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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fshifshi Posts: 57
    hehe, take it easy. people buy things they feel like, not much you can educate...
  • jrcketjrcket Posts: 9
    Your LTZ was great price! 29958 with tax and license and all fees. Even without the 1500 rebate that would been heck of a deal. Tax and license alone would be about 10% of the car. How did you do it? I need some pointers to negotiate, hopefully it works here in SoCal.
  • pete6666pete6666 Posts: 29
    That price can't be right. I ordered the exact same car and it just got in today. Nine weeks to the day that the order was put in. 6 Cyl. LTZ with sunroof and 18" wheels,FWD. MSRP is $31535 and dealer invoice is $29,000. At the price he said he got it at with TTL included and the $1500 rebate it is $500 under cost. I retired from the dealer where I ordered the car and got it for $100 over invoice-$29,995.
  • mof22mof22 Posts: 5
    jrcket -
    I literally was ready to walk out of the dealership with or without a deal made and made it very clear that there were a number of other cars that I was considering. It was harder to negotiate in Houston and I did hear a number of times from salepeople that "it's just a popular vehicle" and that there really weren't any deals. Frankly, the dealer I ended up going to in Farmersville, Texas I think could negotiate more and made it really easy.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    This looksl like another standard 5% deal to me:

    The claim is the guy bought an LTZ with the V6, 18" wheels, and sunroof for $29,958. Edmunds says this car has an MSRP of $31,510 and an invoice of $29,794. If you deduct the two rebates off the MSRP that he claims he got (Conquest and Satisfaction) you end up at $30,100 ($31,510 - $1500) ... which is the standard 5% deal.

    I think the dealer then gave him another whopping $52 discount to arrive at the final price of $29,958. As far as the taxes go, he's either paying 6.25% of $30k or he lives out of state where there IS no sales tax...
  • jrcketjrcket Posts: 9
    Prolly no sales tax. If there was, then thats a heck of a deal because 6.25% is another 1762 off the car price of 29958. In SoCal alone is running at 9.75%, Arnold is getting us good.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    You know, if people are going to post here, the least they can do is get their facts straight before doing so. The guy just bought the vehicle and he already can't remember what the MSRP was? I can remember my MSRPs from 8 and 12 years ago! He says it was "about $30,600", but that doesn't jive with the options he's listed. So he's either understated the MSRP or overstated the options. Either way, it amounts to a bogus post...
  • jrcketjrcket Posts: 9
    Yeah your right. Prolly wrong msrp with options. Too bad for posts like this.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 965
    Can home-link be added as an after-market item?

    I test-drove the Equinox today and really liked it. Also drove 3 Volvos: the V50, V70, and XC70. Also very, very nice, but roughly 10K more than the Equinox. The V70 was maybe $6,000 more.

    I think the Equinox is a great bargain, and if you get anything off MSRP, so much the better.

    My salesman offered me a $750 discount for being a member of USAA. I found out online that there is a slightly better discount, just under $1,000 for being a member of a credit union.

    He said that was all he could as far as coming down on price.

    Thing is there is nothing on the lot exactly like what I wanted, so our negotiations weren't real serious. I would have to order to get what I want, don't know if that makes a difference in what he's willing to do for me on price.
  • pete6666pete6666 Posts: 29
    I had the same problem. They don't want to give any deals on the in stock equinox because they can't get that many. I ended up ordering an LTZ on Jan. 8th. It came in March 9th. I got $1500 off sticker by ordering. As far as homelink, I clipped my sears remote to the sunvisor and don't even think about it. Tell you one thing. My wife and I love this car. It is so quiet and a dream to drive. The bluetooth is the greatest option. All my neighbors keep coming over to look at it. Good luck with your decision.
  • red57red57 Posts: 18
    Can any one help me? Test drove 2010 nox liked it wanted base 2LT with pwr liftgate,cargo management summit white.Had to order it,Jan 26 told 8-12 weeks acceptable. Then the lies started coming from the rep in Thousand Oaks Ca. told can not have till last week of may unacceptable and i am paying cash in full need fhone numbers to someone in GM that can help me or lose the sale to KIa Sarento chevy has taken the fun out of buying a new car. lLooking for customer satisfaction now.called the GM customer assistance number they could not help and closed the file. :sick: ">
  • My husband and I are going to look at and drive the Equinox tomorrow. We'll check out the Traverse too, if a double stroller won't fit in the trunk of the Equinox. We have GM points. Anyone know how to use them or how many will be allowed? We have a lot. Also, can we use with the GM family discount? We have a trade but we aren't sure what's going to happen with it. We will be looking for a base model Equinox as a few dealers here have 1 or 2 in stock.
  • terexterex Posts: 26
    Equinox is hot. . .according to articles GM is cranking them out as quickly as possible. Previous posts have indicated the same & noted wait times. Being a cash buyer has nothing to do with when your vehicle will be built -- you are not being "shunned". Please! There are likely many people waiting in line ahead of you whose vehicles will get built first. BTW, 8-12 weeks was an "estimate" not the actual delivery date.
  • red57red57 Posts: 18
    Yes noxes are hot. But when u are told order will be picked up on a date built on a certain week then start changing the story when those dates arrive is not good business. Those dates came straight from the rep not the dealer. the rep is the guy who puts orders to the assembly line he was not truthful to me or dealer so i need some contact info to help with the prob. GM needs to pay attention. Kia sarento plant can kick out 300,000 units a year.The cami plant in canada where the nox is built better be able to match that cause i am seeing alot more 2011 sarento's than 2010 noxes running around here in southern Ore. less money double the warranty :mad:
  • terexterex Posts: 26
    I am sorry for what appears to be some serious miscommunication. . .the first thing you should be aware of is that the "rep" does not pull orders to the assembly line. The ordering system does not work that way. BTW, no one here can help you out unless you post your order number.
  • red57red57 Posts: 18
    Ok my order # nvmsx6. I agreed to pay 500 over invoice now i am asking for the 1500.00 off sticker for customer satisfaction, Every one went silent. I have scheduled a test drive on sun at kia store we'll see. check this out my nox cost 26,569.00 with 2LT pwr lift gate, cargo man, 4cyl fwd / sarento 4cyl fwd Ex heated leather seats awesom 10 speaker infinity stereo with nav backup warning,camera 18' chrome wheels cargo man,all the modern gadgets for 27,360.00 in stock is that a no brainer ? With Chevys poor communiction skills. I am starting to believe they dont care, that is why I can get no help with customer assistanceall they say is they can not help. Why have a help line??????
  • red57red57 Posts: 18
    Hey did you get 1500.00 off invoice or msrp for ordering??? sez sticker not sure??
  • terexterex Posts: 26 ages/news/us/en/2010/Mar/0325_Equinox

    Growing Customer Demand Drives Additional Production of Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain

    Oshawa, Ontario, March 26, 2010 -- In order to meet growing customer demand for hot-selling Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain models, General Motors is implementing a unique plan to add a third shift at its award-winning Oshawa Assembly Plant to support new Equinox production there.

    The Equinox and Terrain are currently produced at GM’s CAMI Automotive plant in Ingersoll, Ontario. Under the plan, CAMI’s Body Shop capacity will be expanded to produce extra Chevrolet Equinox units beyond the plant’s existing capacity to paint and assemble them. These Equinox body assemblies will then be shipped to the Oshawa plant for paint and final assembly alongside the current Chevrolet Impala production. .........
  • red57red57 Posts: 18
    Yes thats it put candians to work all the more to cancel the order thought i was putting $$$$$ into the US economy no wonder this country is in trouble :surprise:
  • terexterex Posts: 26
    Why not look at this as a positive? The ripple down is that all the component suppliers here in the US will benefit. . .as will the dealership(s) in your town.
  • pete6666pete6666 Posts: 29
    I ordered a 6 cyl. FWD with 18 inch wheels and sunroof. The MSRP was $31535. I paid $29995 plus tax and tags. I took delivery March 9th. (8 weeks to order).There were no rebates at all. The rebates ended in January. I had $500 on my GM credit card so I actually paid $29495 plus tax and tags. We absolutely love this car.
  • red57red57 Posts: 18
    yes that is a good thing but do not think much components are built here in the states tranny think is S. Korea Engine Japan not sure wish could see the list to know all for sure. stereo for sure japan steel proably China :(
  • red57red57 Posts: 18
    The Equinox and Terrain are currently produced at GM’s CAMI Automotive plant in Ingersoll, Ontario. Under the plan, CAMI’s Body Shop capacity will be expanded to produce extra Chevrolet Equinox units beyond the plant’s existing capacity to paint and assemble them. These Equinox body assemblies will then be shipped to the Oshawa plant for paint and final assembly alongside the current Chevrolet Impala production. The plan also enables CAMI to increase GMC Terrain volumes.

    “This plan for CAMI and Oshawa allows us to meet customer demand for hot products while avoiding a potential production over-capacity situation by creatively using our assets and facilities,” said Mark Reuss, president of GM North America. “This innovative approach enables us to ramp up in a timely and cost-effective way and highlights the importance of these plants and communities in our North American plans.”

    The third shift to support Equinox production in Oshawa will be added on the Consolidated Line in October and is expected to return approximately 600 employees to the plant. At CAMI, all laid off employees will soon be recalled and the additional body shop volume required to support the Equinox build in Oshawa is expected to result in the need for approximately 70 new jobs, at CAMI by August of this year.

    “This is the latest in a series of very positive growth initiatives and new product mandates for our Canadian facilities,” said Kevin Williams, president of GM Canada. “By the end of this year, we expect to recall all laid-off production employees in Oshawa to support the new Equinox, Regal and Camaro convertible production planned there and, at CAMI, we will even be hiring some new workers – truly great news for the employees, dealers, suppliers and communities affected.”
  • ljh3822ljh3822 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    Hmm, we ordered ours Jan 26 also and it arrived a few days ago. I have yet to pick it up since my husband is out of town. When we ordered there was a 1K incentive we qualified for (which included the 2010 Nox) and now it seems all incentives are excluding the 2010. We prolly won't pick up until Saturday (4/3) so maybe April incentives will be out by then and we will qualify for something, but i doubt it. At least we got a good price. (4 cyl 1LT with Vehicle interface package for 22,699 plus tax, tag title, etc.--this includes 750 for USAA). Speaking of which, when we locked in our price, the USAA was for about 1250 below invoice. Now it's only about 450 below invoice (when you factor in the $750)!!! Crazy!
  • red57red57 Posts: 18
    edited March 2010
    Wow good for you two good price Ordered jan 26 got a build date of APRIL 12 last Mon. on friday was told build date moved to APRIL 19 :mad: The stories never stop :sick: I will cancel today enough is enough :sick: Test drove loaded EX Kia Sarento 4 cyl. fwd heated leather nav,550watt 10 spkr Infinity stereo all the bells whistle except sun roof was offered from sales man 25000. with out working on them HMMMMMM :surprise: Oh yes and wait of three weeks for delivery and 2 day setup in town on top all that no help from GM :mad: 5 year 60,000 B To B also
  • Is there a certain percentage that calculates what the GM Family First discount will be from a dealers cost? I am in the early planing stage and do not want to bug my brother (GM retiree) yet until I find what I want.
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46 - Click on "Price Your Vehicle" and build the 'Nox the way you want and it will give you the GM Employee price.
  • red57red57 Posts: 18
    Just found out the Cami plant in canada that makes the equinox is only making 500 units a month with two shifts adding third shift in oct will only add 200 more units a month
    so Equinox sales are really not that hot with 6000 units a year as of now and the rival able to ramp up to 300,000 units a year what is good business
  • fshifshi Posts: 57
    CAMI CHEVROLET EQUINOX 13,775 0 13,775 26,294 0 26,294
    GMC TERRAIN 5,605 0 5,605 10,583 0 10,583
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