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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • I'm in the process of purchasing an 06 Impala LTZ and I noticed the blinkers are extremely loud - can this be remedied? The car has 36k on it and appears quite clean - anything else I should be looking for? Thanks in advance
  • cdnonecdnone Posts: 6
    My problem I think is a very isolated case....fortunate for you /unfortunate for me LOL. My blinker noise, when working normally, is actually very the point I often find it gets left on at times and the car then chimes at you to remind you. When I bought the car I initially asked if it was possible to make the noise a bit louder. but they said they had no control over the volume. Wow and 3 months later the full volume blinker became one of my issues.
    If I didn't have this isolated problem I would highly recommend the is a great car to drive both in the city and is great on the highway....perfect size too if you are looking for the extra room that some imports don't have...the trunk space has amazed many people....4 sets of golf clubs are not an issue.
  • My question is how do I decrease the volume of the turn signal?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I had a 2000 Impala, and as I recall you could press down on the #6 radio preset with the radio off (and the key on), and it would cycle the turn signal level between normal and loud (I think it also adjusted the sound of all the alert tones too). Can't guarantee that's the same way to do it on a 2006+, but at least there's hope. As I recall I found that info digging through the owners manual at one point, so if you have a copy there might be info there. Also, FWIW it was pretty common in the 2000-2005 models for the flasher button on the dash to go out (you'd know when your turn signals quit blinking, but could be "jump started" by pressing the hazard button. Anyway, typically replacing the faulty switch resulted in a muted blinker sound...might be another option.
  • Thanks - there is no owners manual with this vehicle so I'll have to track one down
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    The turn signal volume in '06+ Impalas is controlled through the Driver's Information Center (DIC). It is one of the settings. I believe the choices are Low and High. Press the 3rd button down (the button with the two checkboxes on it) until the Tone Volume settting comes up. Then press the 4th button down to change it from low to high or vice versa.
  • thanks I'll give it a shot -
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Also basing this on my 2000 ownership, but I think if you go to you can register your vehicle there, and having done so you can click on the "glovebox" link and can download a pdf of your model's owners manual. Even though I had a manual with mine I downloaded one too, so if I had a question about something but didn't want to trudge outside and get the book, I could just pull up the pdf.

    Registering at the site is also a good way to get any recall info and such too, since you can enter your VIN so they'll know exactly which vehicle you have.
  • jhines82jhines82 Posts: 2
    I am interested in putting some aftermarket rims on my 2006 Impala LT. I am wondering how that will affect the Tire Monitor System. Is there a way to disable the system, or can sensors be installed on the aftermarket rims so the system will still function properly. Can someone help me out
  • loyalssloyalss Posts: 1
    I have been following this message board since purchasing my 06 SS in Nov. of 05. I've seen numerous post about problems experienced by owners and they seem to be split between the SS and LTZ models pretty evenly. I have not had one issue with my SS since purchasing it and have only had one recall and that was to reprogram the braking system. Has anyone had other recalls other that the one I've listed?
    I haven't seen many positive post but just wanted to say I have not experienced any of the issues that I have seen listed. Of course, I live in the sunny South and don't have to contend with the severe winters that others do. Don't know if that has anything to do with the fact my dash doesn't squesk, my key fob works well, the remote start works across a large parking lot and I haven't had a loss of steering fluid as of this post. So, just thought I would sign up and post a positive note to say that there are a few good Impalas out there and I feel like mine is one of them.
    I might add I have owned Toyota's, Honda's, VW's, Nissan's, Ford's, Chrysler's and other GM products and I feel this car is as good as any of those and better than most. Just my 2 cents worth - Thanks.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    As I understand it, the tire pressure monitors are strapped to the inside of the rim and can be removed and placed on other rims. However, i don't know if there is a size limit for the replacement rims so you'd probably want to check with a professional.
  • wesleygwesleyg Posts: 164
    sorry for double post, hit wrong button.

    long time lurker here but it seems I've read about this problem here. I have an 06SS with 17K and no problems really since new. yesterday driving in heavy traffic while leaving a stop light the transmission really slammed with the 1-2 upshift.

    No problems before or since and the downshifts are fine. I drive the car pretty hard but never any abuse. Does this seem worthy of trip to the dealer or just wait and see? I might add about 4 months ago I checked my trans dipstick and found the level to be 1 full quart low from the factory, never any leaks, I realize I should have checked it long before that, learned a valuable lesson, never take this for granted that it's right when new. This fact is causing me to worry about yesterdays problem, that running the car for 12K or so at a quart low might have caused some now appearing damage.
  • awryawry Posts: 4
    Has anyone actually resolved this issue? My dealer tells me that the technical service center of GM has informed them that they are working on new calibration software to fix this problem. Software problem does not appear at 60K miles. They have replaced my thermostat which is a joke because the problem is the temperature reading and not engine overheating. I think they need to replace the sensor, but they can't do that now because they are told by GM not to replace any part until new software is available. I know most of you have been dealing with this year ago. Did anyone get this resolved?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    There are a lot of factors involved in that slam you refer to. I have had an occasional hard shift but mine seem to be attributable to just the right amount of throttle and particular timing to get it to happen. I've either learned how to avoid it subconsciously or it was a temporary thing that may have been fixed by the car's computer. I'm not really sure.
    Before you take in, there is one thing I'm sure of. If you can't replicate the problem, the service department won't be able to help you. So, I would suggest trying to duplicate the problem. If you can repeatedly cause it to happen, then you should take it in. If not, you're wasting your time (not a dig at you or the service department).
    I would assume it's possible the the lower level of fluid may have caused the problem that one time. Now that you've topped it off, it may elminate the needed variable that allowed it to happen. As for any long term damage, I don't believe you'll have any problems. Lower fluid levels are anticipated and the various components aren't THAT sensitive to "minor" issues like that. I believe (but may be wrong) that if your fluids were at a low enough level to cause any real problems, you would've noticed transmission slipping. Rest assured, you'll have that thought in the back of your mind, though, and you'll notice any new peculiar behavior. Rest easy but also continue to pay attention to your baby. :) I'm sure she'll be fine.

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Another bonus of the electronic owners manual is that you can do a word search to find things. It's helped me find things I knew I had seen before but couldn't find. :)
  • I have a 2007 Impala LS that is 12 months old and experiencing the same problem!! My dealer said they will only look at it if it is making the loud turn signal at the time I bring it in! It always seems to happen when I am far from the dealer or when they are closed. It only comes out full volume of what seems like the passenger front speaker. Have you found anything out yet? How did you contact GM, I would like them to become aware of the issue as well.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    If you ever have this problem again, do not turn off ignition and then drive directly to the dealer to show that to them. The reason is this is being intermittent problem and it may clear itself after ignition cycle (radio goes to sleep and restarts in every ignition cycle)

    The chime and blinker sounds should be heard on the Left front speaker

  • cdnonecdnone Posts: 6
    Thanks jnt...unfortunately the dealer has seen it on 3 different occassions...but that hasn't gotten me anywhere's pretty amazing that you would know it's the left front speaker...that seems to amaze them....when it is happening I actually have realized that the radio is working...very very faintly thru the Left front speaker only...very faintly. Also the last time it happened I tried calling the cars OnStar...the phone doesn't ring...but if you connect you can again very faintly hear on the left front speaker. dealer is aware of all this, but........
  • elandeland Posts: 1
    I have somewhat the same problem,my radio just dim all the time. The dealership replace the radio 2 times. The radio display is still dim.
    If you have found a answer? Let me know
  • ladyzladyz Posts: 14
    eland, never found anything concrete. It does appear to be brighter when the sun is high in the sky. However, it's odd that it's very dim during my commute in the mornings to work and is very bright on my commute home from work when I work later than usual and the sun isn't as high in the sky as it is during the early afternoon hours. I basically just the heck with it. Something I'll have to live with because I'm not keep wasting my time haveing mechanic check it out. they've already checked once and as usual "can't duplicate the problem" to fix the problem.
  • awryawry Posts: 4
    Hope this is definitive resolve to the ENGINE HOT A/C OFF problem.

    To define the problem,

    Driver information center shows ENGINE HOT A/C OFF and shuts off the AC. It also kicks in Radiator fan full time. The temperature gage is reading Zero. The car is not overheating.

    This is what I found out. What is happening is that the temperature sensor is not reporting the information correctly, which cause the computer to assume that the sensor is not working and go into default safe mode. In order to prevent overheating, since the computer is blind to the engine condition due to faulty sensor reading, it shuts off the AC and turn on the radiator fan full speed.

    I had thermostat replaced which did nothing for the above reason. I don't even know why the dealership even tried to do that since when the temperature reading is zero, it is not the thermostat. Thermostat replacement should only be needed if the car is actually overheating. When I took it in next time, dealership was instructed by the GM tech center not do anything until the new computer calibration becomes available. What they explained to me is that when the sensor gets old, the data signal gets weaker. The new calibration is to be able to read the sensor, even if it starts to send weaker signals. After about a month, it became available. That was last week, the week of April 27th, 2008. There is, or will be a new service bulletin for this.

    For those that got the sensor replaced, it was the right thing to do so that the sensor was sending full strength. However, the new sensor might fail faster than expected as well.

    I got new calibration yesterday. I will be observing it for a while. I drive about 3K per month so I should have a fast longterm info. You should be able to get this done free of charge by the dealer.

    I hope this actually solved the problem. Unfortunately, my problem was intermittent so it is hard to tell if this worked. I hope this will help many people.
  • painter76painter76 Posts: 8
    One of the tie rods (do not recall whether inner or outer) in my 2006 3LT Impala (with just over 40,000 miles) is loose. My own mechanic says that the replacement parts are much better quality than what the Impala had. I bought the car with 23,600 miles. It had been a rental car. I drive mostly interstate highways and was told that the mileage is low for this to happen already. Has anyone had this problem?
  • ssrhinossrhino Posts: 1
    Same with my 2006 SS with 34,000 miles. Ruined the tires too. Tie rods covered under warranty, luckily.
  • jhines82jhines82 Posts: 2
    Yes, mostly likely it is the outer tie rods. I had to get both of mines replaced on my 2006 LT 3.9 at about 50,000 miles. It felt like my wheels were going to fall off sometimes while I was driving. I was also informed that the replacement parts were of much better quality. They were fairly inexpensive to get replaced bout 100 per wheel. You want to get them replaced as soon as you can to avoid other problems
  • wesleygwesleyg Posts: 164
    sorry for the delayed response, just got back from vacation. I agree with you, I can't get it to do it at all right now, so no taking it in, they'll blow me off. Just keep my eye on it, I'm still furious that the level was a quart low from the factory and at myself for not catching it for 12 months. thanks again.
  • gocasskingsgocasskings Posts: 30
    As I read this I have to wonder...... What would I be looking for if this is the problem. Something is going on with my car. This is the first time that I am honestly lost in terms of what could be the issue. I haven't been able to get to the dealership, but hate to go in and have them thinking they can convince me that it is something besides what it really is. I have played that game with them too many times. The thought at this point is that my tires were recently rotated.....NOT.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you can check for loose tie rod ends by jacking the car (or putting it on a lift if you have access) and trying to twist/turn the wheel as it would turn if you turned the steering wheel. If it moves at all, there is a problem and depending on what is actually allowing it to move, it will either be the tie rod ends or (much less likely) the wheel bearings.

    I'm not a mechanic but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! :) Kidding but I believe I'm correct about this. I'm not 100% sure about FWD cars, though, so I don't want to waste your time if I'm wrong.

    I'm going to test mine now that it has been noticed as a recurring problem and I have 35,800 on mine. I have already had my ISS replaced and have been feeling some clunking lately...also have to turn my wheel about 5 degrees to the right to go straight.
  • painter76painter76 Posts: 8
    I believe my mechanic noticed that a tie rod was loose when the car was on the lift for the oil change. He said that the Factory tie rod was poor quality in comparison to what he was ordering to replace it, and it did NOT have a grease fitting (which I gathered caused the problem). I did not have the other one replaced at the same time. He said he would check it with the next servicing. I might just get it replaced prior to that. Of course, now I need to go back to the Dealership to get the Tire Pressure Sensor re-set, although my mechanic did do the re-setting process. He thought that there might be a problem with one of the sensors. I have had it re-set at the dealership twice already (a good way to get people to come in). Thanks for your input.
  • painter76painter76 Posts: 8
    Reply to quietpro #3283: Please explain the issue with turning the wheel 5 degrees to the right to go straight and the Holiday Inn express joke? So far the only mechanical problem I have had is the tie rod at 40k miles, but I am getting depressed by all the other problems I am reading about. Thank you!
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