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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • pg32pg32 Posts: 1
    how much do they charge for backup battery for onstar
  • jriverjriver Posts: 1
    I have a similar issue. 2006 Impala. Back right tail lights work fine, as does the reverse light, BUT the blinker and the brake light don't. What gives?
  • I have an '06 Impala with the SAME issue. I took it in last winter (around Feb) and they said it was an air bubble in the line and things were "ok" after they took care of this. However now that I need to start using my heat again now, it is doing it again. I called the dealership and they said it is probably another air bubble. How frequently is this going to happen? I cannot afford a $150+ bill every 6 months! I am not happy with my Impala. I think it is interesting too that the issue starts after the warranty runs out. Imagine the luck of that!

    How many time do you have to have something fixed before it's considered a lemon?!
  • When you are defrosting with heat, the AC system will engage in order to remove the moisture from the air within the car. This is why you will hear the AC clutch kick in in order to defrost and pull moisture.
  • 06kawi06kawi Posts: 1
    I am also experiencing the swishing noise when I am in my card but that doesn't bother me as much as the air. My heater stopped working at idle as well. I took 06 Impala to the gm dealer and he told me the head gasket was leaking, the water pump needed replaced which would run me about $2500!

    I personally know 2 people with the same car/problem but unfortunately at the time theirs were both under warranty.

    I loved my car up to this point and have talked it up so much but I am very disgusted at the moment(not to mention freezing in town because its 7F out).
  • I am actually working on this problem with my friends car right now. Im in school for automotive technician and am bringing his 08 impala to the college tomorrow. But what I have come up with so far after doing an oil change/inspection already on the vehicle is that the serpentine belt was loose. We have picked up new coolant, a serpentine belt, and a new tensioner. My thought is that it is because of the loose belt not being able to operate the condenser properly at idle RPM's. I had a thermometer in the vent and was getting about 70 celcius while it was -17celcius outside while driving down the highway. But when at idle, it got frigid cold, pretty much to outside ambient temp.

    I will let you know how it goes, and plan on doing the rad/heater core flushing and then testing it before replacing the belt/tensioner.

    But for all of you other guys out there, give your belt a pull, if it feels loose then that may be the problem.
  • tigerdadtigerdad Posts: 1
    I figured out his thing. The little button thing on the dash is oriented mostly straight up. When the sun gets down to about 20 degrees or less ( like when you are driving to work or home, it dims. Problem with that is that now you are being blinded by the sun and now you can't see your dash instruments or your radio. It is actually a safety problem.
    I confirmed his by shining a flash light on the button right after the radio dimmed. And the sun was blinding me this afternoon. About a minute with the flashlight on the button, the display lights brightens back up.

    How do get this "over engineered" problem fixed. 2008 Impala owner.
  • dmeadordmeador Posts: 2
    the remote stopped working, I purchased a new remote and programmed it, 10 minutes later it wont work I have tried this several times same outcome. You can get in the car and the remote works fine just inside the car this is strange to me. this is a 2006 impala
  • dmeadordmeador Posts: 2
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I apologize you are having difficulties. I would recommend having the vehicle diagnosed by your local GM Dealer. Please email me if you have any further questions comments or concerns.
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 1995 and a 2006 Impala SS. Love them both and I am female.
  • Im having the same problem with my 06 impala SS and was wondering if you could remember wat the dealership did to fix the problem with your heated seats?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    If Customer Assistance can help you work with your dealer towards resolving this, please email Christina with your name, contact information, VIN, and dealer name.

    GM Customer Service
  • Looks like there is design flaw on these cars.I own a 2006 impala lt with3.5 litre engine,and I have the same problem.Just had the water pump replaced and the mechanic topped up the coolant made sure there was no air in the system by pressure tested it,this was end of summer,and now winter is here heat at idle.Topped up again the coolant(both places,reservoir and radiator)still no heat at idle.And in Montreal it's dawn cold in witer time.
  • I;m having a problem with heat too. Have 2008 impala with less then 70,000 miles. Heat is going out when stopped. Cannot pre-warm with remote start because of this. Coolant was gone in resevoir. Added some, was good under radiator cap. Ran it and I have heat now. Went out to check 2 hrs later and resevoir was down again but not as bad. Ran car again and still have heat. Called my mechanic and he said that it had to go somewhere, can't mysteriously disappear. Wants to check intake gasket soon. No warranty of course, I love my car til now. Had similar problem with last car, 2001 lumina, was gasket and it cost me $500 thru a friend. What is GM going to do about this. How do we get them to do a recall and fix this problem? Seems enough people have the same problem.
  • klrssklrss Posts: 27
    I'm in the same boat. I figured they would have gotten this fixed by now. I owned a 2005 Impala and it did the same thing. They said it was air back then, and fixed it, but it came back after awhile. I traded the car. Now I have a 2010 Impala, and it is doing the same thing. I read about the coolant being low, so I just went out and checked mine and there are puddles of coolant in the bottom of the resivoir so it seems low. I plan on bringing it into the shop next week so I will see what they say. It is still under warranty so they will say it is only air in the system, then when it goes out of warranty, they will say it is a leaking head gasket and want tons of money! I think this will be the last Chevy I own. I still have the sulfer smell that GM says is the gas I am using, but it is the same gas I use with my 2012 Elantra and it doesnt smell bad. interesting. ALso my impala has a water sloshing sound in the dash when I turn a corner, like water is trapped and now no heat at idle. I just dont have these issues with the other cars I own or have owned ( Kia Sorento, 2011 elantra, 2009 honda civic)
    After 30 years of promoting GM products, I just cant do it anymore. Sad.
  • My 2006 impala is also experiencing these issues. It is no longer under warranty and I am highly upset. I have had the heater core replaced 2 times (luckily under warranty) power steering pump, the brakes went bad very early on. Overall this has been a horrible vehicle as I seem to be at the mechanic more than on the road. As of today my defrost is not working, blows cold air when idle, and has a very loud whining sound when it starts. I want GM to do something about this as it seems many people have this issue. Can anyone recommend how to get them to cover this?
  • klrssklrss Posts: 27
    Just wanted to update everyone on my 2010 Impala. Brought it to the dealer yesterday and they pressure tested the system and found no leaks. They bled the air out of the system and filled it back up and now the heater works. leaks! Can I ask a question..WHERE DID THE WATER GO???" My 2009 Honda Civic has 36K miles on it and I have not had to put a drop of antifreeze in it. I am glad the heater works again, but come on folks, dont tell me nothing is wrong when I bought the car new only a year and a half ago and it leaked enough water that is let air in the system and needed to be bled! UG!Maybe it is the way they designed the Impala cooling system, and it lets the antifreeze evaporate for some reason. ha! I honestly have not had to put antifreeze in my other cars of the past like my 99 Suburban, my 2003 suburban, 2008 GMC Sierra maybe it is just the Impala with the issues.
    Anyway, my car heats again at idle so I wanted to share what they did to fix it.
    Good luck to everyone...I think I will save my pennies and jump on a Lexus as soon as I can get out of this stinky, leaky, upsidedown Impala LTZ! :lemon:
  • I also have an 06 Impala and have the same issue as above with no heat at idle. I took it to one service shop and they said I needed to replace the head gasket. So I took it to my dealer to get a second opinion and they state it was only low on oil and antifreeze. They topped it off and sent me on my way. Now I have oil on my driveway. I wonder who was right? Now I have to take it back to the dealer for a second look.
  • Posted this in another forum but I just ran into quite a dilemma. So my heat stopped working entirely when at park. This prevents my windows from defogging and the rest. I took it to a service garage and they did a pressure test and indicated that my head gasket was leaking anti-freeze into the engine. They said it is very common with the 3.5L engine. Only a whopping $1800 to fix it. I then decided to get a second opinion from my dealer. They said they tested it and the only issue was low on oil and antifreeze. They did an oil change (needed it anyhow), topped off the anti-freeze and sent me on my way. The heat does work now but I have oil on my driveway and I can see oil on the engine. So who was right? After reading many of these posts, it seems the head gasket does have issues. I just hope that if the engine does fail now, that the dealer will back up their statement that nothing was wrong and fix the engine, since they would have been wrong. Taking it back to the dealership for another look today.
  • Update on my 08 Impala. The coolant was almost completely gone! In less then 5 months since last oil change and fluid top off! Called my mechanic and he said keep an eye on it and bring it in ASAP. He also said that coolant can't just disappear. There has to be a leak however small. I smell anti=freeze every now and then too. So next month it goes in. These cars have a 5yr/ 100,000 warranty on gaskets. That's what it says in manual, don't let them fool you. How do we get a recall on this? Shouldn't be happening to so many @ such low miles.
  • I had the same problem & what happened is The coolant level went low. The heater core lines are prone to get an air lock. Wait for the car to cool off so you don't get burnt. Top up the coolant tank above half way or higher if you prefer. The rest will leak out on it's own. Remove the top heater hose clamp and pull off the hose off the pipe and hold it close to the pipe to let air out. Have someone start the car and be redy to install the hose back. You just want to let some coolant leak out to let the air come out. Stop the car and in stall the hose clamp back. Oh yes you will need to put the heater on the low setting and at the floor setting while you do this.
  • Car dont leak any oil, no oil in cooling system, so must be burning it, even if you dont see it smoking out the exhaust. the dealer said the plugs were dry ! To me if its being burned up by the heat in the catalytic converters, they must be caking up inside. I have read by others that they seam to notice more oil consumption closer to the time of oil change time and also with more expressway driving. I told my dealer I'm not playing anymore games, and Chevrolet called me and said a district manager will be contacting me in a few days. I told my dealer I will put oil sucking signs and picture on my car, park in in front of every Chevrolet dealer around with a picket sign saying Unhappy Chevy Owner. I think they now beleave that I will !
  • Update I made the signs for the car, my UNHAPPY CHEVY OWNER picket sign. I parked in front of 4 of the biggest Chevy dealer around. In 5 mins they came running out to talk to me, after 15 mins more talking total around 20 mins at each dealer They said they will make calls, then on to the next. I told them I was not mad at them they just sell them. I was mad at Chevy in Detriot and told them on there BS customer sevice line, I would do this, so here I'm ! they are building the junk ! cover ups till they are forced to fix cars with recalls or what ever ! One of the big chevy dealers said he already fixed one with my same oil eating problems. He said call him back monday morning he will make some calls, I did and at 11:00 monday morning he had the car, the wife had a 2012 loaner, Tuesday morning he called said car was ready. They did the heads a intake gasket was leaking but not on to the ground, the found it using mirrors. When we picked car up he said my picketing sure woke things up. We were treated like New car buyers again !!!! But isnt that the way it should be !!!! No Games 100,000 or 5 years of the 3 new car we bought in 2009 one was good # 2 was junk traded it in for the a lost for the $26,000 Impala and the oil problem out of all 3 new Chevy cars they never said that Chevy says if the car use's 1 quart of oil every 2,000 miles that is exceptable oil use !!!!!
  • I have owned my impala for 16 months...I've never had any problems until now. I recently got the message engine hot/ ac off. I took it to a mechanic and they replaced the climate control sensor. It was fine for almost a month. The message keeps comming back and I can get the computer reset and all is fine for about a week or a day or how ever long. When this message is on the temp gauge does not work, no heat or ac. the mechanic i took it to say's they don't know what is causing this and i need to take it to a dealer. They think it's an issue with the wires at some place. I spoke to another person about this and they think maybe the fan in some way is causing this. HELP!!!
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I'm sorry that your Impala keeps encountering this same issue, lisairwin. If you decide on visiting a dealer to get this looked into, please let us know! We're available to assist in whatever way we can.

    GM Customer Service
  • mbohlembohle Posts: 2
    gm knows it has problems of oil consumption in the 3,6 engine
    my 06 cts has the same problem good ole gm/fitgerald caddie wants me to spend 90,00 for a new oil change and 118,00 p/service hour to determine ,why, after a recent oil change my dip stick showed zero oil
    there are 52 pages of oil consumption problems listed on edmunds.
    gm got 130 billion bailout,made 40 billion profits and won't fix these problems
    when the kenyan,hawaian fired miller;he fired the guy who would fix these kinds of problems. your gm zone rep knows the problems but seldom admits they exist
  • khbuzzellkhbuzzell Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    So - is there any update / fix for this - I purchased my 2008 LTZ in December of 2011 - this is so far my only complaint - if I didnt love this car so much it would be a deal breaker - altho Im thinking of trading it in for a newer model where hopefully this irritating issue has been worked out. What a pain in the rear!!
  • thinking about buying, want a reliable vehicle. any problems with this year??
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