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Land Rover LR3



  • Ask them to completely replace the BCM (fancy word for a computer, if you ask me).

    The Nav system is fairly involved..

    The Nav system, if I'm not mistaken, is the system that uses the 1.9 Gb/s fibre optic network in the vehicle.

    If you're really curious, go to and buy a 1-day subscription (12$) and they have diagrams of everything on your car. (I downloaded everything for reference)

    The components in your nav system are comprised of the following:

    Touch Screen Display (TSD)
    Traffic Message Channel (TMC) receiver (where fitted)
    GPS antenna
    Clock spring
    Navigation computer
    Steering wheel controls
    Audio amplifier
    Integrated Head Unit (IHU)

    The only real computer I can see in the diagram is the one under the driver's seat.
    Ultimately, your dealer knows these things best, but perhaps asking them to run a diagnostic on the Fibre network, with possible replacement of the DVD/Nav Computer may help?

  • I think it was March. I ordered in Jan I think, was told I'd get it in May or maybe June, but got it April 26.
  • want to get some tells me that the $1500.00 coupon i got emailed to me for filling out the survey. What the dealer is telling me is that i am eligible for the $3750.00 dealer ASP and the $1000.00 owner loyalty. (british rover) does this sound correct?

    They are offering a fully loaded HSE '06 for about $47600.00 with rubber mats out the door including all discounts.

    Finally, i am told that the 3.9% rate is not applicable if i use the $3750 ASP cash.

    How does this sound??
  • You may want to move / copy this discussion to the Prices paid forum?

  • As we know LR3 V6 SE doesn't come with navigation system. Has anyone install it later? How does it work? What brand? Was it installed permanently or temporarily?
  • Very difficult to answer question - did you mean try to install an original Land Rover GPS unit, or an after-market one?

    I've used a TomTom PDA (Palm pilot) navigation unit extensively for the last year, and it is excellent at road navigation and verbal directions. I've also used an Alpine in-dash unit with a flip-up screen that worked well too.

    Ironically, when I test drove an SE with the V8 and no NAV, I got lost with the sales guy in some weird suburb of the city, and only my handheld TomTom unit got us back to the dealership.

  • Thanks DA.
    I'm sorry its my fault, I didn't clarify enough. Yes, I meant I don't have a navigation in my 2006 V6 SE and I would like to buy one after market. Any ideas? Which one I should buy and which will fit in the cubby. Should it be installed permanently or just connect to cig lighter?
  • Then I would recommend a portable unit. As for which one, it kind of depends on what you want to use it for..

    The portable I have (TomTom) is useful for only road navigation, and is practically useless offroad. That may seem like a big deal, but for 99.9% of the time, I don't need it for offroad, and as far as road navigation, TomTom is the best I have ever used. Plus, as a portable, it can go from car to car - it can go on vacation with you, and you can loan it to your wife when she goes away on business (sorry, my wife just did that, so I added it in - she found it invaluable!)
    Garmin make some nice generic GPS units, but they have no navigation (turn-by-turn) functionality - although I have only ever used the handheld sport units - I'm not sure of they have a higher end model that does turn by turn. I do know the sport ones do breadcrumb marking though.

    TomTom makes several different products, including stand-alone portables, but I personally use the TomTom for Palm and for Nokia Smartphones. With the unit I use, I have to buy a separate BlueTooth GPS receiver to track the Satellites..

    They make maps for all over the world ( I go to Europe several times a year), and their coverage is better than excellent.

    Anyways, let me know what you want it for and maybe I can help out a little better.

  • Hello, all -

    I am interested in leasing an '06 SE with Navigation, bluetooth, and Lighting package. The MSRP for a so-equipped vehicle is $50,150. Invoice is $45,701. I'm looking for a 24 or 36-month lease. 36 months is fine with me, but the dealer I've been speaking with brought up the 24, saying it's a Land Rover Capital special and the best deal going right now. (Anyone know any details on this?)

    This dealer has a truck with the options I want, plus $2000 worth of options I don't really need and don't want to pay for (MSRP $52,575) and offered it to me at a cap cost of $48,916. 15k miles/yr, 24-month lease, with only the minimum drive-offs for a pre-tax monthly payment of $694.40. I think they can do better, but of course ideally I'd rather find a truck with just the options I want.

    I really only need 12k miles/year (do they offer 12k? If they don't, 10k would work.)I want all this with $0 down.

    Because it's coming up on the end of the year, I'm flexible on color, and most of the dealers around me (there are many) have plenty of SEs in stock, I am obviously shopping hard for the best deal I can get.

    So my question is this - from your experiences, and any other knowledge of incentives, discounts, etc, what's the best price I should expect? I'd ideally like to negotiate a pre-tax monthly lease payment of under $600? Sound realistic?

    I greatly appreciate any advice!

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hi Christina, you should cut and paste this over in the Land Rover LR3: Lease Questions discussion. Car_Man and some of the other leasing experts won't see it here.
  • ssp1ssp1 Posts: 115
    For what its worth your lease package sounds similar to mine with same options, although I have a few more including the front A protection bar and lights - rear lamp guards plus roof rack and my msrp was 56,000 somthing - which they offered the lease at a cap value of approx 53,500. My payments are higher. Sounds like a reasonable deal to me.
  • I am interested in getting an LR3 but never owned a LR product. Since this is a premium brand I would like to know how is LR customer service and dealing with the dealership after purchasing the car. A friend of mine purchased a Volvo S80 and his experience with various dealerships in NM and Lubbock, TX were not great. Please advice.
  • cxvargas, service can be a hit or miss thing. I used to service my Rover at a very well know (in the area at least) dealership. Although they were very polite, the quality of the work was hit or miss. Now I go to the new dealership in the area and they are really awesome in all regards. I'd suggest you solicit opinions from your local LR owners' club and see what they say. I've had three Rovers that of which is my 2006 LR3 and of all those trucks, the LR3 seems to have the least issues. Good luck and welcome to the world of Land Rover.
  • toddetodde Posts: 10
    I know some have put the Nitto 285/65 18's on the LR3, but has anyone tried the same size BFG's?
  • ssp1ssp1 Posts: 115
    For example: In the San Diego area We only have LR Miramar. I have purchased two LR vehicles (01 disco and 06 LR3) and both from LR Mission Viejo. I drive the 60 miles to Land Rover Mission Viejo because of the service. Its worth it to do your homework, because on these vehicles it will make the difference. Find the most knowledgeable sales person and I would ask to speak to the lead service person and ask tough questions as well during the sales process. LR MV has been great on service and warranty issues so far. There are a few sales people there who really know LR and the service guys have been fair and never challenged me on requested repairs. Its also always good to find the local independant Rover service center because the rights techs can be real helpful about your needs post warranty. If there is a good independant service center in your area those folks may have a good recommendation on which dealer to go to. I walked up to people with LRs in parking lots etc and asked them their experiences to get advice because the local LR dealer appears to be active in the local club (i think the meetings are there!) so I didnt think I would get unbiased advice
  • mmac1mmac1 Posts: 11
    I saw that General is going to start producing the Grabber AT2 in the 255/60 r18 this fall. They already make this tire in other sizes and the reviews on tirerack from Disco owners are very good. The tire appears to be what many of us have been hoping for....
  • I have 05 RR with only 28k miles on it and the BRAKE light lit up on the dash. Dealer told me that I need to replace the brake pads, about $650. Is this normal for RR? I had BMWs before include X5 and brake pads were good for 40K and beyond. I do realize that RR is much heavier. How about the price? Can I have my mechanic in a local shop to do it for half of the price, even though IT IS a leased car? Thanks for any input.
  • nktankta Posts: 8
    Just released. thinking of adding the backup camerea to the truck. Any thought on the module?
  • When I fold down the center seat in the middle row, the seat belt locks up and does not allow me to unfold the seat.

    Anyone know what to do about this? Is this a common problem?
  • What do you mean by 'locks up'?

    Also, do you mean folded up in just the first position or completely down into flat-mode?

    The only time I have had this happen is when I did not return the seat from flat mode completely, and after I pulled it up hard, it locked properly, then I could unfold it..

    Other than just getting use to it, I have no issues with mine so far - only put it down to check it out though - I haven't had to opportunity to actually use all that space yet.

  • Now my 2005 LR3 has an apparent wiring fault or shortcircuit, again... the left rear speaker constantly crackles very loudly and the "left rear door open" warning is on (no, it isn't open). If I turn off the light above my head, the warning and crackling stop.

    Car is in the shop - has been for three days and I just got back from the USA to find that Budds have not delivered it back.. so I shall be takiong taxis tomorrow (and for heaven knows how long). Has anyone had similar faults?
  • I just heard from the dealer: it is a short in a junction box under the dash. Took them two days to find and now we await the parts.
  • I mean when I fold that seat down, even just to the first position, the seat belt retracts (as it's supposed to) but won't release when I try to unfold the seat, thereby binding the seat in its folded position. I know it's not supposed to unfold from the completely flat mode, but from the first position the seat belt should release when unfolding. Anyway, I've brought it back to the dealer to get a new mechanism installed...

    You're right there's a lot of space back there. Love this car!
  • I ordered my LR3 with the Tow hitch receiver, and the towing electrics, but looking at it, I can't seem to find where to plug the trailer harness in...

    Also, I don't seem to see anywhere to hook up the towing backup chains to the hitch anywhere (required by law in Ontario)

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • Ya, the space is what attracted me to this SUV over all the others... It has way more cargo room than even the full sized Range Rover, or RRS...

    I got mine with the 7-passenger seating, and because of that, I was worried about some of my messier hauls (like landscaping, or some other dirty task) that dirt would get into the cracks between the 3rd row seats, so I got the rubberized cargo tray.. really excellent accessory, but kind of difficult to figure out where to store it when using the 3rd row seats...

  • I now know what it is - roughly.

    - Shortciruit in the fuse box under the dash.

    - To replace this, the fuse box sensor needs replacing too.

    - This fuse box sensor needs to be programmed to my car.

    - The only tool in North America that can do this, is in the USA

    - But the software in this tool has changed, so they cannot use it to program a new fuse box sensor.

    - They therefore have to get one from the UK.

    - I am once again without my LR3 for a week.

    I am not sure why getting a part from the UK takes so long; I offered to pay for Fedex next day delivery but it does not work that way, I am told.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    I have just under 7,500 miles and 9 months of ownership. It has been smooth sailing so far. I'm still averaging about 13.9 mpg on my city/hwy driving.

    I need to read in the service manual but when did you guys have your tires rotated and balanced? Mine seem to be wearing perfectly even.

    Also, is that service covered under the bumper to bumper maintenance warranty?

    Happy Roving! Mark156 :D
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • I think the 15,000 mile service includes a tire rotation. In fact I am sure it does because I remember our service manager complaning that they should do it at 7,500 miles to help fight bad tire wear.
  • I feel for you wrt parts wait rage.

    I had to wait two weeks to pick up my 06 LR3 because the Wood Trim was back ordered - I checked eBay the first time they told me that... confirmed that the partno was the same as my dealer had ordered, and went back and let the dealer know, that I could get it from eBay with next day delivery, so I don't understand why they have problems sourcing parts???

    I guess it's all a part of owning an english car.. maybe that's why we all bond together so well at get-togethers - we've all been through the same wash with these cars...

    On the up side, the truck is fantastic, so when all this is behind you, I'm certain you'll remember why you bought the truck in the first place. Nobody buys a LR unless you love them..

  • dandrews1: The electrics are behind the cover plate just above the receiver, you have to remove a couple turn screws with a large coin. There should be both a 4 pin flat and a 7 pin round on the left side under the cover.
    I really don't recall if that's where the chains hook to also. I haven't towed with mine yet, but I installed the electrics myself so I remember where they go.
    Enjoy your new LR.
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