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Toyota Prius Accessories & Modifications



  • vmccaulvmccaul Posts: 27
    I think that cancels both...I haven't really noticed! I know the seatbelt warning light still goes on.
  • stavridestavride Posts: 2
    The procedure worked like a charm on the reverse beeping. Thanks! Unfortunately, it didnt remove the seat belt beep.
  • vmccaulvmccaul Posts: 27
    Strangely, I no longer have any noise with unfastened seat belts, only the flashing warning light... I disabled the backup beep on the first day of owning the car, so can't remember if there was any seatbelt beep before that.
  • gdfgdf Posts: 2
    Anyone know much about the work that the guys at calcars ( are doing with the Prius. Saw this article originally on the NYTimes web site. Does anyone know if Toyota ever plans to implment a "gas-optional or plug-in" hybrid?
  • hikaru1hikaru1 Posts: 1
    Hi, Alice--

    If you haven't gotten them already, go to for your floor mats. As far as front end protection, I recommend having '3M clear bra' as opposed to the traditional black plastic 'car bra'. I lived in Colorado for 7 years and that was a big issue as CO uses pea gravel on the roads instead of road salt. The problem is that debris and moisture will get under the car bra and corrosion will form. The 3M product is, well, a gigantic piece of tape, which does a commendable job of protecting your car from debris and will prevent the corrosion issue as well. Sorry I can't help w/mud flaps.

  • jdonarumajdonaruma Posts: 1
    My toyota dealer doesn't carry these covers. Who makes them? Can I buy them direct? What state do you live in and what dealer did you use, maybe I could buy them and have them shipped to me. Any information will be appreciated - thanks.
  • jastertxjastertx Posts: 1
    Has anyone had an XM receiver installed in an '05 Prius? I want to add one to mine, but wonder if there are any issues concerning electrical connections that might cause a problem. The kids at Best Buy and the like are clueless. Anyone had experience? Thanks.
  • nc_drivernc_driver Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchased the CD changer for the Prius? Where does it attach, and can you control the music through the LCD panel, just as the you can with the single CD player? I'm thinking of buying the changer, or just get an attachment for my iPod, which would probably be a lot cheaper and more flexible.
  • A few days after I bought my '05 Prius, I saw a little piece of dust on the dash, in front of the driver's seat. I lightly swpied it with my (clean!) finger and a white, slightly powdery mark now traced the line my finger took to swipe away the dust. I then tried using a cloth to rub away the mark. No luck; the white mark got bigger. I went to the dealer's detail people. They tried Windex, a bit of water, and finally something to condition the dashboard material. That mostly got rid of it, until I decided to test it and another whitish area appeared. The detail people said that perhaps the discoloration is from my skin (!!). They claim they haven't heard of this before. I tried doing the same thing on two other Priuses in the lot, and one of them showed the same discoloration.

    Has anyone else out there had this problem? If so, what should I do to condition the dashboard? It seems ridiculous that a dashboard should be so sensitive to the touch and so difficult to get back to its original condition!
  • furtherfurther Posts: 2
    I want to tow a 650lb Hot Dog Cart, honest!! Can my 04 Prius do it? And what do I need and where do I find it?
  • furtherfurther Posts: 2
    Hi, I am wanting to tow a 650lb Hot Dog Cart, can my 04 prius do it?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    I am sure that it can pull a wiener wagon. The catch is getting past the Prius warranty. I would not wire anything into the Prius without written approval from Toyota.
  • Thanks for the command series-- it stopped the Reverse beeping! I still get the seatbelt warning beeps, and would love to disable those, too. :shades: Will keep looking for advice on that!
  • Has anyone found a satisfactory off-the-shelf roof rack for a 2005 Prius? I know there's a lot against it: the humped roofline and door gutters that don't look promising for securing strap hooks. Any suggestions? I would hope to carry a light boat or canoe, or perhaps some lumber from ye olde hardware store...
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    Welcome to the forum. Both Thule and Yakima make roof racks with adapters for the Prius. Anything on top will knock the heck out of your mileage.
  • Many thanx Gagrice. We found out about interfering with the slipstream and the resultant mileage dip when we carried two bicycles a couple hours to the beach on a rear bike rack. (Actually, the rack is a Yakima, so I shld have known to check them out anyway).
  • joshuarrjoshuarr Posts: 2
    I'm 6'4" tall. I want a Prius, but when I sit on the factory seat, the rearview mirror (with its extra 1/2 inch of gadgetry on its bottom edge) takes up too much of my forward view. (Try putting your head at eye level with the mirror and you'll see what I mean.) Can anyone tell me where to look to get an aftermarket seat with a bit of bucket to it so I can safely drive the Prius? Thanks.
  • jacqueusijacqueusi Posts: 55
    Are the ISOFIX/LATCH mounts setup for mounting a child seat in the middle of the rear passenger compartment?

    What about airbag deactivation for the front passenger?

  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    It would no doubt be less costly to skip the idea of changing seats. Instead, why don't you first see if you can adjust the inside mirror higher, using both balljoints. Secondly, if the "extra 1/2 inch of gadgetry on its bottom edge" is a concern, you might want to dump the OEM mirror and install a basic mirror that is not as high.
  • suzie2suzie2 Posts: 2
    In the forum, I noticed many are using the hitch-style rackor the roof-rack. Would it be somehow damaging to the car or dangerous to use a Yakima Mo-Jo trunk rack other than the loss of MPG?
  • to Suzie2:
    We use a Yakima trunk-style bike rack (about four years or more old, no longer sold by Yakima) that we formerly used on a minivan. The top and bottom straps work fine but the hatch is closely fitted on the sides and bulky at the edges, so it's hard to fit the clips for the side-stability straps and gives you the queasy feeling that you're forcing the issue. A solution we are now testing with some success: I took an old piece of load-strap about two feet longer than the width of the rear hatch. I tied a loop in either end so that the loop sticks out when the strap is stretched across the opening and then the hatch is closed on it. We put the clips of the side stability straps into the loops and tighten them. We just keep the strap with loops in the back and use it when the bike rack goes on. If this turns out to be a lousy idea I will claim I never thought it would work in the first place...
  • suzie2suzie2 Posts: 2
    Thankyou flipperzdad,
    That is a creative solution, perhaps beyond my own sense of bravery and adventure!
  • annrannr Posts: 1
    How badly does it mess up the mileage?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    I believe one owner reported his mileage dropped from 48 MPG to 40 MPG with two bikes on top.
  • jebsterjebster Posts: 6
    Sorry for the potentially repeated question (similar to XM Q above), but have not been able to find any info on attaching an aux sound source, be it XM or ipod. Anyone have any suggestions for doing so (FM transmitters are not very good). '05 Prius with standard stereo. TIA!!!
  • joshuarrjoshuarr Posts: 2
    Thanks, blane. I'll have to visit the dealer again for another sit-in to consider whether that extra 1/2 inch would really make the difference. It might, especially if I can also remount the mirror higher up on the glass.
  • jacqueusijacqueusi Posts: 55
    I was patting myself on the back last week after having won an eBay auction for a hitch mount Hollywood bike rack last week for $144.

    To my amazement, I noticed at lunch today that Target has what appears to be the exact same rack under the Coleman name for $99 + change. YEESH! Anyhow, I know there are some Prius owning bike enthusiasts here and I wanted to share my information with you all.

    Here's a link to the Hollywood Sport Rider rack.
  • Finally, after a 9 1/2 month wait, my 2005 Prius (silver, group 4) arrived. My name should be changed to SilverPRIUS now, eh? I wanted to accessorize the car and despite earlier posts about the UK Toyota supplied matt black body side moldings, I managed to find some on the web from Ohio, they were available in body color - and my pal, a body man, installed them for me in less than an hour. I also got mud flaps from the same place (these appear to be true Toyota parts) but decided to only put on the front mud flaps. I also got a steering wheel cover in two tone leather (charcoal and medium gray) from Wheelskins, who were more than fantastic - they got me my cover in less than 48 hours, and I live in Michigan (they are in California). I, being a very talent-challenged Tailor, took two hours to put this on but at least it looks good. I really took my time. I obtained a Toyota accessory trunk net and installed that myself. Since I do live in Michigan, I also got the best possible (I hope) winter floor mats to "replace" the factory carpeted floor mats in the inclement winter weather (9 months of winter, 3 months of bad sledding, as we say up here). Now if I can only get some Nokian Hakkapalita tires to assist the vehicle stability control in the winter, I'll be happy - then my plan is to buy some aftermarket wheels (resembling the euro-spec Prius 7-spoke alloys, if possible) and move the Goodyears to them for summer use (using the factory wheels for the winter tires). One final thing I have yet to get - I'd like to get the UK spec front license (number) plate "base" and have a "PRIUS" plate made up (see the UK website download photos at for an idea of what that'd look like). Whoops now I've done it - I may not have the only Prius in the US with that - let the cat out of the bag.
  • Whoops almost forgot the final accessory that I felt I could not do without (since we do after all get a few months of sun here in Michigan). Actually, it has been in the 90's quite a lot lately, makes a change. Got a sunshade specifically made for the Prius. It's great. Since, in the hot weather, it takes so much energy to cool down the inside of the car, this sunshade can only help. Doubt if I'll ever save the $40 it cost me but it will also help keep the interior of the car from sun damage (I''m being optimistic here, since - I do live in northern Michigan). So far I'm averaging 48 miles per gallon overall, but this is with a brand new car (1400 miles in 3 weeks) and therefore it is not broken in. Also I am still "learning" to drive in the most efficient manner. I'm even learning to choose my commute route to optimize my mileage. This Prius is the coolest car I've ever owned, and I've had nearly 25 cars in my lifetime. It was worth the wait.
  • geemergeemer Posts: 4
    How can I disable the back-up signal? It is not possible to get at the chip. Where in the cabin can the signal be turned off and how?
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