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Toyota Prius Accessories & Modifications



  • I have the same problem -- a button stuck down. (It's the one that unlocks the doors, so every time I walk within 15 feet of the car, the doors unlock).

    I am unwilling to pay the Toyota stealership $400 for a new FOB and programming charge ... but the lady at the desk said to open up the FOB and try manually unsticking the button once inside.

    But how do you open it? I am at the same place ... battery compartment open, but no apparent way to get into the guts of it to get near the button. Did you ever figure this out?
  • lam216lam216 Posts: 1
    We also had the same non-working button issue. However we received 2 fobs when we bought the car. So I figured the non-working one was going to be the sacrificial lamb:
    After removing the spare metal key, then figuring out how to open the outer cover to the battery compartment (not exactly user friendly!) I removed the battery cover & battery. From this point the fob is not designed to be opened in a way to be easily reclosed after opening. I inserted a screwdriver into the spare key slot & whacked it good. The two halved split apart with some forcing effort. These two halves are glued together! Toyota doesn't want you in here- they want your $400 bucks instead! The circuit board can then be pried out with a fine screwdriver or knife. After cleaning the buttons & compartment pretty well, we were lucky - the button was no longer stuck. On a less complicated fob for my Explorer I was able to unsolder a good unused switch (trunk option) and replace the broken old switch & it worked like a charm. However the switches on the Prius fob are really tiny with really tiny tabs soldered to one side of the circuit board only and look very hard to try that switcheroo. I'm glad I didn't have to try that unsolder/resolder task! Now it should just take some good superglue & rubber band clamping to glue it back together. Good luck!
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