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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • Offended me?...about what Frank?..... :confuse: ....Soooooo, your 76 years young?...Wow!!! are an old-timer..... no offense here......Mr. later................bryan ...if we run into each other hopefully it won't be in our Impalas!!
  • ....Ooops again.....!!

    Sorry Bryan...Message was supposed to go to Ron...
    I must of had you on my mind for some reason, and not thinking, just typed in your name. Old age here..???!!...Naaaaa probably because I was searching through ebay alittle for you to see if I could spot any of your original GM 18" chrome wheels... Nope..No luck yet !! Anyway , good talking to you.....
    Frank ;)
  • Soo, your not 76? :confuse: :)
  • Well.... it's supposed to be 15 years over Ron ...yep, that makes me a big " 55 ". This is getting messier by the minute - I'll stop here.!!

    Frank ;)
  • Sooo, your saying now that I'm the old man here, huh?.......nothing like offending me!!...I knew I should have bought a Toyota!!........ :cry: later..............bryan
  • Hi Bryan's all relative, including age.. Right!!
    I think it's the maturity factor here , age and other, that
    sets this Message Forum apart..... A great bunch of guys...!!!

    Frank ;)
  • Well, today my onstar light stay green all day...still havn't had the battery changed..................probably won't now!! :D
  • Hi all, well, just my luck, the car has developed vibrations similar to a tire or tires out of balance. It started Thursday morning on the highway at 60mph. I thought I lost a wheel weight on one of the wheels, so I had my garage re-balance all the wheels. They found two a little off. Anyways, after driving all weekend, with the same symptoms, I had the wheels re-balanced again today. Same result, although it now seems like the car is shaking at 45mph! Has anyone had these symptoms?? I hope its not the driveshafts already, especially on a 13000 mile car! The right front rotor assembly was replaced at 6500 miles, but I dont know yet if the wheel bearings are inside those assemblies or the rotor stands on its own. No wheel bearing noise is evident, just a noticable shaking in the seats, and the shifter! Thanks for the input! Perplexed, but otherwise ok! -Rob
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    Has the alignment been reset to the middle, preferred settings? This is not "within specs." It means set to the middle.

    Have the wheels and tire been balanced by a Roadforce balancer with a knowledgeable tech?

    I'm wondring how much of this may be similar to the stiff chassis problems with H and C bodies a few years ago. On mine the Michelins were off less than 11 units on the roadforce. I could still feel the one tire when it was on the front. BUT what fixed it all was realigning the rear toein. It had changed since the factory set it.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Sounds like Imadazol has some personal knowledge. The only thing I'd add is to ask if you had the tires rotated to see if the vibration follows one of the wheels. Hope you get to the bottom of it quickly. I feel for ya.

  • Hi Rob.. Yes I have , with my previous 2002 Impala !!

    Sorry to hear about your problem.. It certainly can be aggravating, I know. When you say your garage, is it your local corner shop or is it Your GM Dealership..? I ask because I personally think it still likely a balancing problem here. You have gone from a 65 mph vibration down to a 45 mph vibration and this can be based on who and how he balanced your wheels!!! Rob, go to the very best, even for tire balancing ,because my experience is that.. " their are wheel balances and then there are wheel balances" with the proper technicians and proper equipment..Now, lets see if we can isolate this ...Usually, when you feel a vibration in your seat and shifter it's the rear tire(s) and any noticable vibration in the steering wheel is most often the front tire(s)... You can take it from here......

    Good luck .. and keep us posted
    Frank ;)
  • Hi Bryan..

    Well ...I don't want to be a pessimist here .. but, just want you to be aware and prepared...
    In my experience, this seems to be the pattern when the OS battery is on its way out ..One day its green and the next day its red, and so on and so on....and until one fine day, it just stays "RED" !!
    As I think I said sometime ago, the battery is located in your trunk and is about the size of a candy bar.The tecnician can change it and reset the sysem in a matter of minutes ...It's very painless..doesn't hurt at all...!!
    Hope you prove me wrong though..!!
    Frank ;)
  • Well, now I'm a little confused here.. :sick: After my post on this subject, I went out to my local " Performance Improvements" store and bought myself a K & N filter to replace the stock GM paper filter. Wow, am I ever out of touch !!! It was $ 78.00 before taxes..!! :cry: But, what is even more concerning is what I'm now hearing and reading.... Apparently, there is much talk about the oiled K & N filters now contaminating the Mass Air Flow sensors. Some articles are saying that recent observations and tests have been made that indicates that the paper filter/elements provide better filtration without messing up the MAF system.
    Anyone else hear this or have any experience here...???
    Thanks for the help..
    Frank ;)
  • Frank,Accuse me for being stupid here, but, why would you or anyone change the filter on your NEW car? What is the purpose of putting an aftermarket filter on there?...Remember, according to your owners manual , you could void your warranty with "MODIFICATIONS"........ :confuse: later.........bryan
  • I have a 04 impala and am thinking to trade up to a 07 3.9l impala. I also have a 05 sienna with a 3.3L vvti v6 and drive by wire.

    Two questions:

    1. The Sienna drive by wire suffers from delays and sometimes erratic responses (not always predictable), as it also learns a drivers style. This is well documented in the Toyota forums. I hate it. Does the 06/07 impala have drive by wire, and how are drivers finding its responsiveness to driver input.

    2. The Sienna vvti has some feature (vvti?) whereby at around 3500 rpms, some change (maybe the valves) occurs and the engine sound becomes noticeably louder/coarser. Does the 3.9L impala have the same annoying feature, and at what rpm does it occur. It is mostly noticeable at highway cruising speeds.

    Thanks in advance and this message is in no way intended to flame the impala. I love my current impala and really want to upgrade to the 07.
  • Hi Bryan...No...You are are not being stupid here at all..!!
    It's a Good question...
    Actually, it's a personal and yet a performance thing..!!!
    The issue here is not that the stock filter is new and
    not dirty at this point. It all has to do with air flow into the engine ...i.e. less restrictive and better flowing intake(air in) makes more Horsepower and better gas mileage etc. etc. Performance mods are ok ..I've done my share lately as long as you have the permission from your dealer..

    Frank ;)
  • gotcha, I thought there was something wrong with the filters in these cars.....
  • Bryan,
    Nope..!!...So sorry if I gave you that impression. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the stock GM air box filter
    in our Impalas. It's just a matter of a less restrictive - better air flow filter that the K & N supposedly provides. This is somewhat important for street machines but much more important if your racing. I can remember the days when I would be looking for every tenth of a second and/or mile per hour that I could find..... Hope this helps....
    Talk to you later
    Frank ;)
  • True it has been said that the K&N filter can screw up your sensor but K&N has done extensive testing on this and says it is bunk. If a sensor goes and they have proved it was the sensor itself not caused by the filter,the dealers like to blame anything that is aftermarket so they don't have to pay for it.My salesman said he runs K&N himself and would have no problem with me putting one on our new SS,he said you get a little better mpg and horsepower when the engine breathes properly.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    The part that rings true is the 13000 miles. That's enough for the tires to have worn slightly and taken a set if the alignement is not perfect. GM would realign up to 12000 my service manager said when he redid mine.

    In that cycle of stiff H-body and G-body (Park Ave) and C-body Cadillacs in 2000 or so the tires made the difference. They replaced Cadillac tires and Park Ave IIRC with Michelins as a troubleshooting method because the Michelins tend to be best made and roll round under the crush force--that's what the Hunter 9700 RoadForce balancer checks for.

    My car came with Michelins and had one at 11 or 12 and others in single digits. The tolerance level was 17 or 18 or 19 units of out of roundness. Many other brands were off that much and more but the stiff chasses can magnify the effects. Even new tires and wheels would come out high. The dealer was replacing tires on a Pontiac under warranty and the new set was off more than the tolerance level.

    A good thing is the slight roadforce error seemed to get better as the tires ran more miles. I suspect the belts softened from flexing and rolled better.

    I haven't heard that problem discussed in Impala discussions. But a good dealership will probably have a Hunter 9700. Like someone just said, sometimes it's cheaper to have someone troubleshoot than hunt and peck.

    Hunter 9700 info and list of stores using it

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Something like this I would not take to the Union boys at your dealer.....Go to a well established Alignment shop!! Your dealer mechanics can just barely figure out how to change your oil, and even that can be a problem for them. I personally have been known to go to independant mechanics and pay for something rather than have the idiots at my local dealership screw it up even more! Want stories?...Do you have 3-4 days?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I've got a 2000 Impala without OnStar, but I was battery went our on me Sunday night, and I called AAA to give me a jump. I used my cell phone, but as I was sitting in the dark waiting for the tow truck to arrive, I thought how nice it would have been to have OnStar at that point. But if the battery was dead, does OnStar work? And if it does, but runs off this other battery in the trunk, would driving around with the "red" OS light on mean if your primary car battery dies that your OS is dead too? Just thinking the only times I could have used OnStar has been when my battery died and left me stranded, so if OS doesn't work when the battery is dead, it wouldn't have done me any good.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    If the alignment shop has a Hunter 9700 Road Force balancer for the wheel part. It happens I have a great dealership. The service manager started there long ago as an alignment guy. He's knowledgeable and customer oriented. When I go in, I don't mind paying a little more than the shop down the road. They've given other service that makes up for it.

    But some dealerships don't work that well, I understand.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Hi everyone, thanks to all of you who gave your input! As always, I appreciate your time and wisdom. To update, today I took the car to my local family owned garage who have been super to me over these years. They put the car on their alignment machine, and the car was spot on perfect! They checked the stabilizer bar, the struts/springs, and found that they couldnt budge any of them. The only thing they found that was just a little off was the driver's side muffler's rubber hanger was a little stretched out (I noticed the tail pipe hangs down about a 1/2in lower than the passenger side), but they and I doubt that would cause the vibrations. Yes, the vibrations are only in the seats, and the shifter (to a lesser extent). The steering wheel is fine. SO, I will indeed go to a local Hunter wheel balancing shop and perhaps get the rear tires done again. After visiting that website that imidazol put up in his reply, I have confidence that this will solve the problem! Thanks again everyone! -Rob
  • Hi tireissue, I just recently purchased a 06 SS with the V8, and the car instantly responds to the gas pedal being pushed. I also got the opportunity to drive a 3.9 LT and it too had instant responsiveness. My wife's 04 Mazda 6 wagon has a bit of a delay in responding, so I know what you mean! My advice is to take one out for a spin. I think you will enjoy the ride! -Rob
  • Hi nosirrahg
    Well, If I understand it correctly, that is the main purpose for the On Star battery in the trunk...It's a safety feature for if your regular battery goes down. But don't leave it like that for days, as I have found out will totally drain and knock out the On Star battery altogether and then it has to be replaced ....The Red light "on" usually means trouble with On Star battery or the system at our end ,but be at peace, the On Star system at their end is still operational.

    Does this make sense ????...Hope it helps !!!!
    Frank ;)
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    I left out the fact that my dealer used the vibration analyzer on a smooth freshly repaved asphalt road. They put the vibration analyzer on the seat track on the floor pan. They put it on the dash. They put it on the steering column to find where the vibration feelings were being transmitted which is a clue to their source and what frequency they are.

    Then they also checked balance on the wheels using the Hunter. And they set the sensitivity to maximum on the Hunter so they could get the best accuracy on the balance. Let us know what you find out.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Well Guys...

    It is absolutely wicked weather out there today, and I have decided to keep my baby in the garage all day. :cry:
    'Ya, We just got hit here with our first large snow fall of the year....wicked stuff !!! Sorry,..Even though I was born and raised here in Toronto...I still hate the stuff..!! :mad: No, I'm not a skier..
    So far, we've received about 15 cm (6 inches)of the white stuff and they say it should slow down around lunch time.On a more positive note, it should be gone in a day or two.
    Wow, I really feel sorry for you guys out farther west i.e. in the Hamilton, Waterloo, Buffalo, & Niagara Region ...
    Up to 50 cm ( 20 inches) for you today !!! This is a bit much...!!!!!! So, all you Impala brothers down in the warmer US states....Be blessed...!!!

    Frank ;)
  • Well, all I can say is so far, the fobs and remote start are working perfectly. Now that it's decided to be around 0 degrees wind chill, it sure is nice starting my cay from my office. The 10 minute time out works just right as this is the time it takes for me to walk from my office to the car.

    The only remaining problem is trying to get my windshield washer fluid to thaw so I can replace it with some lower freeze point stuff assuming I can find some.
  • Yeah, Frank, Mine is in the garage today also..too much ice and snow here today in New Jersey. Hey, Frank, are you a Blue Jays fan?...............bryan
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