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Land Rover LR3



  • I am taking the delivery of 2006 LR3 SE Tomorrow (Grey with Alpaca Interior, Third Row & Climate Pck). With limited availability of color & option choices I had to settle with the one without Lighting package. I don't really care about the other features in the whole lighting package. Is it possible to upgrade only the headlights to Xenon? I don't want to just change the bulbs. Can the entire head light housing be upgraded to Xenon?
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    Hi colorado4x4,
    My current vehicle is an ML320. The LR3 will replace it. You're not from SilverJack/Montrose area are you? If you are, we've met before.
  • Here is the list that Land Rover approves for snow tires.

    I am sure others will work as well though.

    Dunlop Wintersport M3 235/65 R18
    Goodyear UltraGrip 255/55 R19
    Dunlop GrandTrek WTM3 255/50 R19

    Range Rover Sport
    Dunlop GrandTrek WTM3 255/50 R19
    Continental 4X4 Winter Contact 275/40 R20

    Range Rover
    Dunlop Wintersport M3 235/65 R18
    Goodyear UltraGrip 255/55 R19
  • The Nokian tires appear to have a following on the Discovery forum. Nanuq there has had good results with the Hakkapeliitas (AKA "Hakkas"). They list one size in 18" for the Hakka SUV.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Land Rover LR3 wins 2005 Truck Trend Ultimate 4x4 Challenge. Article here:
  • lr3maybe,

    I wish! Actually live just northeast of the People's Republic of Boulder. :P
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I use Hakkas on my 4Runner. Lots of grip in snow. They are fairly noisy on pavement -- noticeably more so than the all seasons I run in the summer. But I guess that's to be expected of an aggressive snow tire.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    british_rover, do you have any information regarding the availability of parts for the '06 Parking Pawl Guide Plate recall? I assume any cars that haven't been sold yet and that are within the impacted VIN range can not be sold until it's been replaced?
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    A question about the dashboard for existing owners: How does the dash look at night? Is the lighting white, red, etc. Also, what info is available on the display between the gauges.

    It is very hard to tell from the on-line photos but I am curious to how it looks after dark!!

  • Hello!

    I bought my lr3 hse from Anaheim Hills in Southern California. I have 4500 miles on it. I have taken my car to the dealer ship twice for the following:

    1) Suspension fault - I really didn't have any major problems with it as I have seen with a lot of people in this group. Fault showed up for max 10 times. No issues with driving or anything else. Took it to the dealer and they put a new sensor and it has been fine.

    2) Passanger Side door speaker has a cracking sound when high base hits on certain CDs - Took it to the dealer in August and they said they have to order the part. The part has been on order since the 2nd week of August and till today no call back or anything on the parts.

    3) I just received a letter from Land Rover about the fuel tank replacement. I didn't have any issues with it, but I guess due to numerous problems they have had with this lander rover is doing this for everyone. I called the dealership during the 3rd week of October and shceduled an appointment for last Wednesday as there was an opening. When I took my car last Wednesday to the dealership the service rep told me that they sent out the letters to everyone a little early and they don't have the fuel tank in stock. I told them that one of the main reasons why I am here today is to get this fixed. Then he called someone and said now they have 2 fuel tanks in stock and gave me an ok to drop off my car. At this time I reminded him about the cracking sound on right passenger speaker and see if the part on order had arrived. Service rep had completely forgotten about this whole issue and since their computers were down they were unable to check anything further. He made a not of that. There were two other items I had to get fixed during this visit, i.e. a squeaking sound from the driver seat when I take a turn or move on the seat. Appears to be coming from loose plastic cover on the automatic seat adjustment knobs. Second item was second row left seat had leather detaching from the seat's back.

    I dropped off my car and the dealer gave me a loaner.
    I didn't hear any update on the progress of the repairs or anything for a day and a half so I called and left a mesg for the service rep who took the car. He called me back saying while they were fixing the fuel tank they accidently broke something and the car will not be ready until tomorrow i.e. Monday 11/21/2005. No update on any other items as the first item was not fixed.

    The dealer gives me a loaner car every time I take my car in, but it is just getting bit frustrating as it seems like they are not prepared most of the time and taking way to long to fix issues. I owned a bmw before this and really didn't have any issues with service or the car and I feel that land rover is disappointing me a little. I will appreciate any suggestion or input. I was thinking about escalating this to Land Rover and file a complain on the quality of the vehicle and service.

    Thank you once again for your time and assistance

  • That sounds like you hit a bad dealership. I would consider trying another one. My wife has taken her LR3 to LR South Bay in Redondo Beach and the service was excellent. Most of the other dealerships in the area had 2-3 week waiting lists for maintenance service, but South Bay got us in and out in about an hour for the 15k service.
  • You are correct any of those cars that are unsold cannot be sold till they are fixed. We don't have any of the recall vehicles in stock so I have not really kept up on parts avalibility for them. I would have to ask our parts manager if he knows anything.
  • Had 7500 mile maintenance scheduled oil change last week. Also had fuel tank switched out per recall notice. Been in possession of car since May and as of yet has performed flawlessly .
  • I feel as if I got married too early, and the day after the wedding I'm starting to notice that I'm helplessly in love with a deeply flawed spouse. The spouse in this case is our beautiful Alviston Red/Alpaca LR3 HSE 2006.

    I have a few things I want to ask about: 1) Delayed response to acceleration pedal; 2)Navigation system (a $2500 piece of crap); 3) How to fix certain scuffs; 4) The side mirrors auto-dip on reverse; 5) Auto seat-memory response based on which remote unlocks car. If anybody has answers, please respond.

    1) Delayed response to acceleration pedal. Intermittently, I notice that when I press the pedal, particularly upon starting from stop, there is a delay. The car moves forward but not with any real power. Then, after a couple of seconds, the normal gearing kicks in. I'm almost completely ignorant about car mechanics, so I'm probably not describing this correctly. But has anybody else seen this?

    2)Navigation system (a $2500 piece of crap). Where do I begin? It's needlessly complicated; has a bzillion bells and whistles yet fails to do simply even the most obvious tasks. Case in point, I chose the Land Rover category in Points of Interest, and it showed me only dealers, not the authorized service centers which I knew to be nearby. It's impossible to search on most type of stores (try finding an auto parts store). How do you get it to quickly put up on screen, say, the nearest Starbucks?

    3) How to fix certain scuffs. The dark grey plastic siding around the wheels has a scuff. Is there a way of cosmetically fixing scuffs like this, or at least making them less obvious?

    4) The side mirrors auto-dip on reverse. Cool feature, but if you back-up and then go straight into the Park position, they don't restore their original positions, even when you start up again and go to Drive. Anybody else noticed this?

    5) Auto seat-memory response based on which remote unlocks car. I can't get this to work. I switched it on using the menu system. According to the manual, that's all that's needed. But if I unlock the car with the remote for which the memory seating is set, it doesn't do as it says it should: restore the seating position.

    Cheers, Keith
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    1) The automatic transmission is adaptive and will try to adjust to your driving style and maintain a decent MPG. See if behaves more to your liking as time goes on. You can also try using "Sport" mode. Remember, this is the heaviest vehicle of it's size and isn't a sports car. :)

    2) You are at the mercy of the mapping provider. It's obviously not going to have every POI you want, and it'll never be up-to-date since at most the DVD will be updated yearly. Traditionally, you use street addresses to find destinations. Send LR your feedback.

    3) Standard battle woulds for me. Sorry, no idea. I doubt there is much you can do.

    4) Works fine for me, though I don't like it... so I have disabled it. Make sure you've programmed it correctly using the instructions.

    5) Search for "Lazy Entry" in this forum and you'll find the dealer comments on what to do. This also applies to your 4th question.
  • The time has come for new tires. After 42k miles the passenger front tire is showing belts.

    I have been looking for the right tire for some time now. I settled on Nokian WR SUV 235/60/18XL. These are 107V rated, so they work great for the heavy beast and the lead foot. Best part, they are snow rated (have the snowflake symbol on them; no chains over the passes this winter). Also have a 50K mileage rating.

    After 100 miles they are so quiet compared to the ones I just threw out, I am in love. Handling seems to be equal to the HPs (OEM) when they were new. These are 235, compared to 255 stocks (not as wide). The are also about 1" smaller in diameter.

    I will test them in the snow on Friday with a trip planned on some "no winter maintenance" forest roads. I expect packed snow and loose powder to about 15" deep on these trails. I'll report performance when we return, and maybe post a few pictures.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • I also replaced an M-class with an LR3: see

    Have fun!
  • OK, in short order:

    - I received tank recall note (LR Canada). I received this note dated October at the end of November: and the dealer had not been told about it (they say), plus LR has no tanks in stock so I cannot even go in for this safetey-related recall. Great organisation!

    - Last week I started and drove off: and the LR3 would only driver at 5 mph: no throttle response at all other than that. No errors until I tried the terrain response know: then I got a "system error, no programs available", and later an "engine error". Thge dealer tells me it will take 40 minutes to read out thet error memory. Why: I t should take 2 minutes (hook up computer, press a few buttons, done).

    - Question.. I live in Canada. I have never had (or been willing to pay for) snowtyres (I have all-seasons). But so many people say they are a must - what do you all think?

  • keithad,

    I, too, had the severe hesitation on acceleration (engine would roar but not much acceleration). Definitely wasn't normal as it hadn't done that before. Believe it was related to my fuel tank. I had the tank swapped out per the recall and the acceleration is flawless now. The hesitation and engine roar I had been experiencing have disappeared (it's been three weeks now since the swap). Now if I can just get rid of these intermittent suspension faults. They replaced the compressor and the faults are less frequent but still occur (unlike before they are resetable by restarting the vehicle). Good luck.
  • Only about one percent of the LR3's involved in the recall have had any problems. If you have not had any problems so far, like stalling or loss of power, then you are fine and just wait till they get some more tanks. We used all of our tanks to take care of people that were having problems with their LR3. Once we took care of them we used a couple of tanks to sell LR3's with the recall.

    Reading the error codes is actually a lot more complicated then just hooking up and hiting a few buttons. The little handheld devices that autozone has will read the check engine light error codes that quickly but that is it. To really get into the computer memory of the car and read specific things it takes a lot longer. You have to connect the tech's T4 machine to the car answer some questions about the car and then the two computers converse for a few minutes. Once that is done then the tech can start looking through the cars memory to see what is going on.
  • OK... that's good to know. Of course all I know is what the recall notice tells me, which is not as reassuring as you. Facts help: thanks!

    As for the error codes: OK, understood. I thought hooking up a PC and then an info exchange of a few minutes would be all that was required to read the error memory (which is all we wanted to do) - i.e. not 40 minutes - well, I stand corrected.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Mike, Thank you so much for such a superb detail of your experience with your 2005 LR3. I, too, have a ML500 that I will be selling or trading and the LR3 is at the top of my list. I've also been looking at the Volvo XC90 and the Jeep Commander but the LR3 seems to rise to the top when I'm making comparisons.

    Again, Thank you, Mark :shades:
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • Mark,

    Excellent. FYI, the UK Magazine "What Car" did a big side-by-side test of SUVs a month ago: LR3 versus new ML320 versus Jeep versus Lexus versus Volvo - and the LR3 won (mercedes second, Jeep last).

  • Just had my free 7500 mile service done - called dealer (Land Rover Tulsa) and was told they were really busy, but come on in anyway - they got right on it and did a wonderful job including a computer scan of all systems - and still not a problem to be found. I did my 3750 mile service myself - what a's good to have a great dealer.

    I also got scheduled for a new gas tank for Dec. 5, but I've not had any concerns - so no big deal..All's well, rosy, and great in LR3 land - so far !!
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    Just adding to the "good news" talk.

    Had my 15,000 mile service and fuel tank swap on Friday. My LR3 has continued to perform well all weekend. The dealer not only washed the car, they completely vacuumed and carpet-cleaned the inside and fixed a piece of plastic that I broke.

    Interestingly, the V6 loaner (7 seat, like mine) was faster on the draw from 0-30 mph than the V-8. It was not so hot going from 50-70 mph, however. Fuel economy was about the same as my V8; although "sport" mode was much worse in the V6.

    Also, on an unrelated note, I added an external antenna wire to my 3rd party portable NAV device. Huge difference. I think it probably relates to the heated windshield (Faraday cage-like).
  • Yeah you are right the V6 actually has more low end torque then the V8 and it a little lighter then the 8 cylinder too. If you had a stripped 6 cylinder with out the sunroofs it was even lighter.

    The 8 has more top end power so that is why 50-70 feels laggy in the 6 cylinder.
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    Is there a place to find the torque curves of the two engines? I ask because the V6 maxes out at 269 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpm. Therefore, based on the low-end advantage I felt in the V6, the V8 (which maxes out at 315 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm) must develop about 250 lb-ft of torque at about 3000 rpm? In, other words, the torque curves must cross, right?
  • The torque curves don't necessarily have the same slope though. The V6 probably has a flatter curve then the V8 so no telling where the V8 devolps 245 Lb-ft. I have never seen a graphs of either engines power.
  • Michael,

    On snow tires...

    I ran the stock Goodyears on my 2005 LR3 SE for 40k+ miles. For the first 25k miles I would report no problem in snow and ice for highway and light country road driving. After 25k the tires went to hell! The noise inside the vehicle rose dramatically. The tires exhibited a wear condition in that every other block was worn significantly worse than the adjacent block. Severe wear also occurred on the inboard side of the tires, to the point the dealer was doing crossover rotations. The steering wheel would shutter at city driving speeds. The dealer said these wear patterns were consistent with other reports, (though at the time, they knew of no one with as many miles on an LR3 as me???)

    In any case, I dealt with the tires for another 15k+ miles as I did not want to spend the US$1200 quoted by the dealer for stock replacements. The tires you are running were the only other option the dealer would quote, for US$980, complete.

    After much research and chatting with drivers on this and other forums, I settled on the Nokian WR SUV 235/60/18. Install price was within US$20 of the Scorpions. (These Nokians do not come in a 19 inch yet). With a 50k mile rating, I plan to run these all year, expect on off road weekends, if I can find something real aggressive that with fit the truck.

    So far, I would report the tire to be far superior to the stock Goodyears. I put them on last Thursday and put about 500 miles on them this weekend exploring in the Rockies. Quieter, dry grip in the mountain s-curves is awesome, limited snow and ice experience is outstanding. The tires stop the LR3 much, much faster on ice than the stock tires ever did. I never found the deep snow I wanted to test them in, maybe next weekend.

    These tires are rated all season, but they do have the snowflake in mountain symbol (snow tire designation) for whatever that is worth.

    Unless you off road in the winter, or frequently drive country roads with no maintenance (deep snow), I don't think you need a snow tire for the LR3. My Goodyears got me around last winter with out much trouble, in mostly highway and some "bad" country road driving. My only grip would be stopping on ice.

    Here is an interesting review of snow tires:
    Snow tire review
  • AdamvAdamv Posts: 8
    As some of you may remember I had trouble with my LR3 in the snow/ice last year. Basically it was less then impressive. Well this past weekend was the first snowfall in upstate NY and my LR3 decided it was a $50,000 sled. I was going downhill on my road, slowly, and it just started sliding down. Luckily I ended up in a ditch on the left and not down the steep ravine on the right. My girlfriend nearly had a heart attack and really laid into this expensive suv. I can't blame her, it's probably the worst handling car/suv I ever driven in the snow. And that includes my rear wheel drive BMW! Later driving on a well travelled road, that no one else was having a problem with, it started skidding out again. Please tell me it's due to those stock tires...
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