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Audi A4 2005+



  • Edmunds lists it, but audiusa does not...
    I am guessing Edmunds is wrong...
    If it's true, my current 2004 A4 is probably my last Audi then :-(
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    ...not to worry, the 3.2 6 speed A4 is available for ordering in the fall.
  • I had a '99 1.8t A4 Avant. Drove the car for three years and had a few minor problems. The mirror heaters were set to activate whenever the temp got near freezing. Since I live in NE Ohio the mirror heaters were on for about three or four months a year and consequently I smoked three of 'em. My manually-equipped A4 also would occasionally "moan" when I engaged first gear. Didn't affect driving but it was loud and would cause people to give me a "look". Naturally the car only did this every so often and never when in for servicing. I even left it there over night (and got to drive a "C A M R Y"' (super big yuk).

    Oh yeah, the control arms were replaced under a recall.

    So come 2002 and I find myself in another 1.8t Avant. This car seemed to have better build quality and there really weren't any issues over the 3 1/2 years of ownership (but I do dump them before the four year coverage ceases :P ). Oops... forgot about one CEL incident. Took the car to the dealer and they simply reset the light and that was the end of it.

    About a month ago I picked up my '06 2.0t Quattro sedan (manual, sports suspension and a bunch of other stuff). The fit 'n finish of this car is beyond reproach. Just got back from a sixty mile scoot at 70 to 78 mph with about 5% city driving mixed in. The trip computer indicated 33.6 mpg!

    Before this purchase I considered the BMW 330i. Drove it. Loved it. Still want it... but, like I said, I live in NE Ohio and Quattro is pretty nice. The 330i is also more expensive and winter wheels are a "must have". The 325 is closer in price to the 2.0t A4 and certainly is a good alternative.

    But the TL surprised me. I know that the TL generates very good numbers for handling & acceleration but I just didn't like the driving dynamics at all. In fact I was surprised by how little I cared for the car. However that's me and you may find it to be the perfect match for your tastes.

    So in conclusion, you seem to dump your rides before the warranties run out. Until proven otherwise that's probably a good idea with Audi as even routine replacement items are likely to be big bucks. Audi seems to have been doing a much improved job with its initial quality and I doubt that a new A4 will leave you stranded in Death Valley. But any of those three vehicles should do nicely. So drive them all and go with the one that works for you.

  • cpurickcpurick Jacksonville, FLPosts: 28
    "The 2.0 Turbo gets 30-32 on the highway."

    I think if you put it on cruise and keep it in the 60's it'll get an honest 35 during extended highway driving. I get between 30-32mpg over a tankful, in mixed driving that includes a decent highway leg on my daily commute.
  • I just bought a 2006 A4 Avant S-Line with the Tech Package w/ BT. I have a Blackberry 7290 with Bluetooth v4.0.0.219 operating system but was told by the dealer and by Audi customer service that it would not work and was not on their list of compatible devices. But I tried it and it works perfectly! I never have to take my phone out of my belt clip. I use the voice commands for dialing by name or by number without any problems, but it took some tinkering with the options on my phone to get it to work.

    At first, it would sync up but then freeze up both the screen on the car and the BB when I tried to dial a number.

    Anyway, here's the configuration that I used to make it work.

    Device Properties:
    Trusted = Yes
    Encryption = Enabled
    Services = Hands-Free unit

    Discoverable = Yes
  • dino001 wrote:
    Just ridiculous, but hey if a 19-yr old college boy/girl or fresh foreign PhD starting his professor job thinks it is a good deal, why not at least try?

    I had to smile when reading this one. I have met many spoiled 19-year olds who could afford a brand new Audi - but a fresh foreign PhD with a teaching job? You would have to have a really lucky combination of unusually high salary and low-cost location. Most colleges and Universities where starting salaries are significantly above 40-50K, you would also have to deal with $750K to $1M home prices, similarly high rents, and high costs for everything else. And I know families with twice that income who cannot afford a new Audi...
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,516
    That comment was about the Tallahassee Mazda dealer trying to charge an ADP on a last-year Mazda 626 (anybody who knows anything about cars would know those cars were going for deeeeep discounts), as an illustration for possible local market conditions. Some fellow was complaining that he/she could get only $1000 off the sticker on his A4 and I tried to comfort him/her saying not every market allows people buying for invoice price. Please read that post again in its entriety (esp. a sentence preceeding the quoted one) and the post it was a response to.

    2018 330i Gran Coupe

  • I thought I read somewhere that Bluetooth was a standard feature. I guess that's a sacrifice I have to live with for getting the 2005.5 model, but I got it at invoice, so it was well worth it.

    I noticed that the Nav has a phone option, which is not installed, can anything be done with this???
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Bluetooth is a part of the technology package that has the xenon lights and memory seats.
  • Actually, I got mine at invoice, too. There are two technology packages. Bluetooth is a supplement to the technology package, and is about $500 more than the standard tech. pkg.
  • I'm a guy by the way and I'm not complaining :shades: I love my new car! I didn't order it (I should have I know) I just test drove a 6MT quattro demo and bought the only black S-line quattro 6MT left in the San Diego area. I'm only leasing it because thats what fits my situation; cars depreciate and to me are poor investments. I try to cycle through new cars every 2-4 years for less than owning it. The covered maintenance is great for leasing. Plus, I can write it off for taxes since I use it for work.

    Anyways, I've already put 1000 miles on it in two weeks. Its a freakin blast to drive around the twisties on the roads around inland San Diego. I would recommend this car to anyone. It's my first Audi and defiantly not my last.
  • I'm also in San Diego, and also driving an '06 black S-line quattro that I just leased. But mine's an Avant, and it's an AT. Which dealer did you go to? I couldn't find any deals in San Diego, so ended up having to go up to Santa Ana for mine. It was already on the lot, but was exactly what I was looking for - and at a great price! I'm envious that you're already at 1000 miles. I'm still breaking mine in, so no twisties yet until I can redline this thing!
  • dino001,

    Sorry, the reason for my post was not to find a flaw in your statement, but to point out how during the past 6 years or so, car prices and everything else have increased far faster than salaries in many segments, including the academic world. Case in point: academic salaries basically have not increased in the past 6 years in the UC system.

    During the same time, the base A4 price has gone from about $24K to $28K; gas, home, tuition, school books, and some food prices have more than doubled. You could say new cars have ESP, more air bags, more power, more space, and more fat. However, computers have all of that (especially the air bags) and are generally cheaper than 6 years ago. You could say, well, if the general inflation is actually three times larger than the government measures or Greenspan wanted you to believe (before he got scared and decided to keep raising rates), cars are faring quite well! But - the way I look at it, home, clothing and food (the essentials) have increased so much that transportation better do some thing to allow people of all strata to live a decent live. That includes school and college teachers, who used to flock to the as-safe-perceived Volvos and Audis, be able to part from their now 10 year old cars and be able to afford another, new one...
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I think Audi has discontinued offering 2 different tech packages. There's only 1 technology package now, and bluetooth is included.
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,516
    I know your pain - I'm exactly at the same point, man. Always wanted an A4 Avant quattro with 6-cyl. Every time I think I get closer to it, they get more and more expensive. My "dream" config would cost now just over $40K, totally unattainable for me. But anything less than that seems... "unworthy". What I mean, lower trims (2.0T) face much stiffer competition from other guys, where for similar or lower price you get either more "stuff" (TSX, S40/V50, 9-3), more umph and arguably somewhat better powertrain (Legacy GT), substantially better reliability record (Acura, Subaru). My thinking is either all the way or nothing. But all the way is too expensive for me, so... nothing :( A3 seems to be no help either, also for its pricing, unfortunately (esp. with options).

    2018 330i Gran Coupe

  • Got my car at Miramar Audi. They had received the car that morning from the Port of San Diego. I think I was pretty lucky. Otherwise, I would of had to wait 2-3 months if I ordered it, or sooner if I had taken my chances with dealer inventory. But I got exactly what I wanted :) There was another in Arizona but I didn't want to drive there (that one was fully loaded with everything, 40k+ MSRP).

    Just driving in the back roads of Rancho Santa Fe is self-gratifying with this car. When you get a chance, try to take a cruise down Couser Canyon Road. I'm pretty new to the San Diego area and I have to say that Couser is an awesome road course for the A4 with plenty of twists and turns.
  • I know that road well. I do that one frequently with the SD Porsche club. Haven't tried it yet with the Audi. I'm sure it will be fun, but probably not as much as with the Boxster S :) There are a lot of great roads east of the 15 between Escondido and Temecula. Have fun and see you out there!
  • Anyone know if the A4 has the ability to integrate an MP3 player. The new Lexus IS offers an outlet that you simply plug your MP3 player directly into. BMW 3 series has an available IPOD kit.

    Does the A4 have the capability to support these functions?

    Is the $400 "phatnoise" MP3 player that is shown as an accessory for the A3 on Audi's website available for the A4? My guess on this one is yes but I don't know.
  • My 2005.5 A4 has 2 SD memory card inserts that I've been using to play MP3's. Also, (I haven't tried this yet), the manual says that the DVD player for the Nav can play MP3 CD's. I didn't notice any other connection options.
  • There's a telephone function on the 2005.5 A4 with Nav, but when you click on it, it says not installed. Is this something that can be installed by Audi dealers? If yes, what will that include? Can bluetooth be installed aftermarket in this system? I'm not a big telephone user, but it would be nice to have.
  • Thanks for the info. I'd imagine you wouldn't be able to get very many songs on an SD memory card. What's your experience? The one I test drove had nav with the slots but I don't know if the slots are available without the nav. Thanks again for the response.
  • I tested it with an old SD card that I had and just ordered 2 256MB cards, which should hold about 125 songs. I have conflicting information on this, my dealer told me that the 2 slots combined can hold 2GB (2 1GB cards), but the Audi manual says it will read up to 256MB. I should be good to go even with 125 songs, but if it turns out that it can hold 2GB, that should solve almost anyones problem.

    I don't think it's available without the Nav. Me not being a iPod user, this is more than sufficient for me.
  • PS. Spend the money and go for the Nav, it's well worth it. I have a 2005 Touareg, also with a nav, but this DVD based Nav is a major improvement. I'd highly recommend it.
  • I use a 1 GB card... has ~26 albums worth of music on it. Plays without problem. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the file name character limit... I forget the exact number, but it's stated in the manual, and was mentioned a few pages back in this forum.

    File names that are over the limit just don't show up in the list displayed by the MMI system... it baffled me for some time... thought my cards were messed up, but when I put them in my computer, voila there were all the tracks that I thought I had recorded!!

    I also don't understand why the 05.5 shouldn't be able to talk Bluetooth... I doubt very much that Audi used different hardware in the 06 MMI compared to what is in my 05.5! Probably some software update to the OS for the system. Why else would my steering wheel have those 2 buttons that are currently useless?!
  • Thanks for the advice on whether or not to buy the Audi. After much thought I did buy it last week. Before doing so I spoke to my local and trusted foreign car mechanic, who happens to own a couple of Audis himself, and he put things in perspective for me. Audi did have several bad years in terms of reliability but has improved in recent years. I should expect more to go wrong with this car than the Japanese models that I have owned in the past but the excitement of driving it should be worth it. Since I try to keep my cars for at least ten years I may buy an extended warranty for $1800 that will cover most items for 7 years or 70,000 miles (3 years and 20,000 miles beyond the Audi warranty). I have 12 months to decide on whether to buy it - any advise?

    The car is a 2005 1.8t convertible. Its handsome design and the fun of the convertible was one of the reasons I decided to buy it over an Infiniti G35 coup. It also gets better gas mileage. It had been on the dealers lot for several months and they have two 2006 convertibles - I live in the Midwest where convertible season is coming to an end - so I was able to get it below invoice - the dealer was also able to cut $1000 off the price if I financed it through Audi so I figure I got a fair deal.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 541
    Apple and Audi announced that Audi would be offering some kind of iPod integration later this year.

    How involved it is, I don't remember but Honda and Acura also announced iPod support and their version will actually have speech recognition so you can speak your commands.

    Supposedly in a couple of years, OEM stereo makers will have a better handle on iPod integration. Instead of just using the CD changer interface, they may find ways to integrate an iPod dock, which is why when Apple intro'd the iPod Nano, they also announced some kind of a universal dock standard, meaning people making iPod accessories can be assured that the dock standard won't change in the future.

    At least for a couple of years :D
  • So you've had no problem with using 1GB cards (total of 2GB)? Why does it say on the manual that it reads upto 256MB and a maximum of 60 characters? I bought 2 256MB's just to be safe, but I guess I'll have to find other use for them and get me 2 1GB's. Cool.

    I know, it seems that the capability of Bluetooth is there on the 2005.5, it's just getting it hooked up. Let me know if you get any additional info on this.
  • The Technology package includes a trip computer. Anyone know what features it has - The brochure simply says "6 function trip computer including outside temperature guage". Is it able to keep track of gas mileage?

    Second question - Brochure (I received from dealer) has listed an exterior color "Cambridge Green Effect". This color is not listed on the website. Although there is no date anywhere on the brochure, I suspect is is a 2005 brochure and that the Green color has been discontinued for 2006. That would be too bad, because it's almost a British racing green and would go nice with tan leather interior. Can anyone confirm this?
  • OK... this is getting a bit much.... about 2 months ago, my remote intermittently failed to unlock doors... told the dealer about the known problem and my keys were replaced.

    Time passes, and I'm the only one driving until this week. My wife has been using my car and changed the seat position to her memory settings. Today I went to drive my car and on unlocking the door, nothing happened to the seat position even though I had followed the steps to have my key memorize my stored seat settings!!!

    Has anyone else noticed this, particularly after having the keys replaced??
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Cambridge Green was discontinued for 2006.
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