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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pfarrppfarrp Posts: 3
    Perhaps someone could help me with this..I have negotiated with a dealer for anLT2 Nox at approx $900.00 off its 29K MSRP..I also qualify for a College Student Discount of $950.00+ and am a member of USAA which give me an additional $750.00 discount..Should the dealer honor these 2 discounts also...He is balking at it, and GM is doing all kinds of tapdances around me, but refuses to give me an answer..HELP PLEASE
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    GM takes the hit for the college discount and USAA discounts, not the dealer. The dealer should honor all your discounts plus the $900 off MSRP you negotiated. If they won't budge I'd look for another dealer. If you can hold off a few months wait until the model year changes.
  • pete6666pete6666 Posts: 29
    Not all dealers participate in the programs. If they give you the USAA discount it comes out of the dealer's profit so he is not going to give you both USAA and the dealer discount. As for the college discount, I don't believe Chevrolet has it on the Equinox. My Nox is 2 months old and it took nine weeks to get. MY MSRP was $31535 and I got the dealer down to $29995 and that was because I had recently retired as a sales manager for another dealer(not Chevy) and he went as low as he could. The $900 off is not bad but he has more room especially if it is on an ordered unit. Shop around and tell the other dealers that you got 900 off at one dealer and whoever beats him by the most gets your business. Good Luck-it's a great vehicle.
  • pfarrppfarrp Posts: 3
    I did confirm with GM that the college discount does apply to the equinox, and it is somehow based upon the msrp of the vehicle..I could not figure what the percentaage is however,,it is similar to the supplier pricing I believe
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    From my experience in the last few months, the Equinox is the hardest vehicle to get a deal on. They are one of Chevy's best sellers and they are in short supply so the dealer can sell they can get. Also, it hard to piggy back incentives on popular models. Good luck.
  • lauridsdlauridsd Posts: 15
    edited June 2010

    On May 5th, 2010, I ordered a new 2010 Equinox 2LT FWD with the 2.4l 4-cyl engine, (cardinal red metallic) w/ the optional jet black heated leather seats, and the power programmable lift gate, along with the cargo net, cargo area cover, and the optional trailer hitch.

    The dealership is in the Dayton, OH area, although I live closer to the northern suburban Cincinnati area (Maineville,OH.) My "out the door" price on the new car is: $29,538. Delivery was supposed to take 6-8 weeks. No incentives or bonuses. (Still have not gotten a firm delivery date, but the car was supposedly built last week, and the dealer's last estimate for delivery is late this week. Needless to say, I am chomping at the bit. )

    A few questions:

    1. Did I get a fair price? I am trading in a 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5i sedan (~72k miles) and am expecting top dollar for my trade based on the condition of the trade (it's virtually flawless.) Knowing they can flip my Legacy very easily, how hard should I press them on trade-in price?

    2. Is there anything special I should do (beyond inspecting it with a fine toothed comb,) when I eventually do pick up the car? Do they automatically apply the latest / greatest service bulletins and ECU/TCU programming updates at the factory, or should I have the dealer manually verify that everything is up to date?

    3. I ordered the optional "Hitch Trailering Package" - "2010 Equinox Models and includes the Hitch Assembly, Wiring Harnesses, and Mounting Bolts. For 2010 Models, Trailering Fuses and Relays are factory installed and Ball Mount Assembly is sold separately." Has anyone had this option installed by the dealer? How long does it take? I have read (again, on the forums) about problems with the wiring harness needing special programming. What do I need to look out for here? I absolutely want everything to be "done" before I drive off the lot.


  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    I'm not sure on price if it is good or now. We were out the door (minus TTL) for about $23,400 with a 1LT with power seat, backup camera, moonroof, power seat, and vehicle interface package.

    As for ECU and TCU updates, you could have your dealer check those for you. If it was just built they are probably fine. The factory gets any updates and puts them in new builds a few weeks before dealers get them anyway.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 91,785
    I am trading in a 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5i sedan (~72k miles) and am expecting top dollar for my trade based on the condition of the trade (it's virtually flawless.) Knowing they can flip my Legacy very easily, how hard should I press them on trade-in price?

    They just opened a CarMax over at Winton Rd and I-275... (I think one in the Dayton area, as well). A couple of days before you take delivery, take your car in to CarMax and they will make an offer for it... The offer is good for seven days... You don't even have to buy a car there... Don't tell the dealership what the offer is... See if they can beat it... If they can't come close (and, you'll have to account for the tax credit on your trade-in), then sell it to CarMax..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • lauridsdlauridsd Posts: 15
    I went in to the dealer this evening to get my trade in appraised, and SURPRISE, my NOX had just been delivered, so I got to inspect it and take a quick test drive while they calculated the appraisal.

    Of course, they totally low-balled me on the trade, but I was a bit surprised how low. I had run the numbers through all the major sites and had gotten anywhere between $7600-$8600 as a fair trade-in...they originally offered $6750. It took me several rounds of the typical back and forth, escalating to the sales manager, listening to his "we don't use those numbers" BS...blah blah even get them to $7500. Grr. I absolutely hate that crap, but I eventually took the $7500.

    I did, however, get a nice little dig in on the sales manager when he asked if my salesmonkey had shown me their mandatory little presentation about their amazing "GlassCoat" paint protector and interior surface protectant "system". (I had already turned it down, flatly.) I couldn't help being amused when he acted completely indignant and stunned that I wasn't willing to pay another $500 for the completely ridiculous upsell, and started trying to put the full court press on. I, interrupted, asking him, "Have you ever seen the movie Fargo?" He said no, but my salesman immediately started chuckling. It might not have totally made up for the hit I took on my trade-in, but I definitely felt a little better about the whole thing. LOL. :P

    At any rate, I am closing the deal tomorrow evening, and actually picking up my new ride on Friday (which is when the hitch I ordered when I ordered the car will be in for them to install and program the harness, as well as detail the car.)

    I can't wait! Thanks for all your help.
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    Hi: I've been doing some research online between the 2010 Equinox and the 2010 Nissan Rogue. It's a tough choice between the two. I read some pretty good reviews for both vehicles. I like the new design of the Equinox as well as the excellent gas mileage and other features. I've had Nissans in the past and haven't any problems other than normal wear and tear. I haven't purchased a Chevy in over 10 years. I would appreciate any opinions between the two SUV's . I actually like both of them. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

    Steve (NJ)
    [email protected]
  • pete6666pete6666 Posts: 29
    edited August 2010
    I also researched for 2 months and the Rogue was in the running. However we liked the adjustable rear seat and the larger luggage area of the Equinox. I ordered mine Jan. 1st and it came in the middle of March. I got the LTZ with moonroof and 6cylinder. My wife and I just took a 400 mile trip and got back today. I got 24 MPG and I have a heavy foot. In 5 months we have not had a single problem. The fit and finish and the overall performance is more than I expected. I own a Cadillac DTS with 13,000 miles on it and I like driving my wife's Equinox better. We test drove the 4 cyl. and it was very noisy on heavy acceleration. The 6 cyl. was unbelievable for merging onto the busy expressways. We got the Cardinal Red with black and titanium interior and we get a lot of comments on how great it looks. Hope this helps.
    Pete (NY)
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    Thanks, Pete, for your input. I appreciate it. I haven't test drove either one yet but hope to do it soon. I do like some of the features of the Equinox versus the Rogue. Your model sounds really nice. Both the Rogue and the Equinox when fully loaded seem to be over $30,000. I think the Equinox has a few more options than the Rogue. I will let you know how I make out when I test drive both of them. Again, thanks for your help. Best of luck!

  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107

    No offense, but your post should really spell out how you got "out the door" with a 1LT with an MSRP of $26,300 for $23,400. You're talking $3000 off MSRP on a vehicle with virtually no discounts being offered (currently).

    Are you USAA? Did you buy early and waive the 60-day return policy ($500)? Do you have GM points/dollars (or are you a GM employee)? Did you have a credit union discount (worth about $1200 but which could not be combined with GM points/dollars)? Was there a trade-in? (probably not in this case since it would've had to have been an almost worthless vehicle).
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    Forgot to mention - I've searched over 100+ dealers up and down the Eastern seaboard for 2010 Equinoxes with the LT1 trim level and have only been able to locate 80+ units.

    For GM and this time of the year, that's a pathetic supply ... and it's why there are currently NO discounts being offered on these vehicles. Dealers want you to pay full sticker price - which is something I will not do for a GM product ("new" GM or old).
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Sticker was about $26,025 or something like that. They credited $75 on the sticker because of forgetting to put in the USB port as part of the Vehicle Interface Package (common on early 1LTs that had VIF).

    I had the supplier discount for being a college student (same discount as for being a credit union member). $1000 conquest cash, honored at the dealer level (my trade was over 10 years old). Then an additional $800 or so the dealer knocked off.

    For my trade I did Cash for Clunkers, so $4500 for that came off of the $23,400 or so sales price (minus TTL and a couple dealer fees). It really is a great dealer to buy a new vehicle from, they care more about volume for new vehicles than making a huge profit (they make that on used), because selling more vehicles means they get better treatment from GM. For example, when Camaros were nearly impossible to find when they first came out, this dealer could seemingly get them at will and had 10 on the lot.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107

    Thanks for that clarification. So you bought early, cashed in on some of the "checklist" discounts that you qualified for, and also got an $800 dealer discount - which is the one I was most interested in hearing about. Well, $800 is better than nothing - which is what I'm hearing from dealers right now. Just can't do that. The only reason my last two new car purchases were American cars (Ford and then Chevy) was due to the considerable up-front purchase price savings. If price is equal (or virtually equal), I''m not going to buy American and HOPE it turns out to be as good as the import equivalent. I'm just going to buy the import.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    edited August 2010
    Well, my dealer was exceptional on the sales side regarding price for that point in time. You can't combine the supplier discount and conquest cash at the manufacturer level together. But since my vehicle was older than ten years old, it didn't "officially" qualify anyway. But the dealer took the hit on their side and gave it to me. Like I said, they care about volume not profit regarding new vehicles.

    When we bought our vehicle last year we sought to buy the best vehicle for the money (in our price range), period. At the time, nothing came close to the Nox. The Rogue was nice, but was small, has big blind spots, isn't a great value even after the considerable markdown off MSRP, and the gas mileage isn't that good. All the others are horrible (Rav4, old Tuscon/Sorento, Escape, CRV, etc.). We drove them all and then some. The new Hyundai Tuscon and Kia Sorento are the only one's I'd look at besides the Nox. I don't know about the Tuscon, but the consumer reviews for the Sorento are not good for build quality.

    I wouldn't just assume imports are currently better for quality. Ten years ago, no question. Today, not so much. IMO many imports have gone backwards (Toyota especially) or stayed the same in quality (Honda), while domestics are much better than they've been. For the most part, any new vehicle now days that isn't a lemon will last 200k miles at a minimum if maintained properly.

    Even if you have to drive a couple hundred miles for a dealer that will at minimum honor the supplier discount (if you don't currently qualify just join a credit union and you're good), it is worth it to get a vehicle you want vs. paying the same for an inferior vehicle (such as the Rav4 or CRV). If you deal with the internet departments via email you're also usually better off than just talking with whatever salesman approaches you on the lot. The internet guys often don't work on commission.
  • My experience is virtually identical to wallyuwl's. Same vehicle, minus the sunroof, bought at the same time and got the same discount from the same type of "great" dealership. I was able to take advantage of C4C $4500 and had about $2600 GM Cash, so there was no other choice for me (had to use the GM money), but I have no complaints after a year of ownership - still loving it. I noticed that the MSRP has gone up $920 from a year ago, comparing GM's site to my invoice, so that might be making a difference when comparing last years prices to todays.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107

    Wasn't Kia offering big rebates on the Sorrento recently? I thought I saw something ridiculous like $7,000! Maybe it was a tiered rebate where the $7k only applied to the fully loaded model?

    I haven't looked at the Tucson, but a co-worker recently bought the new Genesis and he loves it! He had two Avalons before that and liked them a lot, too - but the timing of the new Avalon was late for him so he went with the Genesis. When I was dating my wife back in '92 she was driving an '89 Sonata bought brand new for $10,000. Even back then, that car drove well enough, had plenty of room inside, but it DID lack refinement. I remember popping the hood one time to change the oil and having the hood release come right off the dash (it was anchored to plastic only, no metal, IIRC).

    I just don't think I can bring myself to pay full MSRP for ANY GM product! One thing I was thinking of doing was shopping the Traverse at the same time. They WERE offering $2000 rebates on the Traverse, plus the dealers are willing to add in their own discounts on top of that. If the Traverse were to get within, say, $2000 - $3000 of the Equinox, I would go with the Traverse (which is a much more roomier vehicle with the same "direct injection" engine technology). Granted, the gas would probably cost about 25% more, but you're getting a V6 versus the 4-cylinder. And if it turns out the 4-cylinder Equinox needs the more expensive gas or really doesn't live up to its MPG hype, then it might almost be a wash.


    $920 price increase? I hadn't noticed that. I think I DID notice a 2010 price increase of around $200 (maybe less) on the MSRP during the model year, but not $920. Maybe you're talking about the new 2011's that are now starting to show up on dealer lots?
  • Yea you're right, I didn't consider the destination charge.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    edited August 2010
    Yeah, if you can get a Traverse for $3000 or so more than a Nox, and you need the extra room, do it. The Traverses were hard to get discounts on right when they came out, too. I'm surprised the lack of discounts on the Nox through GM and with most dealers has lasted a full year.

    I'm in Lexington, KY and the dealer is Rod Hatfield if you're within even a ten hour drive. They really are great on price on new vehicles, and it sounds like you aren't getting any movement from dealers along the east coast (not sure where on the east coast you are).

    I think it was the Borrego that Kia was giving huge discounts on recently. I know they had $4000 cash back on the old model 2009 Sorentos last summer, trying to make way for the new 2011 model (they skipped 2010).
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107

    I haven't looked at the pricing on the 2011's at all, but I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to just jack the prices through the roof instead of offering discounts on the leftover 2010's. They've got to do one or the other, otherwise nobody will buy the leftover 2010. But like I said - 100+ dealers searched and only about 80 LT1's on dealer lots right now. That's LOW supply, so there probably won't be many (if any) leftover 2010's come next year.


    I'm in the Carolinas, but I've got immediate and extended family from New England to Florida so I could justify a road trip almost anywhere to pick up a vehicle. I've never been to Kentucky and that state is not in my search "window", but I could add it in to see if the Hatfields could make a deal with the McCoys (LOL)!

    I'm probably not buying until year's end or even into the first quarter of next year. But I'm going to have to keep an eye on the inventories because with such low supply, I might have to pull the trigger sooner than I normally do...
  • zdadzdad Posts: 15
    I just came from the local dealer here in PA. Considering the Equinox and Santa Fe. As for prices, the 2011 1LT was actually $20 cheaper than the 2010, equipped the same way. Their off was $24600 for the 2011 1LT with the Driver convenience package. Sticker is $25,500. Not much of a discount. I believe invoice is $23,450. They did give a very good value on my trade, some $700 better thasn anyone else has offered.

    I drove the Equinox and Santa Fe with in an hour of each other. From fit, finish, seat comfort, noise,......the Equinox wins hands down. The Santa Fe did have a slight edge in acceleration, but we aren't buying this to tow, we are buying it for family driving comfort.

    Goinfg to try the dealer one town down, let him know I have a decent offer in hand, then see how sharp his pencil gets. It should be interesting.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Supply should only go up as time goes on. So your chances for discounts will not get any worse, and MIGHT get better. Wait until you are serious about buying to contact any dealers (especially if going outside of your local area), and do it through their online sales dept. In general, the experience at my dealer was great on the sales side. Two things I wasn't happy about: The $400 contract fee (or whatever they call it - it was typed on the contract and non-negotiable, the financing lady said she even had to pay it with her new vehicle. I was surprised it was over $200). And they did window etching for a cost of $211 without even telling us. I guess that isn't a bad thing, because it helps if it gets stolen. But I wasn't happy we weren't given the option and they just did it. So they get some of their money back from their lowering the price. But we were still WAY better off than we'd have been at any other dealer we tried (and I contacted about 10 and "dealed" with 4).
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Do you qualify for the supplier discount (credit union member, or student)? That'd give you a better deal than what the dealer is offering. It is up to dealers whether or not they will honor the supplier discount (sometimes they do and sometimes they don't with popular models - they don't make as much profit with supplier pricing as selling for full or close to full MSRP), and it can't be used (I don't think) with GM card credits or anything like that. The supplier price will be the same at all dealers for the same vehicle. The difference will come in regarding things like title insurance, contract fees, add-ons ("paint protection", pin stripping, etc.), etc. So even if you do qualify for the supplier discount, you should still check multiple dealers so you can find the lowest "out the door" price (minus TTL).
  • zdadzdad Posts: 15
    Yes, I do get the Suplpier discount. $24,632 is the Supplier price. I have the invoice paperwork with me. I am heading to the next dealer down the road, and I am not planning on mentioning that I can get the Supplier Price, and see what kind of deal I can get. He'll know I have a firm offer in hand. We'll see how bad he wants the deal.

    I am pleased with the trade-in amount I got from dealer #1. The Hyundai dealer offered $1,000 less.

    I post later today on my results.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    I highly doubt you'll do better than supplier price from another dealer just negotiating off MSRP. The reason is it is GM that takes the hit for supplier pricing, but if you are just negotiating off sticker it is the dealer who takes the hit. You could act like you don't have any discounts and see how far down they go just to cover your bases. Then say something like "are there any discounts for being a credit union member or military or anything?".

    Like I said, your difference in pricing between dealers with supplier price will be with how they value your trade in, dealer fees, and any dealer add-ons.
  • zdadzdad Posts: 15
    I pulled the trigger and got the 2011 Equinox 1LT with the convenience package. I got the Navy Metallic Blue, with the Jet Black/Titanium white premium cloth seats. They did package the car up a little different from 2010 to 2011 model, but nothing new. The convenience package added power driver seat, back up camera, Bluetooth and a couple of minor things. As noted before my sale price was the Supplier Discount of $24,632. They did give me $500 more in trade than any other dealer offered.

    I went to the dealer in the next town this afternoon, and didn't mention the supplier price. They offered $25050, on and MSRP of $25,550, and $500 less in trade. Told them I appreciated their time, but they missed the other offer by ~$800. As I'm walking out they do the "Let me go back to my manager" dance. I said no thanks. When I said you had one shot, I meant it.

    I do hear the infamous "ping" when I am at speed, but I only hear it when nothing ios on. This is a very quiet car, and I think because of that, you hear every little thing. With the radio on, you can't hear it.
  • 2 local dealers in my area (north cenrtal Pa.)


    sticker $31,505 to $30,499 ($1,006 off)

    sticker $32,655 to $30,995 ($1660 off)
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    Supply won't go up for the 2010's. It's ov-ah for that. The 2011's are already out in full force! You know, this whole process is so "Un-GM". Normally, the new model year vehicles are slow to hit the lots. The leftovers hang around well into next year. This year, at least with the Equinoxes - maybe because they made so FEW of them, it's just the opposite. The 2011's are out early, and the 2010's will probably be gone by Thanksgiving - not just locally .... everywhere! And GM continues to sell at or near MSRP! I really think this is a strategy. And it's a change in philosophy from the past. It's now "make fewer units, sell at higher prices, and no leftovers". All I can is - God help GM if, 4-5 years from now, it turns out the quality is really no better than what it was before - which, don't get me wrong - wasn't "terrible", but was characterized by at least one MAJOR flaw per model that was both costly and disappointing. But at least with OLD GM, you were buying at a sizeable discount up-front as a hedge against these costly repairs. Now, there's no hedge. GM will be compared to the competition on a level playing field ... and I'm not sure GM is ready for that right now...

    Did that IPO ever happen? Better get that influx of cash before the bottom drops out...
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