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Toyota Solara



  • bgteesbgtees Posts: 15
    Ok, I've just skimmed a bunch of threads dealing with sludge. Is there any easy way for me to check on the sludginess factor a used Solara when I test-drive/inspect it?
  • tommyg12tommyg12 Posts: 158
    Has there been any "official" mention of a convertible version of the '04? I sure hope that there will be.......
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    Owned a '99 SLE V6 since Aug.99 with zero problems. Will buy out lease and keep!!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    There is/are Toyota salespersons on this threads but I wouldn't say we are trying to "lure people in there demographics" whatever that means. We are here mostly to dispense useful information to Edmunds readers to help them make a well informed decision when purchasing their vehicles. I have no dreams or wouldn't waste my time trying to "lure" a poster from Canada or Alaska or even my home state of Virginia to come and buy a car from me.
                         : )
  • Apparently, WebG is taking time out from his 'upscale gym' to complain about his Solara again!

    Don't let his bluster fool ya - his posts should be over in Maintenance, and he has been told this several times and gotten his posts deleted for it. (I guess that means the Hosts work for Toyota also, WebG?)

    Reliability? You'll find a number of owners like myself, who enjoy their Solaras with few in any probs. My only beef with was with the paint chips.

    I'm still not sold of the reliability of VW (made in mexico? CR initial quality ratings for VW from '99 - 2001 should get studied.) I would recommend a 2K Solara or Honda (Accord or Prelude should fulfill be fine).
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ....IMHO, is right on the money. ('cept perhaps colorwise (Mine is Diamond White) Webguy seems driven by the sludge monster. Again, look at those beautiful full red circles in CU...need I say more? My sole reservation would center on suspension/shocks (handling when pushed). And after substituting larger tars (2l5/55 for 205/60), I tend to be less vocal about the bob and weave when driven aggressively. Buy the car.
  • Buy a used Solara that you've thoroughly test driven and has complete maintenance records. I bought a used 99 SEV6 w/ 26K for my wife 2 years ago and have had zero mechanical difficulties in 22K miles. I do all my own maintenance and have always changed oil at 3K so I don't worry about sludge. My wife loves her car and won't even let me think about trading it for a G35. (I want the stiffer suspension and RWD.)

    BTW, I just lurk on this board now because of the constant griping by one or two people. Lately I've noticed a marked improvement. Thanks to the voices of reason.

  • cnmancnman Posts: 7
    I haven't posted on this sight in at least a year but I occasionally drop in to see what the topic of discussion is. As far as buying a used Solara goes, I would carefully look over ANY car that I was potentially going to buy. Some cars are abused or not maintained properly or have sustained accident damage. An informed decision can only be made based on careful inspection and testing of the car in question. Toyotas have a great reputation for quality, that is the primary reason I bought mine, a new 2000 DWP SLE. It now has 30,000 miles on it. But its still a mass produced machine, although on the whole quite a good one. I have had only minor annoyances with mine each of which have been discussed here, a rattle in the front passenger seat cushion (repaired by the dealer), and the infamous paint chips. It is now a three year old used car and if I were in the market, I would not hesitate to buy one like it, all things considered.
  • I was looking forward to the new Solara to replace my current car, and was hoping Edmunds could give some advice or feedback. Seems like any time someone asks a question about reliability or for opinions, there are a handful of people who give seemingly true heartfelt experiences, and those of you that just like to vulgarly bash other posters. This thread is of little use to anyone if you guys just bash people.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    would have to be the paint chipping. I got a paint chip the other day and I have no idea how that got on there... right on the edge of the hood, close to the Toyota logo. Maybe a rock hit the car but since the car is so serenely quiet, I didn't hear anything! It's nothing that a good paint pen won't fix.
  • silversolarasilversolara Posts: 113
    ... you are the same guy, right? :)

    For any person new to this forum, all you have to do is take the time to go over the old posts - WEbG's proclivity for making bad decisions starts from his supposed bad treatment at an Acura dealer leading to his buying a car he did absolutely NO research on, and ends with his complaining about a sludge problem HIS CAR DOES NOT HAVE.

    From RAL to Canc, you would note the probs other owners have had: paint chips, left-side drifting, extra loud bass settings on the stereo, and the now-famous extremely teeny coin box. There hasn't, to my memory, been a single person who has posted here in the past three years who mentioned their own Solara had the sludge problem.

    Most of the forum posters have a modicum of common sense, and can make mental adjustments as to their own cars and the entirety of the Toyota line.

    Then, there is WebG.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    i'd make sure before you buy a used solara-- 1999-- that you first take it on a straight road with little if any crown, and see if it tracks straight... let go of the steering wheel-- seems the biggest problem i heard about the 99's was it tended to veer to the left or right when you let your hand off the wheel...mine did until they flipped a few tires around...

    any word on the 2004 coin box?
  • silversolarasilversolara Posts: 113
    ... word has it it will fit in an inner drawer inside the ash tray, and will hold at least 4 quarters, or a live pixie.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,588
    The thread may seem a bit confused because posts were deleted. To avoid this interruption of the flow of the topic, please observe the following:

    Don't respond to flames
    Don't respond to problem users
    Don't provoke other users

    Let the Host take care of everything. You should be enjoying yourself by talking about cars.

    thank you

    Shiftright Your Host

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  • curlyqcurlyq Posts: 54
    Only problem with my 2000 Red has been the numerous paint chips. Hope Toyota has figured out how to toughen up the paint on the new 2004. They need to finally address this problem!
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    .......deleted posts..........while censorship is not my choice of attributes, I reckon some discipline is needed. Still Comsumer Reports loves (inferentially) the Solara...........ez
  • webguysterwebguyster Posts: 434
    I would prefer to TRUST Edmunds, than consumer Reports, although they are a great asset to Americana!!!! I hope curlyq did not get deleted for complaining about his chipping paint, as he has posted at least 6 times before for the same problem. 45,000 trouble free, since 36,000 miles of many problems!

    Hey Ez, I will be in Freeport next week, wanna meet for Solara talk?

    Curlyq, stop complaining about the same problem with the chipping paint, or others may take offense.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ..........sure, Solara talk next week in Freeport sounds good. Suggest use my profile for communication as your schedule evolves. Early Tuesday, coincidentally, Solara underway for Kansas (sans Dorothy). Plan attempt to break 34 MPG point to point personal
  • slowfoot2slowfoot2 Posts: 3
    My 99 SLE was purchased in OCT l998. I have a few paint chips after 49,900 miles and judge it to be a superior vehicle. Most of the miles were put on by my wife and are 50/50 interstate/city miles. Left drift until original tires replaced at 40,500 miles with Michs MXV4 Plus'. No drift now straight as an arrow. Oil changed at approx 3000 miles never over 3500. All service done by Dealer including wiper blades etc. I have the "something is happening noise" in the front which I believe is caused by the struts. I inquired and informed no Trouble Bulletins, probably just a loose connection. If I wanted to replace the struts it would be $520.00.

    Never replaced the struts, can not detect any handling problem just the noise over some bumps.

    Still have original battery and considering changing it out as part of normal up keep and peace of mind.

    We both have complete faith in this car and plan to keep it for awhile. I would not hesitate to drive it a crossed the country and back. After checking air pressure of course.

    I also have a 2001 Trooper Limited which has had not one problem after 28,400 miles.

    I'm just a happy traveler.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Does anyone have access to pics of the SLE interior? I am interested to see how convincing the wood trim is. The Camry XLE's is passable- alright, but not that great. I am hoping the Solara is a bit better in hue, finish, etc. Also, what are anyones thoughts on the ETA of a convertible?
  • slanday2slanday2 Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me how to remove the rear seat back to get access to the subwoofer? Mine has been buzzing ever since I purchased the car, and I want to make sure it is fastened securely. Has anyone else had this problem and gotten it corrected? What did you do?
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Perhaps there will not be a Solara convertible? Toyota may restore the convertible role to the Celica, which would be better able to compete with the Eclipse and Sebring on price, if not size.
  • Technical Service Bulletin NV006R-01 AUG 01 Audio - Rear Woofer (Speaker) Noise

    I would call your dealer and see if they will address the problem, as there is a TSB for this issue. But this might be better addressd in the Maintenance or Camry Problems forums.
  • I've got a 2000SLE convertible and the subwoofer had a problem with buzzing, resulting from being blown. It is under warranty so I didn't work on it and am not sure how to perform the disassembly. However, the entire back seat was removed. The Service Bulletin covers adding foam between the sound chamber and the frame.
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    Very noticable rattle around the rear of car, passenger side over mild bumps, like the tar strips on the highway. I emptied the trunk, checked for a loose spare tire, loose jack and any loose tools. All were snug. Any ideas? Known problems? 2002 Solara SE, 15,000 miles.
  • 99sle299sle2 Posts: 1
    went to NTB for tires. decided on the mxv4s after thinking about the bridgestone touranza"s (tirerack opinions were high on the bridgestone---but the tire dealers were not.had a jingling noice from the left rear tire area. thought it was the brakes. ntb said could use (but did not need) brakes all around AND did need new tir rod (called toyota -36 months warranty) said aok do it all aprrox 1K (US). NTB calls car done BUT STILL A JINGLING NOICE IN THE REAR. it has no idea of what the problem is. Does any out there have any ideas(opther than turning the radio up?

    have been following this section for over 4 years now. once again thanks to all who participated.
  • webguysterwebguyster Posts: 434
    Although this is probably better addressed in the Camry problem thread, the Solara has been notorious for it's front end noises, most likely caused by the faulty strut towers. Mine groans on washboard surfaces, hitting them dead on as if merging into a turn lane. Try and cross the street, and cross the 1-2 inch raised bumps, and the car feels, and sounds like metal on metal, and always has, as if there were no struts at all. Dealer found this to be normal, and said that all Camrys, Solaras included do this. Again, I believe this is better for the Maintenance and Camry problem section. 45,500 miles and no problems, for the last 900 miles! Extra Care reimbursement pending as my local dealer doesn't like to work with Extra Care, as I brought the car in for PM service, and they couldnt get a pre auth number for the service. They were nice enough to not charge me $82 labor to install the failed part. person at Extra Care was pleasant, and I will know in 6-8 weeks, if I get reimbursed! NTB was correct, and thats probably why they put the "200" watt (lol) stereo in her! But my baby is paid for and has been since I bought her, so I put up with her, as the loss would be more than I am willling to take on a trade.
  • bgteesbgtees Posts: 15
    2002 Solara SE - $13,500 + TTL

    29,000 miles
    4 cylinder
    JBL Sound

    So far I love this thing, probably put on 100+ miles today driving around. I only went in to test the 4 cylinder since I'd previously driven the V6, but they had the exact color I wanted and came down to the price range where I wanted to be with a few rounds of negotiations and they gave me a decent price on my trade-in.

    Couple of questions:

    1) Keyless entry. What's the cheapest/easiest way to add keyless entry do this car? The dealer quoted me $295 for keyless entry and something like $450 for an alarm with keyless. I was planning to look at Best Buy, Car Toys, etc tomorrow and see what they have to offer.

    2) Schedule maintenance. I'm almost at 30,000 miles right now, since the car has been through the dealership recently and checked out where should I pick up on the scheduled maintenance?

    3) Coin box? Where is this coin box I remember reading so much about when I first started researching Solara's a few years ago? I can't seem to find one on this car.

    4) Known issues? I'm aware of the 'sludge' history, this car had all its oil changes on time according to the records the dealership had. I've also read about the left-pull issue, this car definitely doesn't have that. If anything it goes a hair to the right. I'm going to have the wheels balanced in the next few days and have them check the alignment, I think it may be a touch off.

    All-in-all I'm very happy with this car, especially since I'm upgrading from an early 90's SUV. So smooth, so quiet and I was impressed with the power/pep of the 4-cylinder engine. It won't give the V6 a run for the money but it was much better than I had expected. Plus I'll take the extra gas mileage.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    on my 99, the coin box was to the left of steering wheel on dash-- it kinda flipped down, not a pull-out deal like on the honda (and new camry)... an atrocious coin box...

    i paid about $99 for a keyless entry for my 2001 accord lx-- aftermarket....

    you might want to consider one of those autostart remotes-- i think many come with keyless entry-- kill two birds with one stone...

    enjoy the car-- i had a green one too...
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The 2002 Solara uses a 2.4L 4cylinder from the redesigned Camry 4door which produces 157 hp and 162 lb. ft. torque. This engine was NEVER involved in the sludge issue, and is a marked improvement over the 4 cylinder used in the 99-01 Solara, in terms of both power and efficiency.

    Great choice!
    Good luck with the vehicle!
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