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Chrysler 300: Accessories & Modifications

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited September 2014 in Chrysler
Talk about 300 accessories and modifications here.

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  • yak54yak54 Posts: 72
    Has anyone changed to better tires yet?
  • autoguyautoguy Posts: 23
    Has anyone added any wind piece (memory blank for the proper name) infront of the moonroof?

    What about any other add ons to the exterior?
  • crispiegeecrispiegee Posts: 90
    Has anyone found a better front license plate bracket?

    I'd like to find one that mounts lower, so the plate doesn't block the grill.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    can one mount it behind the grille? :)
  • mnmatchesmnmatches Posts: 111
    Nice suggestion.

    Has anyone adopted some new tires or rims? I'm not talking about the gigantic over-chromed spinners..... I'm referring to a tuner style or something more elegant.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    Hey, cops mount blue and reds behind their grilles, why can't we mount a license plate there, especially since 300C's grille is so easy to see through? :)

    Actually front license plate would be a no issue for me since I am in Florida.
  • mnmatchesmnmatches Posts: 111
    Unfortunately its not the same way up here in MN.. Although I've not had a front license plate for 5 months now and there's been no problems.

    Wonder how you could mount it? Zip-ties would be kinda tacky.. Maybe if you could remove the front grill you could take a couple of stainless sheetmetal screws and drill them into the back grill (as long as the holes matched up with the bars it should be easy. Anyone know if this is legal in MN or other states?
  • dennisdennis Posts: 50
    "Anyone know if this is legal in MN or other states?"

    This would be worse than no license plate at all in California.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    how about that idea? Flip the visor down and you have the plate.
  • lowriderlowrider Posts: 9
    Yak...I too am looking for better rims/tires. Go to have not updated their site yet for the 2005 300C but will very this site you can choose rims while looking at your car (with your color) and choose designs in a virtual world.
  • ssshemissshemi Posts: 14
    Here is what I did on my CTS. I have a custom bar style on the lower grill, should work on any style.
    Got a 1/3 size plate holder from Pep Boys. Put plate on by two long plastic screws on bottom tightened with plastic nuts. Put soft velcro on back of plate and holder, everywhere it would touch bumper. Then stuck the screws through the lower grill and hand tightened second pair of plastic screws. I can add or remove the holder by opening the hood.
    I'll have to wait until I get my 3ooC (on order) to see how I can do it.
    I want one I can put on and off easily because I don't like the way they look on the front of cars. I know that police issue citations at convention centers, stadiums, airports etc. for no front plate, that's when I put mine on.
  • crispiegeecrispiegee Posts: 90
    This may be it, guys.

    The salesman at one of my local Chrysler dealer (who is fighting for my business against another Chrysler dealer - ha!) talked to the service manager about the license plate conundrum.

    They said that they can employ the rubber grommets used on the front bumper of the Jeep Wrangler to mount the plate lower on the bumper.

    It was based on my suggestion that there must be some kind of doughnut shaped grommet that would fit. Isn't this ingenious? I'm pretty sure it will work.

    Let me know what you think.
  • analogtekanalogtek Posts: 4
    Is there a way around the 130 MPH limit imposed by the governor on the 300C yet?

    Is there an aftermarket performance chip available for the 300C yet?
  • garnes1garnes1 Posts: 33
    Probably no "chips". I don't think I'd pursue that route.

    However, I'd call Corsa about an exhaust system for this car. They already have a Hemi system for the trucks, and last I talked to them, they are interested in developing a system for this car. They first need to get one in their shop. If anyone lives in the Cleveland area, give them a call. Check them out at Anybody that's not familiar with them should note that their system are used on a lot of the pace cars. They are the best. See what they have done for Cadillac. Wow.

    I have one of their systems and all I can say is that it's the greatest and they know how to tune one of these things for a luxury sport car.

    I'm sure a free breathing intake will come around too.
  • epfatboyepfatboy Posts: 17
    I'd like to see a chip for this car that would improve the shift points just a little AND turn off the ESP when I say turn it off. I know you can get a custom chip built to improve shift points and timing advance, I'm not sure if you can make it alter the ESP.
  • jeepjeep Posts: 86
    Does anyone know if there are any wheel locks available for the 300C's 18" wheels?
  • lowriderlowrider Posts: 9
    I have ordered mud flaps for my 300C (Deep Lava Red). To my suprise, they can get black or have them painted to match the car color...oh yeah!
  • trashman2trashman2 Posts: 44
    where did you order the flaps from. was they made for the 3ooc.
  • mark_amark_a Posts: 22
    You can order the splash guards right from the dealer. Here's the the part numbers, 82208031 for the front and 82208032 for the rear.
    You can look them up on
  • ssshemissshemi Posts: 14
    I don't recommend you get them painted. I had the ones on my CTS painted and the paint is now starting to peel. I was told by the guy in the body shop that it would happen, I didn't care, now I do.
  • lowriderlowrider Posts: 9

    Thanks for your comment...curious about your conditions. Were your mud flaps hard or rubbery??? I think the 300C has both thermoplastic and thermoset (rubber) materials which give them both hard and rubber feel. Not sure the orientation???

    Anyway, is your paint peeling from the back edge toward bottom or sides and then working its way in???

    If you could do this over again, it sounds like you would stick with the basic black flaps????
  • epfatboyepfatboy Posts: 17
    Anyone heard of Chrysler actually releasing a chip and injectors for the 300C? I was reading a different site that said Chysler was putting together a chip and injector kit to boost HP 50 ponies! 0-60 times would be mid 4's and 1/4 mile in the high 12's. Chysler has stated in the past that the engine has much more potential, 390 horse would be awsome!
  • bbraddockbbraddock Posts: 46
    Does anybody know if there is a performance air filter out there for a 300 C Hemi? I checked with K&N but they don't have one yet. I have put them in all of my cars (K&N) and every time I get 2 if not 3 miles to the gallon better mileage, and 5 to 10 hp more.

    As for polish, Zaino is where it's at! I learned this in the 300M site. This is extraordinary stuff! Just don't think you need to cake it on, and you apply it in up and down motions, not a swirl! Take it off in a circular motion. I just did my Hemi Sunday wash and wax in an hour with Zaino.

    Enjoy the ride!
  • cobragmikecobragmike Posts: 21
    The K&N number is 33-2543 just ordered one myself. Apparently, it is the same size as the Bentley K&N filter. Planned or coincidence? Who knows...
  • bbraddockbbraddock Posts: 46
    Thanks a lot for the info, did you go directly to them on line, or did you go to a car store. etc. I really appreciate you including the order number too, thanks! Next time I see you, the drinks are on me!
  • itshemiitshemi Posts: 32
    What was the site you
  • cobragmikecobragmike Posts: 21
    I ordered mine through:

    It's on it's way to me now, cost was $44 shipped. One of the members of another 300Cforum did a bunch of measuring and research and found out this nice little tid bit... I'll let you know if I find out anything else. Glad to help.
  • bbraddockbbraddock Posts: 46
    It's now official cobragmike, you are the coolest guy goin'. Next time I see you it's drinks and dinner on me. Thanks very much for all your help, the filter has been ordered as per your instruction. We'll let everybody know how it works! Regards!
  • herminioherminio Posts: 11
    Yes, the OEM wheel locks part number is 82208724
  • jeepjeep Posts: 86
    That is the part number listed, however, they don't fit. The center cover will not seat properly with these locks. Does anyone have an updated number?
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