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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • i'm looking at a 2006 cpo 9-3 aero with 13k miles...

    dealer has it listed at $18995 and says there's not much room as "they price competitively upfront"

    i amthinking 17500 would be a deal...

    any thoughts?

    i'm having a hard time making a decision after seeing the big discounts on the 2008s though...
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    $17,500 is a fair price.

    Offer $17,000 flat, then bump up to $17,500, and walk away at $17,750.

    You could probably get into a new one for under $30K. Might be worth a look to try for an '08 or '09, which you could get with XWD if you wanted. (2009 V6 models come standard with XWD, though)
  • I paid $17,200 for a CPO 2006 Arc convertible three weeks ago. It does have a manual transmission and 21,500 miles.

  • This was one of the more interesting back and forth threads in a car forum site I've read in a long, long time. I understand where both of you are coming from. I understand why the multi-dealer site would be such a sensitive issue for someone who works at a local dealer. I could also see how the internet age has made it possible for one mega dealership to have such an impact on markets outside the area. I see the prices advertised, and I sure would use the number as a bargaining tool. As a buyer, I certainly feel the tension between wanting the best deal (on the one hand) and supporting folks who are trying to make a living (on the other). I've seen car salespeople play on this tension before, and it irked me-- this "we're going to lose money if we sell you this car." I actually had a saleperson tell me something about buying his newborn diapers or some such. The good faith negotiating should go both ways.

    I don't know what to think. If I can get a 9-3 from the place in Chicago for $26K, and the more local dealership can't go lower than $28K, what should I do? $2k is a lot of money. Not too far different from the tension some people feel about shopping at Wal-Mart. I'm no fan of the rush to the lowest common denominator (dollars in your pocket) that seems to fuel "free market" capitalism, because "externalities" are so easily removed from the picture. I don't think I want a car distribution system that relies on a few mega-dealers, but they did find a way to sell saabs at cost (as loss leaders for other higher profit cars). Again, not sure what a responsible buyer is to do, but thanks for putting the matter out there, even if done with a little edge.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Save 2k on the same car? Easy decision for me as long as they have the model equipped the way I want it. Feel guilty? Donate the 2k to a worthy charity. Win-win.
  • casdmgcasdmg Posts: 11

    Dealer offered me 35857 before tax tags

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    You could probably go a little bit lower: I'd say into the $34 range, although I have found ads with several dealers listing "former GM Company Cars" (typically, Aero XWD models with Navigation) in the $35-$36 neighborhood, so you might want to give that a look...
  • i've had my eye on a 2008 sportcombi listed at 22,900 with 3k miles (former courtesy car)

    until GM and the Swedes figure out what is going to happen with Saab i'm going to sit on the sidelines.
  • Local Saab dealer has a brand new '08 turbo X on the showroom floor. MSRP is a touch over $43,000. Window sticker says $37,000. Does anyone have real world prices as to what these beasts should bring?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Judging from the ads I've seen all over eBay and, I'd say closer to the $35K mark is realistic, assuming the car hasn't been titled as a GM company car or suffered hail damage, which I've seen some examples of both.

    Maybe not exactly at $35K, but definitely closer to $35K than $37.

    If you could take it home between $35,500 and $36,000, I'd say it's a pretty good deal.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    Or.. .wait two years and buy it for $19,900?

    Sorry... it's just stunning how cheap used Saabs are... :surprise:


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  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    The missing part's of that" wait two years save 50% equation" are:First off ,the most obvious...two year old "anything's" cost less than a brand new "anything" doh!.A Turbo-x is a pretty high level performing vehicle....I'd be more comfortable saving on a two year old 2.0T.Much less chance of getting an abused vehicle,especially if we're talking 6 speed Man.Tranny.Secondly,You don't have the pleasure of driving this particular car for the two years your'e bidng your time.waiting for the depreciation to kick in. I bought a 42" Hitachi Plasma Screen tv in Dec.of 2002,I could have waited 6 years and bought a bigger model for less than half the $5,895.00 I paid in '02....but I would'nt been enjoying my HD tv in the interim period!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    I know....

    Started on the basement in May... thought I'd be getting a 46" LCD... By the time it was finished in December, I was able to get a better 52" model for less money... :)

    But, when it comes to cars, having to have the latest and greatest model is a sure way to hurt your wallet...

    I'm glad there are "early adopters", though... I like picking up where they leave off...


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  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If you want a two year old car, no need to wait. Don't know about you but if I'm in the market for a used ride waiting two years for a particular model is way beyond my patience factor.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    My local dealer has closeout pricing on 08's. 10-12 grand. Just saw the ads this weekend.
  • yv27yv27 Posts: 3
    do you have a link or more specifics on 08 saabs?

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    True, but with the Turbo X, it might hold its value a little bit better than a garden variety 2.0T, especially given its limited production run.

    I'm not saying the Turbo X would still be worth $35K in 2 years, but it probably won't be depreciated as much percentage-wise as a 2.0T would be.

    Plus, for those 2 years, you don't know what that Turbo X has been doing.
    I will admit that a used Saab is a tantalizingly good value... Especially if you can find a CPO one from a dealer... I see CPO-ed '07 sedans in the $17-$19K range...
  • Thanks to everyone who replied. Car is still on the showroom floor. I told the sales dude I would pay the window sticker $36,811. Not we are trying to find agreement on my trade-in.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    It was a saab dealer in west st. louis county. You can google saab and find them. Contact the internet dept.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    Obviously, I have no idea what the actual resale will be...

    But, usually, the highest-priced trim lines depreciate the most, percentage-wise, compared to the purchase price. Take a model that is selling closer to MSRP than it's dowdier siblings, and I think it's almost a sure bet.

    If the Turbo-X turns out to be the most popular Saab, ever.. maybe it will be the exception.. but, that's not the way the smart money would bet.

    I do agree, though... if that's the car you really want, no point in waiting on it..



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  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    New 08 9-3 convertible msrp 42k offered for 31k. It's a firesale -- I think they are dumping them.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    I don't know if it's a firesale by the dealers... It's just that GM has put massive incentives on the cars... Most dealers need the same margins as always, just to stay in business..

    The local ads in Cincinnati have '09 $35K MSRP 9-3s going for $9K off MSRP..

    That's a lot of car for $26K!!


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  • FYI, I checked into some of these 10k+ deals, and they're all service loaner cars with 2000-10000 miles on them being sold as "new". So, these aren't your brand new off the lot 2008 models. There were some that had fewer miles than others, but I didn't see any at my dealer that had less than 2k miles
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    Well.. .in the latest ad, it's an '09, not an '08... They may be demos..

    Since I'm not buying one, I'm not likely to check it out... :)


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  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    If you check eBay, one South Carolina dealer has a white 9-3 2.0T listed for $22,999, which is pretty much a deal in my book.

    At those prices, the 9-3 is competing with the Accord, Camry, and Altima...
  • deubanksdeubanks Posts: 1
    I paid $17,450 for '07 2.0t Anniversary with the CPO and 19,000 miles. I think I got a good deal.
  • netdudenetdude Posts: 4
    If anyone sees an ad or drops by a dealer with a new 2008 9-3 2.0T 6-speed manual Sportcombi, don't hesitate to post details! This is the standard transmission for all Saab 9-3s, but, this is a hard car to find! Everyone seems to prefer automatics these days :(. I am in the Los Angeles area, but, can go wherever the deal is. I saw one in Massachussetts that was almost perfect except it had the parchment interior :(. Why would Saab make a parchment interior for a car whose main purpose is utility?

    The dark exteriors are really the only ones I'm interested in the order of preference:
    1. Titanium Gray Metallic
    2. Nocturne Blue
    3. Black

  • beefabeefa Posts: 1
    I know what you mean about automatics, it was tough finding a "manly" manual out there. Finally found the one I wanted and these threads are right, you can get some good deals now with the GM kickbacks to the dealers. I picked up a brand spanking new 2008 Aero Convertible with a sticker price of over $49K (whatever) for $36K and I probably paid $3K more then their best deal but it was the car I wanted so I stopped the madness and settled at that price. White, tan top, Nav, 6 speed MANUAL, Sport Leather, Cold weather package, and 255 horses... :shades:
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    I have been shopping around for months for my next Saab in anticipation of my lease ending (current 9-3 Aero that is not worth the buyout price); Some of the deals I've found ..

    1) Brand new *0* miles 2008 9-3 Aero SS with c/w and touring package, 6SPD man, black, $27,000 out the door.

    2) Brand new 2008 9-3 Turbo X SS (less than 50 miles) w/6SPD and c/w pkg $32,600

    3) 2008 Turbo X SS with c/w and touring pkg, 11,000 miles, $27,500

    4) And a brand new 2008 9-3 Aero convertible, $32,500

    Personally, I think I am going with the used Turbo X. I'd rather have the new one, but $5000 is still a substantial amount of money to me. And with the 4yr/50k warranty period (and 10/100 powertrain + 3yr/36k free maint), I am hoping for the best.

    Opinions welcomed - if anyone wants to know where I found the other deals I'll gladly share after I make my purchase (next few days).
  • pas914,

    What part of the country are you in?

    I agree with you for going with the used Turbo-X. I am in PA and shopping for a new or used Turbo-X. Am about to get some prices on new Xs to compare against the used ones that come available. I am with you on the 5K difference. If it were 2K, I'd just get the new one.

    Good luck with your purchase. Let us know how it went and give us driving impressions after you get it. Thanks!
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