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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • suspendmixsuspendmix Posts: 43
    Hi there! Can anyone post prices paid for S40s in the SF bay area? I'm looking for an 06 s40 2.4i..maybe barrents blue or black...not sure if i want leather and/or auto...and if you have dealers you can refer me to, that would be great to. Thanks again!
  • cleve2cleve2 Posts: 4
    I highly recommend Fremont Volvo and their internet sales rep (see previous post on June 9th). A friend just bought an '06 S40 a few days ago from San Leandro, but they were not willing to offer as great a discount as Fremont or Pleasanton.
  • Did I just miss a huge incentive break in June? All of you guys are saying 4500-5500 off MSRP. Are deals like these still available. Please get back to me, need to decide on a car by the end of the week and getting a deal like those described above would put me in an S40, otherwise not.
  • donthegreekdonthegreek Posts: 127
    The 07's are already arriving on the lots..their going to have to knock off $4500-$5500 to move out the 06's!!

  • suspendmixsuspendmix Posts: 43
    Ya, I've done some calling around and it looks to be about $5000 off of MSRP right now....base models for 2.4i manual in non-metallics can easily be had for 19500 in the SF bay area....anybody find anything cheaper? i'm tempted to pick it up since i've already got financing in place but I really just want a base model with a metallic color but those seem rare...
  • stanwelksstanwelks Posts: 35
    I would like to go to a dealer with a price, though I am not sure how to figure out how to price these. There are many options listed on the Edmunds site, and I am not sure which of these features can be realistically selected?

    My only requirements:
    - Automatic
    - navigation
    - the leather interior

    Is it possible to get one with just these options? If not, if I get these options, what other options are likely to come with it?

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Thats a VERY tough car.
    I would be really surprised if you found one.
    Nav is the issue.
    A leather car is typically going to have the Select pkg if it is a 2.4i or the Premium pkg if it is a T5.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I really just want a base model with a metallic color but those seem rare...

    Those cars were typically built in Black, Red or White.
  • stanwelksstanwelks Posts: 35
    Why is NAV the issue? How is the NAV that comes with it? Is it user friendly?
  • stanwelksstanwelks Posts: 35
    I would like to keep the price of the car to $25k or less before TTL. I selected the following options based on those I am interested in, and the ones I figured would likely come with the car, and it is now at $32k invoice!

    000142 Volvo Navigation System
    TMP086 Geartronic 5-Speed Automatic Transmission
    MC589 Audio Package
    000438 Bi-Xenon Headlamps

    Invoice $32,565

    1.) Are the dealers selling these cars with these options below invoice, or are only the baseline cars being sold for these kinds of deals?

    2.) Anyone have any advice for getting one of these for around $25k? Only necessity for me is really automatic. I could go for aftermarket nav, etc.

  • donthegreekdonthegreek Posts: 127
    If the dealers (for an 06) aren't knocking off $5,000 from sticker don't buy from em...
  • stanwelksstanwelks Posts: 35
    "If the dealers (for an 06) aren't knocking off $5,000 from sticker don't buy from em..."

    Is the "sticker" really a good gauge of price to go off of? Don't the dealers just arbitrarilty markup the car? Shouldn't the gague be the invoice?
  • donthegreekdonthegreek Posts: 127
    "Don't the dealers just arbitrarilty markup the car?"

    Not in my opinion, but i'm no expert on this....dealers do mark up cars if there's high demand and only a few are being built( the first run of the Pontiac Solstice comes to mind...

    I'm looking at buying an 06 S40 2.4i with certain options, and i've found several that are exact in color and options at different dealers... and the "Sticker" is the SAME at these dealers....but one dealer is knocking off $4,000 from sticker, and another is knocking $5230 off!, for the exact same car.

    I was always told the "Invoice" number can also vary!?!?
    So who knows.....

  • suspendmixsuspendmix Posts: 43
    Alright so I finally did it! My experience at purchasing a Volvo was great! Got mine at Royal Motors and it was the most hassle free car buying experience I've had to date. Emailed them last week for a quote on a base model s40 in non metallic 5sp - $19400...liked the metallics better and test drove an auto at another dealership and liked that...

    went to royal motors and test drove the stick and told the sales person that I like the auto and asked if he could do it for a quote i got from another dealer at 20,788 (royal motors gave me much more for my trade in, $11,000 for a 2003 honda civic ex with a dent on the bumper)...sticker was 26,640 or over 5800 under MSRP. Its a base car but with metallic flint grey color and an automatic...sales guy actually traded another dealer for the car!

    Great experience and little haggling involved...if they can do it, seems like they will...
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    Just purchased a 06 S40 in San Leandro Ca. It was a great and fairly easy a base silver met, auto 2.4i for 21060 plus fees. Other dealers in the area wouldn't return my calls or emails or badgered me on the phone to put a ton of money down. The dealer in San Leandro worked with me with little down and fit me in to a 48 mth lease.
  • Putnam Volvo in Burlingame, CA was running an ad in Sunday's SF Chronicle Car section for a one day sale on the S40 2.4i with metallic paint, t-tech, automatic and select package for $21,998 + taxes/fees. They had 5 in stock.

    Smythe Volvo in San Jose, CA had a similar ad for $22,000 + tax/fees, but they had at least 20 in stock. Sounds like a great deal if you can still get it. I wouldn't be surprised if they had the deal again this weekend.
  • cutt1001cutt1001 Posts: 1

    I purchased a 2006 Volvo S40 today (Friday July 21st, 2006). Sticker was $29085 and I paid $23116 (plus TTL). I thought with a deal like this I can't pass it up. Always thought Volvo's were out of my league. I absolutely love the Bareant Blue...Excellent Handling, Very Stylish..and a reasonable price.
  • umshbumshb Posts: 10
    Hi there; I've been to the Volvo dealership past couple of days (they REALLY wanted to sell one to me). I'm located in West Alabama, btw.

    I liked the T5 black automatic (no more manuals :( ) w/ spoiler...would have liked premium sound, but whatever.

    With MSRP and Invoice around $27 - $28, the initial offer was around $27-something...up to right under $29 after all of the "fees".

    There are about five 06's left (only 2 were T5), and two new 07's. I said I wouldn't purchase it today, but they wanted to know (going back tomorrow). I said I was looking at the Accord which was around $23-$ what can I reasonaby expect for this, before and after fees? Can I still expect $5000 off MSRP? Maybe $6000? haha i wish.

    (Sorry if it's been discussed...didn't have the urge to sort through 487 posts!)

    Thanks in advance!
  • suspendmixsuspendmix Posts: 43
    you should price this using a few online is what I used as that gives the lowest price and have a dealer contact you...all the ones that did gave me pricing below what did and they gave me below invoice pricing...then just start making offers off of that price to different dealers and see what you come up with....i guess pricing depends also on location and demand but you have a huge advantage....the 07s are in for a few places and will be in for most places within the next few months so dealers are getting rid of them...if you want 6000 off msrp then ask for 6000 off and see what they say...the worse they can say is no and you're in the same position as before the offer...if they say yes, well, you got a car at 6000 below...

    Dealer I bought mine at initially offerred a Barrents Blue 2.4i withe everything on it that is 30,000 msrp at 24,000 on the phone when I askd about a base model...when i went there to test drive it and before I settled on an auto, he dropped it down to 23, yes, 6000 and in this case 7000 can be had...just depends on a lot of factors...good luck!
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    My Buddy just bought an 2006 s40 as well. He's a bit more of a hard negotiator...2.4i, select pkg, metallic paint, auto, booster ;)I guess you have to be at the right place at the right time. He said the dealer stressed that no one else would do this price. They happen to have had this unit on the lot for 135 days and were aching to get rid of it. This may be an one of kind deal.
  • suspendmixsuspendmix Posts: 43
    oh my, that is an unbelievable price....about 9-10,000 below sticker...i had the dealer offer me the base model at what i thought was an awesome price of 19400...

    i wonder...i mean obviously all of us in this particular forum have an affection towards the s40 but i wonder how popular is this car really? particularly if a dealer has one siting for 135 days and willing to let it go at what i would think would be a significant loss? i'm driving around SF and in the week i've had this vehicle, i've only come across 1 other s40...and i pick up carpoolers for work and i've had it metioned twice already that he/she has never seen one of these before....not that i mind...part of the attraction for this car for me is the fact it isn't as common as my old honda civic...
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    Thats part of my reason as well....I've had mine for a week and a half and I've seen 2 or 3. It was between the s40 and honda accord for me and to be honest i didn't want a car that 100 people in half mile radius have as well. Volvo doesn't advertise much and most of the public view Volvos as expensive vehicles up their with Audi and BMW. I think it's a car(S40) with european pedigree, class, and engineering but without a 35-40 thousand base price(if more people knew you could haggle yourself a 27,000 car for 21,000 don't cha think they would).
  • umshbumshb Posts: 10
    Hi there, so I'm still close to getting this S40 T5...except I drove the Altima and kinda liked it's a bit more roomy and that's big, considering i'm 6'1".

    But even so, I told the Volvo guys my price ($24, which i don't expect them to say yes to). Of course they pressure me into thinking it's going to not be there by next week (bull).

    after incentives and such they gave me an offer of around $27...juuust under $29 with all the fees and such...or almost the same as msrp.

    i figure if i can get this car with all the fees for under $26,5 it's worth it. i figure $24 or $24,5 isn't too unrealistic for these people, right? they know where i stand and i even got an e-mail from a manager saying he understands i 'changed price ranges' and would like me to come in and 'talk'.

    i'm not in a rush here, but i do want this car for a low as what's the best way to get it down to what i think is comparable to others??

    $28,885 with tax and fees...I'd like it to be at most $26,500...but is it realistic to get it to $26? $25? what do you think?
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    I don't know if I can help but it seemed like to me that T5's are as haggleable as 2.4i'. Is the msrp around 30-32 grand?? if so 6 thousand off msrp could be the most ...but who knows 24 thousand for a T5 would be nice although hard to get.
  • jkaojkao Posts: 4
    Hi i thought id like to help you guys out.
    Two months ago, i bought a brand new 2006 S40 t5 with premium package for 25,000 dollars. After everything, i also bought an extended warranty and ended up paying about 29.500 OTD with a extended warranty. The 25,000 dollar price was easily had, as i negotiated to that price after about three weeks of talking to different dealers. I was almost able to get an Audio packaged along with the Premium, but they could only do that with White. The color i got was metallic silver, and the MSRP was 31,655, so i successfully lowered it about 7,000. I live close in Orange County, and i bought it from Cerritos Power Volvo if you guys know where that is at.
  • umshbumshb Posts: 10 much was the extended warranty if i may ask?
  • jkaojkao Posts: 4
    the extended warranty extended the basic warranty to 100,000 miles over 8 years. It was about 1950, we bargained even on the warranty from about 2100 but not much was saved there.
  • umshbumshb Posts: 10
    okay, well i went by the dealership again today...sticker price is 30...$31,055 after taxes and fees.

    last week their initial offer was $27,6...juuuust under $29 with taxes and fees.

    their offer today (after i told them i was interested in $24):

    $27,417.41....$28,600 total.

    why do these people they can still try and get a profit out of it?!?!? it's been there for months and it won't sell. i mentioned how other dealerships were offering up to $5000 and $6000 off msrp and his response was 'well maybe those were loaner cars.'

    unbelievable. so then i say, okay well $26. his response:

    'well if you take away some options, maybe the 2.4, but you can't go that low on this model (t5).'

    sooooo...what do you guys think of this? they ain't bluffin...they seriously expect this car to sell for less than $3000 under sticker.

    i guess ill be lookin at other cars now, or look around at other dealerships. ugh!
  • suspendmixsuspendmix Posts: 43
    Hey, what options do you want on the T5 and what color? What location are you in?
  • jkaojkao Posts: 4
    NO way! should you pay that much for a t5. You should be able to get a T5 with premium package for around 26. If he wont even give you any options to the car, that is an absolute rip off. Most dealers were able to match 25,000 pretty easily here in southern california. I suggest you go to a different dealership because that guy seems like he doesn't want to make money.
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