount of more attention. Plus they have IRS lol.
  • For what it's worth, I came across this website for a dealership taking names for a waiting list....doesn't seem like they are asking for money upfront...

    waiting like the rest of the ham n' eggers! :)
  • Yes, the new GT-500 will limited production. But what most people dont know is that ford is making a new standard SVT Cobra for 2007 that will put out 425hp or more. I am on a waiting list for one of these. All you would have to do is replace the blower pulley and the numbers will match the GT-500. :)
  • But in order to put money down on any new car, the dealership must first have been allocated its vehicles. It has to know how many units it will be getting, if any at all. Once cars are allocated to the dealerships they will know how many of them they will have to sell and will start taking down payment on them in advance. :)
  • stang22stang22 Posts: 36
    Where did you get the info on the 2007 svt cobra?Will they stop making the shelby mustang that year?
  • From a source within SVT. They will make it public the first of 2006. From what I hear, they are going to produce the Shelby GT-500 for three years, depending on demand. The Shelby GT-500 will be a short production 3-5 years special edition car. And 20 years from now will be worth much more money because of the name "Shelby Cobra". But the standard SVT Cobra should be available mid 2006 to whenever they decide to change body styles again. Unless there is a problem with the design. As of right now I am on a waiting list for a non Shelby SVT Cobra. They wont take a down payment until they are allocated their units, which will be the first of 2006. If you come across a dealer that wants money now, Beware! They may not get allocated the color you want. If they get any at all the first year. The dealer that dosent want to screw you will wait till they are allocated their units and then call people on the waiting list to find out what color and other options they may want. Then put a down payment on one. Hope this helps.
  • Hey tbone5660

    What is the price difference between the Shelby GT-500 and the regular Cobra? Any guesses?
  • The standard SVT Cobra is supposed to be close to the same as it has always been, around $34,995,00.The sticker on the Shelby GT-500 they say,will be $39,995,00. But both prices could change before mid 2006. It all depends on how many units of both they will produce. And only the top dogs within SVT know this answer. The price on the standard SVT Cobra will be more stable compared to the Shelby. They will make less of the Shelby and prices will vary everywhere. Dealers will significantly mark up prices to make a quick buck. All because they know the Shelby will be a short production model.
  • To get things straight, the projected lineup for 2007 will be. The Shelby GT-500, the SVT Cobra, and the new 500hp SVT Lightning. All three will be launched as a 2007 in mid 2006 (May). The plan was to release the SVT Lightning this year as a 2006 model, but that fell out. So now ford will pack a punch in the automotive industry with the three being released for 2007. Keep your fingers crossed! :)
  • I have found a dealer and he has accepted my $10,000 deposit. The plan is the order to be completed by Dec 31 and delivery sometime in the summer
  • Whoa! Isn't that a lot to put down for a deposit. What happens if it falls through? Do you get your money back? What is the name and where is this dealership? Thanks tbone & burglarman for all the info.
  • What dealership, which state? What model, the Shelby or SVT Cobra?
  • This is simply not true. Allocations are generally based on the previous year's sales. Special edition models may be based on a composite of several previous models. I own a dealership (NOT Ford), and if I sell 15 of a particular unit, you can bet the manufacturer will want to put 15 more in my hands the next year. To state that dealerships have to have their confirmed allocations in hand before they can take money down is to state that no Ford dealers have money down yet on the new Shelby. I placed money down on a GT500 in March 2005. I'll bet many others have since, yet (to my knowledge) no Ford dealers have their allocations as of August, 2005. I think this misunderstanding is based on people's beliefs that they are actually sending their money to Ford Motor Company. This money is held by the independently franchised dealer, NOT Ford.
    We will take money down on hot new models before allocation, with the agreement that it will be refunded if we cannot meet the commitment (which HAS happened to us on one occasion in 2000). Money down is an agreement (contract) between an individual and a franchised dealer, and as such, does not require approval of the manufacturer. The manufacturer can become involved if the contract is not honored.
  • And when was the last time ford sold a Shelby Cobra... They will not allocate the new Shelby based on the sales of the old Shelbys, its a new time and age. Dealerships have not been allocated their Shelbys yet. This is what I have said from the beginning. Every SVT dealer I have talked to in the state of TX and LA has told me that deposits are non-refundable. And what happens if there is a problem found, and they dont release the car at all? Then your stuck waiting till mid 2007 or 2008. Its very unlikely this late in time but what if.
  • Of course allocations will not be based on 1970 Shelby sales, but likely by a composite of previous Cobra and Mustang sales, as I stated. Non-refundable deposits are largely a myth. As a franchised, legitimate dealer, it is very difficult for us to justify keeping a deposit when the customer wants it back. No successful dealership (or other business) has built its reputation by stealing peoples money. Keeping someone's money without completing a contract is easily disputed in small claims court, if it ever got that far. If someone actually signs a non-refundable contract, it might be different. Dealerships are telling you its non-refundable to weed out the guys who are likely to want their money back. Its an unnecessary waste of time to go through the down payment process, and then refund it later. Having said that, a dealer can take money down at any time, regardless of allocations. Dealerships are independently owned businesses, and have rights granted to them by franchise law. The factory simply is not going to get involved ( and by franchise agreement, cannot get involved) at this level. True cases of fraud would be different. I am not trying to be-labor this point, I am simply stating that I own a franchised dealership, am bound by franchise law and contract, and a lot of the stuff on this forum is simply not true. Successful dealerships have very little, if any, factory involvement in their day-to-day operations.
  • Went down and talked to the dealer face-to-face about the GT500. First, they don't know anything about colors, options, MSRP, anything for sure.

    Second, this guy guessed MSRP would be low to mid $40's, not the under $40 bandied about here.

    Third, he wanted a 5% markup over MSRP, whatever that turns out to be -- the markup is in the written contract. This, of course, is on top of the 10-11% markup they already get, the difference between dealer cost and MSRP, wholesale and retail.

    Paying a markup of 15-16% is a deal-breaker for me. A final total cost of close to $50k (fees, license, taxes, options) is also a deal breaker. I just won't do it -- it's a matter of value.

    They're just taking advantage pure and simple. Let them find some other sucker. As I see it, the car is worth, total price, around $40k, give or take $2-3k, max. Put another way, I'm willing to pay no more than $15k over what I paid for my GT Premium, loaded, or around a $45k total take-home price, loaded.

    To keep some perspective, for $50k you can get TWO V6 Mustangs. For a little more than $50k you can get a C6.
  • I just got a call from my dealership that I've bought from before. Salesman told me that they are in fact getting ONE in next year and they want to pre-sell it before it hits the lot. They are not having an auction, instead they are setting the price at $75,000 with a $15,000 deposit first come first serve. I guess if they can get it why not but I have a feeling that I will watch this one for a while. I am glad I didn't go with my first impulse and agree because I truly believe if the 75K number is easily doable, they would auction (that's what they did with 2 GT's). So there it is. My car is waiting for me for 75K. I think I'm going to have to pass.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    The first new Shelby GT500 will be auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson car auction next month.

  • Went in to a dealer to talk about ordering a SVT GT 500; sitting feet from us was a GT, with a $99,999 dealer markup clearly stated on the sticker, an auger of what will happen with the GT 500 SVT. Shame, though, considering that when the car was shown at the NY Auto Show last year, the price quoted was "under $40k."

    Me, personally, if I were to spend $75k on a car, it would be on a Z06, not a souped-up Mustang.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "...sitting feet from us was a GT, with a $99,999 dealer markup clearly stated on the sticker,..."

    There's a reason that GT was still sitting feet away from you......the $99,999 dealer markup.

    GT's are now going for MSRP. I'm sure when they were first released (and demand exceeded supply) there were a few lottery winners that DID plunk down close to 1/4M for a GT. No longer.

    Same holds true for the GT500. I'm sure when that thing first hits the ground, there will be a few individuals who spend $75k on it. Don't be amoung them.

    But I would predict that within a year, prices will be back to MSRP.
  • sigt1sigt1 Posts: 66
    the market will bring the price to under MSRP after the enthus purchase the vehicle; so if you can wait, then wait

    you can get GTs under MSRP now; it should be the same for the Cobra about a year after first year prodo
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    First, this forum is mistitled. The title should be "2007 SVT Cobra."

    Second, OK, I admit, I've been bitten by the Mustang bug. When the Cobra finally comes rolling out, I'll be there sniffing, looking, thinking of buying. I want that power. :shades:
  • dohc32vdohc32v Posts: 60
    Well as many of you already know the SVT Group of Ford, is no more. So the comment above is incorrect. Infact the Shelby GT-500 will have no reference to SVT or Cobra for that matter. Further, the Shelby GT-500 will be available and allocated to all Ford Dealerships, since the practice of only providing these cars to SVT Dealers is over and done with. There are no more SVT Dealers, since there is no more SVT Group within Ford. There will be a convertible, as well as a coupe. Production numbers being considered for 2007 10,000 units, with the split being 4,000 convertibles and 6,000 coupes. Ford has finally released the horsepower figure for the Shelby GT 500 and it will be 500 Ponies. First units will roll into Dealers showroom late June early July. If you have any sense about you, you will wait until the dust settles and be able to drive one out the door, before the end of the year, for MSRP. Unfortunately, gas mileage will be dismal, compared to a C-6 Corvette. With a large appitite for the high priced spread, some folks are going to be put off by this fact, so it may help rein in the asking price and Dealer mark-ups earlier than expected. Yes, I have my name on the list, with a couple of Dealers, but I don't plan on being scalped for one of these units. :)
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    Dealer I talked today wanted a $30k markup, bringing the price to over $80k. No way. Will sit this one out, will find out if the car actually runs. With such limited production, tho, doubt I'll ever be able to get one at or close to MSRP, which is the only way I'd buy one.
  • duwop1duwop1 Posts: 13
    Hope I'm giving you correct info. I have a 99 cobra Svt with low miles, also heard rumors of a new rocket coming out.After a visit to my ford dealer this is what I have. 2007 Shelby Cobra GT 500. Stickered at $43k,expectations are unless your willing to "PONY Up" (good one) 15 to 20k over,you can't play.Sounds like their going to produce around 500 units. Dealer wouldn't even give me a brochure. Guess I'm not going to play.
    Hopefully most of this info is correct.
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