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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That about 12.8% discount for '07...which is the same % off that what i was offered on a 2007 S40 2.4i in GA. Since these cars just came out, i'm not sure that you can expect any heavier discounts. Anyone else care to share?

    Deeper reductions are obviously in the 2006 models. I am actually holding out for the best deal on an '07 (since it is a big investment, like you said). I used the figures from the FORD press releases to examine buying trends for the S40 this year and last. Here's what i gathered from the press releases:

    Starting with Jan 2005, here are the #s of S40's sold each month:
    2089, 2126, 2166, 2111, 2215, 2185, 2061, 2287, 2239, 1872, 1479, 1424
    Now for this year:
    1952, 1821, 2356, 2100, 2027, 1988, 2054, 1912

    If you compare overall sales through August, sales are "down" by 1000 cars this year. I'm not sure if this is enough to pressure dealers to move their 07 cars at lower prices. What do others think?
    If you plug these into Excel can see the trends by month, which i think is interesting. November and December were the slowest months last year. Now, will this translate into better deals then, that's my big question.
    This month there are the VOLVO--> Dealer rebates on the 2007's, so i don't know if the discounts will disappear when that rebate expires...

    Do you have other dealers in your area that compete directly with the dealer you spoke with? If so, pricing other dealers in the general vicinity would be the easiest next step.
    Then mentioning the lower offer as a counter. Hope this helps. Remember, you are not the prisoner of the dealership, your feet can be your most powerful negotiating tool if you can't agree on a low price.

    Anyone else shopping for an '07 S40?
  • I got my girlfriend a Volvo S40 2.4 for $6300 under MSRP. White S40 with leather, sport and select packages. I got it from Warren Henry Volvo today, let me recommend you talk to Hank. They have 2 or 3 still left.
  • I am new to this, so all comments are appreciated!! I am loooking for a 06 S40 2.4 automatic with select package in Mass. The MSRP is around $28,000 (destination charged included, only tax to be added). Can I get at least $5000 - $6000 off. Is that too greedy? :P
  • At this point, you should expect at least $5500 off MSRP for an '06, that is if you can find one you want...Read what others have scored in previous posts.

    Thru Oct 2nd, there were incentives for dealers ($3000) to sell remaining '06 stock, i dunno if this was extended through this month. In my dealer search., there were very few new '06s around; mostly loaner/program cars remaining.
    If i were you, i would expect at least $6000 off MSRP from an '06 and see what you can get. If you have multiple dealers, just call around!
    good luck and post what you get!
  • Ed, I'm near Warren Henry. Would you mind sharing what you paid?

  • Thanks for the info. Here is my first response from one dealership. They would knock off $6,000. They said they can only do that for a slightly used one. is about $4,500 off MSRP. But I think you still can bit Carsdirect for another $500 to $1,000. Does that sound right? :confuse:
  • I meant they would NOT knock off $6,000!! :sick:
  • Sorry, i guess my last message was misleading.
    I meant to say: "If i were you, i would call around to see what stock remains for '06s."

    In my recent search, I had mixed luck getting any price quotes over the phone; it varies by dealership. Some dealerships will quote an "internet price" by email or even over the phone, but many just want to get you into the showroom for a traditional negotiation.

    As far as getting $6000 off MSRP, you will have to "work" for this discount...Let me explain: I have yet to encounter a dealership that will quote a deeply discounted price to someone who's just phoning in an inquiry. There is almost no incentive for the dealer to offer the buyer a low-ball price right off the bat. VOLVO dealers aren't no-haggle dealerships.

    Once you find an S40 you want at a dealership, call all the other dealers in the area and get price quotes on comparably equipped cars. Next, you'll have to visit the dealer that has the car you want and go in with a price in mind. Demand and availability are regionally based, so maybe $5500 off MSRP is a great price for your area...

    But you can begin negotiations on the car's price by mentioning the offers from their competitors for a similarly equipped car. If a dealer wants your business, and thinks you are serious about buying; you can negotiate down. If they refuse to come down on price, walk out. Your feet can become your strongest negotiating ally. I have gotten lower price offers by phone after walking out of a dealer's negotiation. But i have time on my side since i'm not dying to get the car...i can wait.
  • I am getting ready to purchase a S40 T5 but am not sure if I should consider the AWD. A friend drove a BMW 325 AWD and FWD and said that it was like night and day in terms of ride. Does anyone have comments about the differences in the AWD or FWD in the S40? I really want to make the right choice.

    Also, these are my chosen option packags: premium; dynamic trim; climate; audio; metalic paint. If anyone has comments on these or thinks I need to consider other options, I would love the feedback on that too.

    Thanks, "Almost an Owner"
  • Hey Everyone I am new at this so I wanted to ask for some opinions...Please Help!

    I have been out test driving cars and I found the car I want
    2007 s40 T5 AWD
    Premium Pkg
    Climate Pkg w/ Bi-xenon
    Audio Pkg
    and Metallic Paint

    The MSRP on this car is $35,917 and the invoice is $33,575 What do you guys think a good price would be?
    The prices I have been quoted seem WAY higher then everything I have read on here, like around $34,000. I dont think the dealers are taking me seriously, I am a college student..and a girl, so I think they just think I'm stupid and don't know what I'm doing. And I live in Portland OR and there are only 2 Volvo dealerships in town, so I dont really have a lot of options.

  • Hi, I just got a quote that I have not negotiated yet for the following:

    $34,291 total but not including taxes, registration, conveyance fee

    2007 Volvo S40 AWD
    T5 4dr Sedan (2.5L 5cyl Turbo 5A)

    Optional Equipment

    -- Premium Package

    -- Dynamic Trim Package

    -- Audio Package

    --Climate Package

    --Metallic Paint

    Color: Silver Metallic/Off-Black Leather

    I was also quoted $31,368 for the same car but T5 only and not FWD.

    Hope that helps!
    P.S. I am a woman too!
  • I have no luck finding a 2006 S40 2.4i automactic, T-tec, select and climate pacakge. So I am moving on to 2007 with the same options. MSRP = $29,310. The first quote I got is $25,500 (tax and fee extra), about $4,000 of MSRP. I think that's pretty good in the New England area. Let's see if I can get them a little lower!!!!!
  • From reading the board, i think that $4000 off MSRP isn't bad at all for a new 2007. That's about 13% off msrp. When i was shopping for '07 2.4i AT base, i was offerred 12% off MSRP. Seems like that's the going rate with these '07's.

    Do you know if the $4000 off contains a discount for using Volvo financing? And was the $4000 off a result of mentioning pricing to the "other" dealer? You may be able to get a sweeter deal by presenting the numbers to the "other" dealer. Plus, if you bring them the numbers and they say "No way!" --you know you have the best deal at the first dealership.

    Best of luck. Let us all know how you fair.
  • I'm looking at the same thing, and that seems like a good price. What does the Edmunds TMV show for your area? Seems like around here (NJ), they're going for around 500 below sticker.
  • Edmunds TMV is showing around $28,300 for a 07 S40 2.4i autmatic, select and climate packages. Carsdirect is about $27,500. So the quote I got ($25,500) was really good and other dealers can't match it. The problem is they gave me really low on my trade in (2004 Honda element). The lowest I checked online is around $14,000 trade in value. They gave me $12,000 which is insulting!!! Not sure if it is because a Japanese trading at a Volvo dealership?? If I take my car to a Honda dealership, may be I'll get something closer. That's why I am starting to consider a Acura TSX. Lordy, doing it all over again :sick:!!
  • We just got a black 2006 S40 T5 Auto with climate & bi-xenon headlamps and premium package with 7000 miles on it (demo) for $24,300 ($25,800 OTD) -- MSRP was $31,817, ended up paying about 76.5% of MSRP or ~$1 per mile off. I was originally looking at a 2.4 auto, no options (quoted $24,700 out the door -- $1100 less that what we ended up paying), but couldn't ignore the better engine, leather, sunroof, heated seats, etc. -- You may be able to find a demo vehicle mow if you don't mind a few miles on the car to start. Oh -- the warranty is still 4 years/50,000 miles, but the clock hasn't started yet -- still have 4 full years and ~43,000 miles -- be sure to ask about it if you look at a demo.
  • Thanks for your help! We went ahead and purchased the car after comparing prices with other out of state dealers. The big problem has been getting the car delivered to us via a transport company - we've been waiting over a week and still do not have the car! Needless to say, we're disappointed and ANGRY over this issue. Still hope we made the best deal on the car b/c the dealer certainly didn't come through with their choice in a transport company! Any advice on how to handle this delivery fiasco?
  • I got a quote yesterday of $25,800, close to what you got but I'd still like to do better than that. Another dealer presented some 0% finance options, so I will have to weigh my options and keep looking.
  • Alrighty, I almost gave up on the S40. Finally I got my S40 for $25,300 plus tax and fee today. The process went pretty smoothly. I belive it is a very good deal, $4,010 off MSRP for a 2007. Thanks everyone for their help!! I am one happy person with a car loan :confuse: ??
  • Are you sure about that? I also bought a demo, but they specifically told me that the clock started when it went it to service, and the Volvo warranty booklet also states that. If what you say is true, that would be huge! Did you get it writing or any way of proving that the warranty started when you bought it? I'd love to know because that would give me A LOT of peace of mind!
  • Congratulations on the new wheels. Where are you located? Did you take advantage of the 0% financing Volvo is currently offering. It seems I can get the lower price (which includes $1,500 cash back) or the finance offer, but not both.
  • Thanks! I think my price is too low to get the 0%. Well, when I bought it on Saturday, they didn't even mention 0% was an option. Plus I didn't see it anywhere. Did I miss something?
  • It probably just depends on where you are. I think the 0% might only be for the NY, NJ and CT area. I've seen ads in the paper and on TV for it. I think it's 0% for 24 months, 1.9% for 25-36 months, 2.9% for 37-48 months, 3.9% for 49-60 months and 4.9% for 61-72 months.
  • cstudent: It will depend on the particular car. Initially, the manager told me that the clock had started when the car was put into service. However, and this was after I had agreed to purchase the car, he told me that he had checked, and the warranty had not started yet, it would go into effect as of the date of my purchase. He indicated that it hadn't been reported to Volvo and used a term like "RNR?" as the step that starts the clock. If you were told that the warranty had been started, than likely it already had, but you could always call Volvo to confirm when the clock started ticking.
  • Received another quote of 25,900 plus tax and fees. This includes automatic transmission, blue metallic paint, select package and climate package. This also includes 3.9% financing. Good? Or should I do better?
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    Do Volov and other Euro makes charge for the met paint because they use a better paint, ot they charge it just becuase they can???? I have a 06 S40 silver met, just wondering if it's special paint.....BTW I just had my S40 in for a oil change at the dealer and got a S60 now I know why I got the 40 instead..way better driver experience, sure the 60 is quicker, but handling, road feel, cockpit feel...just doesn't least to me anyway.
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    go for it or waint until june when they have the real incentives on the 40's
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Do Volov and other Euro makes charge for the met paint because they use a better paint, ot they charge it just becuase they can?

    I say the latter. VW does not charge for metallic paint.
  • My understanding is that there are two ways that dealers put demos "in service." It depends on which way they put it in service whether or not the warranty starts at that time. I have seen both. So you are probably both right. The Dealer would have explained it.
  • I just got a new 2006 S40 for my wife. It comes with select package, leather and auto transmission. Color is blue. Final price is $22300+tax+fee which is about $7310 off the MSRP price. Got it from Mckevitt volvo at San Leandro CA. Is it a good deal? :) :shades:
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