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Land Rover LR3



  • I like my lr3.. but having had it in the shop for oh, almost two months since I bought it a year and a half ago is wearing thin, I must admit!

    I wouldn't mind if the dealer did not make me drive a Subaru in the mean time...
  • My 05 V6 with 7M miles was broadsided by an out of control suburban last week, trashing the driver's side from front to rear and blowing out the side curtain airbags. I am about to negotiate with the driver's insurance company and wonder if any forum members have had any experience in trying to sell low mileage, late model LR's after $15M or so in body work. I am pushing for them to total it - but how bad do you think I'll get dinged when trying to resell? Carmaxx says 50% discount to NADA after repairs are made. LR dealers say they won't touch the car now.

    BTW, the side curtain airbag saved my head from going through my driver's window, although it did knock me silly. I plan to buy another LR3 after walking away from this wreck.
  • Considering you can by a brand new 2006 V6 LR3 now for about 35,000 dollars I would push them to total it. A V6 LR3 with 7,000 miles and 15,000 dollars worth of body work is totalled.
  • Well, after again reading nothing but "woe onto me" stuff about LR3's I just need to throw in a "what a great vehicle" post...I'm at 18,000 miles after 19 months and have had NO issues, complaints, or problems. Yes, the dealer perfomed two recall "repairs" and did some other things like up-date the computers - but it was nothing that was needed. This has been the absolute best vehicle I've owned (since my 2000 Discovery II) and that includes numerous Toyota's, Mercedes', BMW's, and many others. So, happy Rovering to all and may you someday experience the same bliss as me.
  • mmac1mmac1 Posts: 11
    I had a boss and a friend that were in wrecks caused by someone else. Because the value is now taken out of your car, they sued and won for the difference. Apparently insurance companies are becoming more ready to pay this and there was an article about a year ago in the WSJ. I would ask your insurance company about it and also discuss with an attorney.
  • I was searching for my towing electrics the other day (see my previous post, and I did find them, eventually) when I noticed these strange things hanging from the frame at the rear of my LR3.

    Right above each muffler exhuast, and suspended from the frame, right before it connects with the bumper mount are two large, heavy, swinging cast iron things (one on each side)- I can't for the life of me think of what they are for?

    They swing loosely from front to back, and by my estimation weigh about 25-35 lbs each. They look to be U-Shaped, like a horseshoe, with the long parts dangling down - they are about 4 to 5 inches in diameter, and appear to be made of cast iron or aluminum (I'm leaning towards iron).

    My wife guesses they may be for some kind of aspect monitor that keeps track of how high/low the truck is inclined, but I'm not sure about that... couldn't they have come up with something a bit more elegant than two cast iron weights? I also didn't see any type of electrics going to them to monitor their aspect, but I can't be certain, ans it's pretty tight above the mufflers...

    Any thoughts?

  • They have something to do with resonance prevention so you don't get funky harmonics in the vehicle.
  • Okay... that one certainly wasn't on my list of possible purposes...

    Kind of a low-tech answer to tuning the frame?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Tidester may have to refresh my memory, but I think that's called diminution in value (a wrecked car that's been fixed isn't worth as much as one with just normal wear and tear). But the coverage isn't automatic. There's some good info over in the Questions About Auto Insurance & Accidents discussion (attorney Bob/Marsha7 hangs out there a lot).
  • I think that at nearly 6000 lbs empty for a mid size SUV, by far the heaviest vehicle in its class, Land Rover decided they needed to add just a bit more weight... :confuse:

    Really I am not sure. I have seen weights like that on many different vehicles to prevent resonance harmonics. I have never seen them as large as they are on the LR3 though.
  • I don't think they were too worried it may float away on some river crossing, that's for sure.

    On another note, I was going to put a winch on the front of mine, and posted a msg here about what would happen to the front park distance control sensors.... I seem to remember someone replying that they interfered with PDC, and that when they (the dealer) install the winch, they disconnect/disable the front PDC...

    So it's a few weeks later, and I'm looking at aftermarket PDC sensors, and considering doing a mod job of installing the winch myself, and rigging up a modified mount for the PDC sensors, when I come across an for a LR genuine Warn 9500-lb winch, which includes everything, including:
    "Winch Park Distance Control Adaptation Kit - 2 Bezels, 2 Spacers, 2 Springs, 2 Retainers"

    The eBay listing lists the proper partno's for the winch and electrics, but not separately for the PDC adaptor he details...

    Does anyone know if this is a factory piece or after-market?

    I suppose I could just ask my LR dealer, but if I do it here, then everyone gets the answer...


  • I think all of the winches we have installed have been attached to the metal brush bar. The metal brush bar disables front PDC no matter if you have the winch installed or not.

    Not sure about the PDC adaptor kit I don't remember seeing one in any of the KIT catolgues.
  • It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like this winch is installed on a LR3 with the A-Frame protector?

    I'll ask the vendor and see what he says about the PDC adaptor kit?

  • Thanks for the note! I found them about 15 minutes before you posted this. (lol)

    I also found the chain hookups too - they are on the removeable part of the tow hitch receiver - and are not easily got at... They seem to be very closely space IMHO - I used to have a pontiac SUV, and they were about 2-3" wider than this setup..

    In any case, I'm all set to tow now..


  • Still no car, still driving a Subaru I may have to pay for (I have asked for 5 days and have not gotten a straihgt answer from the dealer).

    "The technician who was meant to fix my car called in sick", I was told today. Plus, that is academic, since when the part arrives in Canada it still needs reprogramming, which can only be done in New Jersey.

    No ETA on any of that.

    Sigh. This is the fourth long (>1 week) stay of my car at the dealership for electrical problems (corroded sensors, corroded wiring looms, shortcircuited fuse boxes). And it is just one and a half years old. God forbid what might go wrong when it's old!
  • If you don't mind me asking, which dealer are you going through? (I'm in Canada too)

  • Budds, in Oakville. Where are you based?
  • I'm east of Toronto, and I use Grand Touring Autos @ 740 Dupont St in Toronto - they've been absolutely fantastic for anything I've had to do with getting my LR3 serviced.

    They claim they sell the most LR's in Canada, so they get a lot of specialty services. They also occasionally have a Defender for sale... imported and converted of course.

    They are not the closest LR dealer to me, but IMHO, they are the best one I have found... haven't been to Budd's though..

  • Does anybody know:

    I've never towed. If I buy a trailer with electric brakes, and if I have the Land Rover tow electrics which have both a flat 4 and a round 7 connector, will I then have electric brake control for the trailer, or do I have to buy a separate brake controller? Anybody know how this works?

  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    You'll need to add an electric brake controller... there is a plug for it under the dash near the brake pedal. Ford F-150 style.
  • Thanks grommet.
  • lbsealbsea Posts: 1
    We just purchased a (relatively)new LR3 today--it was an executive demo--and anyway, the one we chose has a brush guard on the front. I'm not quite sure if I want to keep it on. Any thoughts about that? Anyone in the Southern California area interested in purchasing this accessory for your LR3? Maybe we'd be willing to sell it to someone who was interested.

    Nevertheless, we're very excited about our new Land Rover :)
  • ssp1ssp1 Posts: 115
    I suggest keeping the guard. I get alot of compliments with mine and it does protect the front end - at a minimum from flying pebbles on the freeway (or whatever it is that every single truck seems to emit from its rear when you are driving a nicer vehicle) If its an LR genuine part I would be you will grow fond of the look over time. I did
  • 19 inch Michelien Synchrones. We had tons of problems with the old goodyears on the Early mark III Range Rovers. Land Rover finaly went to the Synchrones sometime in 2004 and now we don't have problems with Range Rover tires anymore.

    I wonder why Land Rover decided to use goodyears on the LR3 as it is the only land rover vehicle using goodyears right now.
  • sdradsdrad Posts: 3
    Can anyone recommend the best LR dealership in SoCal? Live in S.D. but am willing to travel a bit. In the market for my first Rover...thanks in advance
  • ssp1ssp1 Posts: 115
    I went to LR Mission Viejo twice. Stacy Ward or the guy that sits caddy corner to her are both good sales guides (thats what they are called i think) Keep in mind I live 15 minutes from LR Miramar but I would rather the 60 miles to get to LR Mission Viejo. Its off avery parkway off the 5 etc.

    I have had great luck with them with service as well. They always took care of items without any issue. And I think they are building a new building across the street (may be done)

    I would be interested to hear what others have to say (also keep in mind that three of my friends who own LRs did the same thing - that is go to MIssion Viejo - after going to Mirimar and all independant of each other)

    Good luck
  • ssp1ssp1 Posts: 115
    Oh and as a follow up you may want to stop by California Rovers in Encinitas. Ask for the main guy. Its an independant shop and even though you wont need them till post warranty, they are pretty good and knowledgeable about rovers.
  • Ok, my car has been fixed. After almost two weeks in the shop.

    They found a shorted cjbox (whatever that is - fusebox of some sort, but programmed to the car?), but that turned out to have been caused by a wiring short: after they removed carpets etc they found 4 wires near left door were burned and rubbing to "B" post. Now fixed.

    This is the third or fourth somewhat major wiring/wiring loom issue I have had with this truck. Is wiring not LR's strong point, or do I have a Friday afternoon car! :)
  • Do you know the build date on your LR3??? It is on the VIN plate by the drivers door. Let me know if it is an early build car like Sept. 2004 through say May of 2005 or so.

    I have had three early build LR3s that I sold that have had chaffed wiring harness issues. They were all very early build cars. I haven't seen that problem in months though. In fact I have had any problems with any 2006 MY LR3s.
  • sdradsdrad Posts: 3
    Many thanks ssp1.
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