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Scion xB Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ride21Ride21 Posts: 4
    I see posts like this a lot so I am not personally attacking you. Just using it as a point of contact -

    Seems like a much better deal on the xB. Sure you dont get to negotiate but your overall expenses for what you are getting is so MUCH better. You have to move to the XRS Matrix to get the same equipment and spend thousands more for you to feel like you get a deal. Even at the 4.9% interest rate currently a Matrix base is the same overall price basically as a xB except you get a Corolla Motor instead of Camry not to mention the lact of features. I know I sell Both cars.

    Honda Element is $2000 More has 2 half doors, Listed as SUV for insurance and gets 5 mpg less.

    For anyone that doenst know this - Scion builds all the vehicles the same except for the exterior color and transmission of the vehicle. By doing this they can build the car for $3-4000 cheaper than your typical car that has a lot of variations and inflating building costs. Scion cuts this figure out which is generally used for buying down the interest rate and/or to negotiate with. So overall you can buy a car faster and cheaper when you go with a Scion. For those that want to negotiate feel free, but you wont get the same money value when you buy another car.

    Scion also is rated the most reliable Brand of Cars on the road today by Consumer Reports. Scion xD is the Most Reliable car on the road period. Scion xB and tC are a Top Ten best Reselling vehicle on the road today. They are all made by Toyota in Japan so uncertainty of quality and reliability is taken care of when you say Toyota.

    I can go on for days and show lots of reasons to buy a Scion over any other car on the market today not just cause I sell but for the fact they are the best deal on the market today. From time of purchase to resell of the vehicle.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    We bought our 2008 xB from Fitzmall last May, and has about 8000 miles on it by now. We paid about $15,600 for the manual transmission model, and the only added cost was the $99 processing fee (capped by Maryland law). I live in Northern Virginia and dealt with the internet sales manager and drove up to pick up the car. Paperwork took about an hour and the only unpleasant aspect was the attempt to sell the extended warranty which I declined (it's a Toyota, for crying out loud). But in the end, it was worth it to buy the car for $1000 less than what the NoVA dealers wanted, and the processing fee was $300 lower.
  • I appreciate that this is not personal; it’s car buying, it never should be!

    I’m not going to dispute that the Scion is a good value at MSRP. It certainly is. For my needs though the incentives that are available right now and in this buying environment (one of the best ever for buyers), the Scion starts to lose some of that value.

    Let me give you some numbers comparing the Matrix and xB. (I used the Matrix base, because I wanted the better gas mileage of the 1.8; both are 5sp for my comparison.)

    This is what I’m looking for in a car, your mileage will vary:

    Price at dealer

    Matrix (base) (prices assume 4.8% over invoice, the same markup as the xB)

    With stability control & cruise: $17,260.56
    add power package $18,090
    add upgraded stereo to that $18,279.22
    (included is all weather package, which is a required option on Matrix, which adds $269 to invoice)

    Scion (base): $16,420

    At straight MSRP, it’s clear the xB is a better value, but here’s where things get interesting. Now factor in the incentives that Toyota is offering right now: $750 rebate or .9%/1.9% financing (36/48 mos.) (For my example, I used the financing, as it offered the best deal.)

    Total cost of the car only, including the financing (does not include sales tax, plates, tags or dealers fees; I’m looking at a straight apples to apples comparison)

    Matrix with stability control, cruise:
    $17,501.10 (36 mos. @.9%)
    $17,938.42 (48 mos. @ 1.9%)

    With power package added:
    $18,342.68 (36 mos. @ .9%)
    $18,801.04 (48 mos. @ 1.9%)

    With upgraded stereo added:
    $18,533.95 (36 mos. @ .9%)
    $18,997.09 (48 mos. @ 1.9%)

    $17,849.40 (36 mos. @ 5.5%)
    $18,329.82 (48 mos. @ 5.5%)
    (I got my financing at AAA for 5.5%)

    For me, the base Matrix is a good deal, even in comparison to the xB. You can get one with stability control and cruise for cheaper than the xB. You also get better gas mileage (saving $114.72/year at 12,000 miles a year, $1.719 a gallon). What I lose with the Matrix is power windows/locks, no Ipod connector (but you have the aux. connector), no steering wheel audio control and no trip computer. I could certainly live without those conveniences.

    The Pontiac Vibe is also a contender. The red tag prices for a car with air conditioning are close to the xB ($16,681), but you don’t get cruise control. The Vibe does offer the better fuel economy (with the 1.8), satellite radio ($449 extra on the xB), 1 year of Onstar and a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

    In normal times the Scion would offer your best deal. With the incentives being offered, it may not be such a clear cut choice, depending on your needs. I would agree though that for most people, that want the power accessories and the bigger engine, the xB, makes more sense.
  • artsdartsd Posts: 3
    What is the chance of Scion offering rebates or incentives any time soon?

    I am looking at 2009 manual transmisstion versions of xB, xD, and Honda Fit.

    I would also like to look at 2010 Kia Soul and 2010 Mazda3 hatchback, both coming out by April.

    In my area of southwest Florida, the 3 local dealerships charge $500, $600, or $700 non-negotiable (by Florida law) dealer fees.

    When you combine these dealer fees with the "true price" Scion, it really makes the Scion pricing very unattractive.

    How long can this last? Toyota just idled all Japanese factories. My closest dealership has 10+ xB sitting there (all automatics though).
  • esindex.incentives.2.1.*&setzip=01373#toyota]

    Toyota just announced new incentives for the Matrix ($1000 cash back). No incentives for Scion. Maybe sales aren't that bad with Scion.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Scion may want to preserve, and be able to preserve pure price marketing much better than Saturn did.

    You are much better with a trade in (that they can overallow), or possibly negotiating more of their overpriced add-ons for much less money. Obviously if they want to remain consistent with their dealer fees, just get 5-8 bids towards the end of the month with all dealer fees included. $1000 allowance for a junker barely worth $100 and 1800 worth of overpriced add-ons for $300 is about $1500 or so off msrp. And the factory sees a sales price of sticker.

    Good luck
  • I emailed about 8 dealers last month and was in pretty close contact with about 4 of them. None of them ever offered deals on accessories and trade in wasn't discussed. I was pretty clear that I wanted an xB without accessories and I didn't have a trade. Maybe it would be worthwhile to contact them again and see what they could do. (My old car has 228,000 miles on it and I didn't think anyone would want it for trade.)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    A 225000 mile trade may be worth about $400 or so. Getting about $1400 for it would be about 1000 off the msrp. Getting 1.9% or so for 36 months would be about 1800 or more off. Pure price (scion is really the only one) as well as honda like to work the financing and trade in angles than the price when trying to move vehicles. They never want a public trained to wait for fixed value rebates.

    Scion was designed to be a low inventory pure price model, and the brand was designed for upturns and down in the economy. Check out the trade in value of an 08 scion with avg miles. This is what your 09 will be worth in 12 months. A 17000 08 scion may have a trade in of 12000 or so. $5000 is a lot to eat to drive a funny box 1st year, especially in a recession. For the Tc you need at least $2000 off (one way or another) to be competitive with other vehicles, the hipster 20 something advertising only going so far (and getting old after 3 years)

    The toyota matrix, pontiac vibe, nissan versa, may be more competitive. Perhaps even the honda fit or the 09 mazda3 sport hatch(definitely check that out) for $16000 or less would be killer.

    Good luck
  • As a seller of Scions you also see that there is room to deal with this auto. When I bought my 2005 XB from a dealer in No. Virginia back in 2005, I got $600 knocked off the MSRP by the dealer. Of course I went in at the end of the month and left after hearing their price. When they called me back the next day I went in and we negotiated--yes, negotiated-so Pure Pricing is not as pure as stated.

    I had no trade and the Scion manager knocked the $600 off the MSRP and threw in the mats for free. I bought the cargo net and the fogs at full price but got the alloy wheels for 1/2 price to seal the deal.

    BTW, it's a great little commuter as I now have 95,000 miles on it and still going strong with only regular maintenance. FWIW, I don't like the redesigned Box, and will look at the Kia Soul next year as my next driver.
  • I was able to get $775 off window sticker for my '09 xB this week at my local dealer by using the fact that another Scion dealer was listing them for sale on the well-known auction site...with a "Make Offer" addition to the BIN prices. That dealer was in my state which might have helped my argument.

    Took a tad of effort and pushing my salesman (who was just following the rules) to ask for the discount. They had to call a Toyota/Scion district supervisor who did okay the discount.

    Not a huge amount but, hey, it was my $775.00

    Do a little browsing around and find the info to help in your own negotiations.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Where did you end up buying it at?
  • Scion of Cleveland (TN)
  • I finally bought a Scion xB on Friday (see messages: 313, 318, 319 & 323 for my ordeal).

    I took a serious look at both the Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix after calling off my search for an xB at a reasonable price. My local dealers all wanted a $300-600 documentation fee to do the sale.

    I eliminated the Matrix because I could not find one locally with the specific options I wanted. The local Toyota dealers did not seem to want to go out of their way to locate a car for me either.

    I had much better luck with the Vibe. Two dealers were very willing to work with me and gave me offers of slightly over $16,000 for a compatibly equipped Vibe. Even at that price I think the Scion is worth $400 more to get the convenience features like ipod integration, trip computer, steering wheel controls, etc.

    I found a dealer in NY (about 1 and a half hours away) willing to sell me an xB at sticker with a $45 doc. fee. (NY state law caps these fees at $45.) They added on a couple of extra charges at the end for another $50, but I saved about $250 over what I would pay locally and the dealer even delivered the car to my house.

    I've had the Scion for a few days now and am very happy with my decision.
  • Congratulations, Hulkedup. It would be nice if more states would protect their citizens by capping this "doc fee." Yes, I'll sell a car to you but you'll have to pay me extra for a bill of sale - how do you sell a car without issuing a bill of sale?

    It's like going to WalMart and buying $250.00 worth of groceries and when you ask for the receipt itemizing your purchases, they won't give it to you without paying them another $25.00. It's truly a masked markup.

    I know what I'm talking about because I worked for a new car dealership for four years. I know, too, that, at least with Ford, there is a 2%-4% dealer "holdback" (of invoice) which is given to the dealer at a later date. There is also an advertising allowance. And if a vehicle fails to sell within its model year, corporate gives the dealer a "carryover allowance"of several hundred dollars to help offset potential loss.

    I took the doc fee into consideration when I made my offer, reducing it appropriately.
  • I went into the dealer today ready to buy a new Scion xb. I picked up a slightly used 2008 6400 miles with many add-ons (navigation system, XM satellite radio, 18" wheels with rims, rear spoiler, molded dash applique, remote engine start, window tint, interior light kit, overhead console box, illuminated door sill enhancement, floor mats, security system, fog lights, strobe lights. Plus Toyota certified 7 year/ 100,000 warranty. Final price just under $18,500. I estimate there was ~$7000 in upgrades, most of them I probably don't need but I thought the price on this was worth grabbing over a brand new 2009.
  • Thats a nice find wavlngth.... I havent seen anything that cheap for a used Scion with all those mods.. If anyone doesnt know the RS 6.0 xB in Red is out for 2009.
  • Wow, you almost hit the six digits. Mine is at 21000. However, I only get to drive mine about 5 times a year.
  • karthickkarthick Posts: 5
    I have an opportunity to get an 2008 xB with 22k miles on it for $13900 with no doc fees. It is an Auto with premium audio. I couldnt find a better price localy for a preowned but I am wondering if there are better deals to be had on the Fleabay.
    2009 MSRP for a similar vehicle is $17659. So it looks like I am getting about a $3800 discount for the 22k miles.. It doesnt seem like that hot a deal but I cant seem to find a better deal locally.

    Any opinions would be appreciated.
  • hulkeduphulkedup Posts: 14
    What is the Blue Book on it? It would be a safe bet to assume the dealer paid less than the trade-in value when they took it in. If you like the vehicle I would bargain hard for it, especially in this economy. It's a buyer's market and you should be in control. Dropping the doc. fee is not enough since most people feel that's a BS charge to begin with.
  • karthickkarthick Posts: 5
    The trade in values turned out as follows.



    Considering the car is on sale retail and it is under warranty, it would have to be classified excellent or good. So the dealer is making a neat profit on this.. Hmm perhaps I should shop around.
  • I got a email quote stating all scion xb's have been discounted 3% off MSRP for auto. price was 16,700 now 16,199. w/ otd price of 18,200 TTL. How else can I chisel these guys? I don't like the fact u get crappy hub caps have them thro in alloys ;) Just my $.02
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    That's jack. An 08 scion xb wagon used (17000-18000) msrp has a trade in of under 13000 with average miles. ( You're paying a lot for Scion's hip marketing,etc which I assume isn't working too well right now. That said, it is a low volume vehicle which may keep prices up. Either way, it isn't much of a deal unless you really really dig it. Xc and Xd are similar.

    Good luck
  • dealers alway screw u on trade in value. they have to atleast make 1-2k to make it worth their while. for exmpl. they give you 12,700 trade in value & inturn ask 16.5k when they go to sell knowing consumer will want to knock 1k off ;) that is why i never trade my old car in.
  • rlc7rlc7 Posts: 1
    Next thing yor going to tell us is that when you opened the glove box there was a gift certificate for a new Lexus...............
  • flawlesslyflawlessly Posts: 5
    Do they still offering incentive rebate beside the one for college graduate student?
  • Hi, I plan on leasing a new 2011 Scion xB, does anyone know if the monthly payment or money per mile is negotiable?
  • this a good car overall? looking for either this or the malibu far i seen about 3 on criagslist that say that the windsheild is cracked or needs repair.does the windsheild gets cracked often?
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