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Toyota Solara



  • Has anyone heard when the all-new model Solara will be in the showroom? I mean with 6 speed automatic and 3.5 V6.
  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 84
    A dealership in Hawaii recently told me that the '07 Solara will go on sale in the Fall, will be a carryover of the '06 model with few, if any changes, and definitely won't be a redesign like the new Camry sedan. Has anyone heard otherwise?
  • Not sure if this is the right place, but my tires are worn out so I need new ones. I have the 17-inch alloy wheels for the '04 edition. Now I don't know anything about tires but is $123/tire a good price? If not, does anyone know a place that gives a better deal in SoCal (specifically Orange County)? Thanks for any help!
  • According to posts I have read on, the '07 Solara will be at the dealers in July. It will be a facelift of the '06 and not a complete redesign. The 3.5 engine and 6 speed transmission will not be put in the Solara. After the '08 model year, the car will be discontinued. I was disappointed to read this, but not surprised. I own an '04 convertible that I bought new two years ago and rarely see another one. I don't think that this car sells well. In fact, I don't think that 2 door cars in general sell well.
  • cteevancteevan Posts: 3
    My dad just bought a used Solara 2002 and today the dealer told him if he loses the key, he's outa luck -- can't make a copy of his key because it is the Valet Key, not the original key. I think this car was repossessed and he bought it at a bank auction. This is going to be a real problem. If this key gets misplaced or he locks it in the car, forget about it.

    Poor Dad.

    So if you have had any luck w/ this problem I would love to hear about it.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    Are you saying the coupe or the convertible will be discontinued? I see a lot of Solara convertibles around here (No. Virginia), but rarely see the coupe model.
  • solara31solara31 Posts: 14
    Both the convertible and coupes will be discontinued. The assumption is the Solara will be built until the 2008 model year (to give it a 5 year cycle). But if sales continue to dive the Solara could be discontinued after the 2007 model year (Toyota wound up with alot of unsold 2005 Echos due to Scion, and I'm sure they don't want to wind up in that situation again).

    Here in Arizona I see a alot of Solaras, but I've seen way more convertibles than coupes.

    I have a 2002 SE model that has been a wonderful car for me. I plan to purchase an 07 V6 SLE. The Solara just seemed to be a car that you got a lot for the money, regardless of the trim line purchased.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Hey Rreynolds12,

    I am by no means a mechanic, but here are my answers:

    1. Yeah, it does. When I drive off with my Solara after it,s been sitting for a while, the engine does rev higher to warm up the catalytic converter as fast as possible so that your car doesn't pollute as much. After a few minutes of driving, the revs drop and normal road habits should be expected.

    2. Definitely have the gas cap checked or even replaced before going to the Toyota dealer. Once you've replaced it, reset the "check engine" light by removing one of the battery connections for a few seconds and put it on again--this is what I do when the sensors do that on my car--call it the poor man's reset button. Toyota will charge you $35 to do this. If the problems persist, however, the check engine light will light up again, in which case, bring it to the dealer.

    3. I don't think the gas cap would give you this jerkiness, and can't really think of what it could be. Have this checked by a technician. Since you said you were willing to go to a Toyota dealer, I'd do that for this problem.

    I hope this helps. Congrats on your fantastic purchase.
  • cteevancteevan Posts: 3
    Can someone please tell me what my poor old papa can do about the keys to his bank auction purchase, a 2002 Solara?

    He got a single key to the car. The Valet Key. Dealer says he cannot duplicate the Valet Key. You need the original key, which is probably still with the original owner who defaulted on his/her payments. Buying a new key will be MANY hundreds of dollars because it involves reprogramming the engine or something. A security feature that can be overridden only by getting your hands on the original key. If he loses this one key, ....
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    My guess: When I got my 2004 Solara they gave me a number for the key and told me that any Toyota dealer could take that number and make a new key. Perhaps a dealer could use your VIN to get to the factory build info for your car and get the key code that way.

    Good Luck!
  • solara31solara31 Posts: 14
    The number for the key is to replicate keys with the computer chips in them. I bought an 06 Solara SLE V6 yesterday, and they gave me a number to save and use in case I lose any of my keys. The 02 Solaras didn't have computer chips in the keys, so there is no number to refer to. But giving the dealer the VIN number might work to generate a new key. Otherwise, the only thing I can think of is go to a locksmith.
  • ateamateam Posts: 1
    I am having problems with my 99 solara sle. it keeps wearing out my front tires. the tire place keeps telling me it is the car. car drives straight but chatters real bad when brakes are applied? any ideas? tires are only lasting 5 months....
  • mtkaplanmtkaplan Posts: 15
    I am picking up my new 2006 Solara SLE Convertible on Tuesday. It was driven by the dealers wife home a few times. After my test drive around the block, it has 485Kms on it. Should I have them do anything with the car (besides cleaning it)? I read about the car learning the way you drive as an example. Is there something that should be reset? Anything else I should do or check before, after or while at the dealer picking it up?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • meegwellmeegwell Posts: 67
    If by reset, you mean resetting the odometer, that's probably not gonna happen. Resetting the odometer in the U.S. is a crime -- fraud by deception or something. You might check w/ your dealer -- it's probably a no-no in Canada too.

    Here's something to consider. When does a new car become a used car? What's the max. # of miles that can appear on the odometer before a new car becomes a used car? You might be able to negotiate a better deal if you were sold a new car but are actually buying a used one. Did you know you were buying a demo? Did you get a used car price or are you paying full price?

    Let us know how things progress.

  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    I think the car will learn the way you drive soon enough.
    You don't have to start over from square one.

    Good luck with your new ride.
  • lmjmlmjm Posts: 3
    I, too, would like to hear people's advise and possibly legal info regarding relatively high miles on the odometer of a new car.

    Short story: Went to Saab dealer. Made offer that was accepted. Filled out paperwork and paid $2,000 deposit. Now waiting to go back with bank check and pay rest of downpayment. In the mean time, it caught my eye that the odometer value listed on the purchase contract was written very strangely: regular size 3 and 6 followed by a small and raised 5 (i.e., a kind of superscript 5 that is only 1/2 to 3/4 the size of the other digits). At first sight it looks mostly like it is intended to mean 36.5, but I e-mailed the dealer and he says it does have 365 miles. They claim that this is so because it was swapped in from another dealer. However, the other dealer listed on the sticker is only 140 miles away, and thus another 220 miles remain unaccounted for.

    Are there any laws about the number of miles on a new car and how they were acquired (dealer exchange vs test drive vs dealer personal use etc)? If so, are the laws state specific? Anybody know anything about Connecticut?

    Do I have to accept the car? Can I insist on them getting an identical car with a more normal number of miles for a new vehicle (10-50 or so)? Should I not worry even though this is a $30,000 purchase? Etc etc etc...

    Thank you in advance for any insights!
  • mtkaplanmtkaplan Posts: 15
    By reset, I did not mean the odometer. I meant the computer so that it would start tracking my driving habits with a fresh start. It is certainly illegal here as well to reset the odometer and 500KMs is still new.

    I leased my 300M with 6000KMs on it. It was still considered new for my lease but my start mileage was 6000KMs instead of 0 or whatever small amount is usually on the odometer.

    In your case, It is possible that one of the dealers used the car for test drives to make sure a problem was not there/corrected or for client trials. Like in my case, I really would not worry about a small mileage like that.

    I did not really get much of any discount because of the mileage already on the vehicle. I got a fantastic price to begin with, got them to throw in splash guards and got an extra $1/month off (just to say that they gave me a better price) because of the 'used' car.

    I am at this point without a choice anyway. It seems that all the available convertibles in this part of Canada at least are gone. I have been looking for one for the last 2 weeks and all of them available have been sold through Quebec and Ontario. This is kind of my only choice for a 2006 as the one or two more available are not in my preferred coloring (Blk w/tan is available if the dealer in Ontario will let it go but I personally don't like the tan roof on a blk car, I got the blk/blk). As per the dealer, a car with a couple of thousand KMs on it or more may be considered a demo and justify a better price but a car with under 500 is still considered new. I would personally concur with that statement. I certainly had the right to get a new car but... I will still love my new Convertible.
  • cteevancteevan Posts: 3
    Solara31, What locksmith would have the magic ingredient to get a real key to this car? My poor Dad is driving around with a single valet key. The dealer checked the VIN and told him he could not get another key without doing that $2,000 engine dance. This can't possibly be legal. Who in the world ever heard of such a thing? We're not even talking $50 or $100 for a key -- $2,000? There ought to be a law. Is there?
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Sounds to me like someone doesn't know how to do a alignment!...take it to somoene who knows what the hell they are doing.And as far as the shutter...replace the front brake rotors.
  • elmotooelmotoo Posts: 1
    Does anyone have an 06 solara conv with a windscreen? I do and am having a problem. The windscreen folds down by itself whenever I go over 40 MPH.....Is there a trick to making it stay upright when driving?
  • ckb2004ckb2004 Posts: 11
    Your on the money. I have had a problem sense 2000 miles and it is still on going, as I have filed a law suit against Toyota. Theres alot of us out there with the front end problem. It doesn't get any better either.
  • oxmeadoxmead Posts: 79
    Well, since my last post, I had all the front end work done that they suggested. I never thought it was that bad, but it is better. It doesn't veer to the left at all. It was all covered under warranty. ( the bill was about $900) I think it was something with the 2004's. They were the ones that brought it up. That's what makes me think they were trying to get around a recall. I had the same problem with a Saturn. They called it a "suspension upgrade". That was the least of the problems with that deathtrap. No more GM for me.
  • kje128kje128 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2004 Solara. At slow speed or braking at slow speed, the front end pulls to the left. I get the feeling by reading all these postings that this is an ongoing problem. Do you have any hints of what is causing this pull? Hope I didn't buy a "million dollar" car. Thanks
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    Take it to a dealer, there is a TSB about modifying the windscreen to help this problem.
  • meegwellmeegwell Posts: 67
    Hi elmotoo,

    Just purchased the "new windscreen." The part # on my set of directions is: PT906-06041. Did you purchase that part or a different one. I was told the original one for this car was recalled or discontinued. I was not told why, just that it had problems.

    Did you install your windscreen yourself? If you purchased the part from your dealer have you taken it back and asked them to fix it?

    When I got my windscreen home and opened the box along with a bag of parts I found a set of poorly written and confusing instructions. I've decided to have the dealer install it. There is some drilling and fitting involved and I wanted to make sure it was all done properly.

    I will post the results of my installation (next week) on this forum.

  • Bought 2000 Toyota Solara SE V6 new. Have almost 80,000 miles on it and the only thing i do is the recommended services at the dealership. This car will last me until I get out of college and get a real job. Which is not a bad thing. No car loan and repair bills equals no college loans. Keep it up Toyota and i just might be a Toyota owner for life.
  • meegwellmeegwell Posts: 67
    Istallation went well. Had to leavemy car @ the dealership for 1/2 a day -- this was the first time the dealership had installed this part. Install done properly w/ no problems. Cost $281.

    Part works properly. No problems.

    When sceeen is up & windows are up there is a bit less wind and noise in the front seat.

  • beavkbeavk Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum, but yeah, i bought my Solara in 2004, and it does have the problem of the steering going towards the left direction when the car is on highway. Also, there are tons of minor problems like the wind noise coming in from the rear side window, noisy opening for the moonroof. But since my car is still in warranty, doesn't it mean that I don't have to pay for parts and service? And under what circumstances will the deal give you a free rental? Cuz' i had a subaru, and the engine was making weird noises, so i took it to the dealer, and they sent the computer from the car to somewhere, and they gave us a rental for free. even all the parts and service were free too.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ...Bought 2000 Toyota Solara SE V6 new. Have almost 80,000 miles on it and the only thing i do is the recommended services at the dealership. This car will last me until I get out of college and get a real job. too (that is I bought an SE V6 5M new)...sold it to my college roommate - - gave him big time great deal. ( cool dude: back then he could cook, sew, iron.......all the skills that eluded me - - - at the time).

    ..never bought a new car in college (never even bought one during my first real job - seagoing naval reserve officer)..must be missing something somewhere proficiency-wise............

    Certainly agree Solara trouble free for 80k....(still is - -per my old bud...)

  • ivonneivonne Posts: 1
    Hello. I'm new to this forum, so not sure how this works. Well, I have a 2005 Sport Solara, bought it new & barely have it a yr. Some months ago I started noticing the hood has chip paint all over, looks like missing dots of paint of different sizes. The funny thing is that I bought the protective sealant, too. It seems that the paint job isn't good not even with the protective sealant. I'm not sure how to start a claim against Toyota to get this fix. And after reading to all the paint problems from this forum people have, I'm afraid Toyota would do nothing. So, if anyone with similar problems can advise me on how to handle this, please... :confuse:
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