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Audi A4 2005+



  • i just bought the new 2006 Audi A4 quattro, its my first audi. it was quite
    pricey but fun to drive. the 2006 A4 quattro cost me 55k CDN with tax, but i got
    the premium, lighting, SPORT, cold weather package and the headlight washers. i
    got black of course. but know i find the car is missing its sport appearance
    from the back, so i want to put a rear spoiler. i found prices here in canada
    but the range in 340 CDN plus painting plus tax, does anyone have any recommendations for a cheaper one on the net, a store, anywhere. the new 2006 rear spoiler is a three piece which covers the lights on either side of the hood.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I would get the one on the Audi web site, have it painted and professionally installed (the springs on the trunk lid have to be modified or replaced, I can't remember which).

    You might save a $100 some other way, but at this point that is, IMHO, a peanut, and I would rather have the perfect mate for the car.
  • I live in Canada and the new 2006 A4 wing is not on the, has anyone found an orriginal Audi wing on the net. Because as markcincinnati mentioned saving $100 dollars wouldnt make the car perfect.

  • audichikaudichik Posts: 1
    I purchased my A4 2.0T manual quattro in April (special order), and experienced problems with the key fob about a month later. My car is currently in for it 5K service and when I told them about the key problem, my service coordinator told me that there is a new key fob (same look, but different electrical wiring) so he ordered the new ones for me. It is definitely a problem they know about, so if you call I'm sure they can get you a new one.

    Another problem to look out for is a faulty temperature sensor. I live in Miami and and for the past few weeks before my service my external temperature reading was in the 40s. At one point it went down to - 47 F and my A/C starting blowing warm air (not very pleasing in hot and muggy south florida). It turns out it is yet another problem they know about. I'm stuck with a rental for a week until the new updated part comes in from Germany. Just some quirks new owners should look out for.
  • Day 13, A4 town hall held hostage.

    Is there anybody out there?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    But I do have a question... does anybody know if any of the Audi droptops will be hard tops, like the MB SLK350?

  • wco81wco81 Posts: 541
    I've not seen too many new A4s in the real world around here.

    Plenty of the old-style A4s though.

    May not be a good sign for Audi.

    Then again, not seeing too many of the new BMW 3-series either.

    Again, imports are big around here (Bay Area).
  • The only way to know how the new B7 A4 is doing is to check the NA sales figures. I haven't but I still don't see too many of the B6's in my area (NE Ohio). I think that the competition in this segment of the market has gotten pretty tough and that the new A4 design doesn't quite jell like the B6. OTOH over the past six months I've driven Acuras, BMWs, Subies and Audis (A4 & A3). I ended up ordering an A4 (my third). Have to say that the new E90 three series BMW is very nice but the Audi that works for me came in about four grand cheaper and has AWD, which is nice during the long dark nights of winter in Ohio.
  • I've been keeping my eyes open for the new A4 on the road here, and I've seen maybe 1. Dealership in Charlotte still appears to have the same inventory for the past 3 months. May not be a good sign. I know they are offering some killer leasing incentives (money factory of 0.00113583 and selling the car at cost). I've also seen more of the old style as well.

    Then again, it wasn't until recently where I've started to see more new 3 series on the road. Once they came out, I didn't see any. Now 3 months later, I've counted 5 - 6 in the span of 2 weeks (all with automatics - grrrrrrrr).

    Of the luxery segment, I see more TLs, ES330s, and too many 5 series. Audis are rare in Charlotte.
  • gunter1gunter1 Posts: 5
    I got a brand new 2006 A4 Avant three months ago - truly a beautiful car and a piece of garbage at the same time.
    It broke down completely on the 2nd day - the dealership kept it the garage for a few day because they had no clue what went wrong - had to call their tech line - finally they recognized that the ignition coil needed to to be replaced.
    Fine, the car was repaired.
    4 days later, one of the key remotes stopped working on occasions - the dealership's only solution was to reset the electrical system.
    Couple of days after that, the same key stopped working completely - the dealership suggested that apparently two people were using both key remotes at the same time and were too close and the system locked itself - that's ridiculous, and "two people" were not using both key remotes at the same time. So, the dealership asked to bring the car again because maybe there needs to be a part replaced in the remote. Here goes my 3rd visit at the garage - just to find out that they don't have the part and have to get it from Germany, so I had to bring my car again when the part arrived. That was my 4th visit.
    Ok, the key remote was finally repaired.
    But, that's not everything. A couple of weeks after, I started to feel a very abrupt and harsh change of gears (automatic transmission) when slowing down or coming to a stop. At first it would happen once/twice a day, and within a week it started to happen with every slowing down and with every stop. It was so harsh that it was even felt in a passanger seat.
    Slowly I was running out of patience. It was time for yet another visit at the dealership.
    Meanwhile, when driving with the sunroof open, all of a sudden the sunroof started to close and stopped half way. This happened only once - the dealership didn't know what the problem was but they had a brilliant solution - as always - resetting the electrical system!
    Back to the transmission problem - on one hand the mechanic denied feeling/hearing any noise, but on the other he said that the shifting down was abit harsh plus his computer showed something faulty in the transmission. The solution? Of course, resetting the electrical system. Fine. It resolved the the problem for about 2 weeks. Now, I was into my 6th visit at the garage because the "harsh shifting" started to reappear. It started gently, so I was not able to guarantee that the problem will be duplicated when I take my car in. I told that to the mechanic, and he almost went out of control, yelling "What do you want me to do? How can I fix the problem if you don't show me what the problem is!". It was a bit offensive, but I am patient (perhpas too much). This time his computer did not show any problems, so I asked him to phone his tech line and find out if they heard about a smilar case and to find out how to fix it. He said he would do that and phoned me back - have not heard from him since.
    A couple of days after that visit, I was driving and had to come to a stop, and all of a sudden there was this big thump in the transmission. It happened once, twice and after the third time and simply turned back and headed for the dealership (coincidentally it was nearby). They were about to close for the day, all mechanics were gone, but luckily one of the customer service guys was able to go for a ride with me and experience the noise. It was not as harsh as a half an hour before but were were able to experience it twice during a short drive. So, now I will be bringing my car for service for the 8th time, and it has been only 3 months since I bought it.

    Audi customer advocates and even customer reps from Germany, both of whom I contected don't give a damn about my problems. All I hear is "We are sorry" (pg. 1 of the customer service manual), "We are very, very sorry" (pg. 2 of the customer service manual), "We apologize for the inconvenience" (pg. 3 of the customer service manual). I'm sick of hearing the word "sorry"!

    So, my recommendation for everyone out there would be: DO NOT BUY AUDI!
    It was my first and last Audi purchase and I have become a walking anti-Audi advertisment. Noone will hear anything positive from me about this brand ever!
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Audi on your new Avant. But to tell everybody never to buy an Audi and lambash the whole brand is not fair.

    A car is a piece of machiney, and every maufacturer has their share of problems. Whether it's Honda, Toyota, Audi, or anybody else.

    Audi has really stepped up on quality in the last several years, and they're only a few points behind Infinity, Lexus, & Acura in intial quality according to consumer reports.

    Your car may have indeed been a lemon and I'm not trying to diminish your frustration. Have the dealer buy it back and get something else.
  • gunter1gunter1 Posts: 5
    I've been trying to have the dealer take it back and return my money the first time it broke down (on the 2nd day of ownership!); have talked with Audi customer advocates - and it appears that it is not even an option. Recently, I got a response from the corporate office and from Germany that the dealer has not agreed to take it back because everything was done under the warranty, and if the car keeps breaking down the only thing they can do is honour the warranty. This is ridiculous!

    If I buy, let's say, a brand new TV and it breaks down on the 2nd day and/or has continuous problems I simply take it back to the store I bought it from and return it. End of story.

    With this car, it appears that I have become Audi's test driver, but i have to pay for it out of my pocket.

    Well, that's my experience and unfortunately nothing will change what I thing of this brand.
  • I think that you need to determine if your car complies with any applicable lemon laws. Very sorry to hear of your experience... which certainly appears to be the exception rather than the rule. My first Audi had a few eccentricities but my current '02 Avant has been rock solid for four years. Hope my next Audi doesn't turn out like yours...

  • I got around to test driving the 2005.5 A4 2.0T yesterday, and it was a dream. I'm an owner of a 1998 A4 1.8T, and have really enjoyed it.

    Not surprisingly, the downside of my current A4 has been reliability, a problem that seems to plague Audi, and most German cars. Still, I'm seriously looking at another Audi (along with Volvo and Acura) to give them another chance! OK, I'm had two wheel bearings go with just 75k miles, an alternator, 2x brakes, gaskets and lots of belts... (So, why am I considering this? I guess it just drove so well compared to either the S60 or the TL!)

    I'm wondering what new features will be in the 2006? I've heard that Bluetooth will be added: will that be part of a premium package? Anything else that makes it worth the wait? Any idea what the wait will be?

    Thanks! ;)
  • I know that the 06 model is changing some of their packages - at least that's the indication I'm getting by reviewing the pricing on edmunds. Here are some of the things that we know of thus far:

    The 3.2 engine should become equipped with a manual transmission (yeah!!!)
    S-Line sports package - which is similar to last year's ultra sports package
    Bluetooth is an option and will be part of the technology package.

    I'd contact your Audi dealer and ask about the 2006 availability. I haven't seen anything yet on Audi's website that suggests 2006 models are available, but you can order one now.
  • the '06s are showing up at dealers now. My factory order A4 should arrive in two or three weeks.

    Had: '99 A4 1.8t Avant (manual)... car had a few "issues".

    Have: '02 A4 1.8t Avant (sports suspension, manual)... issues so far: in nearly four years one bulb over rear plate. Lucky? maybe!

  • If you don't mind sharing, what options did you get on your 2006 A4? My next question is probably reserved for the Buying Experience forum, but what did you end up spending?
  • The specs: Manual, Prem pack, Technology pack, Sun/moon roof, Sports suspension, Tire pressure monitor.... no money down, thousand over invoice (you can check the invoice at Edmunds). And I plan to trade my current car in which is where the dealer will probably make his $$$:)

    This dealer has been extremely easy to deal with... but I must confess that I attempted to buy a '05 BMW 330i with the performance package at a great price (new) but some lucky stiff got to it first...

    The A4 sure ain't cheap for a four-banger but it's all in the synergy.

  • Thanks. That's pretty much my configuration except I'm going to opt for the Audio Package in lieu of the Tire Pressure Monitoring. Did you get the Tech package with Bluetooth? I just bought a bluetooth phone - all I need now is the car. :) Did you get one of the order only colors or did you go with their standard? How Dolphin Grey is not a standard is beyond me - that's a sharp color (I know this is purely subjective).

    Finally, are you leasing or purchasing?

  • Yep, it comes with Bluetooth (although I presently don't have a bt device). Getting the Flipper grey... weird about that no longer being a "standard" color.

    And I'm buying the sucker rather than leasing.


  • I'll trade you the phone for the car. :)
  • mcmuneymcmuney Posts: 64
    I have a 2003 A4 3.0 CVT which I'm thinking of trading-in for a 2005/2006 model (are 2006 available yet). Anyhow, I just wanted to get some advice on the type of deal I can expect. I want to go into a 3 year lease on the new 3.2 CVT. Also, what can I expect for the trade-in?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Just ordered my 2006 A4 Q 3.2 Tiptronic - Dophin Grey
    Sweet car... All 06' models are at the port. They are only releasing them if they are marked "SOLD"
    Bose w/Sirius, Prem, Cold, Tech/ w/out Bluetooth... iPod adapter and Sunroof. Everyone was correct, Dophin Grey Metallic is special order only.
    The only thing I am unhappy about... I went to 3 different dealers and none of them have a picture, brochure or can really tell you anything about the A4 06'.
    Did 05.5 vs 06' change any interior? I guess I'll be surprised. I love how the A6 added the LCD screen standard with or without the Navi. I'm hoping that the A4 06' would have done the same, being its no longer the entry level Audi. But, I doubt it.
  • Throw in an oh six 3 series BMW and you've got a deal :P

  • As the commercial goes: "I'm not a lawyer, but I do look like one." In my case, I'm not a lawyer but I am married to one.

    So here is the straight advice and comment. This is a crying shame. However, the Audi advantage should minimize your issues -- if the car is unreliable, you should get a free loaner car (typically one just like yours or a last year's model A4.) I know it isn't yours but at least you should not have to make repeated trips. My brand new 2003 allroad spent 11 of its first 18 days in the shop for a problem with On*star (turned out the factory had connected the GPS and the On*star "backwards" or something like that.) I had a one year old A6 with less than 10,000 miles on it (and never been smoked in) car to use. I was not happy that I didn't have MY car, but I didn't have to fool around with multiple trips after the first trip, anyway.

    So, you need to know what the lemon laws are in your area (and I assume they are difficult to find and understand but that they are available.) Then you need to see what documentation is required to exercise the lemon laws to reach the conclusion you want.

    The DEALER cannot eat the cost of the car -- the dealer is a retailer -- the dealer probably doesn't have too much to do with the car's issues of manufacture. The dealer sort of has his hands tied. I got a new Sharp TV this weekend -- the box says "if this thing doesn't work, don't return it to the store where you bought it. . ." bla bla bla. Now Best Buy gives you 7 days to return it but after that -- you have to make the warranty claim, etc etc etc.

    Here in Cincinnati, a person (who posted over on the A6 board) had a problem wherein his new A6 wouldn't run and no matter what the dealer tried it would not resolve the issue. Time passed. Let me repeat that -- time passed.

    Time passed.

    And, some more time passed.

    In the mean time, he was given another 2005 A6 (the sales manager personal demo which was above the car that he bought and was having problems with) -- this is above and beyond. But the dealer did this for this guy.

    Time passed.

    Audi of America called him and said, tell us what you want and we will replace the car. I don't know all the details, other than what was posted here, and I may not have totally accurately conveyed the story. This was a Buy Back, not technically a lemon law car as I understand my wife's brief explanation of Ohio's Lemon Laws.

    This was unfortunate -- but Audi came through. The guy was persistent. He was not difficult, but he did not give in or give up. He wanted the A6, perhaps if he wanted his money back 100% and wanted a Pontiac or something other than to be made whole with a new A6, things would have been different.

    This story may not replay with you. The fact that this story happened SHOULD, under the circumstances, give you some encouragement.

    You need to know what the applicable lemon laws are -- at least as a starting point. Thus far, based on my pea brain understanding of the lemon laws you do not have a lemon (at least in the state of Ohio, America.) Good luck!

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Has anybody else driven the 2006 (2.0T's) yet?

    The engine sounds a bit less noisy than the 05.5's, and the exhaust note sounds a bit sweeter as well.
  • Shouldn't be any difference... perhaps you are simply adjusting to it?

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I drove both a 6 speed manual and a tippy 2006 2.0, and it definately seemed quieter and more refined than the 05.5. Some people have complained about excess engine noise on the 05.5's, and Audi may have tweaked the cars a bit for 06.
  • ekutekut Posts: 1
    Anyone know if you can hook up an ipod to a 05.5 w/ navi???
  • Well, I'll know for myself in about weeks :)

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