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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • I can help you out a little wifes car is 2000 impala 6 cyl....and I had a Gibson performance dual exhaust system installed. Anything from the Cat back is legal and won't hurt your system at all. Probably put you back about $500-600.I had the stainless system installed, I think theres one a little cheaper thats not stainless. The sound is nice ,about equal to the new 5.3 exhaust.There are other systems out there. Magnaflow Performance makes a nice system also.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    As the kids say these days, "Oh no he di'-n't!" I'm sure you just meant the volume level is comparable to the 5.3 exhaust, not the "sound" of it. That sweet song is the biggest reason I fell for this car and my '02 Monte Carlo SS was nowhere close to sounding as good. V-6s can sound good for V-6s but (sorry Frank), there's just no comparison between the sound of a V-6 and V-8. ;)
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    The advantages of OnStar over conventional cell phones is that it has a more powerful signal and has GPS (which many cell phones have now as well). Kim was in a pretty remote area but I don't know if the stronger OnStar signal would've been enough. Noone saw the smoke from him burning four tires which leads me to believe it was very secluded. It was a terrible tragedy, especially considering someone had died on the same road under similar circumstances before. :( Once/if satellite phone technology becomes more prevalent, we'll see a lot less of these types of tragedies.
  • Well, thanks to colchester's remarks about his SS, and the fact that I cant seem to get this 06 SS, black/black leather, Bose, roof, 6 disc, etc., off my mind, I believe I am going to make the deal happen. The particulars are: I got the price down to $18,990 (car has 12,500 miles), while trading in my 06 Civic EX with 27,000 miles, auto trans, loaded. They will give me $16495 for the Honda. Good deal?? The car, however, is a manufacturer buy back, according to carfax! This dealer supposedly fixed the issues and is for resale. Just found this out last night after deciding that this is the car for me. Havent spoke to the dealer yet about what those issues were. The car drove fine, stayed straight, no hesitation in power, everything worked, just a little wind noise.......any thoughts are very much appreciated. Thanks! -Rob
  • Sounds ok to me, but I'd make them throw in the price of an extended warranty (bumper to bumper), either by just giving one to you or coming down in the overall price to compensate for it. And ask them what the issues were/are.If you have an extended warranty you should be ok...and make sure it's a GM extended warranty!!
  • Yeah, The dual exhaust will sound nice, maybe not quite as bassy as an 8 cyl., but you'll be happy with it. And on Ebay theres a guy selling the "06 SS badges (same as on the
    "06 now) for 10 bucks or so. Hey, put the duals on there, throw the SS badges on your car, and your ready to go!! BTW, if you go to the Magnaflow web-site they have a 2006 SS with the Magnaflow exhaust on it . It's on a video with careful not to have your volume to high, you'll bust the Monitor screen!!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Depending on how bad the wind noise was, make sure you're willing to live with it. There were a few out there that seemed to have that problem. I test drove two SSs when I was buying. The one I didn't buy was a whole lot worse than mine or the ones my sister and I drove in the LT trim. Aside from that, if it was the FOB range issue, that is supposedly fixed now although no one has reported back from having the new fix....yet. For $2500 (plus TT&T) out of pocket, doesn't sound like a bad idea. I would definitely get something in writing about those prior problems so no one can say you verbally agreed to any existing problem. The extended warranty suggested by c47 is a great idea as well. Good luck!!! :) My SS is black on black and I intend to give her a good detailing today. She should be looking sharp by the end of the day.
  • Thanks colchester! Good thought about the GM extended, instead of the leading national brand!! I will post when I find out those issues, in case anyone else might run into this situation. -Rob
  • thanks quietpro! I will tell them about the FOB issue, and as far as the wind, good point. I do have some issues with that in the honda right now, so it just comes down to comparing the two. I guess if I floor it all the time, the V8 will wipe out that darn wind!!! -Rob
  • and I love this...Motor Trend Magazine ( one of the industries car "Bibles")has coined the "06 Impala SS as a "Stealth Street-Fighter"...ya gotta love it ;) !!!!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    The FOB, dash "popping/clicking", window screeching, and Bose stereo hiss are the more common problems of which I'm aware. All of those problems have been addressed and with the exception of the Bose stereo, they have been fixed to my satisfaction.

    Like Frank said a couple posts ago, this forum is awesome in how the information gets spread around. :)

    Good day, all,
  • So far, I've had none of these problems, only the red light on my Onstar, which btw still works even with the red light on.I have contacted the dealer and the back up battery will here on tuesday and thanks to Frank I understand only takes a few minutes to replace. (I will be watching them do this)!!! later......btw instead of you calling me colchester....I'm Bryan....nice to meet you guys!
  • spoolerspooler Posts: 15
    I also have a 2006 Impala SS. With the same remote start distance problem. We bought it last July. I once remote started it from the 4th floor inside a hotel. But now, you have to be within two or three parking spaces to start it. Also, the radio display (single CD non-Bose) is getting dim, this with the dash light controls turned all the way up. Has anyone experienced problems with the radio display? Otherwise we love the car! Best MPG so far is about 24.
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey Ron ..That's ok, I,ve had my share of both big & small block street muscle cars in my day and i know exactly what you are talking about..
    Thanks for being sensitive.... I do understand that while my V-6 may sound better, there is no way it will compare to an SS. Hey c47 thanks for your input also re: CAT-BACKS..
    Did you notice any difference ( good or bad ) in bottom or top end perforfance at all.??
    Frank ;)
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey Bryan...Many thanks for mentioning your name...Personally, I think it's always alot better knowing who we are talking to...!! Nice to meet you too !! Me Too...That's how I found out my ON STAR battery was fried.. My red light was on and when I called ON STAR from in the car it worked and they said that everything was ok at their end and that i should visit the dealer to check it out. Anyway, thats when Í found out that it was at my end and the OS battery....Took all of 4-5 minutes to fix/change !!
    Good luck.... ;)
  • WOW! I went to their website and saw/heard the video with the black impala ss. Fantastic sound! Does anyone here own that exhaust system on their impalas? I know that the stock system sounds terrific, but.......-Rob
  • Frank, I don't feel there was a difference either way in the overall performance. But the sound and looks is nicer!
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey Ron, I know you have a Black on Black and would like your input/experience.. I can't remember who else (Bryan ??) has the same colour as us... Well anyway, I'm just going to start using Meguiars's Gold Class paste wax ($28 !!!) on my paint shortly. I thought I would give it a try based on some of their ads...I've mainly used Mother's Products over the years... Do you use this product or know of anyting better for our colour..?? I'm fairly picky..and I don't like to see those swirls and haze marks on Black..!!
    Frank :)
  • Frank, my new Impala isn't black, but, my Silverado and my wifes car is black and I think I've owned about 10 black cars in my life. Mequires is an excellant wax for black. It doesn't leave any white residue after it dries and no swirls at all. I doubt if theres a more picky guy than me when it comes to my cars. My new Impala is that Maroon/burgundy color.I always went for black cars, but this one caught my eye and the price was terrific. It's Maroon with the neutral cloth interior. If I had kids to cart around I would have never ever bought a neutral cloth interior! But, I'm the only one using/sitting in the car. I couldn't imagine have a kid sitting on this neutral cloth with food and mud and whatever on the seats! My Impala also has Beige pin-striping from the front to back and curves nicely up between the Impala logo and the small back window.It really compiments the car and picks up the beige/neutral interior. Ok , go wax your baby , and remember never wash a car, especially black in direct sun-light......take care ...we'll talk later.................bryan
  • Bryan, the issue with the buy back is, according to the dealer: "The transmitter for the keyless entry was intermittent. The fobs were reprogrammed and that was it. It shows up on carfax, but it is actually a disclosure from GM." That is exactly the email I received today. I am a bit skeptical, but, perhaps the original owners (only 1 owner) bit off more than they could chew (ie: $30,000 vehicle having these sorts of problems while they cant afford it to begin with, etc.). I am going to press them further. Never the less, by mid-week I should have this all wrapped up, one way or another. Just thought you and everyone would like to know. Thanks again for your time(s). All of you have been a great help. -Rob
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hi Rob, Hey, Be carefull..!! My key fobs were reprogrammed three times and the receiver replaced once, and they are still not working properly. Intermittent !!!!
    Just when you think they are fixed and everthing is ok,
    after a time they stat to loose range or stop working or nasty messages all of a sudden appear on your message center..
    Be carefull and Good luck...!! ;)
  • Thanks Frank! I know that the car is still under warranty and all, but I dont need to go back to the dealer over and over again for the same issue. I heard that the new transmitter/receivers have just arrived at the GM dealerships.....If that is the case, I will tell them to replace the above before I sign the papers! Thanks again! -Rob
  • Rob,if you get a car at a real decent price something like a key fob not working to me is something you can live with. If theres other issues with the car, (trans, engine, major accident,flood)there the things I'd be concerned with. I'd make sure to get an extended warranty. That should cover you for just about anything in the future.I'm always a little concerned about why someone gets rid of a car after just 1 year.Is a rental that the rental company just wants to get rid of? Is there a defect that the dealership never could find? Did someone buy a car they just couldn't afford? But, I feel if you took a extended warranty on it , you'd be ok. I bought a 1994 Olds Supreme convertible a few years back. It was a beauty!! I took an extended warranty on it just in case. That warranty cost me about $1000.....I'll bet in 2 years time I spent $3000. on that warranty!!.Everyt hing was wrong with that car! But, the warranty paid for everything.Tread carefully , but I think you'll be ok. And if the key fob is the only thing wrong, go for it!!!
  • Thanks again, Frank and Bryan! I will look into the extended warranty when I go there tomorrow to drop a long as the information from the dealer is accurate and, well, another test drive isnt too much to ask from them, so....I will bring my cd's to test out the audio as well! Thanks so much, and Ill keep you posted! -Rob
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    Hey Frank!

    I have a black on black '06 LTZ. I ONLY use Zaino on my cars and have for about 6 years with fantastic results. Even the service guys comment on the lack of swirls etc on my cars. That's particularly hard to achieve on GM black paint! NOTHING but Zaino and 100% white cotton towels ever touch the finish on my car (well...other than a soft-bristled snow brush when I don't have any choice). In the winter I use a touchfree carwash.

    Zaino requires a bit of extra work for the first application, but once it's on it lasts and lasts and lasts. And no swirls or haze marks!

    Good luck!
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hi Brad
    Many Thanks for your input and for sharing your experience....
    This is very helpful!! Personally, I have stayed away from Zaino because of some the reports.... I've read that while it's a very good quality wax, it can be extremely difficult to get off. I don't mind a good work-out now and then, but I don't want it to be impossible to remove.. So thanks for the info..I'll try it.. Ya, soft-bristled brush and absolutely touch free wash in winter for me also !!
    You may want to try some of the new micro fiber towels and see how you like them. I made the change recently from using soft cotton baby diapers. They are very soft and great when dry and also very absorbant for removing water.I even gave up my chamois...!! ;)
    Thanks Again
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hi Rob,
    Go for it...Bryan speaks with great wisdom in the previous post..
    But, take your time and take all the test drives you want...remember you are in the drivers seat and in control here, not them.
    I'm sure that everything will be fine and work out for you.
    Let us know how you make out ....Welcome to the family !!
    Frank ;)
  • Ok, It's been 1 month and 500 miles on my new "06!! My Likes? Well, theres a bunch....Exterior: Nice styling,Fit and Finish are good, Paint seems to be even and strong. I never went for red cars , but this one isn't exactly red, more of a marroon/burgundy.I do kind of feel there should have been some molding around the front and rear windows. Seems they just laid the glass on some rubber and glued it in place. (no big deal) Interior: Light beige is really nice, but It's not for a family with kids, fine for me though (no one eats in my cars). The dash is nice, fit and finish are good , maybe a little to much plastic, but I can deal with that. Seats are little harder than what I use to, but again no big deal. Mechanicals: Engine purrs lick a kitten up front, roars like a lion in the rear! Trans shift smoothly, power at low and high ends.Gas mileage is not as good as advertised, but that could be mostly my fault for jack-rabbit starts and speeding on the highways. I've had no real problems with anything , the Onstar light is always red , but it still works fine (will get the battery replaced this week). I purchased the accessory Impala floor mats which fit nice and keep the carpet clean. My son-in -law says the radio doesn't have enough bass, but then again he enjoys "boom-box" music!! I think the car is one of the best cars I've ever owned at this point, it's not perfect, but I've never owned a perfect car!................thanks again for you guys helping me......we'll talk soon...
  • Hi again, Bryan and Frank! Well, I decided to delay my arrival at the dealership until tomorrow (Wednesday). The reason is coming down to mileage, and not much else. The key fob situation can be rectified by getting a whole new starter/key lock system from Tweeter, Circuit City, etc (if I collect enough cans on the side of the road to pay for it!!). I called GM today and they told me to ask the dealer for a vehicle build sheet which I guess shows the car's history. Good idea! However, with a 100 mile round trip each day (half highway, half primary roads...a nice, easy commute considering the distance), I am a little worried about what I can achieve with the gas mileage. I only wish to get about 22-24 overall. In your best educated opinions, do you think that is generally possible?? I drive 62-65 on the highway stretch, and a little more than speed limit on the primaries....I know its like asking a painter how much would it cost to paint my house....without seeing it first! (I am a professional painter!). Your input is, as always, welcome and appreciated! Thanks!! -Rob
  • Rob,1st, a build sheet will tell you nothing about the history of the car or cars problems. A "build" sheet is a list of items and accessories that were installed from the factory. It sometimes can be found in the springs of the passenger side seat. Rarely it can be found in the drivers seat springs, and a lot of times it's placed inside the passenger's side door panel (please don't try to remove the door panel). As I mentioned in a previous post "if gas mileage is a concern" which it seems it is, you need to think about the mileage that the 5.3 V8 will give you, Seems to me your driving 500 miles a week , right? ok, if you get 22 miles per gallon average @2.25 (minimum, maybe in your area it's even higher)) per gallon (and yes you should use Premium gas in this car, you will not appreciate the knocking and pinking from using an inferior gas) so, your talking 23 gallons a week of gas @ 2.25= A $52.00 x 4 weeks = $208 a month for gas!! Your Honda probably will use half tha t total. Plus the Impala will be higher to insure ( yes, it's considered as a High performance engine, therefore higher rates) your probably looking at an average of around $150.00 a month more to run the new Impala overall. That will cost you Approx $1800-2200.a year more depending on what premium gas is in your area. You have to consider your financial situation in this case, and only you know what that is. I'd love to see you own a nice new Impala and enjoy the Power that it serves, but , don't get in trouble financially!!.. You don't want to be asking the dealer to take it back in a few months!!!.......I am only averaging 14.5 mpg on mine but thats around town and I don't watch my speed or my money! I would think that 21-24 on this car would be it considering that it kicks in as a 4 cylinder at times........Be careful, think it over, watch your finances! I don't want to mislead you and drag you into a situation where it will hurt you financially!! I love this car, the power!!.. But keep in mind I'm in a different age catagory, kids, no mortgage etc....I'm an goat that refuses to grow up!!!
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