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Natural Gas fueled vehicles



  • igotgasigotgas Posts: 2
    Nothing Positve to say about this place ....

    Just keep an open mind ask them for a lot of proof

    certifications and patents... I have not seen any

    sor far it looks like a box with a hose.....

    Don't get Hosed.... :mad:

    "Buyer beware"
  • Hi there Patcng,
    Can you send me information on how to modify the head for FM4 please? It'll be appreciated. I can even pay you for helping me out.

    Can you please e-mail me on please?

  • robmmarrobmmar Posts: 3
    I have done quite a bit of research on CNG vehicles over the course of the last two years, and I am now ready to purchase something...probably a used Honda. Does anyone out there have any information on government auctions or other web sites I might be able to keep an Eye out for. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • marty2611marty2611 Posts: 8

    You may have missed the boat. CNG vehicles are the hottest vehicles on the market today. A honda Civic that I bought last year for $4700 is now selling for over $13000 with more miles. I saw 1999 Ford trucks go at the government auction on Friday for $20,000 with CNG and the same truck without CNG go for $4900. Good luck in your search but with the high cost of gasoline, CNG cars are demanding a premium price.
  • d_linkd_link Posts: 17
    We have owned a Honda Civic GX since December 1998 (80,000 miles) and know it to be an excellent vehicle. The only negative is that you must plan ahead if you intend to drive over 200 miles from your home (be certain that you have a current list of all public CNG refuel stations in your area--24 hour stations are preferred, but private ones are occasionally available if you contact them when in dire need and ask for assistance). Our current cost per gas gallon equivalent (gge) is $2.39. If we were to compress at home with our own FuelMaker or other compressor, the cost would drop to approximately half that amount per gge.

    I don't know your US state, but following are the sites which I have used for assistance. Happy hunting:

    CNG motors in Arizona (updating their site, but often had Hondas for sale in the past):

    Pacific Gas & Electric in California (our local CNG company):

    Southern California Gas:

    California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (very valuable resource, but also updating their website):

    Natural Gas Vehicle Owners Association:

    Clean Vehicle Education Foundation:

    Natural Gas Vehicles for America:

    Honda USA site for Civic GX sales (new):

    International Association for NGV (frustrating discovering all the alternatives available around the world when we have so few in US):

    And FuelMaker, of course, though the Phill price jumped through the roof from initial expectations of $1,000 to $1,900 per unit (tax benefits reduce the current $3,500+ price, but...):

  • jwillardhjwillardh Posts: 2
    Can you give me any contact information for the place out of Fresno that has cng parts? Thanks.
  • lee14ulee14u Posts: 7

    A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems
    2320 Stanislaus St.
    Fresno, CA 93721-1222


    Good Luck
  • We just bought a Chevy Cavalier CNG/B-Fuel couple of months ago. We like the car fine, it's really great. :) We thought it would be really great, but we just don't drive it enough to recover the cost of it quickly enough. We are considering selling it. Would anone have any suggestions or advice, to keep it, or sell it. We only drive about 200 miles per week, CNG is $1.14 and gasoline is $3.34. It gets almost 30 mpg CNG.
  • Personally, I think the Focus offers several advantages over the Honda GX.

    Cheaper, much nicer trim levels and electronics and a EPA certified system is available, qualifying for federal and local incentives. Even at $10k (less rebates etc.) for the conversion, it ends up being cheaper than the GX.

    Mine is a 2008 Focus 5 speed 2 door SES with leather interior. The CNG system is clearly one of the best I've ever seen.

    link title
  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    Ok, so here are the advantages of the GX over the Focus:

    Some 10,000 GXs made over 11 years
    Factory model fully supported by Honda
    Engine designed to burn CNG (high compression)
    CARB approved
    Eligible for HOV stickers in CA
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