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Toyota Solara



  • sparky20sparky20 Posts: 8

    I am on the mpg avg and I do reset it after every refill of gas. I always fill to full and ride it down to almost empty and calculate the mpg. I get +33mpg consistently, but the computer states 36 mpg. The computer must be calculating wrong. I thought there might be a way to fix this, but it really is no big deal.

    I agree, the Solara is a great highway cruising car. I imagine that in the city, it wouldn't do so well.

  • nextgennextgen Posts: 8
    Hi am into a good handling car and the Solara is not bad, much better then a Camry, but just not as level on the turns as I would like. I have put heavy duty anti sway bars on many cars with great results. The reason I am asking about putting one on my 2008 is all the ads I read say it makes the ride from 25 to 75% stiffer. On all the cars I have done the ride stays the same, the sway bar only comes into play on turns. Anyone put a HD sway bar on their Solara, did it change the ride and did you notice a difference on turns.

    Joe Cali
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    I put the TRD rear sway bar on to improve the handling and IMHO it improved significantly. It has three settings so you can easily adjust it to your liking. It comes with polyurethane bushings which I have used on other cars and I think that also helps. I have it in the center position which is a balance of ride and control and have not tried either of the other settings. I did not notice any significant degradation in the ride. I have the Sport Convertible and also added the front strut tower brace to reduce the notorious convertible cowl shake and help the front stability - It looks nice, but I don't think the front helped all that much. I would definitely go for the rear sway bar - I don't know why they didn't put a heavier bar on at the factory given the lean in the stock setup.
  • meegwellmeegwell Posts: 67
    This sounds interesting. Have you thought about the effect, if any, your addition of an after-market sway bar and or a strut tower brace have on the automatic stability control that's built into the Solara? Depending on how "intelligent the a.s.c. system is it might need to be re-calibrated.

    Your thoughts,

  • nextgennextgen Posts: 8
    Hi, where did you get the sway bar.
    Was it difficult to install and how much did you pay. I have the coupe I am sure it will make it a real road car. The coupe is very solid, like a rock. I just like less lean.
  • roofie1024roofie1024 Posts: 11
    I have a 2008 SLE 4cylinder and also find the computer for MPG is about 3MPG more than my computations
    I keep looking at the "puney" gear shift knob and would like to find a bigger one. Anyone know of a website that carries them? Thanks, Charlie
    PS. Has anyone talked to a dealer about the MPG problem?
  • vonbill3vonbill3 Posts: 20
    I have kept complete tank vs computer mpg for almost 10,000 miles. The grand average is that the computer overestimates mpg by 10.8 pct. That's consistent with many of the reports here.
  • bocy75bocy75 Posts: 2
    Hey Everyone!
    I bought a 2001 Toyota Camry Solara with 95.000 Miles in it.
    The car have a vibration over 60 mph, i can feel it through the entire body and also in the steering wheel, and it comes from the front of the car. No change when decreasing / increasing the speed (only if it goes below 60 then the vibration goes away) , and also braking do nothing with it, the vibration not getting stronger/weaker, and the car is going perfectly straight at braking. The car have a brand new set of tires, all wheel balanced (twice) , and alignment is done by a Toyota recommended Garage.
    Any idea would be greatly appreciated.
  • buppersbuppers Posts: 25
    I had a very similar problem with a Highlander. Even though the vehicle was brand new, it was the TIRES! If you didn't have the problem before the new set of tires, that may be the problem. I changed from the Goodyears to Michelins after only 500 miles and the problem entirely went away.
  • bocy75bocy75 Posts: 2
    thank you for the reply, but sadly that cannot be the solution for my problem, beacuse i had that problem with my old set of tires too. This was one of the reasons of getting a brand new set of tires.
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    It sure sounds like balance. I'd go to another tire shop and re-balance all 4 tires.
  • buppersbuppers Posts: 25
    I also agree that if it isn't the tires themselves, it sure sounds like a balance problem. Please let us know how this is resolved. Good Luck!
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    with a '95 Aurora - I bought one of the first - Olds finally ended up replacing ALL 4 rotors and spindles - they even flew an engineer from Detroit to oversee and investigate the problem. Problem fixed. Glad I didn't need to pay for it! It is possible that it is not tires/balancing. Sorry for the bad news.

    PS: I still have the car with ~13,000 miles on it - it has never seen rain or snow.
  • I have a 2001 Solara Conv. SE and I was wondering if there is a way to make it so that I can have my parking lights AND fog lights on WITHOUT having to have the headlights on.
  • zaken1zaken1 Posts: 556
    The simplest way to do that would be to install a dedicated switch and relay, which would connect power to the fog lights when the relay was activated, independently of any other electrical accessories. For example; a 12 volt, 20 amp, single pole, double throw headlight relay; and a 5 amp, single pole, single throw toggle switch could be wired so that when the relay was not energized (in the normally closed mode), the fog lights would be connected to the normal headlight circuit. When the relay coil was energized (by the dash mounted switch); the fog light contact in the relay would disconnect from the headlight circuit, and switch over to the vehicle's power lead. And that would turn the fog lights on. This is hardly rocket science; a competent automotive electrical techncian should be able to visualize and install this circuit with a minimum of difficulty.
  • Why??? I have been steeped in cars for many years. I have an '04 Solara with fog lights. When "Fog Lights" came into the scene, people seem to think their cars are Christmas Trees without thinking of other people on the road. First of all, fog lights are abusive to oncoming traffic like high beams, secondly they only have minimal effect in foggy or snowy conditions. As a car salesman at delivery, I recommend to all of my customers to use them judiciously.
  • bobbob Posts: 2
    New 08 Solara. MP3 player whines . Pitch changes with acceleration. Not too loud but annoying.

    Any ideas or experience?
  • i have an '06 se and have the same problem. it seems like no matter what i do it does not get any traction when moving. i haven't tried snow tires but i hear that they are a godsend in wintery weather they might help out a little bit. do you have the trac control option on it?
  • I recommend the snow tires for maximum winter traction. The stock tires on most cars are ok with minimal snow on the roads but can't handle much more than a dusting. I run 4 blizzack snow tires on cheap steel wheels on my commuting cars in winter. Usually put them on around mid-December and take them off in March--depending of course on the weather at that time. I usually get 3-4 seasons out of a set of snow tires. I have never been stuck with snow tires and have driven through snow storms where SUVs have been spun off the road and in ditches.
    Traction control will not help you much in snow with stock all season tires, however, there are better all season upgrades available that will give the car more bite in the snow.
  • whatszupwhatszup Posts: 3
    I was looking to purchase a 2008 Solara SLE (V6), until I read a review by consumer reports that you should avoid the V6 Camry They did not state if this also applied to the 2008 Solara. I wrote consumer reports and am awaiting their reply. Does anyone know of "problems " with the 2008 V6 in the Solara??
    p.s. just joined as a new member, I am amazed at the knowledge and experience you all have.. your help is appreciated , holding off buying at this time.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    The Camry you're using for comparison is the redesigned one for 08 and has a 3.5l V6 - The Solara is based on the prior generation of the Camry and it has the 3.3l - not the same V6. Research the engine of an 05 Camry for comparison. Consumer Reports stopped listing the Solara this year as they are not making a 2009 ... Get last year's Consumer Reports and look up the 08 Solara V6 - it is rated as a very reliable car. Bottom line - buy the car!
  • buppersbuppers Posts: 25
    I own two '08 Solara SLE V6's. I have not had any problems with either car. I also did not have any problems with the '05 SLE V6 I previously owned. I strongly recommend the Solara. I still don't understand why it has been discontinued. You should be able to get a great deal right now...
  • whatszupwhatszup Posts: 3
    my thanks to you and buppers for your advice. I am looking now and hope to have one by next week.
  • whatszupwhatszup Posts: 3
    my personal thanks to you.
  • buppersbuppers Posts: 25
    Be sure to let us know what you get and how good the deal is. Best of luck!
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    I just saw a new SLE ragtop in silver in the Diehl Toyota, Butler PA showroom going for ~4 grand off sticker as a "Manager's Special" - whatever that is. Too bad I already have one in white!
  • cellotrackcellotrack Posts: 2
    Hi, I have a pearl white 1999 Toyota Solara SLEV6 with 110,000 miles. Recently, while I was parked at the mall parking lot, I realized someone rear-ended my rear bumper while I was out shopping and not the car. I have full insurance coverage but a $500 deductible. There is just some paint that is chipping off and cracking. The bumper is not dented in or damaged otherwise. I was thinking I should report to the insurance carrier as a hit and run but also thought about taking it to MAACO to get it repainted. I had a previous car's bumper painted by MAACO for about $300 which would be cheaper than my $500 deductible. I am worried the paint will continue to chip off or the bumper might rust if I leave it alone. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  • zaken1zaken1 Posts: 556
    Incidentally, your bumper cannot rust; because it is all made out of plastic.

    I have been very happy with the quality and price of the paint work that MAACO has done; but $300 to paint a slightly scratched bumper sounds like a lot to me. If you prefer to have it professionally done, that might be the best option. However, there is now an aerosol paint made by Krylon, which is called "Fusion For Plastic." It is designed to bond directly to most plastics with no sanding, no priming, and no fuss. It comes in a spray can with a special "EZ Touch Fan" nozzle, which makes application neat and easy. And this paint dries in 15 minutes or less. It is sold by Summit Racing in 12oz spray cans for $4.95 each. One of the available colors is Gloss White (Summit item #SHW-2320). It shouldn't be difficult to fasten newspaper to the surrounding areas with masking tape; to prevent any overspray from going where it is not intended. And in case you end up unhappy with the job; you'll only be out a few bucks; and can still take the car to MAACO.
  • luvumeluvume Posts: 4
    i would definitely find out first with your insurance company if a hit and run will be counted against you as a "moving violation" and eventually raise your insurance rate. I actually scratched the front bumper a few months ago and haven't repainted it YET. it hasn't rusted or gotten worse (just so you know). I will probably eventually have someone paint and fix it up. i guess i would NOT recommend reporting it though
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    I got a bumper scrape on a silver Solara. I have a friend who is the service manager for a luxury car dealer. He had me come over on the day a touchup specialist came in to touch up used cars. For less than $100 he made it look like new. I later saw the same guy at a car wash doing the same thing once a week. They also did dent removal.
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