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Looking to Lease a 2016 Q5 and would like help on trim levels

homerrulezhomerrulez Member Posts: 67
edited February 2016 in Audi

Im interested in selling my 2015 Nissan Murano Platinum (5300 miles on it) and would like to get into a similar sized vehicle with similar equipment.

I currently have panoramic moonroof, active cruise, navigation, leather (perforated heat/cold options), blindspot, cross traffic alert and 360 camera view + backup camera and some others as well but cant remember.

Looking at the above list, Im really not interested in the active cruise control (almost never use regular cruise, let alone active) and could live without the panoramic moonroof as well, can anyone help me on which trim level guarantees me the rest that I mentioned?

Ive been looking for a pdf with trim level options but cant find one.
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