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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • After many weeks of working through many dealers in the Chicago area, I was finally able to purchase my 2010 Equinox. I purchased a 2010 LTZ model (Cardinal Red with Black leather, V6, AWD, trailering equipment, 18" machined AL wheels, and Sunroof) from a dealership North of Chicago who had this model in stock. The MSRP was $33,435 with the purchase price of $32,351 (before rebates and Tax/Title/License). I also qualified for the $750 USAA rebate but this was not compatible with the $500 conquest rebate. USAA has an excellent car buying service program where they pre-negotiate pricing on vehicles which is guaranteed with certified dealers. On the Chevy Equinox, they have a certified dealer in the Chicago area which would sell the Equinox for $500 below invoice (plus you would also qualify for the $750 rebate for a total of $1250). However, this dealer had no vehicles in stock. The dealership I worked with had the LTZ in stock but would not sell it for the USAA pricing. However, they did give me more for my trade-in to make up for it. In addition, I had $3000 of GM points from their GM Card earnings top off program ( which expire Feb 1) which I was able to use as well. GM's incentive programs can be complicated and change frequently - different dealers would give me different answers on which rebates were applicable - be sure to do your homework.
  • Please review this and let me know if i am missing something bc i think i did pretty well today, this was my first time negotiating with car dealers... they were successful bc i drove the car home but i think i got a good deal, any feedback would be great.

    Thanks to all the info here on the forum and on Edmunds, I was able to go into a dealership today and pluck an Equinox right off the lot in Northern New Jersey. It came with just about everything I wanted, excluding the GPS interface... but no biggie, i have a moto droid so i can always use the google maps...

    Anyway, I went with the Silver Ice Metallic, Jet Black Light Titanium, Premium Cloth, 1LT (AWD) 4 cylinder
    Options included: 8 way power seat adjuster, rearview camera system, pioneer 8 speaker system, cargo management package, vehicle interface package (leather wrapped wheel, remote starter, usb port, audio controls, etc), XM, onstar, etc.

    When I plug all of this on edmunds, the results were....
    MSRP - $27,950
    Invoice - $26,457
    True Market - $27,428

    I talked the dealer down to $25,000, traded in my 2007, Mazda-3 for $8,300, (researched what I should have expected to get with my mileage and $8300 was competitive) I owed $9,775 so I ate the $1475 and rolled that into my new finance agreement so even adding that amount in, the end result was...

    $26,475 at 6.9% (I dont have the best of credit) but considering I was at 12.5% when I originally bought my Mazda three years ago will tell you that I was okay with 6.9% (Obviously my credit improved since than but still not great by any means)

    So, I just want to make sure I am correct with all of this but it appears that I made out okay, right? I would have definately liked a lower interest rate but what could i have done? I dont belong to credit union or anything... but in the end, $26,475 and invoice was $26,457...

    Sorry for the novel, wanted to put as much info as possible...

    Thanks to all!
  • bilbo6bilbo6 Posts: 1
    What dealer in northern NJ were you able to get a price of $25,000 on a car with list of $27,950.
  • Ordered my 2010 LT2 Nox 4cyl FWD on 10/22/09. It arrived 1/25/10. Mocha with black/ brownstone leather, chrome package and 18" wheels. MSRP was $28,360
    and invoice was $26,840. I paid $27,272 minus $500 conquest. Final coast was
    $26,772. Dealership also allowed top blue book price for trade in. Except for the three months wait it was a hassle free experience.
  • What's the big deal here? After the smoke cleared, he only got $1500 of MSRP - and he had to trade in his 2007 Mazda to get it! He could've gotten most (maybe all) of that just by joining a Credit Union prior to purchasing ($1200-$1500). And had he purchased a month or so ago, he could've gotten an additional $500 off MSRP just by refusing the 60-day return policy!

    Then he could've sold his Mazda privately and picked up another $500-$800.

    I'm not saying he made a bad deal - selling the car privately (especially when you're paying a loan on it and with such a thin margin) could be dicey, but don't get hung up on the "I talked the dealer down to $25000" because he really didn't (and neither will you - without some kind of serious collateral).

    Personally, I refuse to buy a 2010 Equinox at only $1000 to $1500 off sticker. That's why I just passed on the $1000 "Loyalty" rebate offer. Just not enough incentive. And it shouldn't be enough for anyone else either. That's Japanese pricing - and GM is simply not in that class right now...
  • As a point of information, there is only about a $1500 difference between sticker and invoice with GM pricing and I know because I recently retired as a GM dealer sales manager. And Chevy is in the driver's seat on the Equinox. It is one of the hottest selling cars in America. Dealers only have a 12 day supply of them when normally they carry 60 day supplies. The factory in Canada is working 24 hours a day to compete with the backlog of orders and GM is planning on opening the Spring Hill, Tenn. plant (old Saturn plant) in a couple of months to produce the Equinox there also.That is why they don't have to be so generous with rebates. They know they have a winner-FINALLY!
  • Let's HOPE they have a winner. There's something called "Long-Term Testing" that will prove whether or not GM is building better cars this time around. Remember - we've been through this kind of thing already once before with Saturn.

    New company ... better cars ... attention to detail .. blah, blah, blah. We all know where that ended up.

    I'd say right now all we can say about GM is that their cars LOOK better. Whether they actually ARE any better (quality-wise) remains to be seen (3-4 years from now).
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,407
    Well, colt, they are selling better. Look back at this thread and you'll see lots of posts from people who had to order & wait for their 'nox. And if the prior poster is to be believed, which we've no reason not to, there's only a 12 day supply which is very low especially given the current market.

    The Equinox is definitely a sales winner.

    I agree, though, that long term reliability is less obvious. For GM's sake I hope they turn out to be great vehicles that satisfy their owners enough that they buy more GM products.

    I'd like GM to succeed and gave the 'nox consideration when I was shopping but I wound up buying a competing CUV.
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  • I have a 1998 Honda CR-V real time, and I am thinking about buying a 2010 Equinox. Do you think I would miss the AWD if I got the FWD? I live in Michigan so I do have to deal with the winter elements. What's the difference in gas mileage?
  • Hi...

    I am looking into buying a 2010 Equinox All-Wheel Drive LT w/2LT in the New York/New Jersey area and I priced it on the Chevy website and came up with a Net Price of $28,115.

    I would like to know what I could expect to pay in the dealership. I would like to go in with as much information as possible so I can get the best deal.

    Also, does anyone know what type of finance rates they are offering. I have excellent credit, close to 800.

  • I got a price for a LTZ but you can see the price difference. The quote was from
    Thompson-Wasik Inc. from Ubly, MI. GM's deal is 6.9% that expires March 1st. I checked with Team One Credit Union and their rate is 3.9% for 60 months. I know you live quite a ways from here, but maybe this will help you.

    2010 FWD LTZ Equinox sunroof no navigation and 4 cyl engine. MSRP $31305 your price $ 29605 plus tax, title, plate and fees. Both prices were quoted with the GMS pricing. Let me know what you are thinking. We would like the opportunity to earn your busness.
  • I ordered an LTZ with 6 cyl., 18 inch wheels and sunroof. MSRP was $31595 and I got it for $29,900. It is being built this week and delivery should be first week of March. I shopped all over and got best deal at Atlantic Chevy in Bay Shore,Long Island. Salesman was Ben Kowal. He was great.
  • aakiaaki Posts: 10
    I bought an LTZ last sat, 4 cyl, 18" wheels, power sunroof, nav, rear entertainment for $31870 (gms) + ttl (upstate sc). Most of the dealers around here, offer between $300 - $500 off msrp. It seems like recession is not a problem for them. Some of them were willing to work with you last year around sep, not any more. In my experience, if the car is on the lot, they might be willing to give you a good deal, not if one wants to order.
    What I can't get over is, it does not have a home link to garage door opener.
  • realtor4realtor4 Posts: 10
    edited February 2010
    Thanks for the information. Why did you go with the 18" wheels instead of the 17"? Does that effect the gas mileage?
  • i would like to purchase the 1LT or 2LT. i was having some difficulty deciding between the vehicle and the GMC terrain but i believe i have made my decision. it seems to be pretty hot right now and i have a lease due in a couple of weeks. can anyone share their northeast experience as to how much i can expect to pay for this car? i will be putting down $2500 and my husband belongs to MCU credit union. thanks in advance.
  • I ordered an LTZ with 6 cyl., FWD ,18 inch wheels and sunroof. The MSRP was $31535 and I got it for $29995 plus tax and tags. I ordered it from Atlantic Chevy in Bay Shore, NY on Jan.8th. My Salesman called me yesterday and told me the car was built and will be at the dealership March 8th-exactly 8 weeks. You can negotiate more if you order the car. There is limited inventory and the dealers want more if it is in stock. Good luck.
  • hello pete. thanks for the quick reply. as opposed to everyone else in this community, i recently decided to purchase this vehicle so i am a novice. i have already started researching per your ealier suggestions. i will contact atlantic chevy later this morning. i was wondering if you had the name of your salesperson. it is my hope that if he comes highly recommended, he may be willing to do right by me as he did with you. thanks in advance.
  • I tried to send you the young salesman's name and number but it was deleted by Edmunds. It is Atlantic Chevrolet in Bay Shore New York. Don't call on Tuesday because that is the young mans day off. My Cardinal Red LTZ is due at their dealership on 3/8/2010. Good luck and let me know how you make out.
  • Check post #285
  • sforzsforz Posts: 3
    How'd I do guys?

    Black, AWD, 4cyl, leather, liftgate, sunroof, navigation, 17inch wheels,

    $31,270 + tax and tags

    fair price? Any incentives going on I should know about?

    Thanks in advance!
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