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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • Tell that mechanic that that bulletin is for your car, to be fixed right. That balancing tires can be done by any idiot with today's spin balancer's. And ask where the bulletin actuially says tow alignment only. Tell him the bulletin isn't for him either, as it says "trained" mechanics, and he doesn't appear to be one. At least not a good one. This is why only I touch my own cars.
  • I know GM's customer service leaves alot ot be desired. I'm looking at a 2006 Impala 3.5 L with 102k. It has the heater issue I hope is the air bubble, but I admit I thought it was water pump related. I saw the posts on water pumps as well. Maybe it is some air but I've been flushing my own for years and never had this occur. I suspect the lady who's sister had this happen has a water pump about to die but I don't know. Car drives great. But I don't want to be a fool. Have those of you that have had problems got them resolved?
  • I wonder the same thing alot.

    I took it to the dealer in March 07 and told them about rough shifting and even printed out the tsb's and was told thats how impala's shift. Then i went back Sept 08 with the same tsb's printed and had the 2nd clutch piston housing and gaskets replaced for a 1-2 shift shudder and then one month later the dealer discover some worn gears in the trans. and replaced those. But the problem is when they drive it im sure there are aggressive and it performs fine, but when driving normal with light throttle, it still has either a rough 1-2 or 2-3 shift or a slight 1-2 shudder and thats when i hear the whole give it some time to adjust speech.

    Im at 36,300 now, so if i take it back and show them all the tsb's on the transmission, hopefully the will repair it for free. To this day they still cant solve why the car will slightly jerk back and forth when easing off the gas if your going 1-2 mph. So i give up.
  • :confuse: As someone who has personally built transmissions in the past, 10 years ago, and my brother has been and still does build transmissions for the last 18 years, I can tell you that an automatic transmission does not need to adjust itself. There were years ago some self learning trans from chrysler, but that was shift timing, not smoothness or jerking or not going into gear. My 06 LTZ with 26k on it will sometimes seem like it doesn't make the 2-1 downshift unless I come to a complete stop. Or if I am backing up, and go to fast into drive it studders and catches. These are problems that will not get better without repairs. They are lying about readjusting. Unfortuneatly my car is just out of warranty. So my brother gets the honors of fixing it sometime soon. Don't let them lie to you!
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    Keep in mind that TSB's are not the same as recalls and may not be covered under warranty once the warranty expires.

    If you have a problem with the car that started while it was under warranty, and continues to be a problem after the warranty expires, it should continued to be covered under warranty provided there is ample documentation/evidence supporting the ongoing problem.

    My '06 Impala 2LT 3.5 has a slight 1-2 shudder as well, but only in extreme cold (e.g. 0 - 20 degrees F). Otherwise it shifts fine.

    Unfortunately domestic AND import automakers have become experts at telling customers that cars are "operating as intended" even though they may not be. It can be very frustrating, but that is how they keep warranty repairs low and "save" money. Basically, the car has to experience an actual component failure or breakdown before they will either admit to a problem or even be able to fix it. In the meantime, they are more than happy to sell you a XX,000 mile service for $400 that is nothing more than a $60 tire rotation, oil change, and visual inspection service.
  • bdoanebdoane Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 2006 Monte Carlo. I have had the car about 1 1/2 years and have seen this problem in the winter. I start the car occasionally and get the message SERVICE BATTERY CHARGING SYSTEM. I turn the car off and wait about 5 minutes then turn the car back on and the message goes away. If you find out anything about the problem please e-mail me.

  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    After almost 2 1/2 years of problems, bad service, GM breeching the warranty, and all the stress and frustration that went along with that, a BBB arbitration and lawsuit, my Impala is going back home.Some of you will remember me and my problems, so I wanted to let you know what the final result was. If you remember I rejected the replacement that was awarded in the BBB arbitration because the arbitrator assessed a useage fee based on mileage that is not included in Tennessee's lemon law.

    We were scheduled for trial March 9, but the judge ordered us to go through mediation first. Through this process we worked out a repurchase that I could live with. I still think I could have won case, but the deal is not too bad and I hated to cause so many of my family, friends and co-workers who had witnessed the problems have to take off work to appear in court over what the difference would have been. (Some of them don't get paid if they don't work and don't have vacation to take.)

    I'm looking for another car now and need to get it as quickly as possible so I can turn this one over to them. I will not buy another Impala at this point, nor even a GM most likely. I wouldn't mind another GM, but there is no way I want to have to deal with the GM district manager again if anything came up. He has totally soured me on them.

    I will caution you guys out there to watch your brakes. After a test drive by an inspector and him testing my ABS with a couple of sudden stops, there was smoke coming out of my passenger front wheel. I had been having brake trouble, but when the service departments checked them, they said they were fine and nothing was wrong.

    Anyway, take care everyone and good luck with your Impalas.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Thanks for the update, Wanda. I wish things would have gone better and I'm sure GM hates to lose a customer but sometimes it's best to move on. Good luck to you as well and let us know what you end up buying. I'm considering a new car as well but haven't narrowed it down much. It's a want, not a need so I'm not extremely motivated.
  • I just bought a 2008 Impala LS with 44000 miles and there is a popping/knocking noise that can be felt through the steering wheel at low speeds. Does anyone know what could possibly be the problem? The noise doesnt occur that often.
  • We had the exact same problem with our 2007 Impala. I searched the internet and took this information to the dealer:


    They replaced the I-Shaft and the clunk/noise went away.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    It's a very common problem with many GM FWD cars. Sadly, they haven't really fixed the problem...only temporarily as the new Intermediate Steering Shaft eventually goes bad as well.
  • I took it to a mechanic and he told me the I-shaft needed to be replaced. Luckily, the dealer where I bought it from is covering the cost.
  • ksp692ksp692 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem. Can you tell me how you fixed yours?
    thank you
  • I have an 06 Impala, the power steering is making a noise.
    It only happens when I first put it in gear then turn the wheel. If I put it in gear then wait a few seconds, the sounds doesn't happen.
    The dealership acknowledges the sound, but said it takes a couple seconds for the transmission to engage and I should just wait a couple seconds, then move the wheel???
    I think I'm getting a bum steer. haha
  • I have a random constant chime that comes through the radio every now and again and can still be heard if i mute the volume and will stop if i turn off the radio or turn the volume completely down, but comes right back when i turn the radio back on or when i turn the volume up 1 notch it can be heard again. And the only way get rid of the chime immediately is when the turn signal is activated, then it will go away for a good while before it happens again. Sometimes it will go away on its own after 20-30 mins Ive taken it to the dealer and it cant be replicated.

    Anyone else had this problem or knows what will fix it.
  • billw7billw7 Posts: 1
    Hi, tra9105. I'm new to this forum. I have the same problem on my 06 Impala with 70k miles. How expensive - approximately - was it to fix this problem with the new intermediate steering shaft? Sounds like I'm going to have to do that, too.


  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    The Intermediate Steering Shaft is about a $120 part. Labor to install it should be no more than 1.5 hours, so figure another $120-$150 to install. It shouldn't cost more than $300 total to replace the shaft.
  • Two weeks ago I had my water pump and thermostat replaced because, my car overheated. I looked at the coolant reservoir today and it was almost to the bottom. The only thing is it wasn't on a level surface. I checked it again in another parking lot that was level and it did come up a bit. My question is, (and pardon my ignorance) is where is the cold fill line? I see a line in the front towards the bottom on one side and then another symbol towards the top on the other side. Which is it? I really don't want to take this car in again so, I want to see if there really is a problem or am I just paranoid.
  • joeblack1joeblack1 Posts: 52
    Is anyone aware of any way that bluetooth can be added? I believe it is an option on the 2009 so does that mean it can be added as a dealer add-on if it doesn't come with it? Can it be added in previous years?
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    The Bluetooth is integrated into the new generation Onstar units in the '09 model year. You would need to upgrade the entire Onstar system in a pre-'09 vehicle to get Bluetooth, and from what I have read it is not possible.
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    You don't indicate which engine you have, but I believe all Impalas use the same coolant reservoir. The cold fill line is a "seam" that is molded into the reservoir. If you look at the bottom of the reservoir, you will see where the black hose goes into the bottle. The cold fill line should be a little above where the black hose goes in. The line is on the front of the bottle and goes around to the side.

    The symbol towards the top on the side says "cold line" or "cold fill" or something like that and has an arrow that points down. That mark is simply directing you to look toward the bottom of the bottle to find the line that is molded into it. The very first time I checked the coolant in the car it was hard to see the line. I opened the coolant reservoir cap and put a flashlight on the opening. Once I did that and illuminated the reservoir, the cold fill line became obvious.

    Remember to use the orange Dex-cool to fill it. Prestone makes a pre-diluted Dex-cool that is very convenient. I keep a bottle of it on hand at all times. I have the 3.5L V6 in my '06 Impala and the coolant needs to be brought up to the cold fill line every once in a while. My original water pump also failed and was replaced at about 33,000 miles.
  • joeblack1joeblack1 Posts: 52
    OK, but the 2009's have bluetooth as an option. I'm wondering if it can be added. Now I'm also wondering if it only works with onstar.
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    Bluetooth is a standard feature on '09 2LT, LTZ, and SS trims. It is not available, even as an option, on LS or 1LT.

    The system definitely uses OnStar, and only works on vehicles with specific steering wheel controls (LS and 1LT only have cruise on the steering wheel.) So, while the Bluetooth capability is present in the '09 OnStar module, it doesn't work if the vehicle doesn't have the necessary factory installed steering wheel controls to go with it.

    I have a Motorola T305 Bluetooth unit that I use in my '06 Impala. It is clipped to my sun visor and works great. Plus it was only $40 and can be used in any vehicle :)
  • hemachemac Posts: 6
    Posted this in the 2010 section inadvertantly, so I'll repost here. Hope someone has knowledge of this problem as I am dead in my tracks, so to speak.
    Started the 06 3LT, 3.9 V6, when I pushed the brake and attempted to move the shifter into gear, it would not move and the release button is frozen in place. Everything functions as usual, just will not come out of Park.
  • awryawry Posts: 4
    Sounds like torque lock. On most automatics, there is a pin or something that locks the drive shaft from moving when you put it in park. It prevents car rolling while parked. If you put it in park on a hill, then car will roll a bit and the drive shaft will turn enough to rest on the pin, and the weight on the pin makes it impossible to release. Usually, if you have some one push the car forward or backwards to get the weight off the pin it will slide out of park easily. That is why it is important to use parking brake even on automatics, especially when parked on a slope.

    Hope this helps. Otherwise, I have no clue.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,309
    I agree with the probable lockup from the weight of the car on the parking pawl in the transmission.

    Remember to apply parking brake, then allow car to move in neutral so the brakes are holding the car before putting it in park.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • hemachemac Posts: 6
    Thanks for your imput guys. Just for your info, I had checked for tork lock earlier, which it wasn't the problem, I had checked all fuses and just about ever other thing in the guide book reference shifters. After consulting with a friend mech., I was able to get the top of the console off and located a RESET button to the lower right of the shifter. Its silver in color. This allowed the release button to go in and move the shift lever . However it did not correct the problem as it would lock up each time it was placed back into park. It is at the local dealership for repair now. They are checking for any factory rechecks on this and if any warranty would cover it as it now has 38000+ on it. Let you know the problem when I find out, just for the future problems anyone may have like this. thanks.... :surprise:
  • awryawry Posts: 4
    I wander if it is receiving the signal from the brake pedal that is is pressed. If your problem is electrical, then the only condition I can recall that it needs to get out of park is the brake pedal.
  • hemachemac Posts: 6
    Could be, awry, The shop ca lled this evening and said it would be ready sometime tomorrow. Maybe then I'll know the answer to this probem. I'll let you know. :)
  • hemachemac Posts: 6
    Guys, thanks for everyone's imput. Got the car back today and much to my suprise, the problem was, as stated on the work order, "FOUND BROKEN WIRE AT SHIFTER SOLENOID". So if you run across this problem in the future, this would be one thing to check. Also even though the car is 2000 miles and 2 months past the warranty date, GM did fix this problem. Yahoo for them.

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