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Natural Gas fueled vehicles



  • d_linkd_link Posts: 17
    Rather than a Ford Focus, consider the Honda Civic GX. We have a dedicated CNG 1998 Honda Civic GX. It was built and designed as a CNG vehicle, rather than a conversion. We have never had any problems with the car and recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering a CNG vehicle. Many used Civic GX are available from fleets for very reasonable prices. When we purchased our GX, it cost $19,000, while 2007 GX costs are in the $24,000 range (though federal and local tax incentives are $2,000 greater than they were in 1998).

    While the new GX has many improvements, we fully expect our engine and fuel system to outlast the car. We currently have nearly 75,000 clean miles on our Civic GX. We still manage 30 mpg with all around driving, and can reach the upper 30's on highway trips.

    Though there are several sites listing used Honda Civic GX vehicles for sale, here are some where you may begin a search. Be certain to contact the Natural Gas Vehicle Association in your local area. They are a valuable resource. Checking Craigslist in areas closest to you would be a good source of used GX, though I failed to find anything on the Philadelphia list. Checking local gas utilities for used vehicles is often an excellent way to find a low price on a used Civic GX. Good luck! 1,658.47&rsr=bWFrZT1IT05EQSZtb2RlbD1DSVZJQyZjbF95PTE5OTgmY2hfeT0yMDA3JmNsX3ByaWN- lPSZjaF9wcmljZT0mY2xfbWk9JmNoX21pPSZjaz1HWCZndXI9YW55JmNzej05NTYyNCZjZV9zbD0mdnR- 5cGU9YXV0b3MmbWs9SG9uZGEmbW89Q2l2aWMmc3VibWl0PVNlYXJjaA-- 350.47&rsr=bWFrZT1IT05EQSZtb2RlbD1DSVZJQyZjbF95PTE5OTgmY2hfeT0yMDA3JmNsX3ByaWNlP- SZjaF9wcmljZT0mY2xfbWk9JmNoX21pPSZjaz1HWCZndXI9YW55JmNzej05NTYyNCZjZV9zbD0mdnR5c- GU9YXV0b3MmbWs9SG9uZGEmbW89Q2l2aWMmc3VibWl0PVNlYXJjaA--
  • whooliawhoolia Posts: 6
    Hi, CNGuser,
    I got you a bumper sticker with this message:
    Natural Gas Vehicle
    Car Pool Lane - OK
    It's not fancy, but I have it for you. It may or may not work for you; would you like it?
    Here's another option: I found a Web site that will make custom bumper stickers. Haven't tried them, but anybody interested can see
  • Thank you for your info. I am a Ford fan and would rather find or create same. I have done extensive propane forklift work and alot of fabrication over the years so, I would really like to create a CNG Focus if I can find a kit.

    Thank you again,
  • d_linkd_link Posts: 17
    If you are truly a Ford fan, does that extend to Volvo, which is owned by Ford? If it does, Volvo has made several versions of bifuel cars. They are only available, unfortunately, in Europe. If you are interested, you will have to act quickly, however, for Ford has decided to end ALL PRODUCTION of bifuel Volvo vehicles and invest their time and money in ethanol mix cars instead (this is one of the worst decisions Ford has ever made, but you appear to understand that CNG is a much better fuel simply by your membership in this forum).

    Good luck in your search.
  • londnrlondnr Posts: 55
    I think that one of Ford's worst decisions (among many bad choices) was to end production of dedicated CNG vehicles here in the US. I love my Crown Vic, but replacement options are few and far between for a full size car.

    As to converting a Focus, I have a feeling that the effort and expense involved would make the project unfeasible.
  • You would probablty be better off converting to propane, would cost less.
  • Ford and Mazda only. Not really interested in Volvo or Jag. Thanks for the info though.

  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    Whoolia - Thanks for the lead. The sticker you have would not be applicable in Oregon, so I will look into having one made from Autolettering.
    I think if we would all get a bumper sticker to note our Natural Gas powered vehicles - more people would take interest and get involved!
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    If you have some $ to spend and like to travel, go to South America where (I last saw for 2006) FORD offers several factory built CNG models of the FOCUS. Might be able to get a good used one. Only challenge would be getting it US-EPA certified for use in here.
    Also, I read that somewhere in Europe, Mercedes has a CNG version of one of its cars.
    It is a shame that these are so downplayed and ignored in the US by various entities. American HONDA deserves kudos for keeping CNG cars alive here!
  • d_linkd_link Posts: 17
    The labels do not have PG&E, any state, or local jurisdiction as part of the label. They simply state:

    Clean Air Vehicle (large letters)
    Powered by Natural Gas (smaller letters)

    If you are interested, I will attempt to locate some at our local PG&E yard. They might be willing to part with some, since we have been refueling with them since 1998.
  • d_linkd_link Posts: 17
    There are some 60 different CNG models available in Europe, while we currently have only the Honda Civic GX in the US. Some are very exciting, however, you have hit on the only question: Can they gain US-EPA certification? If you discover any that do, please don't hesitate to mention this in the Forum.
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    Both labels would be like what I am seeking for both my CNG cars.
    You can contact me via this forum's email. Maybe you'll get some more takers!
    Thank you and PG&E
  • whooliawhoolia Posts: 6
    Hi, CNGuser and all,
    I now have available 2 bumper stickers. The first 2 people that ask for them, get them, but CNGuser gets first dibs.

    bumper stickers say:

    No company logos. Colors are blue with white letters and a thin red line along bottom. Measure 2.5" x 12". No charge. I love to encourage fellow clean-air drivers.

  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    Hey team, let's get the word out there that CNG vehicles are alive and well, help the environment, not to mention they cut import oil costs & its pollution!
    Get a bumper sticker for your vehicle.

    (Whoolia check your e-mail at this forum - message for you).
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    Don't miss this opportunity to see what's out there or soon to be in alternative fueled vehicles, including our time proven CNG'ers. In Santa Monica, Calif.

  • tstiktstik Posts: 9
    I have just purchased 2 of the cavaliers. Neat little cars by the way. Is there an online parts breakdown or cross-reference of the parts so you dont need to get raped by the dealership? What are the best forums for NGV?
    It seems like there is quite a few folks driving cng but we are all scattered out. We need to get us all in one place.
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    Welcome. This forum is a good place to be. You really jumped in with 2 cars!
    I suggest you order the factory shop manuals from for that year. These will be helpful, but not cheap. My hunch is the dealers are likely to be the best souce for the specialized CNG components, should you need something. If you find an independent CNG service technician, he may have a source for parts. You could try the auto parts place down the street, but likely they may have no reference to even start looking.
    Happy motoring.
  • tstiktstik Posts: 9
    Are there any major forums where everybody hangs out? If not we should pick one and let everybody we know its the place to be. The cng info is so scattered that its tough to come by. Like this place, waiting for 1-2 days for a reply much less being able to classify the discussions and such. So besides here what other place is a good hangout?
  • adeaadea Posts: 44
    "You could try the auto parts place down the street, but likely they may have no reference to even start looking."

    AutoZone has most parts much cheaper as well as BAP, and I found a great online site called Autopartswarehouse that has some REAL bargains!
  • kscngkscng Posts: 12
    I'd sure be interested in buying your 3,600 psi Fuelmaker if reasonable price. Everywhere I look to buy a used one, price is sky high or long waiting list. Any other NGV user group-type website to look for used FMQ-2-36 unit?
  • ngv123ngv123 Posts: 18
    Hello all,

    I drive a GX and am extremely happy with it. A friend of mine just purchased a 2006 CNG Grand Marquis. The vehicle is running great but he has asked me for recommendations on local CNG Certified mechanics should he experience any issues. Since I haven't had anything worked on my GX except changed oil I am not sure where to send him.

    Any recommendations on CNG Certified Mechanics in Southern California?

    Thank you!
  • d_linkd_link Posts: 17
    I will not take my GX to anyone except a Honda CNG certified dealership. They are required to have qualified mechanics on hand who are properly trained for high pressure applications. Many mechanics which whom I have spoken feel that CNG and LPG are relatively similar and I have had to "educate" them as to the critical dangers inherent in that supposition.

    Though Ford has relatively extensive history with CNG vehicles, they have completely dropped the program in the USA. The GM bifuel cars did not last long on the market and I was told that they were not very reliable. I would worry about simply going to a Ford or GM dealership. If a CNG certified Honda dealership is not nearby, check with mechanics at United Parcel Service or a local rapid transit district. They have extensive experience with 3000 to 5000 psi CNG applications and should be highly qualified to recommend someone in the area (unless you are able to guilt them into helping you directly).

    Good luck. I wish more USA manufacturers would make their European CNG vehicles available here. The new Opel Corsa has been outfitted by BRA GmbH and Gasverbund Mittelland AG in Germany and Switzerland and is an exciting possibility for the US in the future. With a CNG range of 500km and petrol of 200km (optimized for CNG), both companies are eager to enter the California market after they gain German and European certification for their aftermarket conversion (approved by Opel GmbH).
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    Please pardon my question to your statement before the question - where did your friend buy a 2006 CNG Grand Marquis? If I am not mistaken, 2004 was the last year FORD did anything CNG in the US.

    Was this a "conversion job"? If so do you know what outfit did it? Where are they located? Approximate costs?

    As for CNG mechanics, have him take a road trip to Portland. One of the Ford dealers off I-5 has a CNG technician available...
  • londnrlondnr Posts: 55
    I was also wondering about the Grand Marquis, as it would be an extremely rare CNG vehicle.

    Check out BAF Technologies - according to their website they do CNG conversion on the Crown Vic, Town Car and Grand Marquis (almost anything with the 4.6 - I like the sound of a CNG Marauder). It looks as if it is authorized to some extent by Ford, and the 2006 Crown Vic is CARB approved.
  • whooliawhoolia Posts: 6
    Hey, I just got 10 more bumper stickers that say:
    No company logos, etc. I'll send these free to the first 10 people that ask me. I talked a friend out of these, since his agency isn't using them anymore.

  • adeaadea Posts: 44
    Thanks Whoolia! I would be glad to have one. :) My email address is:
  • dejapoohdejapooh Posts: 40
    I would love one. Thanks
  • I'll take one. Thank you,

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  • dejapoohdejapooh Posts: 40
    Another thing you can do is have a "throw away" email address that you only check when you are expecting Email from someone (like someone who wants to send you a sticker). My hotmail address is 99% spam... My REAL email address gets almost none, because I never publish it.
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