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Toyota Solara



  • rbleland and Canc: thank you for your answer, this is very much appreciated.

    I brought the car yesterday to a Toyota dealership, and they were extra-nice (even though I didn't buy the car there).
    I test-drove the car with a technician, and luckily enough he could hear the noise too.
    He said that was probably coming from a wheel bearing.
    So, they rotated the tires, and took a look at the wheel bearing but found nothing. They said my car stayed outside quite a long time since there is some rust on the brakes, and the noise might came from rust in/on the wheel bearing. They greased it as much as they could and told me the noise should go away in 2 to 3 weeks, if not I would have to come back and they would change this wheel bearing (under warranty).
  • I hadn't learned anything useful when I questioned my tire retailer about wheel/tire matches, and one of the beauties of BB's is that you can talk to friends that have obscure factoids at their fingertips that may otherwise be hard to find. In this case, if your wheel size info is not at hand, please don't trouble yourself unduly. I'm sure I can find the size info myself from the people who have to sell it to me. Nice to know that the 215's run on the car with no problems.
  • Here's something odd. There is a arm rest for the center console that you can get from toyota, but supposedly only for the 99 - 01 model years. I have examined the 01 solara and my 02 and 03 models, and I find the console looks just the same on all. People at two dealer parts counters here couldn't explain anything about this.

    Any one have any experience with these? How do they install?
  • From what I remember, they were just a built up pad made of the same material as the factory armrest. They were about 2" high and angled forward at about 45degrees in the front to both raise the height of the armrest and offer those who needed it to be forward some respite. It attached via 3 metal "clamps" that came from under the built up armrest to clip around the edges of the factory one. It took about 10 minutes to attach one that I remember.

    Hope this helps.

  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    i had a 99 solara and added the optional armrest- it did sit a bit higher-- but not by much--but was still better than the standard.... i now have a 2001 accord coupe-- MUCH NICER center armrest... better coinbox too... solara has a nicer headrest as it pivots forward whereas the accord is stationary
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    ..for not getting back to you on the wheel size thing; but I realized that the size is stamped inside the wheel and the 4 wheels are on the Solara for the winter. As I said before, no problem with the 215's and the Reiken wheels. Hope you make out OK.
  • I recently installed the armrest accessory in my '03 Solara. It was not a clip on. I had to remove the 'old' armrest (2 screws) and replace it with the new one. Easy job and was an exact fit. The accessory I bought was exactly like the original armrest, except it is 2-3 inches higher. After getting used to the difference, I have found it to be much more comfortable. About $50 at
  • The armrest story seems to have changed. Some web sites echo the dealers and say "no armrest after 01" but lists the same part thru 03. Same part numbers, I think.

    Thanks to all who commented, esp skipper53 for confirming these things work in later models.
  • Let's see what happens first. I get a straight answer from the Just Tires guys at my next rotation, or spring springs in Canada and the Solara there gets it's summer shoes, exposing the info hidden on its winter galoshes...
  • hey ral! long time no hear! glad to hear the coin box is working for ya!
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    yes indeed-- the accord coinbox is a true pleasure, as is the center armrest... i do miss the solara headrest and the better jbl radio, plus the larger gas tank (on the honda, the low fuel light comes on at about 350 miles on the V6- what's up with that?)...each car has its plusses/minuses.... go Tribe/Browns in 03!
  • nrl76nrl76 Posts: 30
    I have a '99 SLE and my CD player has been skipping a lot. I take the CD out to make sure that it is not scratched and try to get rid of any finger prints. No help. Then I place the CD in my Changer and it does not skip at all. This leads me to believe that the in-dash CD player is to blame.

    Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, did you use a cleaning disc? Any other solutions?

    Thanks in advance,
    '99 SLE - red/gray
  • I did have that problem on my CD player on my 2000, although my solution was to use a CD-MP3 player through the tape player. Not the best quality but it did give me plenty of music.
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    What mileage have you guys been changing the tires at?

    I'm considering replacing them with the OEM Michelins again. The Bridgestone ones pulled left in old postings.

    What are some other good brands?
  • Don't take this as whining. I am trying to solve this one also. Toyota selected a tough size.
    Michelins - poor wet traction after very few miles from experince
    Dunlop - hard to keep balanced from experience, but still leaning this way
    Bridgestones - no way again from experience
    Yokos - I hear they are soft
    Toyo - ????
  • Lot of guys on this group!!I expect majority of people on this group are female. Don't tell me sex-change is the favorite sport around here.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    ..are you talking about? Would you like to clarify that last post?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Is there a FULL MOON???

  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ......still avoiding the tread depth bars at 35800 miles.......local General tire dude is offering a 420 rates 2l5/55 series for 350 out the door....FWIW. 2000 SE V-6 con clutch...ez
  • during today's morning commute, my SE-V6 began to shake/vibrate strongly at 50-60 mph. i pulled off, didn't notice anything wrong with my tires. my shop said water/ice/snow had gotten into the wheels, and just to let today's 40 degree termperature take care of things. sure enough, an hour later, no vibration...
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    .. and not only with Solaras. In the conditions you folk have had down there, it's no wonder! Some of the more-obsessed Subie owners actually apply certain types of wax to the wheels in winter to try to stop ice-buildup. Well, I'll just get on with our no snow, well above average temperate winter here in B.C. - LOL :>)
  • You drive your Solara pretty fast in blizzard conditions. Hope you got new tires at least!
  • Toyota says to expect the 2004 Solara's public debut at the New York Auto Show in April.
  • It sure missed Chicago's auto show.
  • vz18wpvz18wp Posts: 20
    Has anyone seen any pictures of the new 2004 Solara?

    Please pass them along if they exist!

    Come on, SOMEONE has had to see if it will be debuted at the New York Auto Show in April.


    '99 SE Dianond Pearl White
    67K and still strong
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I am very surprised too that I wasn't able to find anything about the new Solara. We were able to see spy shots a few months in advance of the new Camry, but nothing about the Solara. Perhaps someone here with finer google-search skills will be able to find them!
  • Maybe it will be a rebadged Lexus IS300? The quality that came out of Ontarios first attempt at building a car from the ground up, rather than just assembling Corollas, might have led corporate to rethink their new Camry 2 door. Seems strange Toyota would be keeping any car under wraps, especially one that is in direct competition with Accords 2 door, that seems to have all the bells and whistles, and buttons, and levers, and GPS's etc! I hope it's the bomb.
  • When I first bought my 2000 V6 SE Solara a few years back, this forum was really helpful with car care tips. Anyway, I haven't been back for a year or so and it's good to know people still love their Solaras. My Solara is still going strong, not a single problem. I do have a question however, it really isn't that big of a deal but has anyone of you guys experienced the silver paint on the front grill chipping away. If so, barring taking it to body shop, how did you fix it. Thanks
  • My son's 2000 Solara convertible SLE got caught in a flood in D.C. this past Saturday. The insurance company says it's totaled because of the moisture that got into the electrical components. It has 78,000 miles on it but is(was) in excellent condition. The insurance company has offered him about $17,600. That seems a bit low to me. What's your take on it? (If you work for Alexandria Toyaota, it's on your lot - red with a tan top)
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Actually, I used to work at Alexandria but have since moved back to my original store in Springfield. The figure of $17600 doesn't sound too bad to me considering the miles. For a three year old car with double the average miles, they only depreciated it 45% (based on a $32K price).

    If you want to negotiate with them, you will need ammunition. Go to and pull up as many 2000 Convertibles are possible. Find a few with higher mileage and see what they are asking. Print these out and take them to your insurance company. Those on-line figures are asking price and usually very high but that is what you need when talking to the insurance folks.
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