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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    alfaracer - I am in NJ, but most of the cars I found were a considerable distance away. I went ahead and bought the aforementioned Turbo X from a Landrover dealer in Virginia (it was a trade in) - ended up paying $25,995. I think I got a decent deal, but time will tell ..

    While I was on the way down there to close the deal, I got a call back about another car I had been looking at - a black '08 9-3 Aero SS w/cw and touring pkg with 11,000 miles on it AND a CPO warranty - $18,800! If I hadnt rented a car and started the trip to Virginia, I probably would've taken it and saved the $7k+

    As I side note, I read your post (on my blackberry) while driving home in my new (well, used - but new to me) Turbo X - it was reassuring to hear someone else shared my opinion about going for the Turbo X instead of the Aero! The Turbo X is awesome, but deep down I know the Aero made better financial sense.
  • Good move! That car is a deal at 26K. We were in DC & VA on Thur. & Fri and I was going to look at what is now your X, but didn't get time.

    Enjoy & good luck!
  • blp1blp1 Posts: 1
    Considering a 2006 9-3 Aero (steel gray) with 6 speed Manual transmission and 32,000 miles for $17,000. Only balance of 4 year / 50,000 mile warranty left. Looked at and other sites and thinh this is an ok deal but not spectactular. Tires are new and brakes are over half life. Car looks to be in spotless condition. Concerned with resale value if I have to sell in a few years. Any comments on whether this is a decent price or what expectations should be? Prices seem all over the place on here given Saab's current status.

    Thanks in advance.
  • crs4_00crs4_00 Posts: 10
    I purchased a 2006 Arc Convertible with a 5sp and 22,000 miles in January with a CPO warranty until 2012 for $17,200. I won't expect any resale on a Saab in a few years.
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    blp1 - I would say that the price is a bit high for that car. If you look around, you can find a 2007-2008 with lower miles for the same price. I came across more than a few 2007-2008 models with anywhere from 8,000 miles to 20,000 miles for $18-$20k. Some were CPO, some were not - but as you said, the balance of the 4yr/50k warranty still applies.

    FWIW, I had been casually shopping around since Jan, and the prices have certainly dropped quite a bit in the last few months -- most likely due to the state of Saab/GM.

    Best of luck in your search!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    In two years, it's probably an $8000 or $9000 car...

    I'd want to see around $15K, if it were me...


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  • rmy4rmy4 Posts: 1
    I was perusing this site earlier and it was useful to get an idea of prices - so thanks to everyone who posted.

    I ended up getting a new 2008 9-3 Sporticombi with the 2.0t, automatic w/ cold weather package for $20.5K (original MSRP = $31.8K, for what that's worth). Wasn't considering a new car, but it was hard to pass up. So far, so good - just hope saab and gm will be in business long enough to honor the warranty...
  • ryanm4ryanm4 Posts: 7
    Just bought a used '08 2.0 Sportcombi w/
    Cold Weather

    for $19k.

    It had 14750 miles. The dealer originally had it listed for 24,900 on the sticker, the internet price was 22,900. (either way, I think he was way too high)
    I settled on 19k after then told me they absolutely couldn't go any lower (although it was pretty easy to get them to 19k)

    Since I already bought it, please keep the 'you paid way too much' comments to a minimum. ;-)
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The only way you paid too much is if you tried to trade or sell in a few years. If you keep it looking great and well maintained and drive it 6-7 years it will still be worth 3-5k. Since you only paid 19k for it you only lost a maximum of about 15k. A little over 2k per year in depreciation. You are way ahead of the 30-40k buyers no matter what the brand. Almost everything drops to 5k after 7 years including mercedes,bmw,audi. don't go buy advertised prices-check sold prices.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Those last two prices on '08s wagons are awesome.. I really, really like those..


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  • We were looking at a 2007 9-3 tonight - $16,800.

    24,500 miles, excellent condition, new tires, spoiler, sunroof, cold weather package, Blue Tooth, XM radio, heated seats, power seats driver & passenger,
    premium wheels.

    Does this sound like a good price?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Hey, buckeyegirl2...

    Are you still in Ohio? If so, what part of the state?


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Just wondering... That's not a bad asking price.. You might have a little bargaining room.. There is an independent in Cincinnati that has two '07 sedans... both priced cheaper, but maybe less options..

    The '06 and '07 models seem to be plentiful..


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  • wolf6010wolf6010 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2008 9-3 turbo X with 14 miles. The car was loaded with Nav, cold weather package, touring package and some really nice floor mats thrown in by the dealer. The car had a sticker of $47,500 and I paid $33,700 out the door. Price included all fees, etc.
    At first I was really worried and skeptical because the price was so low but after driving it and falling in love with it I am now pretty happy with the deal!!
  • boxerboyboxerboy Posts: 1
    Did Saab offer active rollover protection on a 2000 9-3 convertible?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    They're plentiful because a lot of them were leased and are now coming off of 2 and 3 yr leases. I wish I had the need for a new car- a used Saab would definitely show up on my short list.

    In a year or two, the supply of used Saabs will dry up as GMAC canned leasing for Saab sometime in 2008. But, somehow there are plenty of "former GM company cars" being offered for sale at deep discounts.

    If you can get a dealer to CPO one of those, then you have one heckuva deal.
  • esobelesobel Posts: 6
    I'm thinking about getting a new Turbo X. I've been researching the car for the last few weeks or so and I like it a lot.

    I spoke with a salesperson on the phone who had an automatic X (MSRP $45,305) as well as an Aero XWD (MSRP $41,955). He first went down to $29995 on the Aero, but when I said I was interested in the Turbo X, he asked if he had to bring it down the same price as the Aero to get me to buy it. This conversation had only been a couple minutes long on the phone and he already seemed willing to drop $15k off the price, so with these kinds of deals it's looking like a steal.

    I'm interested more in a manual, however. There's 1 about an hour away and a few more a couple hours away. Since manuals are cheaper I think I could get one as low as ~$28k if I play my cards right (there's one in the exact configuration I want that's advertised for $29,840 and I think I could go lower especially considering the price wolf6010 got on his fully loaded X).

    Anyone have any thoughts on this kind of pricing? I know this car is overpriced at or around MSRP (not considering it's uniqueness), but at these prices I can't think of more bang for your buck.
  • wolf6010wolf6010 Posts: 2
    The Saab Turbo X was number 4 of the 5 car list that I compiled in order to buy a new car. After the test drive I was hooked, and the car looks awesome!! I thought the Salesman was nuts or the car was a lemon when without making an offer the salesman instantly cut 15K off the MSRP. I left, the owner of a Saab Turbo X with 14 miles and only paid $33,700 and that included all fees (No sales tax here in NH)
    The Dealership had one more to sell and when I drove thru their lot a week later it was still there and I was shocked. With a sticker of $43 K they wanted under 30K and no one bought it yet.
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    If you're looking for a new '08 Aero, $26-$29k should be within range. If you're looking at a new Turbo X, I would be very surprised to see one at that same price. The sticker on the X is a lot higher, and the manuf incentives are much lower (so the dealership has to eat more $$ even though your price would be the same). I think $33-34k is a more reasonable expectation.

    One suggestion I would make - don't limit yourself to "local" cars. If you know you like the car and you are buying a NEW Turbo X, you may as well look all over the country. You can usually arrange to have the car shipped for a few hundred bucks -- might even get the dealer to pick up all/part of that.
  • advice please:
    interested in a 2007 9-3 Convertible Anniversay Edition, CPO, only 3250 miles,,,dealer sticker is $23,925 and will not budge on price, states that they recently lowered the lot price by $1000.00 and do not have any more room to it a good deal at $23,925? hate paying sticker price but wife loves the car.
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    Without knowing any more specifics about the car (Navigation? Touring or cold weather pkg?), I would say it's a pretty good deal if its a 4 cyl, and an awesome deal if it's an Aero ..

    With only 3250 miles its practically brand new - if your wife really loves the car don't let a few $$ get in the way of an already good deal ..
  • Sorry about that and thanks for the reply. The Anniversary package is a 4cyl, 17in wheels, spoiler, heated seats, power seats, cd changer/satellite, NO nav though...
    and you're right, at this point the only difference that they could possibly make is a few dollars...thanks for bringing a little clarity
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    FYI - heated seats indicates that the car has the "cold weather package" (also comes with headlamp washers I believe). If the car also has homelink (garage door opener on rear view mirror), rear parking assist (backup sensor), rain sensing wipers, and memory settings on the power seat (for seat+mirror settings) then the car also has the "touring package".

    Either way, for a conv w/cpo warranty I think $24k is pretty good. If it were me I'd walk into the dealership and offer $22,500 or $23000 with check in hand. If they say no, walk out and goto lunch (hopefully they'll stop you or call while at lunch) and then come back and pay their price after a good meal. In the end, you get a great car that you/the wife is happy with (and is covered under warranty), does $15-$20/month on the payment really matter???

    Good luck with whatever you decide ..
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    brand new convertibles are around for 32k.
  • yes, they are having 8500 rebates or 0% on new ones.
    we pulled the trigger on the 07 Saab 9-3 2.0T Anniversary Edition for $23,500, CPO, 3250 miles. W :) e pick it up Thursday after some prep work on the paint...nothing serious. happy with our decision...thanks for your assistance.
  • theaktuarytheaktuary Posts: 1
    I bought a new 08 93 areo combi with $26 OTD last week.
  • danasondanason Posts: 2
    I just paid 24.7 for a 2008 2.0 convertible, brand new, with manual, 17" alloy wheels; cold weather package; and upgraded sound system. MSRP was 42.5.
  • bedub247bedub247 Posts: 2
    That's a good price - I recently offered $20k plus my wife's 2003 Mercury Sable for a nicely equipped '08 Aero Sportcombi XWD. Salesman acted like I was $10k away; figured I was probably $4k low and he'd at least talk to me a bit. Nope, but he has my number and expect surely he'll call back.
  • danasondanason Posts: 2
    If you don't hear from him, I would suggest trying again without the trade-in, which may be a complicating factor. If you add to the 20K what you can get from a private sale of the Sable, you may have a better shot. Good luck.
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