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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    You're quite welcome, Rob. Glad to help; this forum really helps us all.

    Guess what I saw on the way home tonight. An identical black on black SS cruising two car lengths ahead in the passing lane. It took a while to catch it but when the other cars finally got out of the way and I went to pass it on the right, it was a lady driving with a cell phone attached to her head. Bummer deal cuz I was hoping to exchange some exhaust music with my car's twin. Cars like this shouldn't be wasted on drivers like that. I still haven't heard what the SS sounds like from the outside. :(
  • Hi there Ron,.

    For what it's worth, I have ...!!! Oh Boy..!! The SS pipes are absolutely magical and incredible from the outside. Why don't you trade cars with one of your Impala family members for about 5 minutes, drive side-by-side, open the window wide, and be prepared to be aaaaaaaawe struck....!!!!
    I always enjoy your stories and insight...
    Many thanks
    Frank ;)
  • Hi Rob...
    This is special...!! Many thanks for sharing from your heart here..!! Yes, he would most certainly enjoy the ride!! No doubt, he would be very proud of you....!!
    Thanks again Rob,
    Frank ;)
  • Hi Everyone...
    Well, this is the time of the day (Yawn..about 6:30 am here..) when I can do my messages. So, if you don't mind, here comes another one....!! I Need You Help...
    Would some of you CarSpace/Edmunds Forum veterans out there help me with a question...I sent in a email to the general CarSpace contact address a few days ago and have not recieved any responce yet.! You know how I get impatient ! I was just wondering what the current policy is on mentioning any items/parts for sale in our messages ? I am not sure if this a NO-NO here !!
    Thought I would ask and get a reading before i get myself into any trouble.
    As usual , many thanks...
    Frank ;)
  • Drinking my morning coffeee here, Frank,......Sorry , I can't help you on this later................bryan
  • Has anyone else here seen the Optional 18" '06 Super Sport wheels? Their an awesome set of wheels!! Their on page 23 of the 2006 Canadian Impala brochure (yes, there's a difference between the American and Canadian brochures),anyway, those wheels are awesome....going to check them out....probably about $200-250 a later........bryan...............................OUCH!!...Just looked up the price...can this be right?......$487.00 a pc?.......and my dealer wants $606 a pc.!!!!!1
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    Question: Has anyone experienced a clicking sound from the console shift lever or under the dash when shifting from "Park"? Here's my situation, and two separate clicking sounds and locations: With ignition on, applying foot to brake in order to take transmission from "Park", I hear and feel a clicking sound in the console and in the floor-mount shifter; when I depress the shifter button to move the lever, I hear and feel a click coming from the dash behind the instrument panel. I also hear a clicking from the dash panel when the car is stopped, ignition turned off, and opening the door; this click is associated with the odometer illuminating. This initially started with just the clicking in the console; dealer replaced something but said the noise was from a solenoid and could be eliminated. Five days later, I started to hear the clicking sounds in the dash panel. I can't buy the idea that the sounds are normal and can't be eliminated. Any thoughts? Any one experience this? I'm not through trying to work with the service manager, but I want to get any information I can. Thanks, Clark
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Odds the click you hear when you put your foot on the brake to shift from Park is the sensor that triggers when you put your foot on the brake that allows you to shift into park (a safety feature). I don't know about the others, but I'm pretty sure that's what this one is.
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    I agree that it's the interlock mechansim, but I can't figure why it just started to make the noises. Also cant figure why it started with just one, and then moved to the other location as well.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    COL...........Check on Fleabay !

    There is a guy called Cardio-doc who sells almost new take
    off wheels from GM cars (mostly Cadillac).
    He might have a set you need............
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    For what's it's worth, I've played around with my shift-lock sensor before and it clicks more noticeably (maybe obviously) if I'm pulling on the shifter (lightly) when I apply pressure to the brake. I first noticed it when I was a little off synch with my normal routine and then played with it a bit to get an idea of how it works. Is it possible your column shift isn't in the fully upright position...maybe from normal wear...and it's resting on the mechanism now? Try pushing up on it while pressing and releasing the brake to see if you can isolate the sound and maybe make it louder and softer. If you can manipulate the sound, you'll be able to isolate it.

    I just went out and tried to hear a click when opening and closing the door and hear nothing but I did notice a new sound if you wait for the interior lights to dim and go out. In my SS, it almost sounds like something crawling inside the dash when the lights initially begin to dim. It's hard to describe in words but if you listen in a quiet place, you'll probably hear it too. Also, I noticed that the radio display (Bose in my case) remains dimly lit for about 10-15 seconds after the interior lights go out. It's kind of like having your TV on with a black screen. Although, looking closer, I could see about 8 fine red lines across the display. I heard a very faint electronic click when the display eventually went dark. I'm guessing that was the security system arming.

    Another little tidbit of info about the Impala. ;)
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Why don't you trade cars with one of your Impala family members for about 5 minutes, drive side-by-side, open the window wide, and be prepared to be aaaaaaaawe struck....!!!!

    I would love to but both live over 500 miles opposite directions. Guess I'll just have to let one of my buddies help me out here in town. :) I have one who used to own some 60s era hot rods. He should be willing to help me out. ;)
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    My '06 LT has the same noises you are experiencing. I have always figured the click from the brake pedal to be the brake shift interlock releasing. The click when shifting may be the shift position registering on the DIC gear display. The click when opening the door with the car turned off may actually be the retained accessory power feature shutting off (it just happens to coincide with the odometer reading illuminating on the DIC).

    In any event, I wouldn't consider the noises to be out of the ordinary. Now that I know the car has the clicks, I would be concerned if it stopped making the noises. Solenoids can be "noisy" at times. Sometime if you are bored, sit in your car with the doors closed, the ignition turned off, and all 4 doors UNLOCKED. Press the UNLOCK button on your fob and you can hear the solenoid in the dash click each time you press the button and it sends the signal to unlock the already unlocked doors. Fun stuff :)

    We had an '03 Impala that made the same clicking sounds as the '06 makes. To me they seem normal.
  • Hey Bryan...
    No, I haven't seen them yet...You sound very impressed though...!!! Is the brochure that you are refering to on the GM website, or is it your hard copy...??
    Well, Geo9 makes a really good point in a later message to you.. Yes, I too would consider looking around in EBAY or something similar first... You probably don't remember when I upgraded my 16" wheels on my '06 LT just a short while ago...Well, it was a real eye opener for me... :surprise: Again, I'll share just briefly what my experience was when purchasing my 18" SS alloy wheels with the 235/50/18 Goodyear RSA tires.
    Hold on to your seat now...!!! My Gm dealer wanted about
    $ 825.00 for each mag and another $ 295.00 for each tire. In total, it came out to about $ 5,000.00 with taxes....OOOOOOUCH !!! I said.. " ARE YOU CRAZY" !!!!! :confuse: So, I searched around EBay for awhile and found a wheel/tire company in California with the exact same package (4 SS mags/4 tires)for only $699.99 US. These were brand new "Take-offs" with only 200 miles on them. Absolutely incredible..!! So, after including the additional costs i.e. shipping, US dollar exchange and duty, I was still much , much further ahead. Hey Bryan, take your time and look around ... no doubt you will find the optional Super sport wheels that have caught your eyeout there somewhere...
    Frank ;)
  • Hey Ron ... Now that you mentioned it...!!!
    Ahhhhhhhh those 60's.....Thanks...Just had a flash back.
    You know, we are probaly around the same age and I am quite sure that you will be able to related to me here... Sometimes, I still kick myself in the pants for not hanging on to my "69.. 427 Chevelle ( COPO )- 425 HP. As you know, it had "ALL" the performance goodies and some...!!! Really an awesome ride back then..
    Oh well ...thanks for the memories...!!!
    Frank ;)
  • Frank, yeah I'll take my time on this one.....I want the exact ones that GM has in their brochure, (it's my hard copy) so it will take some looking around......thanks for the later...........bryan
  • Hey Bryan...Somehow,I just found a 2007 Impala brochure
    sitting in my drawer...On page # 17 it shows an 18"
    chromed 5-triangular double-spoke aluminum wheel..
    Is this the one..????
    Frank ;)
  • Hey there Ron, Bryan and now Rob....

    Well' all You guys with those incredible SS 5.3's.
    I Can't remember if anyone went to the K & N
    performance air filter...either the square stock
    replacement or the high performance air intake kit.
    any input here....???
    frank ;)
  • Frank, I don't have the 2007 brochure...only the '06 Canadian brochure.....looks like a 10 spoke wheel, but it has 5 spokes that branch out into a "V" shape.....bryan
  • Hey Frank, if you go to the 2007 site....look under "accessories"....the wheels are there.......18" chrome wheels, there the ones....2006 and 2007 are the same.....
  • Hi Bryan.. Seems I'm very chatty today...!!!
    Thanks...Yes, I went to the web site and yes sir-eee, those are exactly the same mags that are in my 2007 Impala brochure.
    Very , very nice....!!! I'm Just on my way out , but before leaving, I went into ebay.. quickly typed in " 18 inch chrome impala wheels" and WWWWELLA... I saw what appeared to be the identical looking ( not sure if they were exact GM Parts)10 spoke chrome wheels....They were brand new and still in the box for anywhere from $ 500.00 - $ 700.00 for all 4 !!!! Have a closer look and see what you think....
    Frank ;)
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Those optional blade wheels for the SS and the chrome ones for the LTZ have been offered by chevy since the 06 Impala came out.
  • Frank, thanks for the info, I looked on ebay...those wheels are close, but not the real optional wheels that GM offers. In this case I want the "real McCoy"....I'll either pay a hefty price or do without....I asked the Parts manager at my dealer if anyone has purchased those optional wheels, he said... NO!!!!....I'm kind of a correctness freak...I want GM options my all weather floor mats, I only would buy the GM ones....probably could have bought others for half the price.............anyway, I'll keep looking...............thanks.................bryan
  • Hi Frank,
    I went with the K&N box filter don't really know if it made any difference as the car was brand new but I do run K&N in all our other vehicles and have noticed a difference in them.When I pulled out the paper filter our SS came with I couldn't beleive there was any air getting through it,it's like a super compact accordian unlike the K&N.I did look at the high performance model and I'm sure it would be better but after reading the installation instructions decided it was a little more complicated than I wanted to mess with.Hope this helps.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I have the drop-in box K&N as well and also didn't really notice a difference but I got it almost immediately after buying the car (I didn't notice a difference between regular and premium fuel back then either but I do now). At the time, the higher-end version wasn't available or I'd have probably gone for it. If you look around on the web, you can find pictures of people who have installed it (and other accessories).

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Sometimes, I still kick myself in the pants for not hanging on to my "69.. 427 Chevelle ( COPO )- 425 HP.

    You deserve a kick in the pants! ;) I don't think we're the same age, though. I grew up lusting over cars like that but never had the chance to own one (at least not one WORTH owning). I came of age in the 80s with Chrysler turbos, wimped out GM 305s, and the good ole Ford 302. But, I wasn't able to afford anything worthwhile. I am staring down 40 (in July) and this Impala is my first REAL performance car. Hopefully, it won't be my last.

  • Hi Bryan..

    Good for you... and I don't blame you !!
    I try to stay away from that imitation stuff myself and keep it all chevy. That's why i went for the REAl GM '07 SS 18 inchers. Too bad you don't have a Gm employee friend or retired relative .. You could use their employee card and get about 30 % off. Keep looking...Let us know how you make out....
    Frank ;)
  • Hey Ron..
    I'm sure it won't be your last...Once it gets into your blood ...that's it !! Thanks for your (and Carl's) input on the K&N..I think I'll try the square stock replacment filter for now and see how I make out.

    Again, Many thanks
    Frank ;)
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    QuietPro and Ryster--Thanks for your analysis and input. I can rest a little more comfortably knowing mine isn't the only one making those sounds. Identification and isolation is the key to determining if it is an issue for concern. I guess I'm overly sensitive to strange sounds until I can get reassurance that it's not a problem. Comes from too many years of flying. Thanks again guys.
  • Hi Bryan....

    Ooops ! :surprise: Sorry ! :blush: I hope I haven't offended you... :confuse:
    'Ya....I have about 15 years on you. And, the funny thing is.... I'm still very much enjoying my cars like I was at
    20 , 30 , and 40 !! Hope I run into you one day...

    Frank ;)
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