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Toyota Solara



  • to all my fellow Solara owners, and everyone else out there on the Forums.

    My Pearl White SLE is 4 years old today, and still has not had a single repair or squeak or rattle. I wish you all the same experience!
  • It's that good California living!
  • I've read on other sites that the new 2004 Solara will be out this spring redesigned as a 2004 model. Does anyone have any pics or news on this?
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    2004 Toyota Camry Solara: New model introduced in spring 2003 with mechanical changes in line with the redesigned 2002 Camry sedan. We hear it is a proper notchback coupe, not a fastback like first-generation car.

    thats about all i could find on internet
  • I am a happy owner of a 2000 Accord EX V6 coupe. Since Honda has seen fit to make the '03 Accord Coupe look like it was styled by the same guys who ruined the Taurus in '96, I too would be interested in knowing what to expect with the next Solara. Lets hope Toyota doesn't screw up its midsize coupe like Honda did.
  • There isn't alot of information on the new Solara as of yet, however, the designer for it is the same as the one who designed the SC430 Convertible from Lexus. From what I've heard, it looks very similar to that vehicle. It's going to be based on the new generation Camry platform. As we get info, I'll be sure to post it here.

  • Unfortunately, I think the SC430 is not very attractive. It looks like an old bar of soap.
  • I've heard all kinds of desciptions if the 2004 Solara. I don't believe that it will look like an SC430, and I don't believe it will be a notchback. One thing I know is that when it does come out it's going to make our Solaras look old, so I'll probably want to buy it or another car. We don't need descriptions, we need pictures, and good ones too. If anybody finds any, please post a link.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    what's a notchback? thanks
  • '03 Accord coupe - i though it was just me. i actually liked the look of the '00 Accord coupe.

    then again, a friend of mine into muscle cars keeps showing me pics of Superbirds, 'Cudas, and Chargers, and swears that almost all '90's era cars are boring to look at.

    counter to that, i usually bring up the '70's era AMC contingent... :)
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    A 'notchback' has a perceptible angle at the rear of the roof, where it meets the supporting pillar, as opposed to a 'fastback' where the roofline just flows rearward.
  • hello everyone, new to this forum but somewhat active in the honda portion, owning both an 03 accord and an 00 solara.

    the notchback talk might have come from an internet photo with "hollywoodextra" as part of its url.

    the website is till there but recently have had no success pulling up the photo, which i succeeded doing sometime april/may 02.

    what i remember of the supposed 04's styling is that yes, it's a notchback and that it's not as attractive (a subjective opinion of course) as the current gen.

    if the outgoing solara was designed in toyota's california studio, and the incoming car is a japan domestic model (which it seemed like based on the brief article on said website), the 04 car may take some time getting used to.

    that's an observation of home-market cars sold in the us such as the current infiniti m45 and some more older japanese cars.

    won't be long before motor trend gives us an artist's sketch, if not a spy photo, of this awaited car.
  • jrp6977jrp6977 Posts: 87
    If it is a Hollywood extra photo, I wouldn't bet the farm that it is accurate. Many of the photos from that site are photo shop creations. An example from the past was the photos of the 2003 Accord. The new model looks nothing like those photos. Its too bad because the coupe looked much better than what Honda ended up giving us. Another example is the 2003 (or maybe '04) Mercury sedan. It shows a Ford Mondeo from Europe with a Mercury grille. The text says it is shown driving around a test track somewhere while the pics are actually of the Mondeo at an auto show with the grille doctored up with a computer. I have seen the actual Mondeo pics and recognized it. So be cautious about believing everything from that site. Some are accurate, but many are not.
  • The driver's side seat belt recoil mechanism, or as it may be called - pretensioner, doesn't work well. Many times I have to feed it back in the side panel to get it to retract. I took it to the dealer and their report states "no problem found in parts or workmanship, normal for Solara convertible". I do not route the belt through the seat guide/holder because it really binds it up.

    To the forum, anyone with a convertible let me know the status of your seat belt....working or otherwise.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    Sorry to be so tardy in reply but I was away from Dec.20 to today (Jan.3) and just read your query. No, the wheels should be OK w the 215 tires. I did use alternate wheels but that was to avoid the mounting/unmounting problem. Hope this reply is not too late.

    Happy 2003 to all of you !!
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    The mechanism that you're describing is the retractor. The pretensioner on a seatbelt is activiated in the event of an accident and in most cases is a pyrotechnic device. The guide they use of the seatbelts has very small tolerences so that the seatbelt does not twist up within the guide. What I've found works best if your seatbelt is binding is to use a bar of soap. DO NOT WET IT! With the dry bar of soap, rub it on the areas that seem to have trouble binding and it typically solves the problem. Hope this helps.

  • I've seen that photo of the 2004 Solara to which you were referring. I don't believe Toyota would sell anything that could possibly look like that.
  • Have yet to see a photo, of the new Solara. What is the website?

    Being European, notchback, is a topless. Is this what it is???
  • I have seen the photo of the 2004 Solara on the Hollywoodextra website, and I am sure it is no longer there. I agree that Hollywoodextra is an unreliable source of information, and I would not take anything posted on that site seriously. On another topic, I also agree that the current Accord is not as attractive as the former model. I believe that it is very likely that the next generation Solara will be less attractive than the current model. If it is due by the spring, I guess that means we should expect it by May? I know this is totally wacky, but I wish they would put t-tops on it and a bigger motor. That would really set it apart from the Camry, and any other car for that matter. I don't have a moonroof on mine, because I dislike moonroofs, but I love t-tops. I think the last Japanese car to have t-tops was the Z, and I loved them. I remember that the old Monte Carlos had t-tops on them, and I think that the Solara appeals to a similar crowd. Most of us like the smooth, non-sporty, American car ride that the Solara gives, and we all love the fact that it's a coupe. What the heck would we do with two extra doors anyway? Kids are really limber, and they can easily squeeze into the back seat.
  • ...and if the 2004 Solara doesn't look great, I'm going to write Toyota hate mail. There is absolutely no excuse to make a car which only sells in North America unappealing to americans. Personally, I'm getting tired of the strange Japanese designs.
  • hollywoodextra can get creative, but gosh, that site sure is entertaining.

    latest pics, though, seem to be dead-on with some cars, like the acura tsx and the 04 maxima (seen in atlanta periodical just today).

    about the 04 solara being a notchback, if the 03 accord coupe is turning out to be a niche enthusiast's car (minimalist, simple lines, etc.), maybe toyota will still bring out a nissan sylvia-lookalike. they don't have much to lose by way of sales if it bombs. on the other hand, it could be an image-setter for the model line where it matters.

    just thinking...
  • seg52seg52 Posts: 1
    If the 2004 Camry Solara will be out in the Spring, why isn't there a picture of it available now? I read about the release date in the Spring on the Internet too, but received a message after I inquired at the Toyota website that the pictures don't come out until around launch time and that launch time is generally in the fall!! I've checked out "notchback" mustangs, z-200's and am kind of unsure as to what the Solara will look like. What's a "proper notchback"-- I've seen some notchback pics that looked fine and others that were ugly, I sure hope Toyota doesn't screw up the Solara style!
  • Is it going to appear on any major auto show circuits? If so, when and where?

    I also hope that they remove the name "Camry" from the car (in the same fashion in which "Celica" was removed from "Celica Supra" in the early-mid '80s, leaving just "Supra.") and just become "Solara."
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    Do U.S. model Solara's have "Camry" on the car badging, because in Canada the Solara does not say Camry on the car anywhere ??? Just curious.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Other than on Window stickers and labeling inside of the car such as inside the engine compartment and inside the door jams, there is nothing on the outside of the Solara's here that have the name Camry on them.
  • jrp6977jrp6977 Posts: 87
    I think Toyota puts the Camry name on the car so that they can include two door sales in total Camry sales. That gives them a few extra sales to count towards that important "Best Selling Car" title they seem to crave.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Similar to why Honda doesn't have a different name for their Accord coupe. The few sales they do have of that model along with the few sales(comparatively for both models compared to sedans) the Solara has gives a little added boost to the Accord and Camry sales numbers.
  • The Camry sedan alone is #1 in sales over both the Accord sedan and coupe. Camry was 2002's top selling car, but I don't recall the difference in sales between it and the Accord. I think the Solara's sales would just add to the Camry's lead over the Accord.
  • hi everyone - i'm an 00 solara se owner also craving to know about the 04 model.

    if the new solara will have a sportier personality, like a nissan sylvia notchback (the rumored style), will you upgrade ? and why/why not ?

    seemed far-fetched at first but with the 03 accord coupe looking like a purpose-built (for performance, with a prelude personality) car, toyota might just bring us a performance-biased vehicle, which it is perfectly capable of doing.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Although I'm pretty sure the new Solara will be very nice, I don't see why I should trade my Solara for the new one. The current Solara has trendy yet conservative lines, which I believe won't make the car look old.

    I just hope Toyota has kept the T-dash style, like the current Solara. They did away with it with the new Camry, and it just doesn't look as good anymore.
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