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Ford Focus Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Update: The dealership took care of the problem immediately. After the parts and service manager said it might take until tomorrow to get the part and I said I wouldn't be back in town until after the holiday, the sales rep said "How about if we swap the part off another car so we can get him on his way right now?" No fuss, no muss. I am satisfied!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,079
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  • seaurchinseaurchin Posts: 57
    Folks, i visited a dealership today and they only had one SE in Blue Candy color, i sat inside it was nice, maybe a little too small, since they did not have it in black i did not even ask about the price.

    Did anyone buy a new 2012 Focus so far? What did you pay?

    Thank You
  • I know this is almost 7 months late but I am looking at a SEL now and it's priced at 15K... Heated leather seats were the biggest selling point for me. I think it's a perfect car for a recent college grad (me!).
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    SEL 15K good deal to me.I've been lookin'@ the Focus and did alot of home work.SEL makes you get the DCT/ dry clutcy trann .Yep, a real deal are you sure it's not an SE?
  • We couldn't find what we wanted on any lot, so we ordered our Titanium just after Thanksgiving. It arrived last week. Options: 401A group, Performance package, Blaze Yellow Tri-coat paint and that's it. Price was $24k flat. Ford offered $2000 cash back which brought it down to $22k. Only 200 miles on it so far averaging 31.0 mpg.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Just bought a red candy SEL with stone leather seats. Dealer's discount was almost $4,900 below sticker including the $2,000 in rebates. AND they had no dealer fee and gave me $500 more for my '08 Taurus than another dealer offered. Overall a fantastic deal for a great car. I love it so far. The 'auto' transmission works great for me. Slight lag from a standstill, like turbo lag, but has continuous power delivery during acceleration and good passing power. Handling is great. The red candy paint job, despite sounding a little silly, looks premium.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hello,iam looking at the same car down here in south florida.i was wondering when you get the chance if you can provide a break down of your deal.thanks..
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Basically MSRP was $23,080, minus $2,000 in rebates and $2,900 in dealer discount equals about $18,200 sale price. Don't know why the dealer discounted only a few of their stock Focuses so much, including this one, but not others on their lot. Color is red with stone leather interior so it's not because it's a hideous color or something.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    how do you like the auto tranny that so many people have been complaining about??
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    I like it. It shifts very quick, almost no loss of power between shifts. I don't get any of the clunks that people have reported at low speeds. I think that's been solved with software updates. It does feel different than a true automatic, but not so different that it turns me off. Engine feels great coming out of curves, revving up to 3,500 - 4,000 rpm.
  • Last week I called the Ford Sales Rep and interested in purchasing a Ford Focus. I told him I wanted an automatic transmission as well. He quoted me a price of $15,700. I arrived and drove the car and it was comfortable and drove well. In the process of working up the price, another person told him that the vehicle I was purchasing was a fleet vehicle and it would be $700. more. He asked me if I still wanted it and I said yes. After completion of the paperwork and reading when I got home, I noticed that the price of the vehicle was $17,412. I thought that this should of been $16,400 with the additional $700. being added to the price I was quoted. I took the paperwork to my credit union where the car would be financed. My credit union rep called and informed me that the price they were asking me to pay was above the MSRP price. The MSRP price on the sticker was $18,390. with Equipment Group 100A and Optional Equipment 6-SPD Auto Transmission. The car already had 420 miles on it. I just returned home this evening and noticed the parking light on the front passenger side was dim but the driver side parking light was bright. It doesn't appear to be a bulb problem but maybe it is only getting half the voltage to that side. I haven't closed the deal on this car yet and right now since I may be taking a hit on purchasing something higher than the MSRP and the car showing a problem with the voltage, that I may return the car and ask for another car like an SE with more options for a better price. My bottom line price is $17,412., it is a fleet car that is white, and not sure if I should buy or return since I am seeing a problem with the voltage. I think I will return it and start over, but anyone out there, let me know what you think or would do in this situation.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Return it immediately and start over, preferably with a different dealer. There is a $1,500 rebate on this car so if they're charging you $17,412 then the real price is $1,500 above that, $18,912 which is significantly above sticker. Perhaps I'm missing something but the light problem aside, why would anyone pay $500 above MSRP for any new car, let alone one with 400 miles on it? According to you should be paying no more than around $16,500 for that car including the current $1,500 rebate. You should return it and get on the internet and start shopping around all Ford dealers within a 50 mile radius and get them to start competing for your business in order to get the lowest possible price which may end up being significantly less than $16,500. A dealer in central FL has several cars with that MSRP advertised for $15,700. And I know that price has no tricks in it because I just bought from them.
  • This is a bit confusing. Why would the car being a fleet vehicle cause it cost $700 more?
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    fleet vehicles have always cost more because they are well taken car of with proper maintenence and such and also have the balance of the factory warranty.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Any used car can have the balance of factory warranty if it hasn't expired yet.

    A fleet vehicle can include a rental car which, even though it may have verifiable maintenance records, you can assume it was beat up by renters.

    I don't know whether he's saying it's considered a new or used car. Either way there's absolutely no reason to pay anywhere close to MSRP especially given the glut of base Focus's on the market right now and the rebates attached to them.
  • Just bought a '12 Focus SE sedan 5spd w/sport pkg & 203a SYNC pkg. MSRP for car: $20,385. OTD price $18,300 in MD (6% sales tax and usual usury gov't fees associated with a people's republic state like MD). FWIW, didn't have a trade-in. Business strictly conducted over internet. Dealership stood behind their numbers and conducted transaction in a professional fashion. Highly recommend DARCARS Ford in Lanham for those looking for less hassle in the new car buying process and a decent honest price on product.
  • A "fleet car" cost $700 more because what? It's taken better care of?

    I thought we were talking about a "new" car here?

    I'm sorry to tell the buyer - but you've been had.
    Now that you've taken delivery of the car by driving it off the lot, you have pretty close to zero chance getting the dealer to re-neg the deal.

    it's shame full that a dealer would do that to you, but it's buyer beware anytime you're in a car dealership or the dealer service department.
  • erzeszuterzeszut Posts: 16
    edited March 2012

    Does anyone know, or have a best guess, as to whether the current Ford $2000 cash back on the Focus will be extended past 4/2? I have a Civic coming off lease in late April, and would like to delay my new purchase as late as possible. But of course I don't want to lose the $2000 offer.

    I know Ford won't really say, and salesmen won't give me any hints, of course. But is there any historical evidence -- for example, does Ford tend to have their best offers in Feb/Mar, and then they dry up in April?

    Any insights appreciated.
  • just kicking the tires and looking at the colors in person. Of course I get a salesman assigned to me. He was nice enough to answer some questions but when I said no thanks to a test drive, he left to get me a brochure and his business card. Instead, out comes the closer? This guy really wanted me to test drive the thing even though I politely said I have to run. I never did get offered a brochure and the guy wants MY phone number in case I have questions. HaHa

    with that said these guys had dealer mark up of $2,900 on all their new focuses!

    Sunnyvale Ford = home of the $2,900 dealer mark up
    I realize they probably aren't getting that, but from a starting point in negotiating it's just rediculous.

    My impression of the focus was so so - the reviews seemed better than what I saw in person.
    The car salesman being as pushy as they were is just a huge turn off.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Don't know, but might make sense to look into buying the Focus by 4/2 anyway and just have two cars for 2-3 weeks until you turn the Civic in. Worst case is probably just having to pay insurance for 2 cars during that short time. First payments on car loans are usually a month after taking delivery so you wouldn't necessarily be doubling up car payments that month.

    Or see if you can turn the Civic in a few weeks early. Whatever nominal charge there is would be worth it so you don't miss out on the $2,000 rebate.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    That is outrageous! There must be at least 1 more Ford dealer within 50 miles of you. Go there. These guys obviously don't want to do business. Most people are getting their Focus's for at least $1,000 under sticker (not including the rebate) so you'd be paying almost $3,000 above market at this dealership.

  • I can see the ads in the paper with all the discounts for the focus - but car dealers are always praying for the uninformed buyer to show up with check book in hand. It's very old school to have dealer mark up on a window sticker this day and age. It's also a weird game of sharades when you point out the $2,900 dealer mark up and ask "what's up with that?" and they think you're ready to buy because you brought up the price.

    Even the Hundai Elantra doesn't put a mark up on their cars - and they are in demand big time.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    "Even the Hundai Elantra doesn't put a mark up on their cars - and they are in demand big time. "

    In my area dealers are putting big markups on both the Elantra and Civic. Don't know if they're getting that markup. The Honda dealer also puts several thousand dollars worth of dealer add-ons to every car on the lot (e.g. pinstrips, mudflaps, and other useless crap) that is supposedly non-negotiable. Ridiculous.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,426
    kam, you hit the nail on the head. Manufacturers do not mark up their cars above MSRP. Why would they when they could just raise MSRP to begin with? Dealers are the ones who mark up the cars.

    IMO, regardless of make or demand, if I saw an ADM (Additional Dealer Markup) sticker on a car I'd point it out to the salesperson, laugh, turn around, and leave. No car is worth more than list price.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • If that's Sunnyvale, CA, I used to live there and the average income is over 100k...they're looking for well-to-do engineers who are not car-savvy. But there are plenty of other options for Ford in the area.

    In any case, out here in Minnesota I just bought a Focus Titanium for about $3000 under sticker at a no-haggle dealership in the Twin Cities. Love it. About half our dealerships here have gone to no haggle, and pricing is getting more aggressive as the no-haggle marketplace starts to price itself more dynamically.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    "In any case, out here in Minnesota I just bought a Focus Titanium for about $3000 under sticker at a no-haggle dealership in the Twin Cities."

    Gotta say I don't understand the concept of "no haggle." If a dealer is advertising a car for a certain price I can guarantee you there is some profit in there and therefore some room to haggle, or at least to try. Many dealers will sell at invoice or even below in certain circumstances, such as the end of the month and they're trying to meet a sales target.

    Did you finance with Ford and therefore get $2,000 in rebates? If so then the dealer effectively sold it to you for $1,000 under sticker and they probably made $1,200 on the deal including dealer holdback, plus whatever other volume incentives they were shooting for.

    Always Haggle!
  • When a dealer makes a profit on a car selling below invoice, and they do, it tells you there's all kinds of incentives you may or may not know about.

    when a dealer negotiates from MSRP down - they stand to make a nice profit.

    when a dealer negotiates with a mark up of 15% over MSRP, it's just rediculous - because Ford and GM are kings of making a mockery of MSRP.

    There are so many ads in the paper from Ford and GM that never mention price, but will loudly pump "deals" that state $5,000 off MSRP!!! on stock. That's enough to tell me that not only is dealer mark up a joke but so to is MSRP.
  • erzeszuterzeszut Posts: 16
    Yep. Always, always haggle. Even the places that famously claim (or claimed) "no haggle" would be willing to wheel and deal at the right time of the month, on the right vehicle.

    In years past, I negotiated discounts at Saturn dealerships and at CarMax, both of whom claim(ed) to be "no haggle."

    Don't believe it!
  • I just bought a focus titanium with all options except the sport package and parking package. Dealer was "no haggle" and their pricing method seemed to be to start with invoice and subtract incentives off of that. So obviously invoice prices are drastically inflated.

    There was a small additional discount below invoice, but basically the price was invoice minus incentives, which for me were about $1500.

    This was in the Minneapolis area in March 2012.
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