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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Good going and it's good to see that some Americans have their priorities straight. Buying a home is a very smart and wise choice. Better yet, you're likely enterring the market at a great time. Good luck with the search!
    Regarding your new baby, have you tested the FOB range yet? The manual says it is capable out to 195 ft. If you're up to testing it, I'd be interested in how well it's working for you. Even more specifically, it would be interesting to know if it works any better from the front of the car vs. the rear. In my case, the best I can get is about 75-100 ft from the front of my car in my driveway. From the rear or side, maybe 20-30 ft max but, more likely, 10 ft or less consistently. I haven't gone back for the latest fix yet and I don't remember if you said yours had the latest fix either.
    Actually, anyone else out there who thinks their's is working properly feel free to take the "challenge" and let us know how well your remote is working. :)

    Thanks all,
  • Hi Ron, I havent noticed any real range issue with the transmitter as of yet. However, I did notice that for to "remotely" start the car, it must be locked....I mean locked! It seems like I have had to re-lock the car (after sitting for a while, whether its two hours or overnight), then I am able to use the remote to start the car. Right now, it seems to be working from approx. 40ft in any direction. I havent used it for further distances or angles, but I now will so I can let you know. Thanks for the kind words! -Rob
  • Warning:DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!..Today at approx. 50 ft away, with my back to my car and a mirror in my hand, I aimed the remote in the mirror bouncing it's electronic waves thru the mirror backwards at the car.............and........WAAALAAAA, it started!!!...Do not try this!! Only a trained Professional Fob-Shooter such as myself should perform this act! You could "shoot your eye out"! later...Bryan
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Thanks Rob (and Bryan (smart@ss)) :). I appreciate your efforts. I know it may seem like some of us are nit-picking about the FOB range but when you want/need it to work, it should. I'm asking for your experiences because the more data I'm armed with, the better able I'll be to argue the case with my service manager. I've already taken my car in for this service once and was assured it was fixed only to find out it was exactly the same as I left it. Since I have to miss work to do this, I want it done right the next time.

    Thanks again for the assistance.

  • Hi all, just for kicks and giggles, my bose amplifier is also pushing the hiss at low volume. Unfortunately, its the same volume I always put the radio on when I take my lunch-time snooze in the car!!!! LOL Oh well, not a big time deal! Other than some condensation inside the driver's side headlight lens, no runs, drips or errors with this gorgeous black V8 interceptor! I will contact a local Chevy dealer tomorrow. Thanks!! -Rob ps: Frank, thanks again for you help as well!! You guys here in this forum are terrific!
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    If you're really daring, you can try sticking your FOB up to your chin, using your skull to increase the range. I actually think this works; go to the end of your FOB range currently, then face the car, stick the business end of the FOB against your chin, and press the button...supposedly this can increase the range. I've actually done this a few times when I walked away from my car and wasn't sure if I'd locked it or not...if I do that and it won't register, I stick it to my chin and it often works.
  • Hi Bryan..
    Great sense humor...I really had a chuckle over this one... But, OH nooooo, now look what you have started.
    Hey Ron, it will be interesting to see where this one ends!!!!!
    Personally, I hope it's soon...
    Frank ;)
  • It's -13 F this morning here in SE Wisconsin. Sure would be nice to have a fob/remote start that works. Suspect that (may) occur sometime in Spring considering how things are currently going with them
  • It's -16C in Guelph, ON today. Just got my new fob on Sat. & it works great. Hope the problem is solved once & for all. I've never had rem :) ote start before- what a treat! Have a great day all- Bob
  • Hey Mac...
    Don't stop there....!!! Give us some details on your fix !!
    What exactly did they replace ( parts ) ;) etc, etc, etc
  • Took it in because 1 fob did not work at all & the other only worked close-up. They gave me a new one & re-programmed the other somehow ( they said something about the transmitter). Anyhow, they both work great. I have to take it back because I wanted the A/C checked (I wish I needed it now-lol)& sure enough there is a problem that they didn't have time to fix on Sat. But, they promised a loaner & as long as I don't have to pay, i don't really care. What a fabulous car. We traded in a lemon '02 Rendezvous-( I could write volumes about that one). We love, love . love the Impala. Best regards, Bob :)
  • Hi Bob...
    Yes-Sir-reee..Bob...!!! It's a great Car !! Thanks for the additional info...
    I sure hope that this is all you need... I don't want to burst your bubble or put you on a downer here, but just be aware of the fob issues. If you go back and read some of our previous posts, it will describe most of the frustration most of us have been through, and it might help you understand a bit more. E.g. fobs reprogrammed up to 3-4 times, receiver changed , nasties on message center, etc, etc. They(GM) are suppose to change your antenna, fobs and possibly your receiver...!!!
    Keep us posted.....
    Frank ;)
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    Hey Bob,

    I'm in Guelph too! (small world) Glad your remote is working - did you get the work done at Cullen's? Mine goes in on Wednesday - Andrea and Bill have been really good working with me on this one. I'm soooo looking forward to having this working again.

    Although there are quite a few '06 Impalas around town, mine does look a bit different. Black LTZ, tinted windows, winter tires with black rims. It looks almost exactly like a car that the Wellington County OPP have.

    Try to stay warm!
  • for what it's worth...went to my dealer here in new jersey today to see if my Onstar battery was is, will get it fixed later this week. Soooo, I said to the Service Manager, "I have a few friends with "06 Impalas and they seem to have a key fob problem, I don't, but they do, have you had anyone with that problem?" "Yes we've had several of them!!"...So, I said whats the cure?....he said, "We've had a few that had a bad transmitter, some with the fob itself that went bad, even the antenna was bad on 1 or 2 cases...and we had one where the whole system had to be replaced! He said "there's a half dozen reasons why they won't work and you just have to go thru the system sometimes and check everything out til you find whats causing it". so, there, I tried to help everyone out!!......about my Onstar back up battery....he said it takes 5 minutes to change the battery, but the Onstar system should be reset. As to why my light stays on and my Onstar system stills works?..he said, the red light is there only to tell you that the back up battery isn't charged/charging and that my system will continue to work unless I'm in an accident and my main battery gets disconnected , then the Onstar backup battery takes over. If I'm not concerned about being in an accident and my main battery stays connected, my Onstar will still work at all times! There you have it folks, my trip to my dealer today and his 2 cents about a couple of problems!!! Looks like this key fob thing doesn't have a clear cut answer....and he did say that outside interference with your key fob can interrupt the key fob itself! later........bryan
  • Hey Bryan....
    Many thanks for your update...It was very helpful for me !!
    It answered my question on how the RED light at our end could be affecting the ON STAR system... Good to know...
    However, the non clear-cut answer on the fobs (transmitters) I still find a little scarry. Anyway, thanks again.
  • Attention all: Just sharing my experiences with my 2007 LTZ. I got it in October (one of the first ones) and i have been experiencing the key fob/tire pressure issue. Been reading this forum and talked to my dealer about the upcoming fix. Last week, they finally replaced the two transmitters and the antenna on the car. Drove it home...still really poor range. Then today my tire monitor light went off again. Took it back to them, and they are now going to replace the reciever module...however the inventory is depleted. That could be due to a new or replacement part comming out as my dealer tells me. So, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up!
  • Oh yeah, my other problem that is just as annoying as this whole key fob issue is what happens when my car goes into 3 cylinder mode. Now, this is ONLY on the 3.9L engine that is ONLY on 2007 3LT or LTZ (2006 didnt have this feature) and is not on the V8's with active fuel management. What is the problem? Whenever it goes into 3 cyl mode...the voltages fluctuate irratically throughout the car. What does this mean? When driving at night, all of my interior lights and headlights go dim/bright/dim/bright like crazy! The voltage dips so low that I even feel reductions and surges in engine power sometimes!! Took it to the dealer...GM "knows" about the problem...but has yet to find the cause, let alone a fix!! Anyone out there with access to GM tech data look up this "headlight flicker" issue on '07 impalas w/ the 3.9L AFM and post this info. And as of now...NOBODY buy an LTZ or 3LT. Wish I would have gone with an SS...but when these two issues get fixed..these are awesome cars..and this is my 2nd impala!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Sorry to hear you're having problems with your new machine and also that the '07s ALSO have the FOB range issue. But, I will count myself as lucky that I don't have the fluctuating voltage issue. I guess maybe I assume too much when I think that GM has really gone the extra mile in their quality control. But, I'm still optimistic that all will be resolved... :confuse:

    Anyway, another little tidbit on my FOB. Today, left work late and it's chilly here (40s) so I tried the remote soon after I left the building. Wouldn't ya know it, it worked today from 75 ft. FROM BEHIND. I know that isn't all that impressive considering how it's SUPPOSED to work but it's the best range I've noticed. The only real difference today was that the lot was nearly empty so I'm guessing less metal causing interference. I may try shooting myself in the chin with it next time to see if it helps. Sounds kind of hokey to me but maybe my fillings will help out. LOL ;)
  • Frank, Thanks for the reply.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I mentioned that in an earlier post about common problems. The fix is a new amp installed on underside of the back deck between the speakers. Some of us have noticed that the sound after the change is a bit overboosted in the mid-to high frequency range. It's not real bad except for certain songs that hit certain pitches. Then, it sounds like something they could use to torture a person. I'm pretty picky, if you hadn't already guessed, so you'll probably never notice it. ;)

    Good luck,
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    Started up my '06 3.5 LT this morning. It was 7degrees(F) and the car fired right up. Let it warm up for about 10 minutes. Sounded great. No issues. Drove 30 miles to work. Car sat outside for 11 hours while I was at work. Started the car to go home and the engine sounded absolutely awful. The temperature was 14degrees(F). The sound is a very pronounced whine, almost like an electric power drill. It gets louder and higher pitched as RPM's increase. As the engine warmed up, the whine went away while at idle, but would come back if I revved the engine. Didn't go away even after my 30 mile drive back home.

    I think it is related to the serpentine belt, so I am going to put some belt dressing on it and see if that helps. I just find it odd that it was fine at 7degrees this morning (and the car hadn't been driven all weekend), and then had an issue when it was 14degrees out and had already been driven earlier in the day for 30 miles (1 hour commute). You would think it would have had the issue this morning and not in the evening. Very odd.

    In any event, has anyone else with the 3.5L engine noticed a pronounced whine when running their car in extremely cold temperatures? My car has experienced a couple days previously this winter of sub 20degree(F) temperatures with no issues. It is supposed to go down to the single digits again tonight and not get out of the teens tomorrow. Hopefully the belt dressing will solve the problem and I do not have a different issue going on.

    Most cars "hate" extremely cold temperatures, but this engine whine is unlike anything I have experienced on any of my past several cars (GM cars included).
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    Went out and sprayed the belt. No improvement. Looks to be a problem with the A/C compressor. When I press the A/C button inside the car now, the A/C light flashes a few times and the system will not engage. Guess a trip to the dealer needs to be added to my schedule.
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36

    What type of problem are you having with the A/C and especially at this time of year. Do you live in a warm climate? Just wondering. I'm still waiting for the parts to come in for my Key Fob and new antenna, so I will let people here know if I notice any difference when its repaired.
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36
    I also tried my A/C last week just to see if it would engage and I had the same problem with the A/C light flashing a few times and not engaging. I told the service guy this last week and he said that it is problably too cold out for the A/C to come on. Does this make any sense to the fine people of this forum.
  • Since we were taking it in for the fob issue, we decided to check the A/C as well because we are nearly out of warranty and because we seem to have the worst luck with A/C.The light would flash & then shut off. Because it was a Sat. that I had it in, the guys didn't have time to get into it but said "yes, there is something wrong here". I will call & set up an appointment today. They have promised a loaner.Now that I have a new fob, I am loving the remote start- never had that before.According to the invoice : Tech Comments: reprogrammed door lock receiver and replaced 1 transmitter. REgards all- Bob
  • Hey Ron...
    Sounds like your remote range is getting a little better lately for some strange reason..?? It will be very interesting to see if it continues and under what circumstances ...Keep us posted...Ya, it just may be the nearly empty lot with less metal around that's helping with the interference.
    But, on the lighter side, you will have to be carefull when you are shooting yourself in the chin, any amalgm (Siver/mercury) fillings may still cause you a range problem (ok, ok,...small joke here...)If I recall, I think you said that you are somewhere in North Carolina...Wow, I'll take your chilly 40's (F) at this time of year any day...Be blessed..!! I can't take much more of it here in Toronto...Lately, it has been -16 degrees C (5 degrees F)and with wind chill it feels like -24 Degrees C (-12 degrees F ). Very, very frigid...!!!! It's no wonder our cars moan and groan..!! :sick:
    Frank ;)
  • Hey there newborn2b1....

    Well, I had to go all the way back to this one again
    (# 2347 Feb.1st) because it's been bothering me....
    You say you have a 2006 LTZ with only 43K and you are in your extentend warrantee.???? I know it's very cold here and it could be affecting my B cells, soooooo help me understand this...!!! How/why are you in your extended warrantee....?? It's a relatively new car and things
    like this should be covered....
    Just Curious... :confuse:
    Frank ;)
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    I think the flashing A/C light is normal in colder climates. Mine does the same thing in the winter. The car knows that it's too cold outside to need A/C so it won't engage. I'm pretty sure home A/C units do this too to prevent damage from running the system when it's too cold.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    The A/C is recommended to be used in cold weather with your defroster. The A/C air is dryer and thus assists in clearing moister/frost from the windows. In extremely cold temperatures the A/C might not work as efficiently. Read your owners manual about this.
  • Yes..... I just experienced this exact symptom on my '06 LTZ.If anything is done to correct this problem I would appreciate the solution being posted and I will do the same if I learn anything.....Thank You
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