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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • Thanks Bryan! You are very insightful. I did call my insurance co. last week. The rates would only be $17 more per year! I was a bit surprised, although with no accidents/tickets, etc., perhaps at 41 years of age, I am finally getting good rates on even v8 rocket ships!! Yes, the gas situation is a tough one. I get roughly 35-38 with the Honda. The kid part of me is intrigued, anxious, and ready to take on a much bigger, nicer-looking black sedan! What a battle it has been for the last couple of weeks!! It's funny how not all that long ago, I never really ever worried about gas mileage!! Of course, at 99 cents per gallon, who would! Oh, those were the days!!......Bryan, you said premium gas only and I agree. There have been several people who have used just regular, or a mixture with decent results, know. Well, in any event, I guess I will just think it over again and again until insanity just starts to set in! Thanks again for your reply! -Rob
  • I added more to my post, Rob...please read it again...and yes, some guys will use regular gas in it ...But, a V8?...should always have premium in them....
  • Bryan, thanks so much for your wisdom and your honesty. I will let you know what I decide. My wife drives a 2004 Mazda 6 sport wagon with the Ford V6...gets 22-24 the way she drives. I had managed nearly 25 when I used to drive it (for five minutes until she got her hands on it!). What compelled me to take a real hard look at the Impala was the possibility that I could achieve that mileage range and be able to drive a great sounding, responsive V8! I loved the look of the Impala when it showed up at the dealers in late 05. Of course, that sticker price was too much. Now that I can get it for 10,000 cheaper, well, it has piqued my mind. Watching the Barrett-Jackson auction earlier this month didnt help mattters, either!!! Hey, its 50-50......or 60-40 for.....thanks again, Bryan! -Rob ps: my father-in-law is a die-hard Chevy man! The look on his face if I indeed pull up in his driveway with it. He doesnt care too much about that Honda!!!!!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Here's my .02. As for putting in an aftermarket remote start...DON'T DO IT!!! I sprang for remote starts for my three sisters a few years back and since I was buying three, they gave me a discount on a fourth for me. We all owned GMs, oldest sister, '99 Olds Aurora, next sister, '00 Buick Regal, next sister, '02 Pontiac Grand Prix, and finally me, '02 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. Out of those four, only the '99 Olds has worked as advertised. The Buick has never been the same, dash lights up like a Christmas tree. The Pontiac had an issue with a sensor or something under the hood, and my OnStar GPS crapped out, couldn't lock the doors with anything other than the Viper FOB or else my alarm would go off when I unlocked it. It was a major headache that I attribute partly to GM's security. On the plus side, the Viper did have good range. ;)

    As for mileage, I track mine religiously. I have gotten just under 26 once on the highway averaging around 65mph. Above that, mileage starts to drop off fairly quickly but I've never gotten less than 24 on a steady trip with speeds up to 80. Mixed mileage around town ranges from 16-18.

    As for fuel grade, I have run both and the ONLY difference I've noticed is performance (no knocking or pinging with this engine). Even the performance difference was difficult to notice when I initially switched to 87. When I switched back, though, if felt like a different car. I guess it just took a while for me to get used to added power. I do suggest you only run respected brand name fuels. Someone posted info about high-detergent standards met by various brands. Luckily, my brands showed up on the list. :) Your biggest challenge to gas mileage will be keeping your foot off the floor. If you can deal with cruise control on your commute, you'll probably be ok. I use the "Inst Economy" setting on the DIC to learn how to keep the engine in four-cylinder mode. After a while, you can actually feel and hear it subtly change. Sounds like two Japanese V-twins riding beside you. :)

    As for insurance, I'm not surprised the rates were so close. My rates dropped when I bought this car after my '02 Monte. I think a big part of it is safety due to the side curtain airbags. At least, that's what my company told me. :) Good luck in whatever you decide!
  • Hi Rob,
    I own a 06 SS Sport Red,Black Leather interior,all available options,never thought I would own a Red car either but this one is different.We have 12 miles to work half Hwy half assorted speeds plus we run around town alot average 22 to 24 mpg.On the Hwy about 25.5 at 70 to 75 with regular gas(Shell Only).The Hwy Mpg. is a little skewed because this was several trips to Platteville Wis. round trip 360 miles and if you have ever been there you know its hill city so that 80 miles of the trip is up and down hills some a couple miles long.
    As far as cold weather mileage I don't know we bought the car at the end of summer and decided to park it for one winter to keep nice for a year,everyday I look in the garage and drool just praying for spring to hurry up and get here.I love this car,nothing beats a powerful V8 for merging onto the interstate or blowing away some guy that thought he had a fast car.I'm 52 and grew up in the hot rod years,Yenko's,Cuda's,etc.And I'm still a motorhead through and through.Is this car right for you?Only you can answer that question,we can only give you our thoughts and experiences and you will have to make the final decision.

  • Hi Carl, nice to meet you......Kind of different choosing a Red (marroon ) car , huh? too! soon.........................bryan
  • kw5kwkw5kw Posts: 19

    GM has, what they call GMVIS, which reports not only when and where each assembyly was added to the vehicle during the build process, but it also has your XM radio ID, if or if not the XM is activated on that day, as well as every warranty repair that that car has had done.
  • wrong.....that's not a "build" sheet....thats a totally different animal....a "build sheet" is placed in the car as it's leaving the factory....pre any problems that the vehicle has encountered! You mean the factory knows of problems before it's even loaded on the Car trailer to make it to the dealer?...don't think so!.....Your talking about something different.He (Rob) was told to look for the "build sheet for problems....If GM knows a vehicle has problems before it leaves the factory....they have BIG problems ahead of them. I'm not saying they don't have a tracking report of the vehicles problems , but thats not the Build sheet....I could go out in my car right now , tear off the passenger door panel and show you the build sheet.Would it show that the red light on my Onstar isn't working?................don't think so...
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    My mothers 2006 LT with the 3.5 V6 is only getting 15.7MPG mixed.
    That just sucks.
  • Very tense day here today as we all wait for Rob's decision....nail biting day!! Will Rob decide to rumble down the highways at tremendous speeds with a new Impala or will he decide to be frugal and keep his Honda Civic.......seems to me that Rob's in a win/win situation.. :) ......and btw, wheres Frank been? Havn't heard from him a couple of days!!!...You don't suppose he's jumped ship and traded his Impala in on a new Hyundai, do you? :confuse:
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    There's got to be something wrong with her car (or the way she figures her gas mileage)...I've got a 2000 Impala with the 3.8 V6, and the worst mileage I've ever gotten on a tank of gas if @ 18; in town I generally average just over 20 in town, and easily average 27-28 on the highway (30 or above in long-haul Interstate jaunts).

    We rented a 2006 LT w/the 3.5 liter last spring on a vacation trip, and got 36 MPG driving across Illinois; with a mix of city and highway we got in the mid-20s I think. I can't imagine that car getting much less than 20 MPG unless there's something majorly wrong with it.
  • jeberlejeberle Posts: 15
    I just got my car back from the dealer after they replace the antenna. I didn't look at my key chain until I got to the office because the car was running when I got in it. Lo and behold, they gave me the wrong fob(s). The ones I got didn't have the remote button on them. Now they have to order new ones and that will take another 2 days.


    Anybody know from what distance these fobs are suppossed to work?
  • Well, Bryan, if you are ever in the central Massachusetts area, and you see a black SS cruising by, yes, it might just be me!! Yes, I dropped a $200 deposit on the car tonight! The dealer insisted that the issues about the transmitter was running new software in it to fix the situation. He said that I will get a disclosure from GM when I take delivery. Other than the brakes feeling a bit softer than I would like, which I did mention to the dealer, the car is the quietest I think I have ever driven! I do hear that sweet rumble in the back.........really nice! So, Bryan, if you folks will have me, as of this Saturday, I will be hot-rodding around these parts in a spiffy looking Impala SS, and I couldnt be happier! Thanks for all your help, from you Bryan, Frank and all of you. -Rob
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Anybody know from what distance these fobs are suppossed to work?

    Straight from the owner's manual...

    If your vehicle has the remote start feature you can
    also start your vehicle with the remote keyless entry
    transmitter. Your remote keyless entry transmitter, with
    the remote start button, provides an increased range
    of 195 feet (60 m) away. However, the range may
    be less while the vehicle is running. As a result, you
    may need to be closer to your vehicle to turn it off than
    you were to turn it on.

    This also means that the remote lock works from the same distance since you have to lock it before you can start it. I'd be interested to know if you have that range with the FOB you have now. Maybe not since they're the wrong FOBs but if you get a chance to test it... :)
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    The remote issue is the receiver and antenna, not software. That's one of the many wrong fixes many dealerships have tried...including mine. You probably read the one guy who had the new service done but they didn't include the proper we're still waiting for a good answer on whether or not it's finally resolved.
    With the brakes, there was a recall out early last year that helped improve performance. I don't think it did anything for the softness you're feeling but it wouldn't hurt to make sure it's been taken care of (it WAS just a reprogramming).
    Congrats and enjoy your new ride once you get the chance. Mine makes me smile at every stop light. :D
  • Congrats , Rob....I'll be looking for you to swing by me here in jersey......good luck!!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Now that we have another member in the club, anyone seen any nice customizations for the Impala? So far, my only alteration is a K&N sticker on the rear C-pillar window (and the filter under the hood). I thought about possibly swapping out the grill with chrome but never really followed up on it. Any thoughts???
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    I've heard a lot of good things about the tunes this company does and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them.

    Here's the 06 Impala SS tune p.flypage&product_id=12&category_id=4&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart&It- emid=28
  • Be careful of modifications and customizing your new could void your warranty...
  • Well, I can tell you that nothing has improved. The fob(s) I have now still won't work any further away than 10 feet. I'm calling the dealer this morning when they open to have a "discussion". If this is GM's fix. it's not working.

    I would be interested in what others who have had their fobs/attennas replaced have experienced.
  • I have a 2006 LTZ Impala I have 43k i've had to replace the keyless remote 5 times and the dealer can't seem to know why the heck it keeps going out i'm in my extended warranty now and it costs me 200$ to replace the water pump, and now its making noise like the power steering pump is going out. Yes! Its been a headache for me and the dealers seems to want to poke and pick on the car. The dealer told me that a new key fob will be out in early Feb but its crazy that you don't have a trunk key to open the truck. I believe i got a lemon I've never been through this before and don't believe that these are common problems someone should go through with a new car. Any advise ?
  • Hey! don't feel too bad at least it works, mine doesn't work at all. Every time they replace the remote it works for a week and goes out. Its funny you post because i hear a poping noise from the speakers or dash, it comes when stopping or applying the brakes i think, but it electrical. I explained that to the dealer but they don't think i have any sense. I just feel if i buy a new car and its under warranty why should i fix it or tell them how to fix it. Right! I'm tired of this I do believe I can handle the situation another way because they don't seem to want to replace the car with one that doesn't have the defects. I know some friends with impalas and they don't have the problems i have.
  • kw5kwkw5kw Posts: 19
    Here's just a portion of my Vehicle Assembly from GM...

    The GM Vehicle Information System includes all of the build data, component code and Id. When it was installed on the vehicle in the line as well as all of the repairs done on the vehicle as well as the sold information and warranty information. It also included the original dealer to whom the vehicle was delivered, and the selling dealer (if dealer transferred). It also shows if or if not it was a salvaged (flood (think Katrina)) vehicle.

    You might have guessed by now, I work for the company.

    VIN 2G1WU58R47xxxxxxx
    Vehicle Component
    Component Code : 10 - ENGINE ASSEMBLY
    Source Plant : T - CPC TONAWANDA, NEW YORK
    Part/Num Broadcast : BJJ Traceability : 062050380
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 09.35.00 Scan Station : 03

    Component Code : 35 - STEERING COLUMN - SIR SYSTEM
    Part/Num Broadcast : Y2T Traceability : W86932136
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 04.59.00 Scan Station : 03

    Component Code : 61 - TRANSMISSION
    Part/Num Broadcast : 7AJB Traceability : 0JYU
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 09.35.00 Scan Station : 03

    Component Code : 74
    Source Plant : 1
    Part/Num Broadcast : 1969 Traceability : 18062689
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 15.11.00 Scan Station : 03

    Component Code : 86 - ELECTRONIC CONTROL MODULE (ECM)
    Part/Num Broadcast : YNNX Traceability : 16211C7QX
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 15.11.00 Scan Station : 03

    Part/Num Broadcast : 3774 Traceability : 00035294
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 12.01.00 Scan Station : 03

    Component Code : AB - IR-MODULE ASM-INFLATOR
    Source Plant : Q - RIMIR MATAMORS MEXICO
    Part/Num Broadcast : 6714 Traceability : 1GW74F6
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 04.59.00 Scan Station : 03

    Component Code : AH - IR-SENSOR ASM-LEFT
    Part/Num Broadcast : 0331 Traceability : 000D2E93A
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 15.11.00 Scan Station : 03

    Component Code : AJ - IR-SENSOR ASM-RIGHT
    Part/Num Broadcast : 0331 Traceability : 000D24CD9
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 15.11.00 Scan Station : 03

    Component Code : AL - IR-MODULE ASM-I/P
    Source Plant : I - INLAND
    Part/Num Broadcast : 9967 Traceability : N114D1784
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 05.19.00 Scan Station : 03

    Part/Num Broadcast : 6307 Traceability : 520TQ6T40
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 15.11.00 Scan Station : 03

    Component Code : CA - SEQ NUM (FLEX) BODY ASM
    Source Plant : O
    Part/Num Broadcast : ZZ Traceability : 0200110
    Date Scanned : 08/01/2006 Time Scanned : 04.54.00 Scan Station : 03

    Component Code : CB - SEQ NUM (FLEX) BODY ASM
    Source Plant : N/A
    Part/Num Broadcast : 1ZZ Traceability : 0200110
    Date Scanned : 07/27/2006 Time Scanned : 00.17.00 Scan Station : N/A

    Component Code : CF - SEQ NUM (FLEX) PAINT PROCESS
    Source Plant : N/A
    Part/Num Broadcast : 1PP Traceability : 3392269
    Date Scanned : 08/01/2006 Time Scanned : 07.09.00 Scan Station : N/A

    Component Code : CP - SEQ NUM (FLEX) GEN ASM
    Source Plant : N/A
    Part/Num Broadcast : 1GA Traceability : 3400100
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 04.52.00 Scan Station : N/A

    Component Code : CZ - SEQ NUM (FLEX) GEN ASM
    Source Plant : N/A
    Part/Num Broadcast : N/A Traceability : 027894
    Date Scanned : 08/02/2006 Time Scanned : 15.18.00 Scan Station : 03

    My vehicle's production began at 17 minutes after midnight and MY vehicle was finished at 3:18:00 PM local time.
    My Chevy dealership just called me and said the part to fix the remote issue was now available and he has ordered it for me... should be just a couple of days and I'll have it..
    (He also said about 15 others are waiting for it as well)...
    Its been a long time (bought the car Dec 1) but I'm anxious to get it cause the weather is now in single digits here!
    I thank you so much for continuining to update us...because of that, I called my dealership and put the bug in his ear that the part was available..he checked and found out it truly was!
    Just wanted you all to know
  • Congrats Rob hope you enjoy your new ride.Our key fob works from 200 ft. plus depending on which way your coming at the car.I also have a question.Is the DOD adjustable?It seems to me the engine runs in 8 cyl. mode more than it needs to sometimes cruising along the Hwy. with a very slight upgrade it will kick in to 8 cyl. and sometimes without any upgrade at all.Then it will climb a 15 degree hill and stay in 4 cyl. mode the whole way.While the mileage is good I think it could be even better if you were able to tweak the DOD just a little.Any thoughts on this?
  • and somewhere in your springs, door panel , headliner, on top of the gas tank , you'll find the factory build sheet.....but that build sheet will not show any warranty problems. It is good to know that there is a source that records all warranty repairs which seems to be a copy of the build sheet plus all the warranty work done....... good to know original build sheet obviously does not have any warranty problems or who is/was the owner. And no , I would have never guessed you worked for GM...I would have guessed you found your Build sheet though!!
  • For those who are thinking of Modifying anything......Page 19 of your warranty booklet....."As the vehicle owner, you should also be aware that GM may DENY warranty coverage if your vehicle or a Part has failed due to abuse,neglect, improper or insuffient maintenance or MODIFICATIONS not approved by GM" careful what your modifying without GM permission!!
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    I know, the car is at the dealer for some other things like the ticking noise in the engine and i again said the MPG was way too low for this car. he said if nothing shows up wrong (and i bet nothing does) that theres nothing they can do about it.
    I think I may have to call corporate on this one but not sure how to reach them or if they will even reply.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I would also be concerned about longevity of the tranny if the power is boosted. Getting more power out of the 5.3L has been done in the RWD vehicles it's used in. I was of the understanding it was detuned to the limits of the transaxle (having over 300hp at the front wheels is still pretty amazing). While I would never complain about having too much power, I would be reluctant to sabotage my car's service life for some short-lived fun.
  • Hi Bryan, Frank, and all! Well, what a day! I had a little less sleep last night than I cared to....mainly because I started to worry again about how the car will hold up, a little about the mileage, etc. This morning, I think I changed my mind more than a few times...that is before I got into my Honda and drove those 52 miles into work. Lets just say my you-know-what will feel so much better in a nice, leather appointed seat in this bigger, roomier, sexier sedan like the SS! The comfort level in that Honda is just not acceptable in a $19,000 vehicle. Well, anyways, now my mind is at ease! Finally! I determined that the SS is the right choice for all my needs. The quietness, the smoothness, the luxury and the immense power that purrs like a kitten when babied: it has the perfect blend of everything that a sedan should have these days. It also seems to be very well put together. I will try my best to make it last well up to 200,000 miles. Well, my friends, I will be picking up the black beauty I believe tomorrow night, if not Saturday morning. Thanks for the well wishes, all the insight and your sincere opinions! And, thanks for having me! -Rob
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