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Audi A4 2005+



  • I just got a used 2007 A4 2.0T and i was just looking for input on what kind of mods i could do to it that look good but arent too over the top. thanks
  • I have an 05 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0T and I am looking into throwing in a Cold air intake. Is there any CAI that anyone recommends and does it make a decent differnece in both sound and Pep? Thank you :)
  • mcmuneymcmuney Posts: 64
    I'm thinking of trading in my car, but I'm not sure what price I can expect. The price range for this car seems to be between $17K - $25K. What do you think I can get for it? The specs are below:

    2005.5 3.2L Sedan Quattro (2006 body style)
    Black Exterior
    Gray Interior
    50K Miles
    Fully Loaded (includes Sports Package, Navigation System, Sunroof, Dual Power Seats (heated front and rear seats), Adjusting Bi-Xenon Headlights, Wood Trim, Rain Sensors, (only thing missing is power rear shades))
    Looks Brand New
    No Mechanical Problems
  • embeedueceembeeduece Posts: 260
    Just had my first major out of pocket expense on my 2005 A4 Quattro. Blew the clutch out. There are a lot of variables (and I have searched this discussion) but I'd be curious to hear others estimate a reasonable cost. At the Audi service center, and with parts / labor / etc. Thanks!! :sick:
  • DON'T!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't buy this car, you will be sorry.
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